tagNovels and NovellasThe Widow Ch. 10

The Widow Ch. 10

byD.C. Roi©

Passion in James County XII

The Widow

By D.C. Roi

Chapter ten

Brian surprised Fran by showing up at her office just before the end of the business day. He was pleased to see the smile on her face and the way her eyes brightened when she saw him. "I hope you don't mind that I'm a bit early," he said.

Fran smiled. "Hi, Brian," she said. "I'm not at all upset. I finished early, too. I was just about to call you."

"You know, my dear!" Brian said, "You look fabulous in that outfit!"

Fran felt herself blushing. Her dress was loose-fitting and made of natural cotton. It had short sleeves and elastic at the neck and waist. She had a red cotton sash tied around her waist and a string of brown clay beads around her neck. The loose dress accentuated, rather than hid, her voluptuous figure. "Thank you, Brian," she said.

"Ready to go?" Brian asked.

Fran nodded. "Let me get my coat," she said. She got up and took her coat off the wooden coat tree just inside her door. Brian helped her slip it on, then they left.

Brian took her to a very nice restaurant. It wasn't overly fancy, but it was homey and comfortable. The proprietor, a short man, ruddy faced man, who spoke with an unusual accent, was apparently a friend of Brian's. He greeted them at the door and made a huge fuss over Fran after Brian made introductions. The owner's name was Ricardo.

"You are a very attractive lady, Miss Fran," Ricardo said. "I have been telling my friend, Brian, he needed to find a woman to help him get over his sadness." He smiled and shook his head. "Although I never dreamed he would find one such as you."

Fran felt her face getting very warm and knew she was blushing like crazy. "Ah...thank you," she replied. "You are too kind."

The owner took them to a table in a cozy corner. "Here you will have some privacy," he said, grinning. He handed them menus and lefty

"How was your day?" Brian asked.

Fran smiled across the table at him. "I had a hard time concentrating on my work. I kept thinking about you...and last night," she replied.

Brian smiled. "Do I have that much of an effect on you?" he asked.

Fran nodded. "Yes," she said softly. "You do."

"If that's the case I guess I don't need to worry about my sex appeal then, do I?" Brian said. "You are a tremendous boost to my self-image."

"Knock it off," Fran laughed. "You're doing as much for my self-image."

Her companion grinned and said, "I like the way you're packaged tonight."

"If you keep being this nice to me, maybe I'll let you unwrap the package later," Fran retorted.

"That's an interesting offer," Brian said. "A very interesting offer."

The meal came and they ate.

"Brian, this is incredible!" Fran exclaimed when she swallowed the first bite of her Salmon Ricardo, a house specialty he had recommended.

"It is, isn't it?" he replied. "I discovered this place years ago. It's one of the best kept secrets in town and I hope it stays that way."

"Secret or not, I don't know when I've ever had a better meal," Fran said.

They talked while they finished their meal. They were just about done when the owner emerged from the kitchen and bustled over to them. "Aha, my friends," he said. "Your meal was edible, I hope."

"It was fabulous," Fran said. "Tell your chef I think I'm in love with him."

Ricardo turned bright red.

Brian laughed. "Ricardo always cooks meals I order personally," he told a puzzled Fran.

"Is that true, Ricardo?" Fran asked.

The red-faced man gulped and nodded.

"Well," Fran said. She stood up and planted a kiss on the man's cheek.

"Ah, Miss Fran, you...you will give me a heart attack if you keep that up," the owner muttered. He turned and started for the kitchen and almost tripped over a chair in the process. Then he stopped and turned around. "I almost forgot," he said, hitting his head with the palm of his hand. "Ah, Miss Fran, you make me not able to think. Your dessert, it will be out in just a minute."

"Dessert!" Fran exclaimed. "I'm afraid if I eat anything else, I'll burst."

"Wait," Brian said. "You won't be sorry."

Dessert was a special concoction of some kind of heavenly yellow cake, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream that tasted different than any whipped cream Fran had ever eaten before. It had shredded almond chips sprinkled on it, too. She ate every bit. "My God!" she said when she finished. "I won't be able to eat for a week after this."

They had a cup of coffee and an aperitif, then they said their "good-bye's" to Ricardo and went out to Brian's car. He drove to his house and into the garage.

"I assume you want me to come in for a nightcap?" Fran asked while the garage door closed behind them.

Brian grinned at her and nodded. "That's not all. I was hoping I'd get to unwrap a present, too" he teased.

"Good," Fran said. "I was hoping that's what you were hoping."

When they were in the house, Fran took off her coat, gave it to Brian, and he hung it in the hall closet.

Brian walked across the vestibule toward Fran. "Come here," he said softly, his voice husky.

Fran walked toward him, then she was gathered into his strong arms and pulled against his bulky body. His lips covered hers. Warmth spread through both of them as their tongues emerged and lashed. The kiss finally ended and, breathless, they studied each other.

"I...I've been waiting to feel that all day," Fran gasped.

"Me, too," Brian replied. He was breathing hard.

"It was worth the wait," Fran said, then she pulled his face to hers again.

The second kiss was just as wonderful as the first. When it ended, Brian scooped Fran up in his arms as if she were weightless, carried her up to the bedroom, and laid her on his bed gently. Even though she'd experienced his gentleness before, Fran was again amazed by how tenderly he handled her.

Brian sat on the bed next to her, reached for the sash, and tugged on it. "Time to unwrap my package," he croaked.

"Yes!" Fran replied. "Oh, yes, it certainly is!"

Brian undressed her slowly. He paused to caress her each time he took another item of clothing off. Fran laid there, her excitement growing, as he slowly made her naked and aroused her. After what seemed like an eternity, she was lying nude on his bed.

Brian sat there and let his eyes travel over her. "My God!" he whispered, gazing at her ardently.

Fran's body was already on fire. Her chest was heaving and she had a hard time breathing. It felt as if her heart were going to explode.

When Brian's big hand closed around one of her breasts, Fran felt as if she was going to faint. Many men had touched her, but no man ever made her feel the way this man did! It was almost like being touched for the first time! "Oh, Godddd, Brian!!!" she sighed. "Oh, yessss!!!"

He bent, and his lips wrapped around a nipple. Shock-waves of pleasure rolled over her. She grasped his head and pulled him against her. From one breast to the other his lips moved, trailing fire and delight. While his lips suckled Fran's turgid nipples, Brian's hand stole over her body, across her softly rounded belly.

"Please, Brian!!!" Fran whimpered, her hips rocking, signaling how urgently she wanted his touches to continue.

In answer to her plea his hand slid through pubic hair already wet with lubricating fluids and between her legs. Fran's body arched upward and a murmur of joy escaped from her lips. His thick fingers began prodding her opening, seeking her clit. When he found it, she knew absolute bliss. "Ahhhhhhh!!!!" she moaned. Coherent speech was beyond her.

Brian's fingers continued exploring her silken lips, then one of them plunged into her and his thumb came to rest on her engorged clit. Gently, he began teasing her, thrusting and stroking her vagina while his lips adored her nipples. What Brian was doing to her drove Fran ever-wilder.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!" she groaned, "Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Aggggghhhhhh!!!!!! Aaaaagggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!" Before she realized she was that close, an orgasm ripped through her and she writhed tumultuously on the bed. Brian's gentle caresses continued until she lay still.

Her eyes wide and soft, Fran gazed at him. "Brian...I...I want you!" she whispered. "Please, Brian! Take me, darling, please take me!"

He stood and shed his clothes, then he joined her on the bed. When he was lying next to her, she moved against him and their lips met. She felt his erection prodding her belly as she snuggled close to him. Her hand slid between them and she gripped the hot wand. Brian gasped and shuddered. She stroked him, loving the way it felt, anticipating how wonderful it would feel to have the swollen shaft she held in her hand plunging into her. "Take me, Brian!" she moaned, "Please, Brian, take me!"

Brian rolled on top of her, his bulk pressing her against the bed. His erection slid between her legs and nestled against the folded flesh of her vagina. She experienced sensations so fantastic that she feared she might faint with joy before he was all the way in her.

Brian raised his hips and felt the tip of his cock slide between his partner's vaginal lips. Then, slowly, carefully, he lowered himself and felt his cock start to slide into her.

Fran couldn't believe how wonderful making love with Brian was. Slowly, ever so slowly, he moved his hips, making his cock slide deep into her. Then he pulled it out, driving her wild! Thrills coursed through her like a runaway train. Then, without warning, it happened: "Ahhhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!" she screamed, "Brian!!! Oh, Brian!!! I'm commminnnngggg!!! Oh, Goddddd!!! Oh, Goddddd!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh, Goddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!"

"Me, tooooooo!!!" Brian roared, "Ohhhhh, yeahhhhhhh!!!!" He erupted powerfully, driving her against the bed with wild movements of his hips. He felt Fran's hands clawing his back as she shared ecstasy with him. Then she went limp.

Brian, concerned, held himself over his lover on outstretched arms and looked down at her. His cock, still hard, remained buried in her magnificent body and her vaginal walls were still rippling around it. Fran lay there, her eyes closed, her chest rising and falling evenly.

Brian pulled out of her and rolled onto his side on the bed next to her. Propping himself up on one elbow, he watched her carefully. After a few moments, Fran's eyes flickered open and she looked confused. Then she turned to look at him and smiled. He kissed her softly and she returned the kiss, pressing against him.

"Never!" she gushed, "It's never, ever been like that for me!"

"It was fantastic for me, too," Brian replied. He wrapped a massive arm around her and pulled her against him.

They lay gazing at each other for a long time. At last, sated, they slept.

Brian was sure he was dreaming. And in his dream, someone was giving him the most fantastic blow-job he'd ever had. He felt his penis begin to swell while his dream lover ministered to him with her lips and tongue. She was doing a fabulous job, too. His pecker was so hard he thought it was going to burst, yet still she continued, her tantalizing lips and tongue working on him.

When he opened his eyes and realized he was awake, he was confused at first. The dream didn't end when he woke up. "Where in hell am I? Who the hell is doing that to me?" he wondered groggily.

Then, as he awakened fully, he remembered. Fran! He raised his head, looked down at his groin, and saw her lips surrounded his erect organ, which disappeared, then reappeared as her head began to move up and down. "Ah...Hi," he gasped, finding it extremely difficult to speak because of the excitement pulsing through him.

Fran looked up, letting his penis slip from her mouth as she did. She still held in in her soft, warm hand. "Hi, yourself," she said. "I wondered how long it would take to wake you up." Her lips were shiny, her eyes bright with excitement.

"I'm awake," he said. "Am I ever! Now what?"

"How does this feel?" she asked. She straddled him, her knees on either side of his muscular body. Her warm, moist trench trapped his erection between them and caressed it while she slowly rocked her hips. She leaned down and their lips met in a sizzling kiss.

Fran raised her hips, reached between them, gripped Brian's erection, then she guided it to the center of her soaked opening. Slowly, she lowered herself onto Brian, exulting in the wild sensations that rushed through her as his swollen organ filled her.

"I'm gonna fuck your brains out!" Fran said. She began to rock her hips and could feel his erection rubbing the walls of her jam-packed cave of love. She shuddered from the sweet sensations that resulted. She straightened her arms, pushing herself up so she was leaning over him, her breasts, pendulous, dangling in front of his face.

While Fran rode him, Brian experienced powerful surges of pleasure, which began at the point of their union and radiating through his body. He grabbed her dangling breasts and rubbed his thumbs over the turgid tips, feeling her quiver, hearing her moan. He was very close to coming, and her rocking hips brought him even closer, stimulating him more and more. Finally, he could hold back no longer. "God, Fran, I'm gonna come!!!" he roared. "Nowwwww!!! Nowwwww!!! Oh, Goddd!!! Am I everrrrrrr!!!!!"

His body rose and powerful spurts of his jot juices rushed into Fran, filling her, bathing her insides with heat. "Yessssssss!!!!!" she cried, "Oh, yessssssssss, Brian!!!! Take meeeeeeeeeee!!!! Brian!!!! Oh, yes, Brian!!!!!! Take meeeeeeeeeee!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

At last, spent and sated, Fran collapsed atop him and felt his powerful arms encircle her. He he rolled onto his side, taking her with him.

"That, woman," he said, "was fantastic!" He kissed her gently.

"It was, wasn't it?" Fran agreed. "You don't mind if I stay the night, do you?" she asked.

"I swear I'll tie you to the bed if you try to leave," Brian replied.

"Ohhh!!!" Fran giggled. "That sounds like it could be fun! She snuggled against him and, once more, wrapped in his arms, fell asleep.

In the morning, it was Fran's turn to awaken pleasantly from a dream. Her lush body was snuggled spoon-fashion, against Brian's. One of his big hands had cupped one of her breasts and he was teasing the nipple into tingling rigidity. His penis, throbbing and erect, had inserted itself between her buttocks so far, the tip was brushing the lower lips of her vagina. Thrills shot through her.

"My word, Brian, you are a horny devil, aren't you?" she murmured.

"You better believe it!" Brian said. He kissed her softly on the neck, then nibbled her ear and she giggled. He moved his hips. The action caused his penis to slide delightfully between Fran's nether cheeks. They both found the movement almost as stimulating as when it was sliding in and out of her vagina.

Brian shifted and his next thrust caused the swollen tip to plow between Fran's puffy lips, fanning her fires of passion, causing her body to quiver. Her hips moved back involuntarily in response to his action. Fran hooked a leg back over Brian's leg, opening herself to him. When he pulled back, she reached between her legs and, when he thrust forward again, she shepherded the head of his cock into her. He continued pressing forward until his cock was hilted in her all the way, and her lovely bottom was pressed against his loins.

"Oh, Brian!" Fran whispered, "That feels lovely!"

"Isn't it, though," Brian responded. The movement of his hips grew more and more urgent as the wonderful warmth surrounding his cock began building him to another peak of pleasure.

Fran slid her hand over her belly, to her middle, and could feel his erection sliding in and out of her. The indomitable organ made her nerves crackle and snap with excitement. Holding her hand against the point where their bodies were joined, she began caressing her clit. Her self-manipulation added immeasurably to the excitement Brian's rapid thrusts were generating. She felt herself ascending to a raging peak of need. Then, suddenly, she hurled over the top. "Nowwwwww!!!!" she cried when her orgasm esploded, "Ohhhhh!!! Brian!!! Brian!!! That's ittttt!!! That's itttttt!!!! Oh, yesssssss!!!! Oh, yessssss!!!! I'm therrrrreeeeee!!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

"Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!" Brian groaned, as he exploded. "Oh, yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!"

After they finished making love, they snuggled for a while. Finally they got up, showered, got dressed, and went to a nearby coffee shop for breakfast.

"What have you got going today?" Brian asked.

"I have to get out to my place and see how Joanne's doing," Fran replied, "And I have a bunch of contracts to work on at the office." She looked at him and smiled. "I'd rather spend the day with you."

"Sitting in my office listening to kids explain why I shouldn't give them detention would probably bore you," Brian said. "Heck, there are days it bores me."

Fran grinned at him. "I bet we could find interesting things to do in your office," she teased.

Brian smiled, and blushed a little. "Dinner again tonight?" he asked.

Fran leaned her chin on folded hands, smiled, and looked into his eyes. "I'd love to," she said.

"About seven?" Brian asked.

"That would be fine," Fran answered.

"You're gorgeous," Brian said.

Fran felt herself blush at his compliment. This relationship had turned out a lot better than she'd expected it to, but she was bothered, too. Did she really want a long-term relationship with Brian? More and more she thought she did.

Brian drove her to her office.

Before she got out of the car, Fran kissed him softly. "See you tonight, at seven," she said.

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