tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Willful Exhibitionist Ch. 3

The Willful Exhibitionist Ch. 3


Apart from the obvious need to know more about my new lover, I kept Monica engaged in conversation as we walked back to our apartment to reassure her. She was nervous and probably worried about walking through the streets without the familiar security that wearing panties had given her for so many years. Her unfounded lack of confidence about her body probably stemmed from a repressed upbringing and an inherent fear of exposure to others. Her eyes darted from side to side as we progressed homeward, as if she was doing something wrong.

We were less than 2 kilometres from the apartment but I had the feeling that for Monica, it was probably the longest walk of her life. On the way to the studio it had only taken us half an hour, even though we were window shopping on the way. Monica had been totally relaxed and walked naturally, without a care in the world. The first kilometre of the return journey I noticed that Monica was tense and nervous, walking in shorter steps like a wooden doll. By the time the apartment was within view she had relaxed her steps and quickened her hesitant pace considerably. She coyly admitted that she would never have dared to walk home this way without my encouragement and support. None the less, she conceded that she had enjoyed the sensation of the cool night air as it circulated around her bare pubic area.

I remembered the first time that I had dared Nana to spend the entire day without underwear and smiled when I thought about the similarity of their natures. They were both artistic and enjoyed nudity as long as they were not the subject of other people's attention. Nana would always maintain a discrete distance from me whenever I undressed in public. It never stopped her from wanting to witness my dares but she didn't want anybody to associate the two of us for the duration of my exhibitions.

Afterward, in the privacy of our room, she would become even more passionate in her lovemaking than usual. It was as if she was an exhibitionist by proxy. Similarly, Monica had displayed no hesitation in showing my photographs to Pete, eagerly showing me off and revelling in his reactions of astonishment and admiration of her work. Try as I might, Nana refused to accompany me when I was naked let alone experience the exhilaration of nudity in a public place herself. I loved her dearly but in the end I came to accept that I would never change this annoying aspect of her nature.

I hoped that Monica might be persuaded to join me one day in the uplifting experience of going without clothing in public. I would start slowly and observe her reaction to the idea of dressing more daringly in future. Perhaps the odd flash to build her confidence.

The living room of the apartment was empty but I could see a light under Sally's bedroom door. We didn't disturb them and Monica guided me silently toward our room. I was tired of talking so I undressed to get into bed, slipping off my skirt and top as soon as we entered the room and placing them on my bed. It had been a long day and Monica and I had already discussed and agreed upon our sleeping arrangements for the night. I slipped beneath the sheets of Monica's large single bed, looking forward to her joining me as soon as she put her gear away and undressed.

The next day I would meet another of Monica's partners and assist Monica to develop the studio photos that we had taken earlier on. It was hard to imagine where our first evening together had gone. Everything was moving so fast and the time had gone so quickly since I arrived. We didn't leave the studio until it was well after 11pm and now it was after mid-night already. I closed my eyes momentarily and luxuriated in the soft satin sheets as Monica was opening dresser drawers and then closing them again. What was taking her so long? My body was tense with anticipation and eager to respond to her tender, loving ministrations. It had been a long time since I had slept with another woman and felt the closeness and warmth that resulted from gay intimacy.

It was vastly different from being intimate with a man, more sensual and fulfilling on an emotional level. With a man I was on guard at all times and unable to relax as fully, always wondering what he was thinking of me and afraid to surrender myself completely to his demands. Men had double standards and while I didn't mind being used for their pleasure and had enjoyed servicing their needs, it was rare to find a man that completely understood my own needs. It was either a rush job, followed by cold rejection, or they demanded and expected absolute control of my life from that point on. Most were totally insensitive and seemed to be incapable of enjoying true intimacy with no strings attached.

Then there was the abduction that followed the private show at the piercing studio. God! Never again would I allow myself to be used and intimidated in that way. I shuddered with the memory of that evening, the following week's events still fresh in my mind.

Monica turned off the bedside light and the weight of her body pressed onto the bed as she slid into the sheets beside me. Although I was tired the proximity of my new lover's nude body next to mine awoke my passions anew.

I responded eagerly to her kisses and melted into her arms gratefully as she caressed and explored my body. Her nipples were hard as I returned her passion and pulled her body closer to my own. Monica was far less inhibited than she had been at the studio and we made love until we were trembling with orgasmic pleasure and both of us straining for release. Monica whispered words of gratitude as she convulsed in my embrace and we both satisfied each others needs. My eyelids grew heavy and soon afterward we slept, still locked in a lover's embrace.

The next morning I woke before Monica and looked at her. Not wishing to wake her by moving but needing a visit to the toilet I held on as long as I could before gently extracting my body and making my way to the bedroom door. It was quiet outside so I rushed to the toilet and turned on the shower afterward. By the time I returned to the bedroom, dried and refreshed, Monica was awake and she watched in awe as I entered the room with my towel still in my hand.

"God! You look lovely." She breathed. "Shut the door and lock it again Katrina." Monica looked at her watch and smiled. "The others won't be up for a while yet. Did you sleep well, sweetheart?"

I looked at her, propped up on the pillow, realising that she was inviting me back into bed. I felt fresh and eager to please her so without hesitation I crossed the room.

"That was the best night's sleep in a long time, thanks to you darling." I sat on the end of her bed, allowing her to notice my nipples, growing more erect at the thought of further stimulation. I edged toward her and she buried her head in between my breasts, running her tongue around my nipples and flicking at the gold rings.

"Oh yes! That feels great." We collapsed into each others arms and I caressed her head as she moved downward toward my vagina. I stiffened as her tongue found it's mark and gently flicked at my piercing as she explored my lips and traced her fingers around the cheeks of my bottom. She was intent on re-discovering every inch of my body so I laid back, murmuring my delight at her renewed passion.

There was no doubt that Monica was an experienced lover as she transported me toward new heights of desire. Without words we manoeuvred our bodies on the bed until I was able to stimulate her engorged clitoris in the same way. The previous night we had both been too tired to fully enjoy the carnal delights that we were now experiencing together. I had always considered myself completely bisexual but Monica was unashamedly lesbian in nature. She was considerate yet demanding and made love to me urgently, taking the lead in this morning's tryst. Unlike Nana, who took months to reach this degree of passion, Monica made it clear that she had fallen hopelessly in love with me. I eagerly returned her advances, marvelling at her strength of purpose and understanding. Any of her early inhibitions fell away as we made love without any preset time limits or cares. When we lay exhausted and heard the other girls moving around outside the room, dishes clattering in the kitchen sink and muffled voices, we realised that we had been pleasuring one and other for well over an hour.

We discussed the day ahead and decided to get dressed. Monica put on her robe and went to the bathroom while I selected the clothes that I wanted to wear today, wrapped the towel around my body and decided to have another shower. I gave Monica a five minute head start and then walked out, rubbing my eyes as if I had just woken up, greeting the other girls and heading for the bathroom.

Sally and Sheryl had their work bags in their hands, ready to go into the office for the day and Carla and Cynthia were still asleep in their room. I told my friends that work prospects with Monica were looking good and I would be staying on with them. Sally was delighted and they said they would see me later on that afternoon. Sheryl waved as she walked out the door. I was glad that there was no time for further explanations and went straight to the bathroom.

Monica was drying off so I stepped into the shower and quickly refreshed myself.

Like myself, Monica used makeup sparingly and relied on her natural complexion with just a touch of lipstick and a hint of eye shadow to enhance her looks. Monica dressed in jeans with a thick designer shirt which hid her charms from view completely, much to my dismay. On the other hand, always conscious of attracting attention to my body, I dressed alluringly in a simple, front buttoning, light weight summer dress that did little to hide my figure and allowed the breeze to circulate freely around my breasts. As usual, I wore no underwear. Monica packed an overnight bag with a few towels, a sarong and her bathing suit, asking me if there was anything I wanted to take with me. I put my purse and a tiny red thong swimming costume in her bag, along with a cardigan, bra and a spare skirt in case I needed to change. Monica slung her ever present camera bag over her shoulder and picked up the other bag.

By the time the other girls got up, Monica and I were dressed and had the information that we intended to let the others know, at this stage, agreed between us. Monica was taking me on as her assistant and part-time model. We agreed that there was no need to explain our newly found love for one and other, although I was not the least bit ashamed of our behaviour. We decided that discretion was the better pathway for both of us, for the time being. By eleven in the morning we had eaten breakfast with Cynthia and Carla, chatted for a short time and Monica and I were both anxious to return to the studio for me to meet Arnold. I was looking forward to developing the print that featured my only photo of Monica, so far.

We took the elevator down to the parking garage where Monica's gleaming classic Mustang awaited us. I was impressed by the immaculate interior of the vehicle with it's comfortable bucket seats covered by plush sheepskin seat covers. I sank into the front passenger seat while Monica placed her bags onto the rear bench seat, long pile sheepskin tickling my bare bottom and arousing my shaven lips in a rather sensual way. The car was her pride and joy, kept in mint condition and used only for outdoor location shooting. The faint odour of her favourite perfume lingered in the immaculate interior of the car. Monica used it to drive around the suburbs or out in the country for her work and today she had promised me a tour of the city suburbs and beaches, after a brief visit to the studio.

Arnold was a pleasant fair haired man in his early thirties who greeted us with greater enthusiasm than I had expected. Apparently the news of our photo shoot with Pete had preceded us and he was aware that I was in the market for modelling work. He showed us the fifteen photos that he had already developed for Pete as a favour, complementing me on my poise and beauty, praising presentation and above all my photogenic qualities. He asked me if I had ever done any screen work.

"No, nothing like that." Blushing and a little unsure what he meant by screen work. "Always ready to try anything though."

This answer seemed to please Arnold and he promised to mention me around among his clients. Monica showed him the photos that she had taken from the apartment and mentioned that she was my agent. She smiled at me and told Arnold that she was sure that I would have no shortage of work.

"Pete told me about these and I have to agree. They are brilliant." Arnold smiled in my direction as he looked though the photos eagerly while Monica and I went to work in the developing room. By the time we came out he was busy with a customer at the counter and our photos sat in a neat pile by the coffee table, next to Pete's prints. Monica's studio impressions were far superior to the ones that Pete had taken and she left one of her better ones next to Pete's for Arnold to see.

We left the studio, anxious to spend the whole afternoon touring around. The next day was Monica's turn to run the studio and I was keen to explore the highlights of the city beaches. I had seen some of Monica's photographs at the studio and I was impressed by the rugged scenery of the coast. I had never lived so close to the coast before and I was dying to go for a swim and rediscover the thrills of swimming in the ocean. It had been a long time since I had enjoyed surfing and snorkelling

I kept looking at the studio photo of Monica that I had taken, once we were in the car. Monica was blushing as she drove, knowing that I was studying every delicious detail of her naked body.

"Don't forget to keep that photo to yourself Katrina. I would just die if anyone else saw it."

I leaned over and kissed her, reassuring her that I would treasure it and not embarrass her. I placed in in the glove box with the rest of the studio shots. Her attitude was a bit of a mystery to me, still not entirely comfortable to show off her body to me, even after the intimate way we had behaved toward each other as lovers. At least she hadn't been too ashamed to show me off to her friends at the studio. I teased her by opening up my dress as we drove, exposing more of my charms to her and noticing her mounting interest.

"Would you like to go for a swim at my favourite beach, further down the coast, sweetheart? We shouldn't stay around the city with you dressed like that." She indicated to where my dress was now completely exposing my breasts and there were only a few buttons left holding my dress together.

"Oh! Sorry darling, I just feel so comfortable." We both knew that I was deliberately showing off for her benefit and indeed Monica wasn't exactly complaining about the way that I was exposed to her gaze, but I was conscious of her nervousness. I just conversed with her about our surroundings and listened as she pointed out some of her favourite shooting locations on a map that she handed me. I gathered that the beach that she had in mind was popular with surfers and sunbathers alike and Monica enjoyed the rugged isolation of the nearby coves. As it was mid-week, Monica seemed more relaxed at the prospect of keeping company with me whilst I was dressed in the brief costume that I had packed. I had noted the surprised look on her face when she realised how small my costume was, compared to her own.

As soon as the traffic became lighter and we appeared to be heading to a more remote area I undid the remaining buttons. Now the dress opened right up and I could feel the swirling air from my open window caress my body, cooling the heat generated by the sun as it warmed my naked skin. Monica was now becoming more used to my compulsion to be naked as often as possible.

"You never really intended to wear a costume when we went for a swim at the beach today, did you love? She pulled the car over into a deserted rest area in the road and parked. We had a long discussion and finally reached an understanding about my need for attention amidst her concerns that I might get myself into trouble. Monica explained that she was prepared to support me wherever it was possible and in any situation where she could explain away my nudity as artistic expression for the camera. She was adamant that she was not ashamed of me when tears began forming in my eyes. She sighed.

"I really do love you Katrina. I couldn't bear it if you were angry with me." Monica carried on driving to the beach, suggesting that at least I should wear my thong when we first arrived. To make Monica happy I agreed, cautioning her that I wouldn't be leaving it on for long.

"I can't stand wearing panties of any sort Monica. You do know that by now, darling?

"All right! I know when to give up." Monica resigned herself to the fact that I would take the first opportunity to display my body in its entirety.

I folded my dress up and reluctantly pulled on my red thong while Monica parked. Monica changed in the public toilets next to the car while I hung a beach towel around my neck and waited beside the unlocked car. There was nobody around the car park and it took all my willpower not to remove even that tiny strip of cloth that I had agreed to wear. She emerged with her sarong wrapped around her hips and her clothes neatly wrapped in a bundle, wearing her conservative two piece costume. She selected an inexpensive camera, a beach bag and locked up the Mustang.

There were a surprising number of young people on the beach and I noticed Monica relax her expression and smile a little more as we made our way to a less populated part of the beach near some rocks. I was not the only topless girl on the beach. We had passed a few others along the way and there was a fairly relaxed atmosphere among the beach crowd. We made ourselves comfortable, spreading out our towels on the golden sand. I looked at Monica as she took out her camera, nodding toward the craggy rocks nearby, indicating her desire to snap off a few shots. Pleased to be free of my thong, I quickly removed it and tucked it under my towel. Naked now and with the mesmerising sound of the waves crashing against the rocks, I eagerly posed and ran my fingers through my hair while Monica took a few photos. I could see people looking in our direction, unsure at that distance whether I was actually nude or not but obviously bemused by my antics in front of the camera.

Monica wasn't keen to swim straightaway so, excusing myself, I ran into the surf while she relaxed by our towels. The water was cold, invigorating and quite refreshing so I swam out beyond the breakers and body surfed back in toward the shore a few times. Each time I did this I came ashore further toward the more populated area of the beach. The wave action on my body brought a familiar tightening to my fully erect nipples and I enjoyed being in such close proximity to other swimmers nearby. There was something about nudity in front of others that I found quite irresistible and I made up my mind to make the most of this latest thrill. I knew that I would drift further along the beach each time I swam back out and the thought of walking back along the shore past so many people was stirring up my sense of adventure.

I finally came ashore and walked slowly back toward Monica, excited at the growing attention that I was receiving from other beachgoers. There were a few friendly comments from a mixed group of eight young surfers and I stopped briefly to talk with them. Far from offended, they invited me to join them. I indicated to where Monica was reading a book at the northern end of the beach, blissfully unaware that I had left the water and was chatting casually with a group of strangers.

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