tagMatureThe Window Cleaner's Bonus

The Window Cleaner's Bonus


This is a follow on from 'The Window Cleaner's Photograph' and although it is a self contained story in its own right, you'll probably get more from it if you've read that one first.


Glen's fortnightly window cleaning round had finally brought him back to the rather exclusive and opulent road where Mrs Clifton lived, and he had been dreading the day when he would have to call there again. The last time he had called she had persuaded him to pose with her for a photograph with them both naked and with her sucking him off. He had to admit to himself that he hadn't taken much persuading, even though Mrs Clifton was about twice his twenty four years, but ever since he had vacillated between regretting it and not.

The reason she gave was that she had discovered a photograph of her husband doing exactly the same thing with another man, and now she wanted him to know how it felt to come across such a picture. That was fair enough, a kind of tit for tat, he had persuaded himself, but he wondered what might await him in consequence. At best he figured an embarrassed Mrs Clifton would cancel his services and at worst an irate husband would be waiting to kick his teeth in. He had never met Mr Clifton, but in the photograph he was clearly no pansy and certainly not someone Glen wanted to meet on a dark night.

But maybe, with a little luck, neither of those things would happen, he wouldn't have been recognised in the photograph and she would prefer to pretend nothing had ever happened, and so things could continue as before. There was only one way he was going to find out.

When he finally got there Glen stood at the gate for several minutes gazing down the length of the gravelled drive, trying to get up the nerve to crunch his way to the Cliftons' large and expensive house and wondering if he should give the place a miss, just this once. But then he sighed to himself, knowing that if he missed the call this time it would only be harder the next time, and he couldn't afford to lose customers.

All the same he found himself instinctively tiptoeing down the drive and putting his ladder against the wall as quietly as he could, as if that was going to make any difference. He was still going to have to knock on the door for payment in the end but he felt he had to limit the contact as much as he could. He worked his way steadily around the building, looking carefully into each room as he got there, half hoping to see nobody and half hoping to see just Mrs Clifton. Just so long as he didn't come across Mr Clifton lying in wait.

In the event he saw no one and he felt a surge of relief that the house was empty, the gods were smiling on him today. He gave the bell a quick ring, just for appearances sake, and began writing out a 'sorry you were out' card just to prove that he had called. With his head down and his back half turned to the door he didn't see it swing quietly open.

'Hello Glen, Come in.'

She held the door back and stood aside for him to enter; wearing the self same grey slacks and crisp white blouse as last time, as if deliberately reminding him. He prayed it wasn't an omen, but allowed himself to be ushered into the same well appointed lounge while she headed for the kitchen.

'Sit down, I'll bring coffee.'

As far as Glen was concerned things were not looking good, for this was exactly the way things had begun before. He obediently sat down and waited, although all he really wanted to do was collect his money and leave before her husband turned up.

'I won't be long.'

'It's all right, Mrs Clifton, you don't need to go to any trouble.'

'It's no trouble, and I need a word with you anyway.' He voice drifted back over the sound of cups clinking. 'And please call me Audrey; I think we know each other well enough to be on first name terms, don't you?' There was a hint of amusement in her tone.

He didn't answer; he just waited, silently listening for any sign of her husband's presence while remembering the last time and wondering what 'word' it was that she needed this time.

Within a couple of minutes she bustled in with two cups of coffee, placing them on the little table in front of him and taking a seat opposite. There was an uncomfortable silence while he watched her considering what she wanted to say, but eventually she looked directly at him.

'I owe you an apology.' She began. 'You must have thought you'd come across a mad woman the last time you cam - or a sex mad woman if nothing else. To be honest I was too angry with my husband to consider your feelings, and that was wrong of me, so please let me say I'm sorry.'

'It's okay; I wouldn't have let it happen if I minded.' He answered with a partial truth.

'Thank you for saying that, but it's not really okay and I do apologise.' She looked at him repentantly before her face abruptly brightened. 'But I also want to thank you, because you helped me bring things to a head that had been brewing for a long, long time.'

He looked at her curiously.

'I want you to know that the photos we took worked. In fact they worked better than I expected. He found them, just as I thought he would, and we had a god-awful row, just as I thought we would, and it ended with him walking out on me, just as I hoped he would. He's now gone to live with his boyfriend, and good riddance.'

'Oh, I'm sorry....'

'No! Don't be. It's the best thing that could have happened.'

His curiosity turned to blank disbelief. She was thanking him for the break-up of her marriage?

'For thirty years I was married to a man who didn't want me, who preferred his own sex and only married me for the sake of appearances. For thirty years I've put up with a sex life that was boring and infrequent, very infrequent in fact, because he tried every way to avoid having to touch me more than he had to. You see, I didn't know Jonathan was gay when I married him, or that he looked on our marriage as a smokescreen for his inclinations.'

Glen watched distaste settle on her face as she said that last word, but then once again her expression cleared and she brightened.

'But now I'm rid of him. I'm free now to catch up with the thirty years of sex that I've missed out on, and I do intend to catch up. There is so much that I've never tried. I'm going to do anything and everything. I'm going to find myself an adventurous lover and do anything he wants me to, and if he wants me to be kinky, then I'll be kinky. And you know why? Because now I can.'

She lifted her eyes to look at him.

'There's so much I've gone without, just because he let me think that he wasn't interested in sex, and he was lying all the time. Do you know that I've never even had Jonathan go down on me? I've wanted it all my life but he would never ever do it to me, even though I've asked him to outright more than once. I've done it to him often enough, so you'd think he would, wouldn't you, and of course I've done it to you that once. But it's all able to change now, and that's thanks to you.'

'Hey, I was just the grateful recipient.' Glen laughed, and his cock twitched in recollection. He was feeling much more relaxed now that the likelihood of marital repercussions had receded, but also feeling just a little bit embarrassed at her apparent gratitude. 'You're the one who did the work.'

'Yes. But who else was I going to ask? Not one of our snobbish friends, that's for sure. They'd just brag about it at the golf club. No, it's because you said yes to my request, even though it must have seemed ridiculous, that I've now got the possibility of a fresh start and a sex life at long last, so whichever way you look at it, it's down to you.'

She squared her shoulders and her face took on a more serious expression.

'You remember I promised you a Christmas bonus, don't you?' She waited until he nodded, furrows of curiosity on his brow. 'And we both know what I meant, don't we?' Again he nodded. 'Well, I'd like to give you your bonus early, if you want?'

He looked at her blankly, too surprised to answer while thoughts raced and tumbled through his brain. He'd firmly expected her to be withdrawing her promise not bringing it forward. Yes, of course he'd love her to suck him off again, as long as there were no problems attached. The last time, the first time, had been fantastic for all she was so much older. He remembered that even though it had been done just to get a photograph and she could have stopped the moment the picture had been taken, she had kept going and let him come in her mouth. His cock jerked and lengthened in his jeans, but his brain was telling him to be careful. Why would a woman like her want to blow a man like him? What would she get out of it?

'You don't have to, of course.' She sounded disappointed at his hesitation. 'I guess I must seem ancient to you, and it can't be the most attractive of prospects. But in all honesty I enjoyed doing it last time and I thought you did too.'

'I did.' He managed to say at last, his rising erection becoming uncomfortable.

'But you don't fancy a repeat?' She shrugged, not noticing his discomfort. 'Perhaps I shouldn't blame you. I don't suppose I'd want to do it with someone my age either if I were you.'

It wasn't age that was putting him off, being blown by an older woman had a certain cachet about it, and it had to be said that she was far from aged and ugly. No, it was simply the fact that a rich socialite was offering to go down on her window cleaner, and without any apparent benefit to herself. His background and instincts made him wary of such gifts.

'It's not that.' He struggled for the words. 'It's just.... Well, it can't be just to say thank you, so why?'

She looked thoughtful, as if the 'why' had not occurred to her.

'Because you're a good looking young man, and what woman doesn't fancy a handsome younger man. Because I enjoyed doing it. Because you enjoyed doing it. Because... You'll have to forgive me if I sound a bit crude here, but because it was good to touch a cock that was rock hard and eager instead of sort of soft and reluctant. But I guess most of all because I want to.'

She fell silent and he was just about to reply when she suddenly spoke again.

'And, if I'm to be honest, it's also to prove to myself that I'm a normal sexy woman and that I can turn a man on, and therefore Jonathan being queer wasn't my fault.'

He was pleasantly surprised by her honesty. She hadn't needed to make that admission at all. He found her all the more interesting for confessing to being so human, and the idea of her mouth wrapped around his cock was becoming more and more tempting.

'I don't know why you're so unsure.' He told her, picturing the body he knew lay beneath her clothing. 'You're a very sexy woman, Mrs Clifton. You do turn me on.'

That much was only too true, the pressure inside his jeans was reaching the point of discomfort and he fidgeted slightly to find his cock a more comfortable position. Her eyes flicked to the front of his jeans and she giggled girlishly.

'And I'd love a repeat, as you call it.' He told her, and then added impulsively 'Would you want me to do it to you as well?'

He wasn't sure which of them was more surprised at his unthinking offer. Her hands flew up to cover her mouth and she stared at him uncomprehendingly.

'Really?' She asked finally. 'You do mean that don't you?'

He nodded and smiled, feeling a surge of pleasure when he realised just how much he meant it. 'Yes. I do mean it. I'd love to.'

'So would I, I've waited all my life for it.' She told him. 'But there is a condition.'


'Please, please, please call me Audrey. We can't carry on being so formal.'

His upbringing baulked at calling such a sophisticated lady by her first name, even in such circumstances, but he could see it would be ridiculous not to.

'I'll try.' He told her. 'But I'll probably forget.'

She smiled. 'So long as you don't call me 'honey' I don't really care.'

He chuckled to himself, thinking that he wouldn't call her that even though she was one. His thoughts about her had turned full circle, going from an older and untouchable sophisticate to a sexy and desirable woman within an hour, and he was having a job dealing with the turnaround.

'Can we go upstairs?' She asked quietly, almost nervously, bringing him back to astonishing reality. He didn't answer; he just stood up, kicked off his shoes as he knew she would want him to and waited for her to lead the way, wondering at the same time how come this was happening.

The bedroom was as he remembered it, deep soft pile cream coloured carpet and mirrored closets, sheer unashamed luxury. His mind went straight back to the last time he was here and her soft mouth closing around him, he shuddered and groaned with excitement at the memory and began to unbutton his shirt.

She hadn't paused to say anything more and now she immediately began to remove her clothing, pulling urgently at her blouse buttons and pushing her slacks and panties down together. Glen smiled to himself at her hurry, especially when she then collected her discarded clothing and, now completely nude, folded them neatly and placed them on a bedside chair. He simply kicked his jeans and boxers off, pulled his shirt over his head and pushed them all to one side until needed. The differences between them were not just those of age.

Now ready, she turned to face him, closing her eyes momentarily and drawing a quick appreciative breath at the sight of his erection before walking towards him, her arms out ready to go around him. Glen raised his own arms, but instead of encircling her he placed them on her shoulders as soon as she came within range and held her there at arms length while his eyes travelled up and down her naked body.

He could see that she must have been stunningly beautiful in her youth, for she was still very attractive, the ravages of age held at bay by genes and lifestyle. It was true that her breasts would no longer pass the pencil test, but they were still full and perky, tipped with quite large dark brown nipples. He let his eyes wander down, taking in the flawless skin of her belly and the blonde fuzz of her pubes. Even her legs were firm and athletic with none of the slackness and scribbled veins that come with years. He began to wonder why he had been so reluctant to let himself fancy her, unless it was simple cowardice.

Gripping her shoulders he silently turned her around to face a mirror, moving in close behind her so that the tip of his erection pressed against the small of her back and his hands came around to cup her breasts. She sighed with pleasure and he felt her relax back against him, and then her hands came back to hold his hips and pull him closer, his shaft now pressed into the top of her cleft. He looked over her shoulder, catching her eye in the mirror. They smiled at each other and she wriggled a little against him.

'Not bad for a fifty-three year old, eh?' She asked.

My god, he thought, even older than I thought. That means she's twenty-nine years older then me. But she was right, her looks and figure would not have shamed a woman in her thirties.

'Audrey, you're not bad for any age.' He told her truthfully.

She looked back at him and smiled.

'I don't know what it is.' She said. 'But I like you looking at me. It makes me feel like a proper woman.'

He squeezed her breasts, gripping her nipples tightly between his fingers, and lightly kissed the nape of her neck making her shiver.

'You are a proper woman, and I like to look.'

'You can do more than look.' She answered softly. 'You can have me.'

'Were you telling me the truth when you said nobody has ever done oral sex with you?' The full implication of what she had just said had missed him completely.

'Never! He just refused point bank.' She meant her husband. 'I know why now, of course. I've got the wrong sort of anatomy. He'd have done it if I'd got a penis.'

'Then it's time we fixed that, don't you think?'

'You mean that?' Her voice was full of suppressed excitement.

'Yes.' He whispered in her ear. He did mean it, he suddenly wanted to very much. 'I'll go down on you first and then you can suck me off afterwards, yes?' He didn't fancy a sixty-nine, not this time.

'Yes, please Glen.'

He turned her around to face him, manoeuvring her backwards until the back of her knees found the side of the bed, and then he pushed her gently letting her fall back across the bed. For a second or so he gazed down at her, then he took hold of her ankles and spun her so that her head was near the headboard and her feet at the bottom. Then, moving round to the bottom of the bed, he pushed her legs apart, still holding her ankles to keep her wide open, letting him look down at her pussy.

She made no attempt to stop him. She simply lay there submissively, smiling with happiness as he stared at her most private parts, her hands spread out of the way on the bed beside her. He had to admit that she looked quite beautiful, her blonde hair spread across the white pillows, dark nipples emphasizing the white of her skin and the fair hair of her pubes outlining the slippery pink of her open pussy.

For a brief moment they looked at each other, he gazing at her body and she proudly watching him looking at her, before he let go of her ankles and reached over for a pillow from beside her. She instinctively knew exactly what he intended, and raised her bottom for him to push it under her, resting back with her legs still wide apart and her pussy raised from the bed. His eyes closed fleetingly and he gave a tiny groan of approval at the sight in front of him, his cock twitching slightly with arousal.

He knelt at the foot of the bed, pushing her legs back and leaning forward between them until his face was only inches from her pussy. She hooked her hands behind her knees, freeing his hands and helping him by pulling at her own legs, rolling herself backwards and spreading herself wider.

Again he paused briefly to look at her wide open pussy and then, using his thumbs, he opened her labia, fascinated by the size of the clitoris that peeped out from under its hood. About twice the average, it was big enough to evoke interest without being so large as to seem bizarre, and it was just waiting for his tongue. He stared at it curiously for a moment or two and then his eyes travelled on, along her slit until he was staring at her shiny wet entrance and looking into the depths of her wide open vagina. He could smell her arousal, the beautifully musky scent of a woman in need. A little growl of passion escaped his lips and he slowly lowered his mouth to her pussy.

He let the tip of his tongue move very slowly and very softly along her slit, skating along her folds from her perineum all the way up to her clit, hearing a long slow sigh of bliss as he did so. Twice more he did the same, the third time a little firmer so that his tongue tip actually pressed onto her pussy flesh.

'Oh Glen.' Audrey breathed quietly. 'You have no idea how many years I've waited for this.'

He smiled into her slit and repeated his action, wiggling his tongue gently as it travelled between her labia and then flicking her clit with its tip at the end of each stroke, feeling her jolt and gasp each time. Soon her whole body was juddering under his tongue and her gasps were becoming hoarse and urgent. He glanced up to see her head tipped back and her mouth open, and realised to his surprise that she was already going over the edge. Looking back he nipped her clitoris between lip-covered teeth and tugged at it sharply. That was enough. She gave a little whimpering cry and her entire body went ramrod stiff for a second before she began to jerk and shudder in an all consuming climax. Glen was determined to see her first oral orgasm through and to make it a good one for her, but so strong were her reactions that he found he had to hook his hands around her hips to keep her clit clamped between his teeth.

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