tagMind ControlThe Witch Doctor

The Witch Doctor

byTony King©

I’d just about given on my wife. Our sex life had become repetitive and boring but she either hadn’t noticed or didn’t care. I casually mentioned involving some one else but she ended up calling me pervert and other such names. I’d tried everything, ads on the web, magazines, I even enticed her into a swingers club, trouble was, as soon as she sussed it I was back to square one. My sex life was so boring I was even considering divorce.

Then I got this strange e-mail in response to an ad I had forgotten about. It read, “Saw your advertisement on Contact UK. I’m a tall well endowed educated doctor and think I may have the answer to your problem.” It ended with a telephone number.

I quickly scanned the contact site and sure enough, there was the ad I had placed a good six months earlier. It read, “Mature well endowed non smoker required to help seduce reluctant wife.” It described Helen in some detail, 5’6”, blond, brown eyes, 38DD tits and shaven pussy. Loves to dress to please but totally against swinging. Would require patience and cunning.

I’d received a lot of e-mails in the early days but they all lost the plot. It was the usual round of, “I’ve got a 10” cock and would love to shove it up your wife’s shaven cunt.” Not one of them understood the challenge and I’d all but given up. I didn’t bother replying to this ad but for some reason I didn’t delete it either. Over the next few days I kept thinking about it and eventually, when feeling particularly randy one afternoon I called the number.

“Dr Roberts,” a cultured voice answered. “Oh, hi, my names Tony, you replied to an advertisement I placed with Contact UK.”

“Ah yes, I’ve been expecting your call.” His voice was deep, confident and calm. We chatted for quiet some time and I explained my problem in some depth. We ended up arranging to meet that coming Saturday. “How will I know you?” I asked, “don’t worry, I’ll know you.” There was something strange about this guy but I just couldn’t place it and by Saturday I was all nerves. I arrived at the hotel a few minutes early and found a vacant table in the lobby. I was busy reading the paper when a deep voice said, “hi, you must be Tony.” I looked up to find the blackest man I had even seen. He wasn’t just brown, he was deep black. He stood about 6’3” and from what I could see he was very fit. “Dr Roberts, but please, call me Mathew.”

I was rather stunned, I hadn’t for one minute considered this guy might be black. His cultured voice did nothing to give it away and even the name, Roberts, sounded English. This was going to be hard enough but I knew there was no way Helen would even think about entertaining a black man. “Look, Dr Roberts, Mathew, I think I’ve wasted your time ….” He stopped me with a wave of his hand. “Don’t let my colour put you off, you have a problem and I have the answer, I promise you my friend, my colour will not come into it.” This guy was so self ensured I felt almost compelled to listen. “All we have to do is find a way of getting her to my surgery, I’ll do the rest.” We agreed on a plan where I would tell Helen that we had to attend a medical for our health insurance renewal, she fell for it hook line and sinker.

On the day in question she readily accompanied me to Dr Roberts office in London. He actually was a real Doctor with a practice in Harley Street. After 20 or minutes she came out. “How’d you get on?” I asked, “oh, he’s found something wrong with my blood pressure and put me on a course of tablets.” Dr Roberts called me in and explained that in addition to the tablets he had prescribed, I was to slip another pill into her drink about an hour before making love. He gave me a weeks supply and suggested we meet again the following Saturday in the same hotel. This time I was to bring Helen.

During the next few days, I secretly slipped a pill in her drink and sat back to see what would happen. After about 30 minutes, she started to shift about on the sofa. Then she would brush her hands over her tits, twitching as though an electric current had been passed through them. “You OK?” I asked, “Yes fine, why?”

“Oh nothing, you seemed a bit restless, that’s all.” She moved closer to me. “Maybe I’m feeling a bit randy,” she purred rubbing her hand over my flies. “Why don’t I go and slip into something a little more comfortable. Give me five minutes and come on up.” I couldn’t believe my ears, her asking me for sex, this was a first. I waited the five minutes and went upstairs. She was lying on bed wearing stockings and suspenders and ramming a large pink dildo in and out of her cunt. “Hmmmm, sorry, love, I just couldn’t wait.” I’d bought her the dildo a couple of years ago and having tried to use it on her once she complained that she didn’t like it and it was relegated to the wardrobe. Now, here she was, shoving it up her so hard her cunt was foaming.

No sooner had I stripped off than she grabbed my prick and wrapped her lips round it, taking me deep into her mouth. Now she was never really one for giving blow jobs and she definitely wouldn’t entertain the idea of me coming in her mouth but now, she just licked and sucked until I exploded. She drank every drop and sucked me hard again. “That was lovely, now I need you to fuck me.” This was not the Helen I had come to know and for the next few hours she had me fucking her in every position possible and still wanted more.

The next day I got a call from Mathew. “How was it, did she tire you out?” How the hell did he know. I told him what happened. “Good, now repeat the performance tonight, and this time suggest to her that maybe one man is not enough to satisfy her needs.” He hung up.

That night, the same thing happened, only this time after shooting my load for the third time I told her I was spent. As I lay there panting for breath she was busy fucking herself with the dildo again. “I think you need some more cock,” I said as she approached her orgasm. “We’ll have to get you some nice big stud to ram his cock up that hungry little cunt of yours.”

“Oh yessss, yesssssssssss,” she screamed, drenching the dildo and the bed with cum juice. Still she wasn’t satisfied and as she lay there playing with her clit we talked about other men fucking her. Instead of throwing a wobbly as she had in the past, she absolutely lapped it up. The more dirty I talked, the more she came. The only time she hesitated was when I mentioned some nice big black cock.

By Friday night she was insatiable. The talk of other men touching her up and fucking her was giving her multiple orgasms. But still, if I mentioned a black cock she turned off. I began to get a little concerned and when Mathew phoned to confirm Saturday’s meeting I told him the problem. “Don’t worry my friend, increase the dose to one and a half tablets exactly 45 minutes before we meet tomorrow. Bring her to the room and I’ll do the rest.

As agreed, I slipped the tablets into her drink and whisked her off to the hotel on the pretence of having a quite drink and a nice meal. Of course we never got as far as the meal. Thirty minutes later, sitting at bar sipping our drinks she started to come on to me. “Christ I feel randy, take me home and fuck me.” I argued that we had spent the last few days fucking our brains out and all I wanted was a quiet drink. She was wearing a lovely black evening dress that finished just above her knee and buttoned all the way down the front. I knew she was wearing her stockings and suspenders underneath and the new high heels I had bought her. She really looked stunning and every bloke in the bar was ogling her. With her face nicely made up and with some glossy red lipstick matching her nail and toe varnish, she looked really sexy without being too tarty.

We sat on the barstools sipping our drinks when she started again. “If you don’t take me home right now and fuck me then I’ll find someone who will.” As she spoke she unbuttoned the lower three buttons on her dress exposing her stocking tops and a flash of her silky black panties. Then she undid two top buttons, showing even more of her ample cleavage. “Well,” she said, taking my hand and running it up her thigh.

37 minutes, 8 to go.

I pulled my hand free and told her to stop making a spectacle of herself. She was so randy I think she would have fucked there and then. “Are you going to fuck me or not? Of course if your not man enough for the job.” She said it so loud that several men stopped talking and looked at us.

3 minutes to go.

“Right, that’s it, if that’s what you want then that’s what you’re going to get.” I dragged her off the stool and to the stares of the others I frog marched her out of the bar. Thankfully nobody followed us. “Where are you taking me?” she asked. “To get fucked, that’s what you wanted isn’t it.” She looked at me totally confused but the thought that she was going to get some much needed cock kept her going. We reached the end of the corridor and arrived at room 1422. Pining her against the wall I undid the remaining few buttons and started to play with her nipples and rub her cunt through her panties. She was biting my neck and begging me to fuck her. “You want it here? What if somebody comes along?”

“I don’t care, just fuck me, please.” She was getting desperate and as I pulled away she looked at me in sheer surprise. “W-w-what are you doing, don’t stop, I need you, I want it, NOW.”

“If you want it that bad then why not knock on a door and fuck who ever answers it.”

“No, I want you, please Tony, please, fuck me.” Standing behind her I tweaked her nipples again bringing her to the verge of an orgasm. “If you want to get fucked, then you find someone, go on, I dare you, knock on that door.”

I stopped tweaking and let her go. If looks could kill. I don’t know what those tablets were but she was desperate. With her dress wide open she looked at me with sheer defiance, took a step forward and knocked on the door. I couldn’t believe she had actually done it. “What are you going to do if someone answers?” I asked her, “hope they’re more man than you and know how to give a lady a good fucking,” she blurted out defiantly. I could see the doubt in her eyes but the deed was done now and all she could do was wait and see.

Suddenly the door opened. Helen jumped back in surprise as Mathew, dressed only in a white towelling gown opened the door. She stood there staring at the giant black figure before her, her own dress still open, displaying her charms to this total stranger. “What do you want white girl?” Helen just stood there, rooted to the spot as his eyes roamed up and down her voluptuous body. Her need for sex was overwhelming and she made no attempt to cover up. Mathew stepped into the corridor and looking her straight in the eyes he reached out and completely removed her dress. Then, without a word, he started to run his big black hands over her sensitive body. He caressed her nipples through the thin material of her bra and then cupped her shaven pussy mound through her wet panties. “Looks like a woman with a need,” he said to me. “Tell me little white slut, why do you knock on my door, maybe there’s something you want?” He continued to caress her, only now his big black fingers were inside her panties rubbing against her clit. “Oh shit, I’m coming,” she gasped, collapsing against his hand.

As Helen fell forward she grabbed at Mathew’s robe, causing it to fall open. As he lowered her to her knees she came face to face with the largest black cock I have ever seen. Even though it was still limp, a good 8-9 inches hung down his thigh. It was easily as thick as Helen’s wrist and was circumcised. As Helen stared at it, Mathew gently placed his hand behind her head and steered her face towards the twitching monster. “This want you want white girl?”

As if in a trance she reached out and wrapped her hand round the shaft. It twitched and jumped as it started to harden and Helen brought the tip to her mouth and started to lick. She licked the pee hole, then round the sensitive rim, all the time caressing it with both hands. Mathew looked at me and smiled. “Looks like this little white girl likes black cock after all.”

Within minutes, Mathew’s cock was rock hard and Helen was almost crying with happiness as she tried to cram as much as possible into her willing mouth. She looked like a dog with a bone and god help anyone that tried to take it away. Mathew kept her kneeling in the hall way sucking his black meat, completely on show to anyone who happened along. Suddenly he pulled out. “You still haven’t told me what you want girl,” he said standing her up. “I want you to fuck me, please, I need that big cock, I’ll do anything you want, please.” My God, she really was a bitch in heat. Mathew pushed her against the far wall. “Fuck yourself white girl, let me see you cum.”

Leaning against the wall dressed in stockings, suspenders, high heels and bra, she went to work on her cunt. One hand busied itself down her knickers while the other scooped her tits from the confines of her bra and pulled and tweaked her nipples. She had her eyes closed tight and was in a world of sexual frenzy as she brought herself off. I watched nervously up and down the corridor half hoping that someone would catch her, listening to her moans of pleasure as she frigged herself of in front of this black stranger.

When she had finished, Mathew told her to get her clothes and follow him into the room. Inside was another black man and a woman. The man was a little younger than Mathew but the woman, she was stunning. They stood as we entered. “This is my brother John and his wife Grace.” Grace was dressed in a long flowing dress that reached just above her high heels. Her pupils were jet black and as I looked into her eyes I saw pure lust. She stood there smiling.

John had joined Mathew and they were standing one each side of Helen, gently playing with her nipples and running their large black hands over her white arse and thighs. “It seems that this little white slut needs some cock brother John,” John looked at me and smiled, “then we better not disappoint her had we.” Mathew removed his robe as John stripped off. They quickly relieved Helen of her bra and knickers and positioning her on her knees they made her suck each cock in turn. At one point she was trying to get both cocks in her mouth at the same time, cooing over them and making strange noises as she greedily sucked them in. “Do you like black cock?”

“Yes, I love it,” Helen replied not wanting to take the cocks from her mouth. Mathew again smiled at me, “you see my friend, I told you it was not a problem.”

They placed Helen on the bed on all fours and I watched as Mathew fed his cock into her wet cunt. As far as I knew she had never taken anything more than my own six inches, but as Mathew slowly pushed forward, his cock slid completely in without any resistance at all. With his balls slapping against her arse he started a slow rhythm, stretching her cunt to the limit on the inward stroke and causing her lips to cling to his shaft each time he withdrew. Helen lay there with her head down whimpering with contentment as the black giant slowly fucked her. John got on the bed and lifting her head he fed his equally impressive cock into her mouth. She greedily sucked him in and was busy trying to see how much she could take as Mathew continued to fuck her.

I stood mesmerised at the sight before me. My prudish wife was dressed like a slut, kneeling on a hotel bed being fucked at both ends by two of the largest black cocks I had ever seen. Not only that, but she was loving it. The contrast between her white body and there black cocks was an incredible sight, her black stockings and heels only added to the spectacle. As I watched I felt a hand rubbing the bulge in my trousers, it was the lovely Grace. “Do you like to watch your wife being fucked?” She whispered in my ear, licking the lobe and running her tongue down my neck. I was so engrossed in the scene before me that I barley answered. Suddenly, Grace stood directly in front of me and kissed me full on the lips. It was incredible, her large black lips seemed to melt into mine and as I looked over her shoulder I could see my wife getting the fucking of a lifetime.

Grace broke of the kiss and taking my hands she placed them on her tits. “Why should she get all the fun,” she asked, undoing the belt that held the dress together. As her dress slid to the floor I didn’t know where to look. Grace was dressed in thigh high leather boots and nothing else. Her tits were amazing. Large and firm with prominent nipples that just begged to be sucked. Tearing my gaze away from the scene on the bed, I looked at Grace’s magnificent body and ran my hands over her nipples. She shuddered at the contact and leaned forward to kiss me again. “When they’ve finished with her, it’s my turn.”

The though of seeing this black Amazon having sex with my wife brought my erection to bursting point. Grace dropped to her knees and freeing my cock from my clothes closed her lips round it and gently sucked it in. Her thick lips caused the most amazing sensations as her tongue busied itself licking round the helmet. “Yessss, don’t stop, oh fuckkkkkkkkk.” It was Helen, screaming her enjoyment as Mathew brought her to orgasm. As soon as it subsided, the two brothers changed ends and started again. Grace took her lips from cock and pulled me to floor. Before I knew what was happening she was on top, her silky pussy sliding down my erect pole. “Your going to fill me with spunk and that white bitch is going to lick it out.”

With Helen’s screams of ecstasy ringing in my ears I gave myself completely to this amazing creature. Her cunt had a life of its own and it seemed to cling to my cock, her muscles contracting sending ripples up the entire shaft. She leaned forward offering me a nipple to suck and told me how she was going to give me the best fuck of my life. “When I’ve finished with you, the sluts mine.” Grace’s cunt was doing things to my cock I never thought possible.

“Drink it bitch.” I looked up to see Mathew holding Helen’s head as he shot his load into her mouth. As he pulled back, great white streams of it shot across her face and hair. She was drinking every bit she could and trying desperately to cram his spurting cock back into her mouth. As she was drinking Mathew’s spunk, John was ramming her cunt for all he was worth and on each forward thrust she was pushing back to meet him. “You like watching your slut wife being filled by two big black cocks,” Grace cooed. It was too much and as Grace squeezed one more time I came. Boy did I come. I’ve never known such an intense orgasm. The more she squeezed, the more I came. With a look of triumph on her face she leaned forward to kiss me. “Now the fun starts white boy.”

As I got up, John was filling Helen’s cunt with spunk, holding onto her hips and ramming forward for dear life. She was screaming as her own orgasm tore through her. Finally, completely spent, she fell onto her side as the two men climbed off the bed. Mathew looked at me and then at Grace. “She’s all yours.”

Even though she had been well fucked by two very large cocks, the effects of the tablets were still there and lying on her side she had one hand between her legs rubbing the mess of spunk and cum juice into her clit. We sat and watched as with a cat like stealth, Grace climbed onto the bed. Kneeling behind Helen, Grace ran her hands all over her body. Up her stockings, across her arse and on to her back and neck. Helen still had her eyes closed and purred happily. “Oh yes, fuck me again with that big black cock,” she said. It was only when Grace pushed her onto her back that she opened her eyes. “What the hell ………” Grace was on her like a shot crushing her lips to Helen’s. She squirmed beneath the powerful black female body and tried her best to push her off. Pinning her hands to the bed, Grace straddled my wife and looked into her eyes. “You’ve had my husband, now it’s my turn.”

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