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The Wild Ones


The apprehension of knowing that she was going to be fucked by complete strangers had worn off. She still showed occasional lapses, especially when there was too long of a lapse between partners. I could almost read the thoughts that her mother had implanted too deeply to be eradicated immediately. Regardless, Linda had already learned the thrill of sex with other men was far better than the mundane love life her mother had led her to believe would be her lot in marriage. Fortunately, we continued to find partners for her that inspired her to continue her exploration of the lifestyle.

6. The Wild Ones

We had been "stuck" in this place for almost three months now, and we were slowly beginning to realize that it wasn't bad after all. There was a night life of sorts, with drinking and dancing. Linda’s previous stateside partners were helping her develop her budding exhibitionist tendencies. She was becoming known to more men who were equally interested in getting to know her, so we were not in a bad location at all. We were right in the middle of the state and the majority of the major roads converged somewhere near where we were located. That's how, eventually, we met several couples who were on their way through and remembered us from our ads in the swinger's magazine. Of course most people promised to come by or to give us a call when they were passing through, but we usually didn't take them seriously - at least not until that warm August day.

"Hi," I called and waved a greeting as Bill and Donna stopped in our drive. Bill came up to the porch, hand held out to shake mine. Donna held back a little. I liked her looks immediately. She was a petite little dishwater blonde, with just an average or maybe less set of knockers on a thin frame. Frankly I don't know what it was, she just looked "very fuckable". Bill was a slender guy with no particularly outstanding characteristics. His dark hair was carefully combed and he was obviously very neat in his appearance, but he wasn't over five and a half feet tall. I was really surprised. He had the voice of an older, heavier man. Bill had started back to the car to pick up their bags and I followed, getting an ever better look at Donna as she gathered up her stuff from the front seat of the car.

"I'm sorry it was such short notice," Bill said as he opened the trunk and fished out an over night bag, "but we were on our way to the beach before we realized how close we were, so we just decided to give you a call and see if you were busy."

"I'm glad you did. It looked like it was going to be a pretty boring weekend before we got your call." I had started back toward the house with Bill alongside when I saw Donna giving Linda a hug. It was almost like a child reaching for its mother with the dissimilarities in size. Linda towered over her by almost a foot. There was such a difference between the two of them, it was like night and day. Linda, with her set of 40DD's and Donna with perhaps a set of 32B's, but both of them gave off that same aura of sexiness that it was unbelievable.

Bill said the same thing in a different way as we walked toward the house. Giving a low wolf whistle, he almost whispered to me, "Wow, Earl, your pictures don't do your wife justice. She's built like a brick outhouse!"

I laughed. He wasn't the first, and I certainly hoped not the last, to admire my wife, even at a distance. Donna had already gone inside. I thought Linda would follow her, but as we approached the steps, Bill handed me the overnight bag and reached out to Linda. From a distance it would have looked like two relatives greeting each other with a hug, but they couldn't see Bill's hand snaking between them and closing over her breast. There was a short whispered comment, causing my wife to flush in embarrassment, but also to smile. I wondered what he had said, but I knew exactly what he was feeling. She took the arm he offered and they went together into the house, with me following.

I detoured to the room they would use while they were here and dropped the bag Bill had given me. Returning to the living room, I was glad that we had used the limited funds we had to add a second, smaller sofa to the one already in the furnished house we had rented. Linda and Bill were on one sofa, his arm already over her shoulders. Donna sat on the other, facing them and smiled at me, patting the sofa beside her as I returned.

At first it was the same mundane conversation that one would expect from new found friends. Only the physical closeness would have given away the fact that we were entertaining another swinging couple in our home for the first time. The chatter at first was across the living room, one to the other, but shortly it became confined more to the ladies sharing our seating arrangement. I was kind of surprised at how easily Linda accepted Bill's closeness, but relieved. She usually objected to a meeting which appeared to be going too fast. It made her nervous and she was somewhat standoffish. Not so this time. She was nestled beneath Bill's arm, apparently quite content. Bill was so short that he actually was at the perfect height for cuddling my wife. I raised my arm and put it over Donna's thin shoulders. She turned her head to me and smiled, mirroring Linda's acceptance of her husband's posture. It was like a mouse curling up to an oversized dog. Donna's petite frame was so small that my arm draped over her shoulder and directly over her breast - a very pleasant stopping point.

We hadn't exchanged more than a dozen sentences before I felt Donna's elbow in my ribs and saw her shift her head indicating I should look across the gap between ourselves and Bill and Linda. I don't know what Bill had said to Linda, or how he had managed to move so fast, but he was turned almost half around from the waist and was kissing her passionately, his right hand roaming over her breasts as though they had been lovers for months.

Donna giggled. "He's like that when he sees a woman he wants to be with. One look at Linda's breasts in those pictures you sent us and I knew he wouldn't be able to resist coming by." She looked over at her husband and said, "Bill, be good! Linda isn't as accustomed to you as I am. She might think that you're a dirty old man!"

Linda surprised me by continuing the kiss and then, when Bill broke it, looking across to Donna and saying, "No more than Earl. You'll have to watch him, Donna, he gets a severe case of "roman" hands, very rapidly. Just like Bill here," she smiled, placing her own hand over his which had remained over her breast. "Right, Bill?"

Bill smiled both at us, and at her.

"I plead guilty. I've never been able to keep my hands to myself, but one look at you and I knew I was going to be bad. I hope that you won't hold that against me."

Linda leaned close to him and whispered something in his ear that made him laugh. She later told me that she had told him that she hoped that wasn't the only thing that he would hold against her. Her hand had reached over into his lap and I saw her give Bill's already swollen cock a squeeze that left no doubt about what she was thinking of.

Donna had seen that too. She turned toward me and smiled. "Well, it certainly looks like Bill is enjoying himself. Are you?"

I could feel the hard little nubbins of her nipple beneath the sheer white blouse she wore, even through the stiffness of her bra. Tentatively, I reached for one of the buttons and began unfastening it. She was still smiling, and it widened as my hand slid between the facings of her blouse and cupped her breast through the bra.

"I am now," I told her softly, matching her smile. She sighed, and almost turned her back to me, pulling the arm I had over her shoulder tightly to her breast while my other hand explored beneath her bra. She slid closer to me. I turned her head toward me and touched her lips with my own. I found her tongue in my mouth as soon as our lips touched. She held the kiss as I fondled her breast, pushing the bra up and over the cup-sized fullness of her delightful little mammary.

"M-m-m, I like that," she whispered in my ear. Pulling her tightly against me until I was almost in a reclining position, I nuzzled her with my cheek and continued my explorations.

I slipped my hand out her blouse and finished unfastening the buttons that held it together, then reached behind her and unfastened the B-cup holder. Cupping her breast again, I felt her press her chest tighter against my hand, the stiffness of her nipple giving me assurance that she meant it. I explored both breasts, tweaking the nipples gently between my thumb and forefinger and feeling them rise higher, tighter, harder. We kissed again and as my attentions roamed once more, her breath became a panting in my ear. I felt her own little hand snaking over my thigh and curling around my cock. I was embarrassed by the wetness that had already soiled the thigh of my trousers. It didn't seem to bother her a bit as her hand moved up and down the length of my swollen dick.

"And I like this even better," she whispered. "Why don't we go somewhere and see what it feels like?"

I didn't have to have an engraved invitation. I took her arm and stood, lifting her with me and turning her toward the bedroom they would occupy if they chose. Turning my head, I saw that Bill was doing just fine. He already had my wife's breasts exposed. He had pushed Linda's skirt high on her thighs and I could see that his hand was beneath the crotch of her panties which were already glistening with her need of him. His mouth was locked on hers, his jaws moving as they exchanged tongues. Linda had unzipped his trousers and her hand was inside them, clamped tightly around Bill's cock, moving slowly up and down.

Donna took off her blouse and shrugged off her bra as soon as we were in the bedroom. She sat down on the edge of the bed and beckoned me closer as I struggled out of my shirt. I moved closer and felt her tiny hands unfastening my belt, then holding the waistband with one hand she unzipped my fly. Only one clip held my trousers together at the waist now, and she made short work of that. I heard her gasp as my trousers slipped down over my thighs and exposed my rigid cock.

"Oh, that’s lovely,” she said. “Just what I had hoped for," she said breathily, leaning forward and closing her lips over the head of my dick. Her hands went behind my thighs and she pulled me closer as I stood, fondling her breasts once more. Her mouth was a dream, a fantasy, hot and wet, sliding first forward toward my pubic hair, then relenting and sliding back until only the head remained in her mouth. Her hand tried to curl around it, but lacked at least an inch.

"And so juicy," she said softly, looking up as she exchanged her mouth for her hand and began slowly moving it back and forth, watching the pre-cum begin to well at the piss hole.

I made short shrift of getting out of the rest of my clothes, including the socks while Donna made herself at home on the bed. Lifting her hips she slid her skirt over her thighs and handed it to me. I folded it carefully and hung it over the chair against the wall. When I turned back to her, she lay like some beautiful wanton, legs spread wide, hair fanned over the pillow, smiling at me. It was a magnificent sight. Only her panties remained and I could see the crotch was wet, just as Linda's had been. Donna was ready to be fucked, and I wanted to screw that sweet little pooch of her cunt now.

I lay down beside her and pulled her toward me until we were laying on our sides, kissing passionately. She felt my hand go down between us and begin to slide beneath the waist band of her panties.

"I left that for you," she whispered. "I thought you might like to take them off yourself." She jerked when my hand slipped over her triangular thatch of dirty blonde hair, and pressed her clit. My hand slid lower until my middle finger was in between the wet lips of her pussy. Pressing against her clit with my thumb, I slowly pushed my middle finger into the juicy opening of her cunt, feeling her tightness as I entered her.

"I just want to feel you first," I whispered back, "I love the feeling of a woman's hair and skin, especially this skin." My head slid down until I could close my lips over her nipple which now stood high and hard on the perfectly shaped breasts. She cradled my head close to her chest as I sucked that sweet morsel in and out, using only the hardest pressure of my lips to excite it further. My middle finger was exploring the sweetness of her vagina, slipping through a wad of cum that was already in her.

Donna knew that I was aware of the load in her cunt. "Bill fucked me in the car," she explained as I dipped deeper into her passion pit. "He's so excited about fucking Linda and sucking those big tits of hers. He made me promise to fuck you all night so he could do the same with her. You don't mind, do you?"

I couldn't have possibly minded right then. Donna liked having her tits sucked, and was apparently enjoying the feeling of my leisurely finger fucking of her juicy box. I shook my head without releasing my oral grip on her breast.

"Good," she chuckled. "I told him I didn't think I would have a problem with that. I took one look at your picture and knew that you'd want to suck my tits and it makes me so horny. I bet him that you were a pussy eater too, are you?"

I nodded this time, earning another giggle and the pressure of her hand against the back of my head.

“I love to eat pussy, especially freshly fucked pussy,” I admitted. “But how did you know?”

"I thought so. Men are such babies. Give them one thing to suck and they want to suck everything. No man could resist sucking Linda’s tits.” She was quiet for a moment, then added, "and I love having a man eat me while I suck him off. Would you like to eat my pussy now?"

One thing has always aroused me more than anything else with a partner other than my wife, or even with her after another man has filled her with his cum, and that is the taste of another man's cum mixed with his partner's juices, direct from a hot, juicy box like this one. I didn't even respond to the question. Instead I pulled her panties down and over her feet. Donna, a very bare Donna, was mine now, all mine! Reluctantly I released my mouth-hold on her breast. As much as I liked sucking them, the promise of a well filled pussy was even better.

Donna saw what I wanted immediately and we swapped end for end. Kneeling astride me, her cunt lips spread so widely I could see the whitish tendrils of cum leaking from her tight cunt. I pulled a pillow down and put it beneath my head to equalize slightly the disparity in our heights. It was just perfect, putting that lovely twat right at my mouth as I felt her lips closer over my rigid dick.

Donna was delicious! My tongue went in her easily, thanks to the perfect position, right to the heart of her cunt. My tongue slipped around the writhing muscle guarding her vagina, soaking up the dividends Bill had left in her while her head bobbed up and down, stimulating my cock in a masterful way. I had one hand busily squeezing one of her breasts like milking a cow. My other hand was between us, titillating her clit as I ate that delightfully full cunt.

Donna came almost immediately, the spasms of her orgasm sending a flow of her and her husband's juices over my tongue in a rapidly swallowed torrent. It was so exciting that I couldn't hold back and I followed her peak of excitement with thick jets of hot cum into her mouth, feeling her lips squeezing my cockhead while she swallowed frantically, taking all I had to offer.

We lay quietly for a moment, savoring the moment we had both wanted. Finally she moved on my chest, swapping ends, looking closely into my eyes, suddenly very serious.

"I told Bill this would be good," she said solemnly, "but I never dreamed it would be this good! I want you to fuck me, Earl. Can you do it this soon?"

In those days it was not uncommon for me to cum three times in the same night. With Donna it was going to be even better, I found out. I had hardly lost my rigid state, even after that massive dose of cum had filled her mouth. My answer was to pull her higher and kiss her passionately, tasting my own semen that still coated the inside of her mouth. I felt her hand move behind her, searching for the instrument of her pleasure, the same pleasure that suffused me as soon as I felt my cockhead enter her tight cunt grip.

"Oh, yes!" she gasped, feeling it slide between her cunt lips easily then halting just before completely entering her. I felt the muscle relax slightly and pressed upward, feeling the tightness close behind the head. She eased herself down on it gently, letting it fill her slowly, completely. I could feel the end of her vagina until she lifted herself slightly, wriggled her hips a few times and then sank down again, with a soft sigh.

"I can't decide which I like better, having you eat me or feeling you fill me up like this," she giggled. "This is wonderful." She pushed both hands against my chest, sitting upright on my rigid staff that had recovered immediately on feeling her juicy core surround it with the muscles of her vagina. She leaned forward, pulling it slightly out of her, then pressed back, taking it all again. With a little wriggle of that cute ass, she settled once more, filled completely with my cock. "And such a perfect fit," she giggled again," leaning forward until my hands could reach her breasts again.

We fucked slowly, leisurely, the edge taken off by the immediate need just fulfilled. Donna fit my cock perfectly, sliding up and down it like a monkey on a greased pole, sighing with pleasure, then grunting with surprise as the next orgasm made her into a writhing, jerking cock junky, begging to be fucked again and again.

"I'm going to fuck you all night," she whispered after a repeat of the second orgasm caused her to writhe with pleasure again. "I'm not sharing you with Linda, not tonight."

She was quiet for a moment, sitting as though contentedly on a perch, my still rigid cock. I could see that she was thinking and I didn't want to erupt.

"I have to tell you something though," she finally admitted. "I like watching Bill fuck another woman. Would it bother you if we went in there and watched them while we fucked?"

"Not in the slightest," I laughed. "In fact, I love watching Linda get screwed, and I'd like to see how Bill is doing with her." I started to rise, earning a slight show of pain on her face as the sudden change of position pushed my dick deeper into her. "I'm sorry, did I hurt you?"

She smiled and shook her head, "I'm just not used to such a long one." She got on her knees and began lifting herself off my slowly, bending forward to watch it slowly emerge from her, shining with the juices of our lovemaking. She got up and then bent forward again, cradling my cock in both hands, kissing the tip. "I wish this were mine, I'd be on it all the time."

We arrived in our bedroom just in time to see Bill, his balls bounding off the soft skin between my wife's pussy and her asshole, shoot a load of hot cum into her hungry pussy. Linda was on her back, arms tightly clasped about her lover, her ankles crossed over his back, urging him deeper as the cum flowed from her equally tightly clamped pussy lips, gasping with pleasure. Bills head was lowered to her breast and I could see he was sucking one as though he had never had such an opportunity, savoring the reddened flesh of my wife's full tits.

We stood smiling, arms around each other's waist, admiring the beauty of the scene as Bill and Linda let the last throes of their mutual orgasm flow through their bodies until they sank into a pile of hot flesh.

"Oh, god, that was beautiful," Linda moaned. Then she looked up and saw us, her face flushing in embarrassment.

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