The Window Cleaner's Bonus


Eventually her climax died away and he released her, looking up from between legs that slumped to the bed beside his face, sprawled apart as she laboured to get her breath back. Finally she raised her head from the pillow to look down her body at him, eyes shining with emotion.

'That was wonderful, thank you.'

The words came in gasps as she tried to breathe between them, her chest heaving, making her nipples rise and fall into his view of her face. He didn't speak; he just winked up at her and gave her clit a tiny lick with the end of his tongue.

'Oh!' She jumped and gasped at the touch on her orgasm sensitised clit.

He did it again, flicking his tongue across her clit a little firmer. Her legs instinctively parted a bit more, but she shook her head, still breathing hard from her orgasm.

'For god's sake Glen, let me get my breath back.'

She spoke as if complaining, but the smile on her lips and the twinkle in her eye said otherwise. He smiled and extended the tip of his tongue, threatening to do it again and teasing her, waiting until she relaxed before suddenly repeating the action.

'Oh, that's just too nice. I'm not used to it.'

This time he placed the flat of his tongue over her slit and licked her slowly from bottom to top, ending with the same little flick on her clit. She gasped but made no complaint and he did it again, this time being rewarded with a moan of pleasure. Taking his cue he pushed at the inside of her thighs, opening them wider once more so that he could place his mouth fully over her pussy and push his tongue as deeply as possible into her hole. His tongue probed her passage, flicking around just inside the entrance, exploring her and tasting her. She tasted surprisingly nice and fresh, a pleasant feminine taste that flowed over his tongue from her juices and filled his mouth. For some reason he had expected an older woman to taste different, but perhaps, like wine, they tasted better with age. Audrey definitely did.

He pulled back a little and then pushed back on her legs so that he could flatten his mouth on her pussy and lick her with broad firm strokes of his tongue, passing from beneath her hole right up to her clit. She drew a sharp breath and then, as if surrendering to his intentions, hooked her hands behind her knees once more and pulled them further out and back. With his hands now free Glen slipped two fingers inside her, pushing them in as far as he could and twisting them back and forth, enjoying the gasp their action brought from her lips. Now he could concentrate on her clit, her most sensitive and responsive part, and most importantly, long enough to draw the tip into his mouth and lick, and with it sucked into his mouth, he lapped at it with his tongue and nipped it gently with his teeth, while all the time his two fingers probed and explored her vagina, plunging in and out, twisting and turning, her body jolting in response.

'Fuck, that's good.'

It wasn't the sort of exclamation Glen had expected from the sophisticated Audrey, and caught him by surprise. He wasn't sure if it had been an unthinking expletive or a deliberate attempt to shock, but he didn't care. Whichever it was, it showed he was doing something right and he redoubled his efforts, licking her clit and fingering her ever harder and faster.

'Oh Glen.'

That was more like it. This time the words were gasped out as her body began to go out of control, her pelvis jerking as if in spasm.

'Oh Glen, I'm going to come again, I really am.'

There was a note of delighted surprise as she spoke through gritted teeth, her muscles tightening. Responding to her approaching climax Glen repeated his earlier action and gripped the end of her clit, sucking hard and tugging at it, wanting to fuel a second equally intense orgasm.

She cried out and jerked away as her climax hit her, pulling her clit from his mouth and almost dislodging his pistoning fingers, the cry tailing off into a disappointed wail as he tried frantically to find her moving clit with his lips. Eventually his mouth found her and he clamped lip-guarded teeth hard over the end of her clit, hanging on desperately as her body jerked and shuddered in front of him. He was sure that if it hadn't been for the twin fingers he had embedded inside her, she would have jolted out of his grip once more, but he managed to carry on licking and lapping at her clit until her orgasm eventually started to subside and she sagged back, spent, on the bed, her chest heaving and limbs shaking. Once again her legs slumped down around his ears finally making him lose contact with her clit.

But that didn't matter now, her orgasm was over and judging by her trembling muscles and the rhythmic clenching of her vagina over his motionless fingers it had been a powerful one. He smiled happily as he pulled his wet face away from her pussy and looked up her body, seeing her lying totally limp with her eyes closed and mouth drooping partly open. She would, he felt proudly, remember her first oral sex and the man who had done it for her. She opened her eyes slowly and smiled languidly at him, her lips pursing and exhaling an almost silent 'phew' of contentment.

He leaned back on his haunches, suddenly realising that his knees hurt and that back muscles were stiff, and, more importantly, that his cock was aching with need. Now he needed the blow job she had promised him more than ever.

As he waited for them both to recover his eyes wandered over the naked body sprawled limply on the bed before him, straying first up to the rounded peaks of her breasts, her surprisingly dark brown nipples rising and falling less rapidly as she got her breathing back under control. She was beautiful, he admitted to himself as he took in the slightly rounded stomach, made flat by her position, and that dark honey blonde fuzz of pubic hair, darkened and matted now by her own juices. Then his eyes fastened on her pussy, now gaping open even though her legs were no longer spread wide, shiny wet and bright red from her arousal, and his cock twitched a reminder.

Suddenly he no longer wanted a blow job, he wanted more than that. He was surprised at his realisation, but it was true, he needed to sink his cock where his fingers had been and her age no longer mattered. Yes, he was still conscious of it, in a minor, unimportant sort of way, but she was an attractive and sexy woman and he wanted her. It wasn't so much the years, he understood now, but her wealth and sophistication that had put him off. But naked, she was simply a beautiful and desirable woman, nothing more, nothing less.

On the bed Audrey stirred, raising herself onto her elbows and looking down at him, seeing him gazing at her but not bothering to close her legs.

'Is it always as good as that?' She asked suddenly.

'If it's done right.' He told her, feeling proud of himself.

'Then you must be very good.' She told him, adding to his pleasure. 'I wish I could have done it before.'

They looked at each other in companionable silence until Audrey's breathing had finally settled down.

'Do you want me?' She asked abruptly.

He was so surprised by the question that he could only nod mutely in reply.

'I'm glad, because I want you to have me.' She was trembling slightly with excitement as she spoke.

He felt adrenalin surge through him at her words, hearing her consent and wanting desperately to be inside her.

He leaned forward again, his stiffened knees protesting, and clambered slowly along the bed between hers, all the time gazing at the pussy he was about to enter, enthralled by her welcoming entrance and that exquisite clitoris, still standing proudly free of its hood.

He knelt there for a moment looking at her and then leaned forwards until he was on his hands and knees above her looking down into smiling blue eyes. Her hands came up and wrapped themselves around his shoulders, pulling at him until his own arms gave way and he collapsed on top of her, his cock pressed between the two of them and his lips instinctively finding hers. He arms tightened around him and they kissed passionately, their tongues finding and fencing with each other until she broke away with a grin. He hadn't intended to kiss her, but he'd changed his mind about so many things.

'I can taste myself on you.' She giggled.

'How do you know what you taste like?' He teased with a smile.

'If you have a less than exciting sex life, you find various ways to amuse yourself.' She told him cryptically.

He didn't pursue the thoughts her answer had raised, instead he lifted himself and reached down between them, grasping his shaft and guiding his cock towards her pussy, hearing her intake of breath as he found her wetness and eased himself inside. He settled himself, shuffling forward a little and feeling her legs close over his back and her arms wrap themselves even tighter around his shoulders in readiness.

He pressed himself deep into her and felt her welcome him, her throbbing muscles closing around his shaft and her body moulding itself to fit against him. She didn't just lie there, and neither did she try and take over. Instead she just moved with him, letting him set the pace and just pushing gently back against his movements. Resting on his elbows with his forearms pushed under her shoulders he could hold her face between his hands and look deep into her lovely blue eyes as they made love, seeing them hold his gaze, full of arousal and pleasure until he leaned down and kissed her, moving rhythmically into her at the same time. Her mouth had already been partially open, her rapid breathing soft against his cheek, and now she remained that way, admitting his tongue into her mouth as she had let his cock enter her vagina. He kissed her deeply and passionately as they made love, and she returned his passion, her tongue tussling his to enter between his lips. It seemed to last forever, but in reality it was all too soon when he felt his climax begin to gather in the base of his cock.

They nearly came together, but Audrey beat him by a couple of seconds. She had been giving little gasping 'oh's' every time he thrust into her, but soon they got deeper and louder and turned into groans. Her nails suddenly bit hard into his back and her pelvis began to judder beneath him, jerking in time to his thrusts, rising to meet him until their bodies slammed hard together each time. She cried out and shuddered under the force of her orgasm, and her muscles clenched tight around his cock, propelling him into his own climax. He felt his balls tighten and then that wonderful hot and tight, almost painful sensation exploded out from the base of his cock to envelope his body as his cum raced along his shaft to burst into Audrey's pussy. He drew back and slammed himself at her, plunging brutally deep into her to send another spurt into her body, vaguely hearing her cry out her pleasure. It seemed as though he would never stop coming, impelled by nervous reflex to keep thrusting himself into her, and each time producing another spurt of his cream.

When he was eventually spent and finished they both sprawled limply, panting and gasping, each feeling the other's heart racing and pounding against their own heaving chests and each trembling and shaking from the effects of their climaxes. For what seemed like ages they just lay there, feeling sweat slippery skin against their own and listening to each others breathless panting while they tried to get themselves together, unable for the moment to either speak or move, nor to tell each other how good it had been.

'My god.' She said eventually, between gasps. 'I've never been fucked like that before.' This time the 'f' word seemed wholly appropriate.

He rolled to the side and raised himself on one elbow, smiling his delight before suddenly bursting out with laughter.

'What's wrong' she asked anxiously, unable to understand.

'You were going to suck me off, but now I've got nothing left.'

'There's always next time.' She assured him, not quite realising what she had just said.

Suddenly they both went quiet and their faces took on a serious look.

'If you'd like there to be a next time?' Her eyes searched his, looking for assent.

'I'd like there to be more than one next time.' He told her, reaching out and resting a hand on her arm. 'But I don't want to lead you on.'

'I know. You don't want an old girl like me to get any ideas of it becoming serious, is that it.' She gave him a tight little smile.

'Pretty much.' He admitted, his eyes looking down at the bed.

'That's good, because I wouldn't want it to. I've missed out on so much that I want to catch up with.'

He looked up again hopefully. She paused for a moment and then rolled onto her side to look directly at him.

'I'd like it if we could become... what's the phrase... friends with benefits? You know, just to meet up and go to bed together like today, but with no strings. What do you say?'

'That sounds good to me.'

'I promise you that I'll never say no to you. You can have me anytime and any way that you want. I mean it. Even if you knock on my door in the middle of the night and want to do strange things to me, the answer will always be yes.'

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