tagLesbian SexThe Wildwood Cabins: Cabin 3

The Wildwood Cabins: Cabin 3


Lisa got out the bacon, eggs and bread. She placed the food on the counter and poured a cup of coffee. As she sat at the small kitchen table, she asked herself why she was nervous. It was going to be a great weekend. The weather was supposed to be beautiful. The leaves were brilliant and the cabin was everything the brochures said it would be. Yet, she was anxious.

A knock at the cabin door jolted her. The floor was cold on her bare feet as she quickly walked through the living room. She took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Good morning. It’s me.” Outside was the beaming face of a medium height, slim brunette whose ponytail made her appear younger than her 31 years.

“Hi, Julie. I’m really glad you could make it,” Lisa said honestly. “Come on in.”

Lisa closed the door and the two women hugged. Nothing about them was similar except, perhaps, for their equally good looks. Lisa was a couple inches shorter then Julie, weighed about ten pounds less at 110, was three years older and had shoulder length blonde hair.

Julie set her suitcase by the couch. She wore a lightweight sweatshirt and jeans that clung to her ass and thighs.

“This is nice,” Julie said, looking around the cabin. “I like it.”

“Wait until you see the hot tub,” Lisa said with a smile. “I tried it last night.”

“Alone?” Julie asked.

“Yes, alone.” Lisa scowled at her guest as she started toward the kitchen.

They never stopped talking during breakfast. Mostly it was about the health club where Lisa was a personal trainer and Julie one of her clients. They had known each other about six months, hitting it off immediately. Lisa was single and Julie married, which prohibited much socializing. But, when Lisa asked Julie if she wanted to share the cabin for the weekend, Julie was quick to accept.

After breakfast, Julie unpacked and the two chatted some more in the living room. It was noon when Lisa suggested they go for a walk on one of the hiking trails on the property. They were in Cabin 3 of a five-cabin complex making up the resort, located deep in the woods. The cabin was small, with one bedroom and a loft. But, like the other four cabins, had a hot tub on a private porch.

Lisa changed into a long sleeve pullover shirt and sweat pants. Her alluring breasts, which Julie was used to seeing in a sports bra, pressed against the shirt free of any constraints.

They set off into the woods at a brisk pace. The air was unseasonably warm for October and the sun shined bright. Leaves and twigs cracked as they walked and talked.

Two miles from the cabin they got to a small pond. They left the path and walked around the edge of the pond until finding a fallen log to sit on. The log was at the top of a small embankment. Behind the women, the ground sloped downward into a heavily wooded area protected by thick undergrowth.

Lisa and Julie made conversation for a few minutes before Julie asked, “Lisa, why did you invite ME this weekend?”

Lisa was quiet, looking first at Julie then out at the pond.

“You don’t have to stay if you don’t want,” she finally said, wishing she hadn’t.

“No. I want to stay. I was just wondering.”

“I thought it would be fun. Getting away from the city and stuff,” Lisa said.

Neither of them spoke.

“Why ME?” Julie asked again.

Once again they exchanged glances. This time the gaze lingered.

“Because you are fun and energetic and attractive and…” Lisa paused. “You know.”

“You think I’m attractive? Really?”

“Really,” Lisa said.

Julie put her hand on the other woman’s leg. Lisa felt the electricity flow through her body and she was unable to move.

Julie leaned over and kissed Lisa on the cheek. Lisa immediately turned her face toward Julie, leaving them just inches apart. Following a pause that seemed to last forever, Lisa’s lips met Julie’s.

Cautiously at first, the two women let the kiss linger. Lisa’s tongue slid across Julie’s mouth and instantly both mouths were open. Their tongues met. Lisa moaned, putting her hand on the younger woman’s hair. Julie gave in to the slight pressure being applied from behind by Lisa’s hand. Both women tilted their heads and the kiss increased in passion.

Lisa put her hand on the front of Julie’s sweatshirt. As she pressed her hand against the other woman’s breast, Julie broke off the kiss. Lisa feared she had gone too far. Instead, Julie kissed Lisa’s neck and ear.

Lisa’s fingers circulated around the breast. The nipple pushed against the sweatshirt, stimulated by the rubbing of the material across it. With ever-increasing force, Lisa squeezed the breast.

“Lisa. No,” Julie sighed in a weak voice.

Lisa didn’t answer. She moved her hand down the front of the sweatshirt, found the bottom and slid the hand back up to Julie’s bare breast. When she pinched the nipple tenderly, Julie flinched. Their heads were side by side, each nipping lovingly at the other’s neck.

“God, Lisa.” The words were not spoken in a manner that suggested an ending to the activities.

Abruptly, Lisa pulled her hand out and swung her legs to the opposite side of the log. Facing the woods now, she stood and grabbed Julie’s hand. The younger woman was lifted off the log and struggled to get her feet under her. In an instant, Lisa was starting quickly down the embankment toward the trees, her blonde hair flapping around her head.

“Lisa. What are you doing?” Julie asked, clinging tightly to Lisa’s hand and stumbling behind her. There was no answer as they careened down the small hill.

They broke through the heavy bushes that preceded the forest. A few dozen yards later they were well within the trees and in a clearing no more than ten feet square.

Lisa stopped, causing Julie to nearly run her over. Almost before she was completely turned around, Lisa took hold of the bottom of Julie’s sweatshirt and pulled it up. Her mouth was on Julie’s breast without delay. As soon as Lisa’s tongue grazed across her nipple, Julie began removing the sweatshirt.

With Lisa concentrating on the two exposed breasts, Julie reached for her companion’s own breasts. They felt soft through her shirt, the erect nipples plainly visible.

Julie lifted the shirt over Lisa’s head. The two women looked at each other in the eyes for the first time since leaving the log. Both saw the infatuation felt by the other.

They hugged tightly. Julie’s breasts rested on the tops of the shorter woman’s, but the feeling was undeniable. They moved their heads until locked in a deep, wet kiss.

“Lay down, Julie,” Lisa said softly.

A thick layer of leaves made a comfortable cushion as Julie lay on her back, looking up at Lisa and her luscious breasts. Lisa slowly got on her knees, straddling the woman under her. She slid backwards so her head was directly over Julie’s breasts. She put one hand on the outside of each breast.

“Julie, you are so beautiful,” Lisa said. She put her mouth around one of Julie’s nipples and sucked it. Julie closed her eyes. The warmth of the mouth and tongue on the exposed skin, in addition to sexual excitement, spread throughout her body. She was amazed to feel the wetness gathering between her legs.

A minute later, Lisa was sliding further down Julie’s body. She licked around Julie’s navel and down to the top of her jeans. For some reason, Lisa was fully confident she could take the next step.

The jeans unbuttoned easily and Lisa pulled down the zipper. The only other noise was a faint wind in the trees and leaves rustling under the women’s bodies.

A pair of soft, black panties became visible as Lisa pulled the jeans open. Julie lifted her ass off the ground when Lisa began yanking the jeans off. Lisa took off Julie’s shoes and tugged at the jeans until they were completely off.

Julie was shaking in anticipation. When she felt Lisa’s hands sliding up the inside of her thighs, she was aroused beyond anything she had experienced before. Julie looked down at the beautiful blonde situating herself between Julie’s legs. Two hands slid underneath the bottom of her panties and Julie closed her eyes.

The hands briefly skimmed across her pussy, then grasped the panties and pulled them off. The cool Fall air rushed over Julie’s naked body. Her nipples ached with desire. Goosebumps rose from her skin.

Julie spread her legs as Lisa placed her hands under the other woman’s thighs. Lisa took a second to admire the long, lean body under her. Then, as if in slow motion, she lowered her head.

She licked the inside of Julie’s thighs, purposely avoiding the cleanly shaven pussy. Julie felt like she would burst if Lisa didn’t find her clit soon. She didn’t have to wait long.

Lisa put her tongue at the entrance to Julie’s cunt. Unhurriedly, she moved her tongue upwards, between the folds of skin, until contacting the younger woman’s clit. Julie arched her back, raising her hips. But, Lisa continued to apply teasing, light pressure on the engorged clit.

Using tantalizing nips, Lisa played with the clit. Then she moved her tongue down again. This time, she found the area to be much wetter. By the time she got back up to the clit, Julie’s hands were on the back of her head, pulling it closer.

Lisa put her lips around the clit and stabbed at it with her tongue.

“Oh, God. Lisa. Yes. Right there,” Julie was directing her.

But Lisa didn’t need help. Years of experience had taught her how to please a woman.

A couple minutes later, Julie was bucking her hips wildly. Lisa applied more pressure.

Julie moaned that she was about to cum, clutching two handfuls of leaves in tightly closed fists. A final gasp and her orgasm began.

Lisa tried desperately to keep up with Julie’s contortions. The younger woman’s body thrashed back and forth, up and down. Julie attempted to fuck Lisa’s tongue; very much wishing it was inside her. But the pleasure she felt now was undeniable. She came several times, panting loudly at the end.

“Oh, fuck. God, Lisa. Stop. Please,” Julie said, gasping for air.

Lisa gave one final, long lick of the clit and raised her head. She watched Julie’s body shake for a few more seconds, then stood over the woman. Lisa’s feet straddled Julie’s waist as she unzipped her jeans and pushed them down.

Julie watched as Lisa took off the jeans, followed by the small white panties. Lisa’s naked body was magnificent, and it was about to be hers.

Without hesitation, Lisa moved forward and onto her knees. Her pussy hovered just inches above Julie’s face. She felt Julie’s hands grab her ass. Then, an instant later, a tongue flicked across her cunt. A familiar flutter flowed through her body. The arousal attained by making Julie cum had already put Lisa on the edge of her own orgasm. Now, the woman below her was intent on putting her over the edge.

Julie’s tongue probed Lisa’s entire pussy before finding the clit. If the younger woman was uncertain about what to do in her first encounter with another female, it wasn’t evident. Instinctively, she massaged the clit with her tongue and lips. It took only seconds for the orgasm boiling up inside Lisa to begin.

Lisa threw back her head, reaching for one of her nipples.

“Yes, Julie. Lick me. Harder.”

Lisa drove her pussy into Julie’s face. Julie savored the wetness between Lisa’s legs and frantically tried to please her the same way she had been pleased. It must have worked, as Lisa continued to cum for over a minute.

Lisa’s moans echoed through the thick trees. She thought a couple times she was done, but then Julie’s tongue touched her clit and another wave shot through her. Finally, she moved down and collapsed on top of Julie’s breasts, totally spent.

They both stretched out their bodies to relieve the tension. Together, they rolled until Julie lay on top of Lisa.

“Thank you, Lisa. That was magnificent,” Julie whispered.

“I’ve wanted you for so long. I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Lisa said.

They kissed and got dressed. Walking back to the cabin, few words were said. Julie’s head spun with new feelings about the sensations she had felt. Lisa debated whether a new lover had been found or if, after given time to think about it, she would lose Julie’s friendship.

Within sight of their cabin, the two women met a pretty young girl walking in the opposite direction. The girl introduced herself as Erin Cashman and said she was staying in Cabin 2 with her parents. At the end of their conversation, Lisa and Julie invited Erin to their cabin that evening for snacks and drinks. Erin accepted with enthusiasm, admitting that boredom was quickly setting in.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful in Cabin 3. The women both seemed hesitant to take the encounter in the woods any further…for now.

John Marlin, owner of The Wildwood Cabins, sat behind his computer monitor. On the screen was a wide-angle view of the inside of Cabin 3, provided by a security camera hidden high in the cabin wall. A click of the mouse and he zoomed in on the two women sitting on the living room couch.

“Well, do something?” John mumbled out loud. A few more clicks and the insides of Cabins 1 and 2 appeared. The young couple in Cabin 1 was eating dinner and no one could be seen inside Cabin 2.


When he returned to the view of Cabin3, one of the women had risen from the couch and was walking toward the door. She opened the door and the girl John had watched the night before in Cabin 2 walked in. He watched them as the older woman returned to the couch and the girl sat in a chair facing them.

John sat back in his chair and over the next half hour watched the three females talk, eat chips and pretzels, and share a bottle of wine.

Lisa found herself staring at the strikingly beautiful 18-year-old girl, not always listening to whoever was speaking at the moment. Erin was about 5’6”, 120 pounds, with light brown hair. The wine only enhanced Lisa’s increasingly lustful thoughts. What lay underneath that sweatshirt and jeans, she wondered. “How about moving out to the hot tub?” Lisa heard Julie say. “Sure,” Lisa said. “Bring the food. I’ll get more wine.” Erin followed Julie through the kitchen to the walled-in porch with the hot tub. Lisa quickly joined them with another bottle of wine. The air was getting much cooler and, when Julie turned on the hot tub, steam began rising slowly from the surface. The food and drinks were placed carefully at the corners of the tub. “You all can do whatever you want, but I don’t need a swimsuit,” Julie said. To Erin’s surprise, the woman took off her sweater, revealing her bare breasts. Within seconds, Lisa had done the same. Erin might have run back to the cabin to get a suit had she not had two glasses of wine. Instead, she found herself pulling her sweatshirt over her head, feeling strangely content. Both Lisa and Julie were mesmerized by the perfection of the girl’s large, firm breasts. They managed to start getting out of their jeans, but not without several glances at the delicious boobs. And if that wasn’t enough, when Erin lowered her jeans she revealed the remainder of an hourglass figure the likes of which neither of the other two women had ever seen.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” John said. He zoomed in on the young girl until her silhouetted body filled his computer screen. The nipples at the end of her upturned breasts grew hard in the cool air. He followed the curve of her body past her flat stomach to her round hips and down her long, smooth thighs. Her white panties were cut high at the sides, but he couldn’t see her pussy…yet.

Julie was the first to step into the hot tub, much to Erin’s relief. She hadn’t minded stripping to her panties, but she wasn’t sure if she’d had enough wine for full nudity with two strange women.

Lisa let Erin get in next, then followed her gingerly. They found space on the circular seat for all of them and stretched their legs out to enjoy the swirling, bubbling water.

John watched as the water splashed over the women’s breasts. When Lisa leaned over to pour three glasses of wine, her breasts hung erotically. John opened his jeans, reached inside the fly of his boxers and pulled out an ever-hardening cock. With long strokes, he began masturbating to the wonderful sight in front of him.

“Wow. This is great,” Erin said. “I need one of these at home.”

“With a good looking dude in it,” Lisa added.

“That would help,” Erin said with a smile.

They drank wine and enjoyed the soothing warmth of the water. Julie and Lisa both took long, steady looks at Erin’s lean body stretched out in the tub. A few moments later, Lisa scooted over next to Erin.

“You have a beautiful body Erin,” Lisa said calmly.

The girl gave her an embarrassed smile. “Thanks.”

Lisa’s hand moved under the surface of the water until it touched Erin’s left side. The girl flinched as the hand moved up, contacting the bottom of Erin’s left breast. Julie watched with interest, knowing what Lisa had in mind and not knowing how the young girl would respond.

Lisa’s hand wrapped around the ample breast and found the nipple. Erin’s eyes were wide open as she looked down at the breast.

Julie slid closer to Erin’s right side.

“Just relax and enjoy it,” she whispered to Erin. “Lean back.” The girl submitted.

As Lisa’s hand manipulated the splendid breast, Julie reached between Erin’s legs. Julie’s fingers slid over the fabric of Erin’s panties, which were like a second skin in the water. The fingers quickly found the girl’s cunt, then proceeded up to her clit.

John saw the young girl lean her head back and open her mouth; not to talk, but in sheer pleasure. A minute later, Julie was removing her panties while Lisa put her mouth on the girl’s breast.

“Yes,” John said. “Go for it.”

His cock stiffened to its maximum length. John stared at the screen and pumped his fist over the cock with more enthusiasm. He squirmed in his seat when Julie put her mouth over Erin’s right breast. Julie and Lisa devoured the young girl’s wet tits, sending shock waves through her body.

John watched as Lisa looked up at Erin and said something to her. Erin raised herself out of the water and sat on the edge of the tub. From there, Lisa was able to move in front of the girl and put her head between Erin’s legs. Soon, she was lapping eagerly at Erin’s clit.

Julie continued to lick and suck the girl’s nipple. Erin pulled Julie’s head closer with her hand.

“Oh, God. You’re gonna make me cum,” Erin said in a trembling voice.

Neither Julie nor Lisa let up. Lisa put her hands under Erin’s ass and lifted her pussy closer to her face. With long, slow strokes, she moved her tongue over the girl’s cunt and clit. Occasionally, she stopped and plunged her tongue deep into Erin’s hole, tasting the sweet fluid beginning to pour out.

Erin’s body shook uncontrollably. She moaned as Lisa put her clit in her mouth and sucked it.

The euphoric torture produced an electric orgasm Erin had never felt before. She held Julie’s head in place firmly while wrapping her legs around Lisa. She drove her hips toward the mouth on her clit, never wanting it to leave where it was. Lisa held on tightly and applied more pressure with her mouth. Erin responded with two more orgasms, even more spasmodic than the first.

Warm water lapped over the girl’s pussy and heightened the satisfaction. Lisa put a finger inside Erin’s cunt, twisting it and rubbing it against the upper reaches of the hole. Again, Erin shuddered through an orgasm.

“That’s it. Ram that finger up her,” John panted.

Precum oozed from the tip of his cock. His hand wrapped tighter around the shaft and stroked it roughly.

“Ahh, fuck. Yes.”

As cum streamed out of his balls into the cock, John pushed the cock inside his boxers and rubbed his palm over it. He leaned back in the chair and felt the first gush of cum explode from the cock.

Several grunts each produced a steady stream of cum. His cock throbbed, but continued to pour out hot, sticky fluid inside his boxers.

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