The WINE Party


“I believe Laura needs some attention and, well, can’t do much about it herself,” Kim said. “Let’s see if you can make her cum.”

Pam and Jill needed no further instructions. They climbed on the bed quickly and took positions on opposite sides of the bound, prone victim. They each took a breast in their hand and seemed on the verge of consuming Laura’s chest. The sensation she felt of two women sucking her nipples simultaneously had never been matched by the best of her other lovers.

Her blonde hair fell wildly on the pillow as her head swung back and forth in pleasure. Laura felt a hand pass over her pussy, then back up again until the fingers were playing with her engorged clit. Soon, another hand was clutching at her cunt and fingers were being inserted into her.

Before long, the variety of feelings was overwhelming and they all seemed to blend into one magnificent awareness. It didn’t take long for an orgasm to build beyond control. Laura struggled against the belt, pulling until the headboard rattled. She cried out as the orgasm started. Pam and Jill increased their efforts, trying the stay in touch with the bucking body under them. Two hands fought for room between Laura’s legs, covering the entire length of her pussy. One continued to fuck her with fingers while the other massaged her clit.

Pam bit Laura’s nipple and Laura let out a shriek of approval. She was almost done with her first orgasm when she felt an object entering her cunt. Jill had grabbed a silver dildo and was inserting it hard and deep. Quick strokes increased in number until a second orgasm, or perhaps a continuation of the first, overcame Laura.

This time Pam was kissing her and the sound of Laura’s scream was muffled. Their tongues met wildly in their mouths as she climaxed. Laura wanted to pull the woman’s head closer, but Pam made that unnecessary. They clamped their lips together and bit softly through the rapture Laura was enduring.

Eventually, her body went limp.

Judy’s eyes and fists were closed. She felt Traci’s tongue, then lips, wrap around her clit. She was going to cum—harder than ever before. Yet, she didn’t want to. She wanted to enjoy what Traci was doing for the rest of the day.

It was too late. Her body shook as the orgasm spread from deep inside her. She thought she heard her own voice telling Traci she was cumming, and not to stop. Judy felt hands on her ass lifting her off the chair. Then the trembling of her body made all other thought impossible.

She pushed her body into Traci’s mouth and tried to fuck the tongue lapping at her pussy. She felt Traci’s mouth move from her clit to her cunt and back again. Her breasts shook wildly and beads of perspiration formed on her brow.

Minutes, hours seemed to pass before the orgasm subsided. Nonetheless, Traci continued her assault on the woman’s body. She slid up and put a breast in her mouth, causing Judy’s already sensitive nipple to nearly explode with delight. Then Traci was on top of Judy, kissing her passionately, their arms around each other’s neck. Their bodies grinded together in an attempt to squeeze the last of the orgasm out of Judy.

Traci kissed Judy’s face, tasting the salty remnants of sweat. She pushed the woman’s hair away and looked into her beautiful eyes.

“We really should check in on the others,” Traci said.

“Please tell me they are in the bedroom,” Judy responded.

Traci laughed. “If they aren’t, we’ll invite them.”

She rolled off and stood next to the chair. She extended a hand and helped her new friend to her feet. With arms around each other, they walked into the house.

The party was about to begin.

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