The Widow Parsons

byCharles Petersunn©

All Chris could think of was, 'I'm fucking Mrs. Parsons, fucking Mrs. Parsons, fucking Mrs. Parsons,' and then he said, out loud, "fucking Mrs. Parsons."

"Yes, yes," she exclaimed, "you're fucking Mrs. Parsons, fuck her so hard, Christopher."

"Fuck," Chris gasped as he felt a big glob of cum surge through his dick and burst out from his cock deep down inside her cunt. His mind went blank, his brain dizzy, his knees weak and trembling, his dick jerking and spitting its spunk.

Betty felt so alive, so much a woman, receiving once again a young's man cum deep inside, a smile of blissful satisfaction and joy across her lips as she felt the boy's dick jerk and twitch inside her, her cunt filling with his thick clammy cream. She rhythmically squeezed her cunt with all her might as she continued to thrust and pound her hips, doing her best to milk every last drop.

"Oh, Mrs. Parsons," Chris gasped, the cum gushing forth from his dick, feeling its wet heat covering, enveloping, bathing his cock buried in her cunt.


"Mom?!" Chris exclaimed, turning his head to see through his glazed eyes his mother standing in the door of his bedroom, the last spurts still squirting from his knob, under the eyes of his shocked mother.

"Mrs. Hansun?" Betty looked with disbelief at the sight of the boy's distraught mother.

"Mrs. Parsons!"

'Goodness,' Betty thought, 'this was not good. This was not good at all.'

- - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I hope you liked it! If you have any suggestions for sequels I would be quite happy to hear them. And, indeed, if you did in fact like it, please do take the time to cast a vote. Perhaps I should not ask this of you, but it is really encouraging. Best wishes, Charles.

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by Anonymous

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by LikeFineWine5608/06/18


Liked the story and scenario, but would have liked Betty to be more Dominant with him. Also would have liked to see Mom get involved somehow.

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by Anonymous04/04/18

Mrs. Parsons

I t was just to long of a story. Got boring after a while.

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