The Winifred Chronicles Ch. 03


"Oh, I'm not a virgin. I broke myself with my fingers and then, oh this is so embarrassing, with a pop bottle. But nothing this thick."

"Really? This will feel a lot better." I kept a steady pressure, inching deeper into her pussy.

"Oh God, oh God, you're stretching me. This isn't making me lucky. You're having sex with me, aren't you?"

"No, of course not." I was tempted to explain that although I barely penetrated, sex was normally deeper and with movement.

Lore kept shooting photos, one's that I would cherish. "He's just rubbing off his luck."

"The hell he is! He's going deeper into my vagina."

She was exactly right. I pushed forward with intention.

As I neared full depth, Justine began bouncing on the balls of her feet. Her cunt clenched and relaxed, spasming around my prick. "Oooh, God. Ooooh God. I'm, oh, something is happening. It's, oh, oh-" She screamed with delight at an orgasm. "Yes! Yes! Oh yes!"

I heard the creak of floorboards, followed by feet on stairs. Justine's hollering had captured the attention of either my wife or Winifred or both.

"Lore, keep any visitors out." I reluctantly pulled out of Justine's pussy and turned her around. She tried to talk, but I clamped my mouth over hers.

I heard Winifred's voice through a slim crack in the door, Lore putting all of her weight against it so a casual push from the other side would fail. "Mrs. Marcus sent me down to see if everything is all right."

"We're all fine," said Lore.

Justine opened her mouth to speak, so I used the opportunity to demonstrate Frenching. A smart young woman, she got the idea right away, and soon we were swapping saliva, the excess dripping from our mouths.

"We heard a scream." Winifred was not giving up.

"That was Justine, excited to earn a photography badge," said Lore.

"Really? Can I see the pictures?" asked Winifred.

"Not right now. She got a bit over excited. Mr. Marcus is applying, uh, therapy."

"Perfect! I have medical training. Can I help?"

Lore's creativity had backfired.

"Not necessary. Mr. Marcus has things under control. But thanks for checking."

Justine's hand found my cock, which hadn't gone down. Her tugging my penis against her vagina didn't hurt.

I listened as Winifred retreated to the main floor and reported to Harriett.

"All's clear," said Lore, remaining at the door a bit longer.

"Thank goodness Winifred didn't catch us in the act. She would have been very embarrassed."

"And jealous!" added Lore.

I'd never had a lustful thought about Winifred. Why did Lore make that suggestion?

Justine's body and mine were in close proximity. "Oh thank you so much. I feel so lucky."

"And you earned a badge to boot." Lore came back toward us.

"But you're still hard," said Justine.

The fact that my cock was in her grasp didn't hurt. "Yeah, I didn't finish."

"You made me feel so good. Is there something I can do for you?" She fingered me like playing a flute.

I glanced down at her taut shirt. "Well, actually, I'd love a tit fuck."

She pulled her hand away, leaving my cock bouncing. "A what?"

"I'd slide my penis between your breasts."

Justine backed away, her panties on the floor. "Oh no-"

"It wouldn't hurt, and you can keep the shirt on."

"I can?" I was jealous of her hands, filled with tits.

"Yeah. Just lay down and push them together and I'll just slide in between."

She assumed the position. I didn't remind her that she was naked from the waist down. "Like this?"

"Perfect. Now smoosh them together."

I slid my cock into the narrow valley just past the shirttails on her rib cage. "Good. Keep them tight." The shirt material bunched up on either side of the lone button. The pressure of Justine's hands on her tits caused the slack. "Rub them a little."

Justine's hands moved in small circles. The button tipped and slid to one edge of the hole. My cock was getting ready to spurt. "Like this?"

"Oh yes, just like that. Where do you want it?"

"Want what?"

"My semen. My cum."

"Oh, gee, I don't know."

"Is there a dietary badge?" Lore stood over us, camera off the tripod.

Yeah, but I didn't earn it. I have no self-control when it comes to food.

I didn't have much control left.

Then you should suck Mr. Marcus's penis when he's ready to cum. Sperm is pure protein. No fat. No cholesterol.


It's true.

So when I'm ready, I'll move close to your mouth. Just open, suck and swallow.

Are you sure this is okay?

It'll be perfect.

I put my hands on Justine's making sure she didn't feel my fingers on her. Harder. Push harder.

The button slid to the very lip of the hole. With one sideway gesture and a slight tilt, the button was released. Justine's hands kept the material in place. The fact that I would soon be viewing Justine's tits was just the motivation I needed. Now. Open your mouth now.

Justine put her hands back to support herself. The shirt billowed open and there they were, big and bouncy with hard nipples.

I knew I should have put my cock to Justine's open lips, to let her suck my cock and earn a dietary badge. But her breasts were a siren's song. I slid down and pressed my lips to a large areola and a small nubbin. I sucked and tongued, caressing the side of the fleshy mass. Justine squirmed. "No, not my breasts. They're awful."

I lifted my head. "They're gorgeous. I can't get enough." My mouth moved over to the other tit. Meanwhile, my cock was thrashing around between Justine's thighs.

She slipped one hand down to her pussy. "Oh God! My itch. It's back."

Maybe she was justifying putting my cock against her pussy, aiming at her opening. I'd been there once already, and was anxious to make a return visit.

"Go ahead, put it in," coached Lore.

Justine took a firm grasp of my cock, aimed it and tilted her hips. That's all it took. My cock slid past her labia, about half way in.

"Oh God. Can you make the itch go away?"

'Yes, just hang on." I pumped in and out, drilling deeper with each probe.

Justine's hands massaged her own breasts, and then held them up for me. "Suck them. Make me feel good."

I did as asked, nibbling her nipples, kissing them, running my tongue over the surface, as I pounded my cock into her pussy. I wondered if there was a family planning badge, because I was going to give Justine a load of baby makers.

She lifted her legs and tried to wrap them around me but they were too thick.

When a shadow fell on Justine's face, I looked up. Lore stood above us, massaging her tits, licking her lips, snapping her head between our display of sexuality and the staircase. She was obviously conflicted, between joining us on the carpeted stage and barricading the door.

Justine's heavy breathing became moans. I knew what was next: shouts of passion. Reluctantly I stopped suckling and put my mouth on hers. Every time I plunged into her, I exhaled into her mouth. And every time I pulled back, she did the same. Breathing each other's air made my head spin. Soon we were pounding and puffing, slamming our groins together, slowly losing oxygen.

Maybe accidentally or on purpose, Justine's tongue reached out to mine. I reciprocated, teasing her with random touches. That must have pushed her over the edge. I felt her cunt collapse onto my cock, pulsing and rippling. I knew I was moments away from blasting her insides with sperm, but I'd promised her mouth the pleasure. I pulled out, scooted up and put my cock to her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked like she was devouring a Popsicle. With gentle movement of cock against tongue, I fucked her face. I fondled my balls and arched my back. I stifled my own scream of pleasure or Winifred would be down, seeing something that was none of her business. I thrust my hips forward and blasted into her mouth.

Justine wiped errant bits of cum from around her lips. "Wow!"

"That was soooo hot!" Lore slipped the sheet of awards and badges from Justine's folded skirt. "Let's see what badges you've earned."

Meanwhile, I helped Justine stand up. She put her arms on my shoulders, her breasts flattened against my chest. "Thank you so much. I needed that lesson. The girls were so right."

What girls? Annie's friends who'd been Scouts? "You're very welcome." I kissed her lightly and just once. Otherwise, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to restrain myself from pushing her onto the floor for another go. As it was, my cock was pulsing.

Justine wobbled over to her clothes and pulled her panties on. I retrieved my jockeys and pants, but stumbled as I kept both eyes trained on her tits. God, they deserved attention.

Lore sidled up to Justine. "Looks like you earned that photography badge." Lore smiled. "Although you can't share the pics you've taken. But we'll vouch for you." Lore's arm slipped around Justine, their bodies touching. My cock jerked higher at the thought of a girl-on-girl display.

"Thanks. You were a big help, you know, getting us connected."

"Maybe I could help you earn a few more badges." Lore turned to face Justine, tits against tits. "Like electronics. Isn't there a computer or technology badge?"

"There is! Oh, I'd love that. I'd be so appreciative."

Lore kissed Justine on the cheek, gently, sweetly. "And I know just how you could repay me."

I snagged the badge list. Maybe Lore would get friskier if she wasn't distracted. "Let me read off some of these. Shooting Star?"

"That's for astronomy," said Justine.

"But Mr. Marcus was a sexual star, and he shot off in your mouth, didn't he?" Lore's modest chest was no match for Justine's whoppers. "What else?" Lore stroked Justine's cheek.

"Research and Development?" I asked. "You did some research this evening - sexual research - and it developed into quite an experience." Lore kissed Justine. Justine jerked her head back until Lore caressed her cheek and jaw. "And there are more experiences ahead of you. I'll coach you." "Will that give her a Truth Seeker badge?" I tried to support Lore's seduction of Justine. "Absolutely! You need to learn the truth of your sexuality." Lore kissed Justine harder, and Justine participated actively. "And that'll lead to a Women's Health badge," I suggested. The two women weren't to be distracted. If they'd been in a better location with better lighting, I would have snapped some shots of their mutual affection. As it was, I had a hard disk array filled with father and daughter videos, plenty of titillating material. I read down the list of badges. "What is this one, the Science of Happiness?"

Justine blushed. "Nothing."

"It's got to be something. Come on, tell me," coaxed Lore.

"It's a program to increase one's personal happiness."

"So, are you working on it?" asked Lore. "What are you doing?"

"If you must know, our leader said we needed to seek out what made us happy. And I figured it out."

Justine left both of us hanging.

"And what is it?" Lore cooed. "Touching myself," she whispered. "But I knew there was more. And I thought, maybe if I came here to see Mr. Marcus and learn photography, there'd be an opportunity to do more than just touching myself." "Then you've earned that badge as well, thanks to Mr. Marcus." Lore's hands caressed Justine's back, then her sides, and ended up palpating Justine's tits flesh. Justine returned the favor, squeezing Lore's breasts. I was jealous: all of that touching and me a bystander. My cock was ready for action, if either of them was willing. Lore dropped her hands. Justine's nipples were bright red. "Come on, let's get dressed. Do you have a car?"

My anticipation popped like an overinflated balloon.

"No, Mom dropped me off." Justine slid her skirt up and zipped it. Her breasts hung as she leaned over.

"Terrific. I'll take us for sodas." Lore slipped into her shirt and skirt, but left her lucky dice panties on the floor. Was it a souvenir? "Do you like whipped cream? And a cherry on top?"

Lore was slowly seducing Justine. I would have bet anything that before the night was over, the two of them would be frolicking in bed together. Too bad I wasn't invited to document the revelry in pictures. Lore helped Justine into her bra and then into her blouse. Justine let the vest dangle from her fingertips.

Lore came close while Justine finished getting dressed. "I hope you don't mind, that I'm taking her away."

"No problem." I pointed to the ceiling, indicating the two women upstairs who were constant threats to our sexual frolicking.

"I don't know what's come over me, but from the moment she came downstairs, I've been leaking," whispered Lore. "Is something wrong with me?"

"Nope. You just appreciate beauty." I kissed her, soft and casual.

"Thanks, Mr. Marcus. I'll let you know how it turns out. Oh yeah, and my interview too."

I pulled on my jockeys and pants. "I'd appreciate that."

Justine came over, all dressed and proper. "I don't know what to say. Thank you, I guess."

"It was my pleasure." Justine got another vigorous kiss, which she leaned into. It wouldn't have taken much for me to wrinkle her shirt, massage those tits and have her on her back for a second helping. But I decided to leave some for Lore. She deserved it. After all, she hadn't charged me for getting the disk array operational. Our lips separated. "Maybe we'll see each other again some time."

"There's always the cookie drive. I'll save you a box."

I wasn't sure she understood the double meaning of her offer. But if she came back either with baked goods or spread thighs, I'd be a taker.

* * * * * * * * * *

### An Original H M Tale ###

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