tagErotic CouplingsThe Woman From Work Ch. 05

The Woman From Work Ch. 05


This is likely to be the last of the series. So i do thank all who enjoyed it. feel free to comment on the story itself as i do want input for my next batch of craziness. Again to those who enjoyed it thanks a lot. For those who loved it here is the grand finale.

To say I was happy in my life now was a serious understatement. I was in love and I fucking knew it. It had been nearly five months since she and I confessed our love to each other and I was totally on board with it. My head was full of images of her smiling at me as I slept and my ears were full of her sweet voice during my waking moments. I still had nightmares, but then again it was to be expected. She understood the nightmares and she did her best to help me get over it. Donia was the best kind of therapy in a way. For no matter how bad it got in my mind, she was a shining beacon that pulled me back from the grips of fear. We lived in the new place happily, but there was one condition. I had to keep my pistol locked in my drawer and not under my pillow. After the near miss when I had my night terror it was one I was only too happy to oblige her.

We had another scare as she missed her period for three weeks. We were actually excited at the prospects of maybe having something special in our lives, then one night I heard her as she was in the bathroom crying. I knew immediately the reason why. She had a bad month that month and it was apparent. Her boss was trying her patience at work and she was now being harrased by her ex. It took a trip from me and a few of my former squad mates who were home on leave for him to realize that it was a bad idea to keep after her. While she appreciated the gesture, it did little to improve her mood. She didn't take it out on me, but the people at work suffered her wrath. I actually laughed in my office as she ripped into one of my guards and he ran to me looking for protection. I simply deflected her anger by making him go to another post and she gave me a dirty look then left. I got a text a while later from her apologizing for the scene and she needed to talk to me.

I found an excuse to get up to her floor and as I did a sweep (read: I went to the storage closet) I saw her leave her office. She was wearing a gray skirt, black top and solid black opaque stockings. She also had on the strappy open-toed black heels I had bought her as a moving in gift. She saw me and her eyes lit up as I slunk into the closet. She knocked on the door and as I opened it she jumped into my arms. We kissed hungrily and savagely for a few moments then she looked up at me and I was enthralled as her brown eyes began burning into my mind.

"I'm done with my period baby, and I need your cock badly." she whimpered and then sunk to her knees.

My eyes opened wide as she unzipped my fly and took me out, thinking fast I leaned over and locked the door. She took me down her hot hungry mouth and sucked me hard and fast. I was in heaven as she did all the things I liked. I reached down and she stopped me. She shook her head on my cock and I was amazed. She pulled off me with a loud pop then said, "Keep your hands to yourself Nathan. I said I needed your cock, not that we were fucking now."

I leaned back as she continued to bob up and down on me. I leaned back into the wall as she continued her mission. I felt her tease my balls and they tightened up in anticipation. I felt her take me all the way down then she moaned on me. The vibrations of her throat on my cock was pure torture, but god I loved it. I felt my cock twitch after a good while of her sweet torture. She leaned back and started to suck and stroke my cock for all she was worth. I let loose and bit my hand as I came so I wouldn't scream as she so liked to make me do. I shot of a thick load into her hungry mouth and she swallowed it all down. She then leaned back and held my cock in her mouth as the last little bit dripped out. She looked up at me with her lips around my cock, it was so erotic it almost made me blow again. She then leaned back and the popping sound made me shudder. She licked her lips then put me back. She then stood up slowly kissed me on the lips and left without a word. I waited for a moment then left myself. I got to see her juicy ass sway into her office. I walked by her office and looked in as she sat at her desk and put her feet on it then crossing her ankles. She was smiling at me as I saw up her legs. The tops of the stockings were visible as was her garter belt. She blew me a kiss smiling seductively at me as she did then went back to her reports.

I got back to my office and kept myself in check for the rest of my shift. I left at a little after midnight and went home. I drove to our new place and was happy to see the lights still on. I went inside to see her lounging on the couch in a pair of yoga pants and a tee shirt. She had her laptop on her legs and a glass of wine on the table. I walked over to her and she leaned back. I kissed her lips softly my hands touching her face. She giggled as I then ran my hands down her breasts and cupped them. I saw her close her eyes and she stopped me from going further.

"I'm still a bit spotty baby, maybe tomorrow we can do something fun. I have it off and you only have the meeting to go to right?" she asked me. I sighed then nodded. It was a management meeting for some new class the guards had to take, it involved sexual harassment and it was going to be an all day affair. I laughed inwardly at the thought of me attending it knowing how I got her to be my woman.

We spent the next few hours of the night just enjoying each others company. She went to bed and I stayed up a while longer. I decided to get in a quick workout and did about an hours worth of cardio and pull ups. I felt my body as it was charged up with energy, then I got an idea to shave tonight so I could run tommorow. I took off my pants and was only in my shorts. I went into the bathroom to shave and looked in the mirror. Aside from my muscles and tattoos that stood proud I looked into my eyes and I saw the same mischievous look that I had when I first met her in my eyes. I then figured, why the fuck not.

I crept silently into our room. She was asleep in the bed in just her long tee that she commandeered from me. I slipped into the bed using my stealth techniques and she was none the wiser. I reached down slowly then lifted the shirt off her ass and slid my self along her slit. She moaned in her sleep and she tilted her head. I felt her hot wetness against my cock and slowly teased her as she slept. I then inched a little bit forward and she shuddered in her sleep. I then slid in a few inches at a time then afteer a while I felt myself fully inside of her. I laid there and she whimpered in her sleep. I felt her hungry pussy gripping me as she had a very erotic dream. I slowly slid back then in and kept at it for a while. She then started to buck in her sleep and she then woke up. She looked back at me and I smiled then slid fully in her. She groaned out as I did then she arched into my chest.

"I couldn't wait until tomorrow mi amor." I breathed into her ear.

She sighed happily then leaned her head back to me and I kissed her lips. I felt her shift so I laid on my back. She got on top of me facing away from me and began to ride me slowly. I got a very good view of her ass as she rode me and rocked back and forth. I laid back as she built up a rhythm. I slid my hands along her back and her ass as she let her head fall backwards. Her hair was to the middle of her back now and it nearly touched my chest as she did. I leaned up and put my chest against her back then grabbed her legs. I then started to lift her up and down on my length and she started to breathe heavily. I then got her into it and after a while the sliding stopped and the slamming began. She was very into it and let me know of her pleasure as a litany of beautiful Spanish swearing began again.

I then spun her totally around so she faced me. She began to buck up and down on me like a bronco. She then fell backwards and I got up between her legs. I spread them wide and pounded her mercilessly. She cried out and screamed as her head was off the bed and I continued my ramming. She then leaned up along me and kissed me hard on the lips. I felt her bite my lower lip. She then arched her back and howled into the night as she had a massive orgasm. Mine was soon to follow and I came hard and deep inside of her. She laid back and was panting hard. Our sweat covered bodies glistened in the moon light and she was able to squirm around the bed to get back on it and pulled me close to her. She was still in my shirt and she was giggling at me.

"What brought that on papi?" she asked me in the sweetest voice I had heard in a while.

"That was to thank you for earlier mami." I replied and kissed her finger tips.

She giggled and got on top of me. She was leaning over my head and her hair framed my face and hers. She leaned down and kissed me deeply. My arms went around her back and she moaned into my mouth. I held her like that for a long while until I noticed she had drifted off to sleep. I fell asleep and had no nightmares.

It's an amazing feeling to wake up with the woman you have fallen for on top of your chest sleeping soundly while holding you like her favorite teddy bear. I enjoy these moments for it really makes my normally boring day all the more enjoyable. I woke up to see her hair still draped over my face, at first it was a task to get my face free of her mane. I got free of the forest of Donia's hair and saw the sun was rising. I normally slept for about four to five hours a night this night being no different. I tried to move, but every time I did she would moan and hug me tighter. I laid back smiling as she literally purred on me like a kitten. I was able to finally roll over to my side and get out of bed. She whimpered and shuddered as she lost her warmth. She reached out then curled into my pillow and went back to sleep.

I got up and stretched out feeling the bones in my back crack and snap into place. I then did a series of pushups and crunches for about twenty minutes and felt myself warmed up. I got into my shorts and a tank top then went out for a long run. I ran into the cool morning air and turned up my I-pod and the sounds of Craving Lucy and Disturbed flooded my ears. I ran and ran oblivious to my surroundings. I followed the trail I found for it's four miles then turned back and went home. I got to the apartment and when I got there I noticed I had no time for breakfast as I had the damnable meeting to get to. I took a G.I. shower in three minutes flat then got into my shirt and slacks then turned back and saw her on the bed still holding my pillow. I leaned over and kissed her lips softly then pulled the blanket over her sleeping form. I left and just made it in time.

The meeting sucked so much ass I felt myself growing light headed from the stupidity of it all. I mean really, common sense people. I felt like screaming it at the top of my lungs, but a dark smile crossed my features as I remembered me and Donia's first time. I sat back and just allowed the presentation to finish. I saw my director come out and give a small speech, he then told the supervisors to meet him in his office. The others and I went in and he gave us the pep talk. It was very typical, but as we left he touched my arm and motioned for me to follow him. I entered his office and he motioned me to a chair.

"Nathan, it seems the management is going to be looking for a day supervisor as Tom is going to a new building. I want that person to be you. It's a rough job, but in eight months it will get you to my spot." he said smiling.

I was stunned, he wanted to groom me to take over for him. He held out his hand and I took it smiling. I was now in a far better mood. I got the paperwork signed and in the next two weeks I was going to be the new assistant director of the building security. It came with a pay hike and better benefits. I was shocked to say the least, but I knew this was a perfect opportunity.

I left the building and was going to my truck when I had an epiphany. I got in the truck and tore out of the lot. I went downtown and found what I sought. It was a Zales diamond store. I felt myself walking, but it was all my hunger for her that led me to my destination. I found the target of my intentions and paid for it outright. I had the money saved for a new car, but I figured this was a far better investment. I bought the ring and found it to be perfect. It was easily her size, but if it needed to I could have it altered. I also bought her a nice pair of diamond earrings. They were a lovely set I came to realize. I smiled at my cunning and texted her saying I had good news for her. I got in the truck only to receive her text saying she was readying a surprise for me as well. She also told me to take my time getting home. I did as instructed and came home to see the lights were dimmed.

I parked my truck and slipped the ring into my inner jacket pocket. I took the earrings and put them in my outer coat pocket. I walked in the apartment door and I heard some music playing. It wasn't soft sappy shit like a romantic evening dictates, it was a kick ass song called "The Fire" by Rev Theory. I stood there amused at first, and definitely my curiosity was aroused. I walked around the corner to the living room and saw her standing in the doorway to our room and my jaw nearly hit the floor.

Donia was wearing a short black and red pleat skirt that barely covered her ass. Her sexy legs were wrapped in opaque white bow topped stockings and her button up top was in a tight knot that showed off her taut belly. She had a lacy white bra on and white cotton panties under the skirt. She was wearing four inch Mary Janes and her hair was in pig tails with two long strands that went down either side of her face. She had on bright red lipstick and simple eye liner along with big gold hoop earings, she also had a lollipop in her mouth. When she saw me in my suit her eyes perked up. I also saw a new adition to her body that almost made my heart stop. She had her belly pierced with a cute little charm in it.

"I missed you papi." she purred and tilted her head sweetly. She bit her finger tip and my cock nearly tore a hole in my pants.

I stood there slack jawed for a long while as she sauntered up to me. Her heels clicking with each step. I felt my breathing return and she was hugging me closely. The smell of lilacs flooded my nostrils making me sigh as I held her tight. I gathered she was into her role so I took on one of my own.

"Well now little Donia, it looks like you need to be shown the penalty for not adhering to the dress code." I said in a stern almost teacher like voice.

"I'm sorry Mr Blake. I thought that my uniform was correct. Please don't tell my daddy, he'll spank me when I get home." she said innocently. Her doe like eyes pleading me softly.

"I think he won't get the opportunity Donia, you have been pretty bad today and you know what happens to bad girls like you correct?" I asked her turning her slowly around. Her ass was in my crotch and it was making me forget myself. I fought with all the control I had to keep the act up.

She whimpered softly as I bent her over the table. I then slid her skirt up and she looked back at me teary eyed. "I'm sorry Mr Blake, please don't hurt me too bad, I will be good... I promise." she said biting her bottom lip.

I let my first slap hit her ass and she yelped. I stroked my hand over the area I hit and she moaned. I then gave her another one and she leaned forward crying she was sorry. I spanked her again and again making her cry out each time I did. I gave her ten hard smacks and she whimpered at me for doing so. I looked down at her caramel skin that had a slight red hue from the spanks and my breath caught in my throat. I then had her turn around and stand up. As she did she looked at me teary eyed.

"How can I be a good girl when I felt so naughty when you did that Mr. Blake?" she asked me in the sweet voice she was so good at.

I smiled at her and held my arms open. She came and snuggled in as I held her tight. "It's your eighteenth birthday today, yes?" I asked her. She nodded her head and looked at me longingly. "I know you have had a crush on me for a while little girl, why is that?" I asked her sternly.

"You always were nice to me when the other boys weren't Mr. Blake. I think I love you, do you love me?" she whispered to me softly.

I nodded my head and she smiled at me brightly. "Can you show me how to make love Mr. Blake, I want to learn the right way." she asked me hopefully.

I smiled and leaned down and my lips met hers. She sighed longingly into my mouth and she teased my tongue with hers.

"Did I do that right?" she asked me shyly. I nodded my head and she smiled then kissed me again. I felt her hands go around my neck slowly as she leaned up on her tip toes to get me closer to her mouth. I lifted her off her feet and she giggled as I did. She put her arms around me and kissed me tenderly. She then pulled her head back as she felt my erection pressing against her.

"What's that Mr. Blake?" she asked coyly. I smiled and put her back to her feet. She then put her hands down and sighed as she ran her hands over my chest.

"It's something that will make you feel good baby girl." I said smiling darkly.

She looked at me shyly and then I took her in my arms and lifted her off the ground and set her on her butt on the table making her giggle as I did. I then leaned down and kissed her lips softly. She sighed as she put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. I ran my hands up her thighs and she moaned as I did. I ran my hands over her taught belly making her shudder as I teased her tummy. I then undid the knot of her top and she sighed then looked at me scared. I smiled then ran my fingers over her breasts and she sighed into my neck. I felt her nipples harden as she was starting to squirm on the table. I leaned over her and kissed her neck softly. She sighed into the night.

"Ohhhh...Mr. Blake...that's so nice..." she whimpered as I continued to rub her nipples.

"OK little girl, now comes the fun part for you." I said softly and she looked at me nervously. I undid her bra and she gasped as her luscious breasts swung free of the bra. She looked at me with scared eyes.

"Do you like them Mr. Blake?" she asked me shyly.

I nodded my head and softly growled at her, "Oh yes I do Donia. I'm sure I can make you feel really good with what I'm about to do to them."

I leaned forward and flicked my tongue over her hardened nipples and she sighed. Her arms went around my neck and held me to them as I licked. She sighed and whimpered sweetly as I kept my ministrations up. I then sucked hard on her fat nipples and she cried out as I did. She leaned back and her butt slipped of the edge, I caught it with both hands and squeezed hard causing her to moan loudly.

"Well Donia, I see you have quite the ass. I'm impressed baby girl." I said squeezing her juicy ass. She looked at me unsure of herself and her eyes looked back and forth showing her confusion.

"My older sister says I have a fat ass. She thinks I look like a tramp. I don't do I Mr. Blake?" she explained and asked me shyly.

"No mami, you don't. I think it's wonderful. Would you like me to make you really feel good now little girl?" I asked her and she squeaked excitedly. "I'll take that as a yes. Now lean back a bit, and don't be so modest. I promise you'll enjoy this." I promised her.

I got to my knees then my hands reached up and gripped the elastic band of her panties. She shuddered at first then whimpered as I started to slide them down her hips. She looked positively delicious as she had shaved herself completely. Normally she has a little strip above her lovely slit, but not tonight. I saw that dripping slit and my cock nearly erupted in my pants. She really got into the role and I was now going to make her pay a price for getting me too excited. I flicked my tongue along her slit and she cried out. I then savagely locked my mouth over her clit and sucked it hard. She moaned and flopped on the table. She was crying out my name and it was amazing. I nibbled her fat lips and she bucked hard on the table as I slid a finger along the length of her. She looked down at me through bleary eyes then sighed as I licked the finger and slid it inside of her. She cried out as a second finger slid in. I ate her until I felt her legs begin their familiar shake. She locked her thighs along my neck and cried out as a massive orgasm swept along her. She threw her head back and screamed into the night then her body went limp on the table.

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