tagFetishThe Wild Bikini Girls

The Wild Bikini Girls


One Summer while growing up in the New Jersey Pine Barons I had the strange experience of witnessing a group of wild, bikini-clad, hillbilly type girls engage in a scat fight. I and the brother of one of the girls were up in our tree fort watching as the whole thing unfolded.

It started when one of the girls had to go and just squatted down right there and peed and shat in plain sight. Her friends were all taunting her but she didn't seem to care. She simply finished her business and pulled up her bikini bottoms without wiping! Then another girl got a stick and picked up the scat and started chasing her friends around with it. When it fell off the stick, another girl picked it up with her hands and threw it at this girl, hitting her in the back. The girl got quite mad and picked up the feces and ran down the girl that threw it. When she caught her she forced her to the ground and pushed the shit down into her bikini panties. Then she pulled the bottoms up her crack and kicked her in the butt for good measure.

All the girls started screaming and laughing as the victim stood up and pulled at her bottoms with disgust. Then the others ran in like a mob and started pulling on her panties and degrading her. One came with a rope and tied it to the back of her panties and then started pulling her around by it. Amazingly the victimized girl was still laughing even though she was being horribly humiliated. Then they threw the rope over a tree limb and the group pulled her up off the ground as she kicked and held on!

My friend was hooting and hollering but I was frankly stunned and frightened by the wildness and shamelessness of these girls.

Finally they let the rope go and ran away to a point where they were still in viewing range. The victim of the prank then just peeled her bikini bottoms off and tossed them aside and started demanding that we give her something to wipe herself off with. She demanded that we throw down a T-shirt or she'd climb up and get it herself so we threw mine down. She picked it up and rubbed her crack with it and then demanded a pair of underpants from us. We refused so she climbed up the tree to our platform wearing only her bikini bra and started pulling off my shoes. My friend climbed up higher so I was left to face this scat stained naked girl alone. She got up on the platform and stood over me, taking my jeans and tossing them down and then my underwear, which she put on over her feces smeared buttocks and blonde bush. She put one of her feet in my face and then climbed back down leaving me naked in that tree as the others cheered in the distance.

When I climbed down to get my jeans all the girls rushed in and swarmed me. I fought back but they knocked me down and one girl sat on my chest while the others put the girl's soiled bikini panties on me. Then they fastened the rope that was still attached them to a tree and yanked me into the air. They all had a good laugh as I struggled to find a way pull myself up and out.

"How does it feel to be hung up by your panties?" the girl that took my underwear asked.

Then they and my friend all left together. After that all I could do was hang there and hold onto the rope to try to relieve the intense pressure on my butt crack and testicles while laboring through the smell and feel of the shit.

I was there for an hour or so before my friend returned with his hardscrabble mother and got me down. It was a degrading experience when they brought me back to their house and I was forced to walk past the sister and her friends wearing those shitty bikini bottoms, but it got worse when the mother thought it was her duty to wash me in the outdoor tub like a head of livestock as all these girls looked on. She pulled the bikini bottoms off of me as I stood stiff and mortified and then put me over her knee and scrubbed my bare backside with soap as these girls stared down and smirked. Then she had the sister get a pair of her underwear for me and a shirt as she wiped me dry.

I began to cry as she pulled the sister's underwear up around me since my jeans were still missing and the girls denied any knowledge of them. Then the mother told the other girls to go home and she, my friend and the sister and I began to walk back to my house. As we walked the mother asked me if I had learned my lesson about fighting with "her girls" being that I was now only dressed in girls panties and a Disney shirt. I had the idea to run but how far could I go dressed as I was? Then when we arrived I realized my house keys were in my jeans and I was locked out! But luckily for me a front window was unlocked and they were able to push me in through it. I stayed in the house until they left, praying my mother wouldn't return while they were there, but my friend's mother came back the next day and put a note in our mailbox explaining how she had found me in the woods. When my mother asked me about it I almost died, but I just laughed it off as a harmless joke these girls had played on me.

In the following weeks I slept in the sister's panties every night and plotted my revenge. And even though I never had the nerve to go back I couldn't stopped thinking about the injustice of it all. I felt violated by and furious towards these vicious girls and I wondered why I ended up getting the worst of everything since I had only been an innocent bystander. But each time I had these thoughts at night I became strangely aroused and felt my bulge push out against the yellowed panties.

The world can be a place full of ironies and injustice, but karma eventually had its day since not too long afterwards one of the girls was caught having sex with her brother in the same woods and the others all turned up pregnant from various fathers during high school. Seeing them waddling around with their big bellies gave me a certain satisfaction, but I never forgot the desperation and helplessness I felt dangling from that tree limb by that girl's soiled bikini bottoms and then having my rear end washed outside in front of everyone. That was a weird Summer indeed!

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