tagErotic CouplingsThe Wizard of Fuzz Ch. 02

The Wizard of Fuzz Ch. 02


(Author's Note: Obviously, if you have not read the first chapter of this magical, erotic epic, you may be at a loss as to what Dotti and her friends have been through to this point. But if you have, I hope you enjoy this naughty ride to its conclusion. I had more fun writing this twisted tale of fantasy than with most of my other works, and I hope it shows. Enjoy.)

Part Two: Wizards and Doms and Heroes, Oh My!

We're in the Emerald City, Dotti thought with wonder. The diminutive guard escorted the bedazzled teenaged girl and her friends -- Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lionel -- through the polished, jade-hued halls, finally leading them to yet another enormous door. There, the guard spun about and gave them a grave look.

"Now, steel yerselves," he said. "Meeting the Wizard is not for the faint of heart. Ye have been warned."

Dotti, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lionel all nodded, and the guard went on his way

Dotti took a breath, looked to her friends. "Ready?"

"Ready!" they answered in unison.

Dotti faced the doors, then, with a mighty shove, threw them open.

The chamber that faced them was enormous, easily as large as the courtyard, perhaps more so. Windows were set in the walls every ten paces or so, running from floor to thirty-foot ceiling. There was not a single piece of furniture to be seen; the floors and walls were bare, and everything glowed with a deep viridian radiance. Toward the far end of the room was a small archway concealed by a brass-colored curtain.

Tentatively, Dotti stepped into the chamber, flanked by her companions. They did not know what to expect, but the guard's eerie warning lingered in their minds.

"H-hello?" called Dotti, her voice echoing.

"Shh!" exclaimed Tin Man. "Don't provoke him!"

Doti nodded. "Right," she said. "We'll just wait, and be patient, and -- oh, my gosh!"

The air some fifteen feet before them shimmered, and then an image appeared, slightly transparent, of a gigantic baby's face with deep green eyes, a blonde swirl of hair at the top of it's head, and two protruding front teeth that were fully revealed as it grinned.

"WHO DISTURBS THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF FUZZ?" came the magnified impish voice.

Dotti slapped a hand over her heart, her fear tempered by the comical appearance of the giant floating baby head. She took a moment to gather her wits, noting her companions doing the same . . . except for Scarecrow, of course, who plucked at stray strands of straw jutting from beneath his hat.

"You are the Wizard of Fuzz?" asked Dotti in a loud voice.


Dotti thought a moment. "I don't know . . . a wizard? You know, long robe, staff, grey beard? Haven't you seen any of the Harry Potter movies?"

The baby face contorted and stuck out its tongue. "PFRBRBET! J.K. ROWLING CAN SUCK MY DICK."

Dotti gasped. "Now, that's just plain rude!"

The baby face vanished abruptly with a small popping sound. The curtain at the far end parted, cast aside by a stocky, pudgy man clad in a dark tailored suit. He waddled out with quick steps, a hard look upon his wrinkled, grandfatherly face. He had short-cropped wide hair and a round face with smallish features.

"Not if you knew her like I do," he said, coming to a stop before Dotti. "Bitch stole all my ideas." He made an effort to smile amiably. "But, that's all in the past. She has her millions, and I have my . . . anyway, what brings you to me?"

Dotti pointed, her brow wrinkled. "You're the wizard?" she asked.

He rolled his eyes. "Yes, I am the great and powerful Wizard of Fuzz," he said. "I'm sure you pictured some inhumanly tall, emaciated, cloak-wearing toothpick of a man, but, to be honest, I live quite well, and there's nothing I can do about my height." He clapped his hands together, rubbed them vigorously for a moment.

"So, what is it you need?" he asked Dotti, then thrust out his palm to interrupt any response. "No, wait, let me guess: You need . . . a love potion. Yes, that's it! You're hot for the quarterback, but he's not interested. No problem."

Dotti began to say something as the Wizard continued, looking to Tin Man. "Ah, well, you're problem is obvious. You need a tan. That's easily fixed. Now, you, straw man, hmm . . . you look familiar—"

"No!" cried Dotti, stamping her feet. "You've got it all wrong!"

The Wizard looked to her, an insulted look on his face. "Oh, I don't think so. I'm a wizard! What are you?"

Dotti pouted, hurt. "I'm just a girl from Kansas," she said. "And I want to go home. Oh . . . and I need some fuzz."

The Wizard cocked a brow. "Kansas, you say?" he asked, interested. "As in . . . the real world?"

"Why . . . yes," said Dotti.

Scarecrow held up a single finger. "Well, the concept of the 'real world,' versus all possible worlds in the cosmos is a difficult thing to address. Witness Einstein, and Kirkegaard—"

The Wizard soured. "Now I recognize you," he said smartly, cutting the straw man off. He looked back to Dotti with a smile. "Tell me what happened."

Dotti drew a breath. "Well, it started like this . . . ."


". . . and that's how we got here," Dotti finished. The five of them sat about on the floor, surrounding a large bowl of chips and salsa.

The Wizard nodded. "Hmm. I think I can help you," he said.

Dotti brightened, elated with hope. "You can? Oh, Mr. Wizard—"

He held up his hands. "Please, call me Willie."

Dotti smacked her lips together. "A wizard named Willie?" she queried.

"What, you were expecting something more profound?" he asked wanly.

Dotti balked. "Oh, well . . . no," she said. "I-I mean, Willie is a fine name for a wizard! A very fine name!"

"At any rate," he grumbled, casting a sidelong glance to the girl. "I can help you all. However, before I can, I need you to do something for me."

Lionel groaned, rolling onto his back. "I knew this was coming," he said.

"Well, with you, that's a given," remarked the Wizard snidely. He addressed everyone as he continued: "If you want me to grant the four of you what you truly wish, first you must bring me something. It won't be easy, but then, this is a quest, so of course it's not easy."

Dotti gulped. "What do we have to bring you?"

The Wizard stood, smoothed out his jacket. "Oh . . . just the magic dildo of the Dom of the West," he said casually, regarding his nails.

"What!" cried Dotti in alarm as she and her companions all shot to their feet. "Didn't you hear anything we told you? The Dom wants to kill us!"

The Wizard shrugged his shoulders. "Well, you aren't exactly asking for love potions and tanning oils, now, are you? Sending you home? That's a pretty big thing for a wizard. And curing his erectile dysfunction, his lack of passion, his lack of stamina—"

"Okay!" exclaimed Dotti with a huff. "Jeez! But you gotta remember, Wiz, we aren't exactly the Fellowship of the Ring, here. More like Alvin and the Chipmunks."

The Wizard settled his hands on Dotti's shoulders and gave her a sage look. "You have strength, young one," he said as the shadows deepened in the room. "You need only look into your heart, and you will find what you need there."

Dotti's eyes wandered around warily, noting the change in light. "Um . . . okay."

The Wizard stepped back. "Now, go! Here, take this—" he produced a rolled-up map from his sleeve and held it out. "—and don't return without the Dom's dildo." With that, he turned on his heel and marched back toward the curtain.


Dotti was forlorn as the broad doors of the Emerald City closed behind them. With all I've gone through just to get here, she thought. Now I gotta go find that evil Mrs. Gulp -- if it really is her -- and steal her dildo. She shuddered for a moment, despite the warmth of the sun upon her.

"Hey, there, Dotti, don't be sad now," said Tin Man in a soothing voice. "We're all in this together. We'll get that dratted dildo from the despicable Dom, just you see."

"R-r-r-right!" enthused Lionel.

Scarecrow smiled thinly. "Absolutely."

Dotti smiled, patted Tin Man's cheek, then Scarecrow's. She refrained from touching Lionel, however, knowing what that would do to him. Feeling somewhat better, she unfurled the map in her hand and let the others crowd around.

"Okay, let's see," she mused. "According to this, we should go . . . west."

"Imagine that," muttered Scarecrow drolly.

Dotti gave the straw man a perturbed look as Tin Man trailed his finger along the map. "Hmm," he murmured. "Seems we have to go through the Sapphic Swamp to reach the Dom's tower." He shuddered.

"The Sapphic Swamp?" queried Dotti.

Lionel growled. "That's not going to be easy," he said. "Imagine a bunch of naked women running all over the place, ignoring you because you have a penis, but then doing the most wicked things to each other . . . Oh . . . Oh . . . Oh-h-h-h . . . ."

Deftly, Dotti reached beneath the map and grabbed Lionel's twitching cock just as it began spurting, and directed the spray toward the ground. "Hmm, that doesn't sound too bad," she commented.

"Yeah, but you're a girl, Dotti," said Tin Man. He gave her an ominous look. "They're really gonna like you."

Dotti shrugged, absently licking her dripping fingers. "So what's the big deal?"

Scarecrow leaned close. "Well, let's just say that the term 'eating pussy' takes on literal meaning for them."

Dotti's eyes bulged. "Ulp!"


After hours of walking along the Yellow Prick Road, the vast fields became replaced with great, twisted trees that looked like oaks, yet had a sinister feel to them. The bark was twisted, gnarled, like the skin on a mean, toothless old man. The branches formed a canopy over the road, darkening the rays of the sun and making shadows beyond the weathered trunks that seemed to move as the foursome passed them.

"We're almost to the Sapphic Swamp," whispered Tin Man, now holding the map before him. He looked to the others. "Everyone keep a close eye on Dotti; we don't . . ." he trailed off, his eyes wide as they darted about in alarm. "Where is she?"

Scarecrow whirled around, looking this way and that. Lionel jumped, an apprehensive rumble sounding from his throat.

"She was right here!" the lion-man exclaimed.

"Well, she's not now!" cried Tin Man.

Ahead, along the road, came a chorus of wicked, feminine giggles. Naked feminine figures pranced quickly across the path, hoisting a familiar form on their shoulders. Dotti struggled and tried to call out, but the hand over her mouth kept her cries from being heard.

"They've got her! Let's go!" boomed Tin Man, charging up the path, his golf iron held firmly in his grip. Lionel loped after, snarling and frothing at the mouth. Scarecrow, however, hung back, his eyes narrowing. With surprising stealth, he slipped into the shadows of the trees . . . .


Dotti struggled against the grips of her captors as they carried her through marshy waters toward a moss-covered island surrounded by trees. The air was thick and cloying, causing beads of moisture to appear on her exposed skin. Likewise, the dozen or so naked women -- whom, Dotti had to admit, were all very attractive -- were practically dripping with perspiration. The air was heady with numerous sweet aromas, not the least of which was of feminine arousal.

Roughly, Dotti was tossed onto the mossy island. Surrounded by naked, sleek-skinned women, Dotti looked for a way out, but found herself surrounded.

"Wh-what do you want from me?" she cried fearfully.

But the women ignored her cries. Their eyes drank in the features of Dotti's body approvingly. "Oh, she's a tasty one," said one of the naked women, casually caressing her sweat-slicked breasts.

"We should certainly have some fun," said another.

"And then dinner when we're done."

Dotti paled. "D-dinner?" she squeaked.

The women lowered themselves to their knees around her, grinning both seductively and hungrily. "Oh, don't worry," the nearest woman, with bright blonde hair that was obviously natural, said. "We'll do a very thorough job of seasoning the meat, first . . . ." As she spoke, she and the other women began pulling on Dotti's clothes, untying the girl's blouse and unclipping the snap of the skirt.

Both intimidated and aroused, Dotti offered no protest as her clothes were removed. "Wh-who are you?"

The women all laughed girlishly. "We're the Sapphic Sisters of the Swamp, of course," they said, tossing Dotti's garments away. Suddenly, they all gasped in unison and sat back, mouths agape and eyes wide. Every gaze fell upon Dotti's underwear.

"The Ruby Panties!" exclaimed one of the Sisters.

"So it is true! She killed the Dom of the East!"

The blonde-haired Sapphic Sister grinned widely. "And once we've eaten her, we will be the Doms of the East," she said with an excited look in her eye.

"Sister!" came a call. "We've captured her companions!"

All heads turned -- and Dotti's lifted up -- as four more Sisters strode through the swamp, carrying between them a long wooden pole. Hanging from that pole, uncomfortably intertwined within a dank rope net, were Tin Man and Lionel, looking utterly nonplussed. Proudly, the four Sisters brought the stoic golfer and snarling lion-man to their blonde leader.

"Excellent," gloated the blonde, steepling her fingers together. Her elation vanished as she looked within the net. "Where's the third one? The straw man?"

The four sisters exchanged looks, shrugging to one another. "We only found these two," one of them finally said, the one carrying Tin Man's golf club.

With an angry huff, the blonde snatched the club from her Sister's grip and waved it around. "Go find him! Don't come back unless you have that damn scarecrow!"

Chastised, the four Sisters turned and trudged their way back through the swamp, heads hung in shame. Tin Man and Lionel were left on the soggy ground, helpless within the net.

"Don't worry, Dotti, we'll figure out something," Tin Man reassured. Turned away, against the metal man's back, Lionel growled in agreement.

"Yeah, you're doing a real good job," drawled Dotti as the Sisters held her arms and legs wide apart. She felt slippery, soft folds of flesh upon her hands and fingers as two of the women sat on them. Others began licking up and down Dotti's legs and abdomen. Despite her reservations, Dotti sighed softly as warm mouths cupped her nipples and began sucking.

"Not very dominant for a Dom, are you, little one?" quipped the blonde, settling on her stomach between Dotti's splayed thighs. Her chin hovered just above Dotti's crimson-covered pussy as she leered at the girl.

Dotti put on her bravest face as she glared back. "You can't have my panties," she said.

The blonde grinned evilly. "Not while you're alive, no," she said, then furled her fingers beneath the gusset, brushing Dotti's sleek lips. "But I don't need to have them off," she said, drawing the sparkling fabric aside. She licked her lips, gazing hungrily upon Dotti's hairless vulva and swollen lips.

"Don't worry, Dotti," the woman cooed, spreading the girl's lips apart. "Death by orgasm isn't the worst way to go . . ." she trailed off with a contented murmur, pressing her mouth to Dotti's sex.

Despite the circumstances, Dotti could not help but moan in pleasure. The blonde Sister's mouth was talented, to say the least, possessing a long, wicked tongue that delved deep inside. She sucked and pulled on Dotti's sensitive flesh, drawing the brunette's lips into her mouth, swabbed her tongue around Dotti's clit in massaging circles.

"Oh . . . oh, gosh," moaned Dotti, automatically pushing her pelvis up, wanting to feel the pleasure the blonde Sister was giving her. At the same time, she thrilled to the feel of the mouths upon her breasts and thighs, even the tongues that lapped at her toes. Her hands gripped the succulent pussy flesh of the women straddling them, her fingers sliding inside tight, warm tunnels.

Tin Man watched with undisguised interest as the Sapphic Sisters had their way with Dotti. Those not close enough to the action occupied themselves with each other, kissing, touching, licking one another. Despite his anxiety for their predicament, Tin Man's eyes were glued to the sight of te blonde woman thrashing her head back and forth between Dooti's spread legs.

"Tin Man, what are they doing to her? I can hear her moaning!" Lionel asked anxiously, unable to see what was going on. "Are they hurting her?"

"Uh . . . it's better that I don't tell you," Tin Man answered. "It's just too terrible."

Lionel shuddered as he wept. "Oh, poor, poor Dotti . . . ."


"Mmmmff! Enough! Enough! Please!" cried Dotti, managing to disengage her face from beneath the dripping pussy of a voluptuous Sister. Her body was quivering from the series of orgasms she had at first enjoyed, then endured. Her cheeks, neck and breasts glowed brightly; her nipples were harder and thicker than they had ever been, swollen to a dark shade. Her breasts rose and fell as she heaved for breath.

The blonde Sapphic Sister lifted her glistening face, lips dripping with fluid, from Dotti's sex. "Oh, not nearly enough," she cackled, licking her lips in an exaggerated way. "You taste delicious, my dear. I hope the rest of you is just as sweet."

"Not that you'll find out!" cried a voice rich with bravado. The Sapphic Sisters exclaimed in surprise and turned toward the sound of the voice, seeing a figure perched in the trees above them. The blonde Sister narrowed her eyes, pushing herself to her feet.

"Scarecrow!" Dotti exclaimed breathlessly.

"Scarecrow!" Tin Man gasped with surprised relief.

"Scarecrow?" asked Lionel dubiously, trying to turn his head to look.

"How did you get past my Sisters?" cried the blonde woman angrily, raising a fist. "If you've—"

She was interrupted as Scarecrow leapt from his perch, falling toward the ground. With a gasp, the blonde woman scampered back, as did all the Sisters. Scarecrow landed on the mossy hill in a squat, his feet on either side of Dotti's over-pleasured body.

"I've come for my friends," he said in an ominous tone. "And if you try to stop me, you'll meet the same fate as your Sisters."

The blonde scoffed. "What could you do to us?" she asked incredulously. Then she frowned. "Wait. What did you do to my Sisters?"

"This," Scarecrow said simply, straightening over Dotti's prone body. He twisted his torso slightly, lifting up his hands to display a practiced martial arts stance. His left hand was extended toward the blonde, fingers together, palm up.

"Scarecrow?" asked Dotti from beneath him, starting to push up. "What's going on?"

"Stay where you are Dotti," he responded, not taking his eyes from the blonde. "It will be easier if you don't move." Around them, the Sapphic Sisters were forming a close circle, sneering and snarling.

The blonde Sister suddenly laughed. "You're a fool, Scarecrow," she declared, then also took a stance, arms extended away from her body, one legs lifted and bent in classic 'crane' style. "I, too, have studied."

Scarecrow's lips twitched slightly in a confident smirk. "Let's see how well you've learned, then," he challenged.

For a moment, no one moved. Everyone, everything, was silent, including the bullfrogs of the swamp. Then, suddenly, the blonde woman let out a feral screech and darted forth, lashing and striking at Scarecrow with well-aimed blows. But Scarecrow blocked and deflected every attack, expertly smacking the blonde's hands away with his forearms. The Sisters all watched in astonishment as every attack their leader made fell wide of it's mark.

Throughout the exchange, Scarecrow's feet never moved, keeping him poised protectively over Dotti. His taunting smile remained as well, and grew as the blonde became more and more frustrated. She snarled and spit, growing clumsy in her efforts. Finally, she overextended herself, giving Scarecrow an opportunity.

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