tagLoving WivesThe Wives Social Club

The Wives Social Club

byken philips©

All characters in this story are entirely fictitious and bear no resemblance to any person living or dead.

This story is about a group of wives – mostly sexually frustrated wives – who started their own club. It is a private club for which you need membership (wives only), or an introduction by an existing member giving you the right to go there (others). That said, its existence is reasonably well known where I live, as what happens there is legendary.

I found out about this club through an acquaintance, Alan, who was divorced some years ago, and now goes there as a Member’s Guest. After telling my wife, Leanne, about it, she became very curious. The story is about how my wife came to join the “Burrinjack Social Club”.

Alan had told me stories about the club that were quite exciting. After telling Leanne, my beautiful, highly sexed wife, about it, we had some great sex sessions where she truly gushed cum – as she does whenever she is “really in the mood”. My wife has a great figure for someone nearing 40, with 34B breasts featuring pointy, responsive nipples that stick out quite a bit when aroused, a gorgeous round bum (about 37) that drives me wild, and a pussy that I always have lovingly called a “fucking machine”.

We basically had a mainly monogamous relationship until the club, although I always had an inclination that her occasional Friday night out with her girlfriends sometimes involved some extras – particularly when she would get after midnight pissed and roaring to fuck. On my work trips, I had once or twice needed to purchase extra services to get me through – being away over two weeks tends to do that to a male.

Anyway, we had talked lots of times about doing something “extra-marital” without ever taking that definitive step. It certainly helped liven a fucking session or two over the 15 years we have been together.

It was during one particularly ravenous session where Leanne was gushing cum on tope of me that she raised the issue of the club. To my utter surprise, she told me that she was curious to see what this club Alan had told me about was really like. I thought it was just dirty talk to liven up our sex, but when she again raised it the next day, I realised she was for real. I called Alan. He said “leave it with him”.

About 4 days later, an email arrives from Alan. In it, he had forwarded onto us an invitation from Mrs Rosie Adams, Convenor of the Burrinjack Social Club, to attend the next scheduled meeting of the club that Saturday Night, and asking for a return acceptance back to her email address. In the email, she had asked Alan to pass on the invite. We had nothing on that evening. I checked with Leanne – before I could really fully comprehend it all, she had organised a sitter for the kids & accepted.

Having heard about the club, but not really known fully what went on (it turned out Alan had told me far from everything), I found it a little curious that the invite provided no indication of what dress standard was required.

We decided to go in “good gear”. I was in smart, casual clothes (good slacks, quality polo shirt – what you would to the football), and Leanne wore a sexy outfit, that was not over the top but featured a very nice short Houndstooth skirt, sheer black blouse & black boots. We soon enough found out she needn’t have bothered.

We arrived at the club, which was actually located in a converted warehouse in one of the industrial parts of town. There was only a small sign beside the doorway which said “Registered Address of Burrinjack Social Club Pty. Ltd.”.

As you stepped through the doorway, you walked into an Entry Hall which was again fairly nondescript and gave nothing away (no photos or indication what went on behind). There we were greeted by a very attractive lady in her early 40s I would guess, wearing a sexy short dress and high heeled pumps. “Hi, my name is Tammy, and I am a member here at the club. My husband, James, is a doctor, and is inside. You look new, your names are?”

“We’re Kevin & Leanne Sheraton. We received an invitation from Rosie through a friend of ours, Alan Whitespanner.”

Tammy looked down a list on a clipboard. “Ah! Yes! The last of our potential new members tonight. We have three new applicants tonight, which is quite high. Sometimes we might go 3 or 4 months without issuing new member invitations. If you follow me please, you can join the other new invitees who are already here. I will take you through some of the key club rules, and detail of what our little social club is all about.” She took the $100 entry fee from us then.

Tammy took us into a small room just off the Entry Hall. As soon as we got in there, she asked us if we would like a drink. We all said “yes”. There was a small bar fridge there – there was a choice of beers, coke, and mixers. When we all had our drinks, she then asked if the husbands could step back out to the Entry Hall for a few moments while she spoke with the wives more about the club. She finished off by saying to us, “Remember, boys, this is a WIVES club, and it is for our pleasure!”

I waited out there with the other two new husbands. We were in our mid-late 30s/ perhaps early 40s. We all had an idea about the club, and were quite excited about what we had heard goes on at the club. It would have been 10-15 minutes easy we were out there. When the door opened, did we get a shock!

Out stepped our three wives and Tammy – completely nude!! They all looked absolutely gorgeous. Our cocks rose to attention as one.

Tammy said “Boys you probably did not know this, but in this social club, the ladies are nude all the time. It is not a strip club or titties bar. We are a private club of wives. Some of the ladies are divorced, or widows, but only a few. Here the ladies can indulge themselves as they like. Do you want to see what see I mean?” She opened a large red door to the right, and chauffeured us in. The girls all looked apprehensive, but excited. Leanne whispered to me “I think I might like this!”

We stepped through. It looked like a big strip club. There was a large bar and a stage, and tables around. There were couches and open style cubicles up one side of the room. Loud good quality dance music played. But it was more.

Unlike a strip club, as Tammy said, all the women – probably 30 or so – were completely nude. The four girls behind the bar, who were clearly younger than the other ladies, and I presumed paid staff, were nude. I checked with Tammy.

“Yes, the bar girls are paid. They are all college students. As you will see as the night progresses, we pay them very well, as they do a lot more than just pour drinks.”

She wasn’t wrong. As I looked over again to the bar, I noticed that one of the bar girls was leaning across the bar, having her tits played and sucked by one of the naked women on the other side. In a blink, she was up onto the bat on her back. The naked lady who had been playing with her tits started kissing her passionately, and furiously fingering the bar girl’s obviously wet cunt. A full on lesbian scene quickly ensued.

As I looked around the room again with Leanne, we noticed that it was no strip club or tame place. There was fucking, sucking, licking, and all manner of sex going on around us everywhere. What a place!

One big difference, though. The nude wives were in charge. The men were toys to be used as they felt like it. It was the wives who decided what to do. It was the wives who decided whether to engage in hot lesbian sex or grab their partner or another man to fuck.

As I said, it was one big room. There were no private rooms. The cubicles were open – you could see right in. If one of the nude wives wanted to have a fuck (which it seemed they all did), they did it there in a cubicle or out in the open for everyone else to see. I soon became aware that the stage area was for group sex – for everyone to see.

Leanne, after just a couple of minutes watching the proceedings around us, turned to me and said, “Okay, lover. You have the privilege of fucking me first – that’s only fair and right. But you wanna be quick, otherwise as I am burning, and if you don’t fuck me good & hard, I will have to grab one of these other boys to do the job”.

"Where?" I asked.

One of the other new wives piped up and said, “Why not we both do it here over the bar, with our husbands fucking us from behind as we stand together.”

“Sounds great,” said Leanne.

We soon had our gear off, and were guiding our hard pricks into our wives’ glistening, wet cunts. The other guy’s dick was quite a bit bigger than mine. I slide my dick into Leanne’s fuckhole. She was already gushing. I pumped her hard as I could. After about 5 minutes, and before either of us came, the other wife (Jenny) whispered something to Leanne. She was a hot little piece about 35, with stacked real tits on a gorgeous little size 8 frame. Next minute, Jenny turns to her hubby and says, “Okay! Swap! Geoff, you fuck Leanne, and while Kevin fucks me – now.”

Well, in this club, women rule. We pulled our dicks out, and swapped places. I was fucking another woman right beside my beautiful nude wife who herself was being fucked real hard by Geoff’s 8 inch thick cock. I came inside Jenny, and soon after, Geoff came inside Leanne. At that point, the girls turned and gave each other a deep, lingering tongue kiss that Madonna & Britney would have been proud of. Wow!

After we finished, we had to put our gear back on – club rules. Only the wives stay nude.

We soon found out after that how it worked. Leanne & Jenny turned to us and said, “Boys. In this club, we rule. You have to wait here at the table for the next lady to ask you for a fuck. In the meantime, we are going to go around this club and fuck ourselves stupid.”

What a great night we had, though. I got asked 5 times by different wives to be fucked, including one who wanted me to fuck her in the arse. Leanne came back to me a couple of times, including at one stage for a double bunger (we had never done that before). She got me to fuck in the arse, while she had some huge black guy fuck her in the pussy. Remember, too, this is in the open. Everyone can see what the women – these wives - are doing.

By the time we were ready to leave, Leanne had piss and cum all over her, as did the other wives. Leanne loves being pissed on, and pissing herself. At one stage, I saw her in a threesome with two other girls on the stage where they were just putting on a piss show. They pissed on each other tits, and drank each other’s golden showers. That one even drew an applause.

Once a month now we head to the Burrinjack Social Club. It’s our regular gig.

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