tagLoving WivesThe Wife Trap

The Wife Trap

byTony King©

For years I've been trying to persuade my wife Cass to let me watch while another guy fucks her. It always results in an argument with her calling me a pervert. "If that's what you want then you'd better find someone else."

It really pisses me off. We're both on our second marriage and I know that before meeting me she had loads of boyfriends, one of which had a very large cock. This came out when we were making love after returning from a party one night. Cass was totally pissed and for once had lost her stuck up inhibitions. Laying in bed and slowly shoving my average size cock up her willing pussy I asked her which of her old boyfriends she liked the best.

"Hmmm, it has to be Ian," she purred, pushing her hips up to meet my thrusts. "What's so special about Ian then?" I asked licking along her neck, "oh he was a real big boy."

"You like big cocks then?"

"Hmmmm, I love big cocks." I don't think she realised what she was saying but I pushed her further, my cock getting harder than ever. "Would you like to feel Ian's cock up you now?"

"Oh yes."

"So if he was here now you'd let him fuck you." It was a statement more than a question and she replied by grabbing my arse cheeks, pulling me in hard and coming all over my prick while moaning, "yessssssss," in my ear. Of course the next morning she denied all knowledge of the conversation blaming it on the drink.

When I married Cass I inherited her two kids, both girls, one of which still lives at home. Julie's a shy teenager and spends most of her time in her bedroom watching telly. This of course makes it difficult for us, as Cass doesn't feel comfortable making love in the house knowing that Julie might hear us. One night we had a blazing row with me threatening to leave unless a solution could be found. In sheer desperation, Cass finally agreed to go out in the car and find a quite place to make love.

To try and make amends, she dressed in some really sexy clothes, high heeled boots, sheer black stocking with matching suspender, no knickers and an under the nipple bra that fought to contain her 38"DDs. Over the top she wore a full length button up dress. At 42 she looked much younger and with her blond hair put up and some sexy makeup she looked like a real slut. "This what you want," she said strutting round the bedroom, "perfect," I replied.

During the search for somewhere suitable, I made her undo the dress and sit there with her enormous tits on show to the passing traffic. Of course being dark I knew that unless we were stopped then no one would see her, however, she thought every passing car could see in and was getting really ratty with me. "Why do you want to show me off?"

"Why not," I said, "after all a body like that was built for sex, I want other men to see it." Cass is about 5'6" with long shapely legs, slim body and as I've already said, great big tits.

We eventually found a quiet spot down a country lane and moved into the back seat. I drive a people mover and had already removed the middle row of seats giving us plenty of room to stretch out on the rear bench seat. She was extremely nervous as I removed her dress and was constantly looking over my shoulder as I played with her hard nipples. "What if somebody comes?" she asked. "Then they're going to get an eyeful of this lot aren't they," I said grabbing her tits and squeezing hard. I was getting really turned on; there she was dressed like a fucking whore laid back on the seat with her legs spread wide as I shoved my hard cock into her cunt, all I could think of was what would happen if someone found us. After a few strokes she started to get into it and had her first orgasm of the night as I tweaked her clit with my fingers. Cass is multi orgasmic and it's not unusual for her to come several times before I finally shoot my load. "What would you do if someone found us now?" I teased, bringing her close to her next orgasm. "What if they threatened to call the police unless you gave them some of this, would you let them fuck you?"

"Don't know," came the reply. I speeded up. "Suppose the guy got a big prick out, you know, like your friend Ian, would you let him fuck you then?" She was grunting towards her climax, eyes shut tight, a bead of sweat forming on her brow. "If it was the police or his big cock would you say yes to letting him fuck you, use you like a slut, shove his massive cock up your cunt?" That was enough, she reached her climax shouting "yes, yes, yes, oh yes." The thought of watching her sprawled in the back of my car with some total stranger fucking the arse of her brought me over the edge and I pumped what felt like gallons of warm creamy spunk up her hole.

We cleaned up and during the short drive home I asked her again. "What would you do if we got caught and the guy threatened to call the police unless you let him fuck you?"

"I guess I'd just have to let him," she replied casually, "after all, I wouldn't really have much choice would I, there's no way I'd want my kids to read about their mum getting caught being fucked in the back of a car." Hmm, this got me thinking.

I ran an ad on the internet and within five weeks had over 60 replies. There was the usual dorks, 'man I'd love to fuck you wife' type responses but one or two seemed to have grasped the situation and one guy in particular seemed ideal. His name was Jim and he ran a farm not far from where we lived. I took the plunge and arranged to meet him at a local pub a few nights later. Jim was your typical farmer type, mid fifties, large, fit and healthy with that rugged outdoor weather beaten complexion. According to his own description he was extremely well endowed with a very thick ten inch cock, something I would have to take his word for.

We had a few beers and got on like a house on fire. Jim explained that his wife had recently walked out on him and what with the farm etc. he didn't have time to meet anyone else. He was really cut up about it and called her lots of names, I guess he was off being nice to women. It was his first reply to an ad and apart from his wife he hadn't shagged another woman in over 20 years. Perfect, don't have to worry about STDs. I told Jim that the plot may backfire and she may refuse to go along with it but he was willing to take the risk so we devised a plan.

The following Saturday Cass dressed as before and we headed of to a restaurant for a good meal and some drinks. I made sure that the wine flowed freely and by the time we left she was well on the way to being pissed. "I've found a new place to park up, it's an old farm but I don't think anyone lives there anymore, OK with you?" I knew she hated being within sight of the road so the thought of a more secluded spot was welcomed with open arms, or in this case legs.

I pulled the Voyager down the farm track and parked up next to a barn. It was one of those rare warm balmy nights you occasionally get in England and I asked her to get out and pose for me. Reluctantly she got out of the car, which I quickly locked. "C'mon then, show me some tits."

"You sure there's no one around, I don't want to get caught." She walked along the side of the barn and looked in. Nothing but hay. Then she checked out the rest of the yard, still no sign of life. "OK?" I asked, licking my tongue up the back of her neck while reaching round and undoing the buttons. Licking her neck and gently biting her ears is guaranteed to turn her on and within minutes I had the dress completely undone. "Why don't you take the dress off and let me see you walk up and down in all that kinky gear." She looked round nervously before sliding the dress from her shoulders. "I'm not going far," she protested as I hung the dress over the car wing mirror and steered her towards the barn. She looked incredibly sexy dressed only in her high heeled boots and stockings. With each step her big tits fought to get out of the under the nipple bra wobbling around like two jellies. Now some 30 feet away from her dress she started to get nervous. "I want to get dressed now," she said trying to turn back towards the car. I caught her in an embrace and as we kissed I fingered her pussy. "Hmm, some ones nice and wet." Leaning her back against the wooden doors I started to suck her prominent nipples, my fingers still squelching in and out. "Please Tony, I want to get my dress."

"Not before I fuck you in the barn." Before she could protest any more a beam of light hit us.

"Stay where you are and don't move, I've got a gun." Cass froze. The light blinded us but we could hear footsteps approaching and as the beam from the torch was angled downwards could make out the large figure of a man carrying a shotgun. "This is private property, what the hell do you think you are doing."

"I'm sorry mate, we were only having a bit of fun," I replied, acting the part. "Yeah, well lets see what the police make of your fun." Cass turned and looked towards her dress. She was standing with her arms folded across her tits but her juicy cunt was glistening in the moonlight. "Don't even think about it lady, your going nowhere until the police arrive."

Jim took out a mobile phone. "Please," stuttered Cass, "what are you doing, we haven't done anything wrong, please don't call the police, oh God, now look what you've done," she said turning on me. "Listen lady, I'm fed up with people like you, think they can trespass on peoples property doing what they like. I've had loads of equipment damaged and nicked this year, for all I know it could be you and your boyfriend here."

"We haven't stolen anything, please, look I'll do anything only please don't call the police." She was in tears now. Jim stood back and shone the torch all over her body from the boots upwards. "Anything?" he enquired, she stared at him through tear filled eyes, the implication of what he said slowly dawning on her, "anything," she said quietly looking down at the ground. "Well, looks like your dressed for some serious sex to me, what about you?" Jim asked looking at me. "It's up to her," I replied, my cock trying hard to form a tent in my jeans.

Jim led us into the barn and placed the torch on a shelf casting a soft light on the area. He moved close to Cass and taking her hands made her lower her arms by her side. She stood still looking at the floor. "Well now, these are nice," said Jim playing with both tits, "nice and soft." He lent forward and sucked her nipples while running his hands all over her arse and cunt. "Spread your legs," he commanded forcing his big hand between her thighs. "Oh yeah, I love a smooth cunt." Cass always kept her cunt shaved; I liked it that way. "OK," said Jim, "here's the deal, you do whatever I say and I'll let you go without calling the police, fuck up and I'm on the phone, deal?"

"Deal," she answered meekly. ""OK with you?" he asked me, "its her body," I said trying to avoid eye contact with Cass.

I can't describe the feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was sexually excited and so aroused I thought I would cum in my jeans. My stuck up snooty wife was standing there with everything on display, cunt, tits, arse, dressed like a slut, agreeing to be a sexual play thing for a complete stranger. For the next few hours she would be a whore, a slut, doing exactly what he commanded. It just couldn't get better then this.

Jim ran his hands over every part of Cass's body. He stuck his fingers up her cunt and arse while chewing on her erect nipples. First two, then three fingers started to work there way in and out of her cunt causing her to moan gently. "Looks like the bitch is getting hot," said Jim standing back to remove his clothes. Cass still stood there looking down as Jim completely stripped of. "On your knees bitch." Cass knelt in front of him. "Suck!" She opened her eyes wide when she saw the size of Jim's cock. It was only semi erect but was already much longer than mine with a full hard on. "My God, it's huge," Cass said staring at the twitching monster in front of her. Jim moved forward and started slapping his cock round her face. Trying to close her fingers round its large base, Cass took a tentative lick across the head. Then she licked a little more, all the time feeling the cock grow longer and harder in her small hand. "Suck it in you mouth whore." She slid her mouth over the end, her bright red lipstick forming a perfect 'O' round Jims cock. Jim held the back of her head and pushed forward until three to four inches disappeared.

"Oh yes, she likes sucking cock, don't you bitch?" Cass could only grunt. Jim removed his cock from her mouth and laid back on the straw, his rigid cock standing straight up. "On yer knees bitch, suck it some more, and you, I think she need fucking, don't you?" I didn't need asking twice and stripping of I knelt behind her and fucked her doggy style as Cass struggled to get Jim's oversized cock in her mouth. . I couldn't believe how wet her cunt was, my cock slipped straight up until my balls were bashing her arse. It was so erotic watching her struggle to accommodate his cock, her big tits swinging beneath her, I knew I wouldn't last long. "Hmmmmmm," she groaned as I thrust in deeply, shooting my load, her mouth never leaving Jim's cock.

Jim looked at me and winked. "OK slut, now it's my turn to feel that smooth pussy round my cock, climb on." I pulled out and watched as my lovely slut wife manoeuvred her dripping cunt over Jim's cock. Kneeling over him she placed the head of his cock against her cunt and slowly started to lower herself. "Oh God, it's so big, I don't think I can take all of it." She continued to move up and down using my fresh spunk as lubrication. Jim held her hips and inch by inch, slowly forced her down until the entire length was up her. "Lick him clean," Jim commanded. I stood by her head as she licked my cock clean, all the time completely impaled on Jim's cock, getting used to the size.

"Looks like you got a real good slut here, does exactly as she's told, I like that. Do you like my big cock slut?"


"Good, now why don't you tell us what you want me to do?" Cass looked at me. "I want you to fuck me with your big cock."

"Tell us what you are, I want your boyfriend here to know what sort of girl you are."

"I'm a slut,"

"what sort of slut? What do you think we should do with you?"

"I'm a fuck slut, I think you should fuck my cunt and mouth with your big cock."

"Would you like more big cocks like mine, now?"

"Yes, I'd like lots of cocks." I think Cass was only saying what she knew Jim wanted to hear. Jim started to fuck her, raising his hips before pulling back. Then Cass took over until eventually she was riding that cock like a bucking bronco, her cunt raising all the way up before plunging down again burying the entire length in her pussy. She was coming continuously with Jim tweaking her nipples and pulling on her tits.

I knelt beside her, "do you like his big cock up your cunt, is it like Ian's?" I asked, "Oh yes, it's much bigger than Ian's,"

"you like being a fuck slut?"

"Yes, I love it, oh yes, fuck me harder, that's it, don't stop, I'm nearly there ............."

Suddenly Jim held her hips and stopped her dead. "Wh, what have you stopped for?" she demanded trying to rise up again, so close to coming it was painful. "I have to make a phone call," said Jim, "What now?" she said disbelievingly. Jim dialled a number; "Colin? ........... yes it's Dad............... I'm in the old barn fucking the arse of some guy's whore, why don't you get Frank and come on over, there's plenty for all of us ...... what ...... sure, ask her yourself." He handed the phone to Cass, "Colin doesn't believe me, wants to hear it from you, now you be a good little slut and tell him you want more cock." She looked absolutely shell shocked as she took the phone. "Hello............ I err, .......... Yes...... I am fucking your Dad ........... yes, I do like his big cock ............. Both of you?............. OK." She handed the phone back to Jim.

"The lads will be here in a few minutes, then we can really put the bitch through her paces." Before they arrived Jim allowed Cass to ride him to orgasm, filling her cunt with a second load of creamy spunk. I watched as she got of, his prick making an obscene slurping noise and loads of thick creamy white stuff clinging to it. She fell back onto the straw and lay there with her legs wide open fighting for breath. I played with her wide open cunt, smearing the juices round her lips and clit, causing her to jump each time my fingers made contact with the erect bud. "Looks like the nights far from over, you sure your OK?"

"This is what you've always wanted isn't it?" She said acidly, "to watch me fuck some guy with a big prick." Before I could answer two more beams of light shone through the doors. "Over here lads, looks like you're just in time."

Jim's two boys, Collin and Frank made there way over. A simple nod in my direction was the only acknowledgement I got. "Fucking hell Dad, look at the tits on that." They were staring at Cass's spread eagled body, they didn't even ask her name, to them she was just a sexual play thing. Both boys quickly stripped showing similar muscular bodies as their father. They were both mid twenties and both well hung. "What does she do?" Colin asked, "anything you like," Jim replied. Cass looked up as both lads approached but made no move to cover up or close her legs. Without a word Collin simply got on top and shoved his cock straight up her. "Wow, this little cunts soaking,"

"what do'ya expect, your old man's just fucked her," Jim laughed. With Collin fucking her hard, Frank lay beside her head and offered his prick to her mouth. Without any hesitation she took it between her lips and started to suck.

I simply sat and watched as these two stocky farm lads abused my wife's mouth and cunt. Every now and again they would swap places making her suck the juices from their cocks. "What a fucking slut, she sure knows how to suck cock," said Frank pulling and tweaking her nipples as he rammed his cock into her mouth. "Oh yeah, suck it deeper bitch, I'm gonna fill your lovely slut mouth for yer." And he did. Blast after blast shot into her mouth, cascading over her lips onto her chin. When he eventually finished coming, he wiped his cock across her face collecting all the blobs before feeding it back into her mouth again.

Changing position slightly, Collin knelt between her legs ramming his cock hard into her cunt while allowing Jim to straddle her chest, holding her tits together round his cock, tit fucking her. Each time it poked out the top she would suck the head into her mouth. "This fucking whore can't get enough," said Collin grunting heavily as he filled her cunt with spunk.

During the next few hours the two lads and Jim fucked her time and time again while I watched and wanked. At one point I was allowed to cum in her mouth while the two brothers tried to get both their pricks in her cunt at the same time. They got some in but were just two big to get the lot in. She never complained once and from the amount of orgasms she had there was no way she could later deny she was enjoying it. Eventually they could cum no more and the two lads simply got dressed and left. Jim fingered her a bit and told her what a whore she was. "So my little whore did you enjoy yourself?"


"Would you like to meet me and boys again?" She looked at me with one of those real defiant looks, "yes, I'd love to meet you and the boys again."

"And what are you?" Jim asked her, again looking me straight in the eye she said, "I'm your fuck slut."

"Good, then same time next week."

We drove in silence on the way home, she hadn't even bothered putting her dress back on and as we passed under the street lights I could see spunk and pussy juice running down her thighs, coating the tops of her black stockings. As we neared home she said, "You arranged that didn't you?" I didn't reply. "I know you Tony and I know you arranged it, well good, because from now on your going to take me there once a week and I'm going to enjoy a real good fucking from some real men."

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