tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Willful Exhibitionist Ch. 5

The Willful Exhibitionist Ch. 5


The phone rang early on Friday morning just as Monica and I emerged from the shower and were making our way back to the bedroom. I picked it up and as I expected, Jim’s voice was at the other end. He asked if he could call around to pick Monica and I up at around 10am.

Monica said she would meet us at the beach later and after a short animated discussion I ran back to accept Jim’s offer to pick me up.

I took more time than usual to get ready, carefully packing everything I might need into a small shoulder bag.

Monica and I had breakfast together and she repeatedly asked if I would be all right without her. She had been concerned, especially after my faltering recount last night of my abduction experience. I had gone to sleep, cradled in her arms after an especially intimate lovemaking session where she promised to protect me from any further unsavoury experiences. She even agreed to dress more daringly in future in a brave attempt to make me happy.

She had looked, disapprovingly, as I selected the flimsiest, most translucent dress from my belongings and shimmied into it. She suspected that I intended to seduce Jim before the day was out and sighed, seemingly resigned to the fact that I also found him sexually attractive. As skilful at making love to me as she was, sweet Monica unfortunately lacked the means to fully satisfy my base desires. I’m sure she understood, but it could not have been easy to watch me dressing this way for somebody else. I looked in the mirror, aware that my semi-erect nipples were clearly showing through the thin fabric. What the hell! I was going to be naked all day with Jim anyway and I wasn’t the only one of us that had noticed the attention he had paid to me the day before yesterday.

Monica promised that she would meet us all at the beach by lunchtime and bring some fresh sandwiches for all of us.

“Please be careful sweetheart.” She kissed me and gave me a reassuring hug before I left.

Jim and I took off just after 10am and headed for the coast. I felt oddly awkward and shy at first, with just the two of us in the car. The atmosphere was pregnant with unspoken expectation. On the way he showed me the shopping centre where he worked and Jim tried to make conversation easy as we drove. He pointed out the fitness centre where he worked out, adjacent to a football field and asked about my own hobbies. He seemed genuinely interested in me so I soon loosened up and relaxed into confiding my love of various adventure sports.

I described some of the thrills that I enjoyed during my time at university with Nana. From snow skiing in Aspen to the time that we had gone surfing in California, Nana’s generous allowance had funded some exciting and memorable times together.

“I must be an adrenalin junkie I suppose.” I turned toward him eagerly. “Have you ever tried white water rafting or canoeing for example?” Jim seemed suitably impressed and became more animated.

“No, I’ve always lived by the coast but Annie and I never had the opportunity to try the snowfields or the rapids. Sounds like fun though!” He looked wistfully at me. “Maybe if I come into a bit more money. These things usually cost heaps of dough. How on earth did you manage to afford it?”

I explained that Nana’s father had paid for most of my fun at that time and I assured him that I hadn’t been born with a golden spoon in my mouth either. We were getting on together so well now that by the time we arrived at the beach we were becoming far more comfortable in each other’s company.

I didn’t rush to get out and snuggled up closer to Jim, murmuring about the raw power of the waves crashing against the rocks where I had posed for Monica. There were several groups of young surfers dotted around the beach and I could see the most recently arrived groups making their way to their favourite spots and settling down on the sand, putting up shade for themselves or running toward the water. Jim pointed toward a larger group near the rocks with a stack of surfboards leaning against an open sided tent to provide shelter from the sun. I recognised it as the same multicoloured sun shelter that Annie’s group had brought over to where Monica and I were based, the day before yesterday.

“I see that our group has already set up for the day, Katrina. You’re not in any rush are you?”

I put my head against his muscular shoulder, nestling in closer still.

“I’m quit comfortable here for now.” I cooed at him in my softest and most seductive voice.

We sat silently in the station wagon together, watching the distant activity down on the beach, implicit romance never far from the surface by now. Jim finally drew me toward him and I surrendered to a tender but highly passionate kiss. His hard body excited me as he caressed me from my shoulders down to my buttocks and I responded by running my fingers under his shirt. There was no doubt that he wanted intimacy and I eagerly accepted his passionate advances.

“Let’s go somewhere more private.” His eyes were glistening, expectant and enquiring as he searched my eyes for approval. Our mutual desire to make love was overwhelming and I whispered in his ear.

“You still haven’t shown me where you live. Didn‘t you say that it wasn’t too far away?” I smiled as he started the engine and backed away from our vantage point and headed down the road.

“Just two minutes by car. We passed it on the way here.” Jim was smiling now. “I was nearly going to call in on the way to the beach. I was worried that you might think I was being a bit pushy.”

Silently, I reached for my brush and made sure my hair was back in place as Jim turned into a country lane, over a cattle stop. The farmhouse was visible and looked forlorn and deserted with no other vehicles parked nearby.

I followed Jim inside the house. It was sparsely furnished but tidy and clean in the kitchen and lounge areas. Jim took my hand and as we moved toward his room I found myself looking forward to my first truly consensual sexual union with a man since before my abduction. Even before that it had been a long time since I had been with a male that inflamed my base desires to the point where I ached for the sensation of his manhood throbbing inside me. The bedroom was surprisingly large with surfing posters dotted around the surrounding walls. We both knew why we had come here so it wasn’t long before we were embracing as we stood beside the double bed in his room. Jim had stirred needs in me that had rejected any attempted charade of timid virginal reticence. There were certainly no expectations of long term commitment on my part and I hoped there were none on his. We eagerly undressed each other in anticipation of the delights awaiting us. I assisted him to disrobe me first, and then I quickly fumbled with the fastenings of his shorts, peeling away the last remaining garment from his body. Generously endowed and with a full erection, he was the sort of youthful male lover that I had yearned to meet for so long. Annie had told me that Jim and his most recent girlfriend had broken up because she had expected more out of the relationship than Jim was willing to accommodate. Marriage had been her main goal.

Fulfilment of both our natural urges, unfettered by the prospect of anything more than friendship was the sole purpose of our brief dalliance today.

We fell onto the bed where Jim’s raging member pressed against my engorged vaginal lips. Memories of my last night of bondage had flashed briefly in my memory as he positioned me for entry but this time I could sense an exquisite tenderness that accompanied his ardour. I quickly guided his swollen penis and began to orgasm almost the moment he penetrated my vaginal opening and eased his throbbing penis past my clenched muscles. The comforting sensation of the bulbous head of his thick penis pleasurably stretched my opening. Sensually filled with warm vibrant flesh where only a few hours ago Monica had done her best to satisfy me, I sighed with contentment and pushed into his buttocks with my heels. The bliss continued unabated while he buried himself fully inside me and began move sensuously with me until he suddenly stiffened in my arms and groaned with pleasure. The distinctive rush of warmth confirmed that he had filled me with his sperm. We lay there for a few minutes recovering our breath and murmuring contentedly before we adjourned to the bathroom to shower, clean up the mess we had made of the bedroom and get back to the beach. Although our first passionate session had been all too brief, I had plans to revive his spent erection before we left the farmhouse. There was still time.

The pleasures of mutual oral sex had thus far eluded his repertoire but I sank to my knees in the shower and teased his flagging member back to life. With the sensual stimulation of my warm eager mouth engulfing his shaft it wasn’t too long before he was ready for an encore performance. I put him on a promise before I allowed him to mount me for the second time. He was ready to agree to almost anything at all by the time we had our second, longer lasting lust session. With renewed enthusiasm he proved to be more skilful and inventive than during our earlier, hurried experience. This time we were both drained completely by the time he warmed my internal organs with his ejaculate.

“Now don’t forget your promise my love.”

It was nearly time to meet Monica and I pointed out that if she arrived before we did there might be a few awkward questions to be answered.

We arrived and parked in the same place as before. Thankfully, Monica still hadn’t arrived. The beach was even more crowded than earlier on and I walked with Jim down to where Annie and some of her friends were waiting for us. I had already met Patrick but Wayne was with Karen today and I was introduced to three more of their regular surfing buddies that I hadn’t met before. They all seemed surprised that Jim and I had taken so long to join them but were discrete enough not to ask the reason.

Annie showed me where to put my bag in a secure area of their shaded shelter. I took off my dress, dropping to one knee to fold it neatly into the bag. I trusted that my newly introduced friends would not be too shocked that I was completely naked under the translucent frock. With the strong sunlight behind me I had already attracted my share of attention from all the other people that I had passed along the beach. It must have been perfectly obvious to all of them that I was wearing no underwear and carried no costume. Jim had enjoyed showing me off as we weaved our way through. I turned back toward my latest acquaintances with a smile. They stared briefly at all my piercing jewellery, expressing unspoken interest in both my nipple rings and my clit ring with it’s reddish stone but voiced their complements on my expensive gold waist chain. Annie’s girlfriend Marlene asked if she could touch it. Karen, Marlene and Annie, along with several other young ladies in the nearby area, were already topless and still wet from their last excursion. Marlene had large pendulous breasts with small brown nipples. Her wet top was lying on the sand beside her boyfriend, Allan, next to her. He leered at me while Marlene reached up felt the weight of my waist chain and talked to me. He was at eye level with my growing clit and I was delighted by his close attention to my nudity. He obtained a real eyeful and I noticed his natural reaction with a degree of relish as I spoke to his lady.

Jim had selected two boards, ready for us to take into the water and held the smaller of the two toward me. I accepted the board, smiling at Jim nodding toward the togs that he was still wearing. I waited with folded arms.

“Well!” I mouthed at him, barely audible to the others. I had discussed my expectations of him back at the house before we left. Self consciously, and to Annie and Marlene’s obvious surprise Jim dropped his shorts onto the sand and kicked them over toward his towel before racing off toward the surf.

Karen watched, wide eyed, as Annie casually slipped off her tiny turquoise bikini bottoms before joining Jim and I as we headed toward the water. Annie hadn’t been game to disrobe completely before we arrived, despite Patrick’s urging, but since I turned up her earlier confidence had evidently returned.

Before we were even out past the first breakers both Karen and Wayne joined us. They had stripped off their togs and followed us into the surf. Nudity was evidently not new to Wayne as his body was quite evenly tanned. Even Karen seemed particularly encouraged by his presence today and her carefree body language revealed acceptance of her newly found freedom. She sat upright, astride her board among the other surfers, displaying much less embarrassment at being naked in their presence. By now Jim had relaxed and paddled his board closer toward Wayne and Karen. At this stage, most of the population on the beach was still quite unaware of anything unusual but we had certainly stirred a lot of interest among the other board riders in the near vicinity. As we chatted casually between ourselves several riders manoeuvred themselves closer toward our group. They seemed to be fascinated by our relaxed attitude as much as the lack of clothing adorning our bodies. The five of us just passed the time of day with them, answering when they spoke to us and exchanging meaningless pleasantries while we waited for a decent wave.

Karen saw Monica first. I had been talking with another couple of young guys and wasn’t looking toward the beach at the time.

“Oh look! Here’s Monica now. She’s brought her boyfriend along.” She sounded excited.

I turned quickly, in time to see Monica, with her inimitable short spiky hair-do, placing a large wicker basket amongst our gear. Beside her was a man carrying a tripod and a large camera over his shoulder. At this distance it was impossible to see who it was. It certainly wouldn’t be her boyfriend. That’s for sure! Patrick was introducing them to the others in our group and pointing out toward the area that we were in, beyond the building surf. The man was setting up the tripod in the sand next to our spot on the beach.

“It looks like lunch has arrived.” I smiled triumphantly at the others. “I bet you’re hungry Jim.” I looked into Jim’s startled eyes. He was suddenly more awake to his vulnerable state of dress, aware that he too was going to be recorded for posterity without his customary board shorts firmly in place. Wayne and Karen looked relaxed enough and Annie’s eyes radiated with excitement but Jim didn‘t look as though he was terribly keen at all.

“C’mon Jim, it’s probably Pat’s new camera gear arriving. Let’s give him a few good shots for our new collection.” Annie had noticed Jim’s sudden change of mood and was laughing and doing her best to encourage him. “It’s not like we haven’t seen it all before you know.”

“I don’t know what you’re worried about.” Wayne gave him a knowing look. “You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.” Wayne was smiling as he glanced downward. Although he wasn’t erect, Jim’s penis was noticeably larger than Wayne’s fully shrivelled organ.

By the time the right wave arrived Jim had almost forgotten his fears and wasn’t paying special attention to the large camera, now being focussed from the beach. It was much bigger than a normal camera with a huge lens mounted on it. I grinned and said nothing. I quietly suspected that Monica had brought one of her other partners to the beach and that she intended to combine business with pleasure. Inquisitive bathers had gathered around the rest of our group on the beach, primarily interested in the equipment and guessing about what focus the camera’s attention would be on. There was almost as big a crowd as the other day. Fortunately Jim’s attention was fully occupied on the task of showing off his skills as he rode the wave and from my aroused perspective he looked quite magnificent as he sought to maximise his ride. Annie did her best to match his agile manoeuvres and I was sure that the mystery cameraman would get some tremendous footage on what I now knew to be a commercial video camera as we approached the shore. I hadn’t seen equipment like that before, anywhere in Monica’s studio.

In the shallows all we debated wether to go back out straight away but Jim, flushed with sudden realisation that there was a crowd waiting on the beach and obviously embarrassed, paddled back out into deeper water to cover his nakedness. Wayne and Karen opted to join him but Annie and I stood watching them from the water’s edge, now conscious of the gathering crowd around us. Annie was magnificent. Holding her board loosely at her side she turned toward the crowd and scampered up the sand toward our group, with me following her up at the rear. Her firm pink cheeks quivered as she moved her way through the people standing between her and the rest of our group and they moved aside to let her through. By the time I joined the group she was already sitting on her towel, shaking her hair dry with a wide smile on her face. The cameraman was Arnold and with a welcoming smile he waved at me.

“Christ, Katrina! That was bloody brilliant.” He held out his hand. “Some of the best footage I’ve ever taken.” He thought for a moment as he shook my hand. “Could you go back down to the water, have a quick dip and come back up again? I’ll try to clear the way for you this time.” He turned to Monica and had a few quick words. “Just give us a few minutes will you?”

I sat down next to Annie.

“Want to join me?” I whispered to her. “There might be some money in it for you.” Annie was still breathless and recovering from the walk up the beach. She nodded her approval earnestly.

“Why not! That was more fun than Wednesday afternoon.”

I jumped up and ran over to Arnold where he and Monica were making adjustments to the equipment. After a vigorous three-way discussion with them I returned to Annie and the others.

“All set now! Do you still want to join me?” Annie nodded and stood up, brushing sand off her bottom to ready herself for the next step. Arnold came over to give Annie and I some instructions before we set off toward the surf. Monica had gone ahead of us and, informing the entire remaining crowd about what was happening, asked for their co-operation in making a pathway for us down the beach.

Annie looked vibrant and happy as we casually strolled down to the water, without our surfboards this time, with the camera rolling behind us. We were both keenly aware that the admiring bystanders on either side of us were watching us but we chatted normally to each other on the way. Arnold wanted to capture the stark contrast between the way the rest of the beachgoers around us were dressed in comparison to our own carefree nakedness. There was an electric atmosphere around the beach with astonished reactions evident as people that hadn’t noticed us before became aware of our nudity. Annie and I played around in the water for the camera’s benefit throwing handfuls of water toward one and other and moving further along the beach before returning toward the camera. Upon Arnold’s request we had taken a different path back, trying to appear to be unaware of the camera’s presence this time. Monica stood off to one side, out of range of Arnold’s movie, taking stills with her camera. She looked every inch the consummate photographer with her ruffled linen blouse and her heavy woollen button up skirt on. She stood out among the other beachgoers, stooping to achieve just the right angle for her shots.

Jim must have taken the opportunity to rejoin our group while the attention was diverted elsewhere. He was waiting for us when we returned, a beach towel knotted around his waist, grinning from ear to ear.

“Wayne and Karen are waiting for you guys out there.” He pointed. “Wayne dared Karen to rejoin us when you bring them up.”

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