The Widow Parsons

byCharles Petersunn©

Betty strode to her window and pulled the drapes so that nobody would be able to see inside. She turned back to Chris, still standing at the door to her boudoir.

She stifled a smile. He looked so cute, so endearing, so adorable, standing there, his half-erect penis sticking out of his pants. He must be so scared.

"Come here, Christopher."

"Yes, ma'am." He timidly stepped into Mrs. Parsons' bedroom. He so wished his erection would fully dissipate. It was at least heading in that direction.

"Well, aren't you the sight, young man. Are you proud of yourself?"

"No, ma'am, no, not at all, definitely not."

"I hope not." She looked at him very sternly.

He noticed that the front of her bathrobe was open just a bit, just enough for him to see a bit of womanly cleavage.

"What are you looking at, Christopher?!" She was again reminded of how boys so often don't realize how obvious it was when they were looking at your breasts.

"What?!" His eyes immediately returned to hers. "Nothing! No, ma'am, I mean, yes, I want to say how really, really sorry I am. I mean it, Mrs. Parsons, really I do."

"Oh yes, I can see that," she responded, pointing at his penis. Her tone was clearly sarcastic.

"No, really I am. Honest, Mrs. Parsons, I swear."

"Well, I'm afraid that I must have a word with your mother about this, Christopher."

"Oh no, please, Mrs. Parsons, don't do that! Do you really have to?"

"Yes, yes, I'm afraid I do. This was a very disrespectful and even criminal act, Christopher. I would think she would want to know, and in fact should know."

"Oh, but it will really just upset her and, well, can't we just, you know, work something out? Like, I could do some more work on your deck, or you know, like anything else you need done. Honest."

Mrs. Parsons appeared to ponder the offer, crossing her arms beneath her breasts, in the process lifting them and providing them with even more succulently scrumptious cleavage.

"Have you been doing this often, Christopher, peeking through my bedroom window?"

"Oh no, ma'am, honest! That was the first time, I swear!" He could at least have that in his defense. Yes, he had been looking into her window the previous day but that was from his own yard. That doesn't really count, does it?

Betty scowled at him. "Somehow, Christopher, I'm not sure I believe you."

"Oh but it's true, Mrs. Parsons." At least, sort of.

"You were masturbating, weren't you, Christopher."

Chris hesitated to answer. It was obvious that he had been. He really couldn't deny that. What else would be the reason for his exposed erection? But, confessing such a shameful truth was still very difficult. He lowered his eyes and quietly mumbled, "Yes, yes I was, ma'am."

"Do you masturbate a lot, Christopher?"

"What?!" His eyes returned to her, looking like a frightened deer caught in the headlights. "No, no, not at all!"

"Not at all?" Her incredulity was clearly evident.

"Well, I mean, not hardly at all."

Betty paused a bit, shifted her shoulders, letting her breasts wiggle a bit in her robe. "Christopher, if am I to understand your side of the story. If I am to find any reason to consider not telling your mother, you need to be fully honest with me. Do you understand, young man?"

Chris looked away, his face reddening, his penis now almost fully limp. "Yes, ma'am."

"Now, I will ask you this question one more time. Do you masturbate often?"

How much was often? He didn't really know. He didn't think he masturbated terribly often, although perhaps she might think almost every day was often. She was, after all, a woman much older than him. He bashfully admitted, "I guess so."

Betty's tone became more empathic, more maternal. "Do you have a girlfriend, Christopher?"

Chris took a deep breath and admitted, "No, ma'am."

"Oh." She replied. Then asked, "Have you ever been with a girl?"

Now, that was a tricky question. He had been with an older woman before, if you count the teacher, Miss Harding (see "The pillory," Chapter 14 of "The lessons"). But he really shouldn't tell Mrs. Parsons about her. And, he had masturbated into a girl's panties once before (see "A very spunky lady"), but that didn't really count. "Not really," he confessed.

Betty bit her lower lip, wanting so much to smile. He was such an innocent boy. She said, "So, I guess you are just very curious about women, aren't you, Christopher."

Well, that was most definitely true, as would any boy his age, albeit probably most boys his age had considerably more experience than him. "Yeah," he quietly admitted, "I guess I am."

"Well," Betty said, "I suppose I can understand that in a young man. You do have your primal urges and needs, after all."

Chris shuffled his feet. He asked, "Can I put, um, you know..."

"Your what, Christopher? Tell me what it is."

Chris' faced again reddened as he said, "My penis, Mrs. Parsons. Can I put it my pants?"

Betty looked down at his penis, considering the request. It was certainly reasonable. She had no more right to see it than he had to peek at her through the window. This was clearly much worse for him than it had been for her (particularly if one recognizes that she had wanted him to watch her). Perhaps she should cut him some slack.

Betty whispered, "Show me how you do it."

"Excuse me?" Christopher didn't know what she meant, but he had a good idea, and he most definitely needed confirmation.

Betty spoke up a bit more, but was still rather quiet. "Show me how you do it."

He understood fully what she meant, but he still couldn't believe it. His penis shriveled even further. He responded even more quietly than her. "I don't, um, understand. What do you mean?"

The tension in the room was palpable. What Mrs. Parsons was asking of the young man, or more accurately, suggesting, was very inappropriate. It was clearly a threshold that should not be crossed.

"Show me what you were doing...outside my window."

It was a surprising request, to say the least. "Mrs. Parsons," Chris objected, "I can't do that."

"You got to see me, Christopher. It's only fair I get to see you."

She was asking to see a lot more than he had seen of her. Well, actually, considerably less if you counted the episode on the deck. Heck, he had essentially assaulted her. But, she didn't know about that, so it didn't really count. Still, anything was better than having his parents find out. "You won't tell me parents about this?"

What an odd question, Betty thought. She most definitely wouldn't want his parents to discover that she told him to play with himself, in front of her. "If you do everything I want, Christopher, then I won't tell anyone."

Well, that did appear to him to be a very fair trade. He had meant it when he offered to do anything. He wasn't thinking that it would amount to this, but he wasn't complaining. Goodness, jerking off was considerably better than going to jail! But, still, it did seem a little weird.

He reached down for his penis, which was now barely more than a peanut. That was rather embarrassing, to say the least. He would imagine that Mr. Parsons had been quite the stud. He certainly had been a very handsome and athletic man.

He took hold of his penis with his thumb and two fingers, and began to pull and play with it.

Betty did finally let herself smile. It was just so adorable, so endearing. She felt like she was young again, although she had never done anything like this when she was young. It was kind of nice being an adult, a person with authority, a person with power.

Her smile grew larger as she realized that the young man was having difficulty getting himself back up. It was rather amusing to see a boy struggling to get an erection. If there is anything any boy can do very easily, it was to get a hard-on.

"Having some difficulty, Christopher?"

"No, ma'am, no, no, I'm fine," but he didn't feel fine. He felt fucking ridiculous. It was bad enough to have to jerk off in front of her. It was considerably worse to actually fail in the effort, but the more it bothered him the harder it became to get hard.

Betty wondered if perhaps she was putting a bit too much pressure on the young man. Could a boy jerk himself off while falling to his death? If one was going to die, then perhaps one might as well do it. But, the distraction and emotion would make it terribly, terribly difficult, to say the least. Christopher was not actually falling from a plane, but he had been pretty scared, and perhaps still was.

Betty strode up to him, positioning herself just to his right, and rested her left hand reassuringly on his left shoulder, pressing her womanly breast into his right arm. "Here, Christopher, let me help you with that."

She reached down with her right hand, brushed aside his hand, and gently took hold of the young man's limp penis.

Betty felt a charge of excitement surge through her body at the first touch of her fingers on his penis. It had been quite some time since she last touched a man's penis. It was like the contact flipped an instinctive switch; her pussy warmed and tingled.

Chris felt a charge of excitement surge through his body at the first touch of Mrs. Parsons' fingers on his penis. The contrast between his own fingers, which usually felt pretty darned good, with the fingers of someone else, and in this case the very sexy Mrs. Parsons, was so very striking. His heart was still racing with tension but his dick began to quickly swell.

"Now that's being a good boy," Betty softly observed, as her fingers deftly manipulated the young man's penis. It would appear that Chris was enjoying this more than her, but she might argue the point. It just felt so nice to have his erection developing within her fingers, feeling it grow and swell, lengthening, widening, stiffening. She once again felt like a woman, a sexy and desirable woman.

It wasn't long before Chris' erection returned to essentially full strength, enough for Betty to abandon the tips of her thumb and fingers for a more full meaty grip with her fist, wrapping her fingers around the shaft to stroke him like a pump.

Chris stared down at the woman's hand firmly jerking his hard dick. The sight was almost as good as the feel. His dick had never been happier, the knob glowing red with pride, and excitement.

"Okay then," Betty announced, letting go, to suggest, "I think you can handle it now." She stepped away to admire its appearance. He looked like a very excited and happy young man, proudly displaying his own little toy club.

With the release of her hand Chris immediately felt self-conscious again, standing in her bedroom, his stiff dick pointing out of his pants, Mrs. Parsons again wanting him to masturbate for her.

He reached for it. Well, at least she had gotten him started.

Betty could see the embarrassment in his face, and in his hesitant stroking.

"Now, there is nothing to be ashamed of, Christopher, all boys masturbate."

He imagined they did, but probably not too many do so in front of a neighbor lady. His eyes fixed on her breasts, looking for inspiration.

Betty continued her lecture, "Masturbating is a very normal activity, Christopher. I'm sure your parents told you that."

Actually, his parents had never said any such thing. On the contrary, they had made it quite clear that they considered it to be very irresponsible, immature, and perhaps even perverted.

He never felt perverted while he was doing it, albeit sometimes he would afterward, particularly if he got carried away and did something that was, let's say, out of the ordinary, like cumming while standing on his head, so that he would spray all over his face. It somehow made it seem like he was cumming on a girl's face, or at least it helped him to imagine that was happening. He enjoyed it while it was happening, but felt silly, even gross, afterward, when he was washing his face and cleaning up.

And, he certainly felt rather silly to be doing it in front of Mrs. Parsons.

Mrs. Parsons though smiled. She had never had any children. But, right now, she was feeling rather motherly. She felt considerable affection for the young man, who was trying so hard to please her with his penis.

She stepped back over to the bed and sat down on its edge. "You know, you do have a very nice penis, Christopher. It's really very handsome."

'What?" Chris was rather taken aback by that. Nobody had ever complimented it before, which was hardly surprising given his near zero level of experience.

He looked down at it. He always did feel it looked pretty good, but he wasn't sure. He was, of course, rather personally invested in its appearance. To him it looked pretty impressive. But, by objective measurement (the precise length of which he refused to divulge), he knew it was hardly average, if that. Still, to have a woman as experienced, as mature, as attractive, as Mrs. Parsons, tell him that it was a good one, even a handsome one, was really very pleasing indeed. He smiled with growing pride.

Betty knew she had done something very good, something a mother would do. It's always important to boost the morale of a young man, and there is hardly a better way to do that than to praise his masculinity, something a mother really couldn't do, in the manner that Christopher was currently being stroked, psychologically. She added, "You're going to make a young lady very happy someday, Christopher. I can promise you that."

He let go of his cock, letting it stand on its own, and asked Mrs. Parsons, "You really think so?" He had always had his doubts.

"Oh, I do, I do, very much so," she replied.

Chris didn't know quite what to say. It did not cross his mind that she might just be flattering him. There would be no reason for her to do that. Heck, on the contrary, he would expect her to belittle him, providing even more punishment and shame for peeking at her through the window. His smile grew even larger. He really loved his cock.

Betty again asked him, "How often really do you masturbate, Christopher?"

"What?!" His face instantly reddened and he clasped both hands over his erection, as if by hiding it he was somehow freed of the embarrassment of the question.

Betty smiled patiently, like a mother should. "Don't be embarrassed, Christopher. I'm in fact concerned that perhaps you don't do it often enough. A healthy boy should masturbate. He needs relief."

She stepped back up to him, again pressing her breasts against his shoulder, lightly cupping his testicles in her hand. "Oh yes," she softly cooed into his ear. "These feel so full, so bloated. It must be very difficult for you, having such big balls so engorged with semen."

"Yes, Mrs. Parsons," Chris quietly gasped. He did so often feel like he needed to masturbate.

"If you don't masturbate on a regular basis, Christopher," she explained, "it could in fact back up and cause all sorts of problems."

"Really?" He asked, looking into her large pretty brown eyes.

"Oh yes, dear," she added, giving his balls a soft gentle squeeze, "and a boy without relief can be driven to do things he knows he shouldn't do. Don't you think?"

"Yes, ma'am," he gasped.

She left his balls to wrap her fingers gently but firmly around his shaft. "I mean, I don't imagine you would have been peeking in my bedroom if you had relieved yourself earlier."

"No, no, ma'am, definitely not." Well, actually, he had cum earlier today.

"I just think," she continued, now firmly stroking him, her womanly hand holding tightly onto his shaft as it slid up and down, up and down, "You need to be sure to take care of yourself."

'Oh yes, Mrs. Parsons, I do." He most definitely agreed with that.

Betty let go of Christopher's erection and returned to sit on the edge of her bed, her hands clasped demurely in front of her, her robe opening up even more, revealing more of the soft white curves of her breasts.

Chris' penis twitched as his eyes focused on that lusciously full white flesh. Boobs were just so fucking cool! He reached down and without any prompting from Mrs. Parsons, took over where she had left off, stroking his dick.

"That's a very good boy, now, Christopher. You let your fist slide up and down..." She added, smiling sweetly at him, "for me. It's been so long since I've seen such a big hard penis."

Chris' breathing accelerated, as did his stroking.

"Oh my goodness, Christopher," Betty sighed, slipping her fingers into her cleavage, softly, absentmindedly, caressing the smooth white skin of her breast. She acknowledged, "I do like the sight of a big manly cock."

Chris breathlessly gasped, "Really?"

"Oh yes, yes, Christopher. You look so, so sexy. I don't know if, well, I just feel..." She didn't finish her thought.

Chris was no longer the least bit self-conscious. In fact, he had never felt more like a man, like a sexy man making a woman excited, and simply by jerking off. Not too many guys can make that claim! He thrust out his chest, as well as his dick, his fist pumping it proudly.

Betty whispered, her voice a bit hoarse, "Make it cum, Christopher, I want to see it shoot its stuff."

Chris nodded, gripping his cock more tightly, squeezing and massaging as he stroked.

"Should I get out of the way, Christopher? Will it explode this far?"

"I, I, um..." Chris didn't really want to speak any further. He just wanted to cum. His knees bent, he leaned forward, albeit wondering if perhaps he could shoot it that far, sincerely hoping that he would, not wanting to disappoint Mrs. Parsons, or at least wanting to impress her with his virility.

"Please, Christopher, cum for Mrs. Parsons! She wants to see a young man squirt his load, so, so bad."

"Yes, ma'am," Christopher gasped, doing his best to please his neighbor. She was after all, a widow, and deserved whatever support and assistance he could provide.

"Would you, I mean, well," Betty asked, "Would you let me take it on my face?"

"Fuck," Chris gasped, feeling that irresistible surge sweeping through his body, unable to control himself long enough to fulfill that request, much as he would have liked to, and then suddenly exploding from his cock a long thick string of cum that shot through the air, across Mrs. Parsons' bedroom carpeting, to splash onto the front of her bathrobe.

"Oh yes, Christopher!" Betty exclaimed, smiling gleefully, clapping her hands, applauding the successful climax of the young man's performance. "Such a good boy, such a big boy!"

It felt a little weird to have Mrs. Parsons clapping as he was cumming, like his mother had once done when he, after many unsuccessful attempts, finally was able to juggle three balls at once. He had been very proud of that, but he was feeling much better now. He smiled with deep bliss and satisfaction as he repeatedly squirted and spurted his load along Mrs. Parsons' deep luscious carpeting.

Mrs. Parsons didn't seem to mind. On the contrary, her smile was even larger than his, delighting in the sight of the young man's twitching, jerking big purple inflamed knob spitting its stuff all over her floor. She had missed it on the sun deck. She did not miss now a second of its shamelessly unbridled eruptions. It was like she was on her first date, and the young man apparently lost control at the sight of her as soon as he took his dick out, erupting in violent orgasmic spasms.

Her cunt percolated with excitement, and lust. Perhaps this wasn't the right thing to do. Perhaps a woman should not take advantage of a young man this way. But, what harm was she really committing? Christopher certainly did seem to be enjoying himself.

Indeed he was. Chris masturbated a good deal, and at times tried to have his orgasms be creative or unique, rather than just emptying into a paper towel or sock. But, it wasn't that easy being particularly inventive in the bedroom of his parents' house, when they were at home. This orgasm was, frankly, hands down, one of the best he would ever remember.

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