tagLoving WivesThe Women in Blue Ch. 02

The Women in Blue Ch. 02


After the basic employment forms, company orientation, and safety training, I reported to a climbing and cutting training class that filled up the rest of my first week on the job. The instructor, Buck, seemed to have it in for me. He made me repeat exercises over and over, relentlessly telling me to do something different. I already knew the most important principle: climb with your legs and do not overtax your arms, tiring them out too soon. Buck continuously told me I needed to get stronger, faster, and a lot smarter. When the class ended each day at 5 PM, I was so frustrated and tired that I simply ate supper, showered, fell into bed and went to sleep. I never had enough extra energy to even contemplate masturbation! It was like 'two a days' in football but even tougher. The bunkhouse was crowded and utilitarian but the bed was excellent. The food was nothing like at the estate, but there were plenty of eggs and fish for protein and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. I loaded up on the fruit, especially pineapple, based on Polly's comments and drank gallons of spring water each day. I had some very vivid and active dreams, mostly featuring Edith and Dana, but never had time to daydream or pine about them. Each morning I was sore in places I didn't know I had, which my coaches and P90X manual had taught me was good, since I was achieving 'muscle confusion' and adding muscle fibers in new places, especially my legs from all the climbing. I now knew more about botany, tree anatomy and physiology, and forestry than I ever knew there was to know. And I had only scratched the surface.

By the time the Friday class broke up, I was anxious to head back to the estate. I waved to Eddie and I started up the company truck. He motioned for me to stop, and he walked over to the truck's window along with Buck the instructor. Buck said, "Hey kid, no hard feelings. Eddie here told me to try to wash you out and piss you off, but you came through okay!"

This made sense, and I said, "Well you did piss me off, but that made me more determined to pass the course!" He smiled. "Good. You did pass the course, and with full marks in every category. Next week you go out with a post survey crew! Good luck!" He walked back to the classroom. Eddie smiled and said "you were never really in danger of washing out. You actually were in better than average shape, and you learn pretty fast. I understand I'll see a lot more of you this weekend!" He smiled wickedly at me and headed back for his office. I did not know what he meant for sure, but I didn't give it much thought. I started the truck again and headed out for the estate, putting some music on the radio and singing along in very high spirits.

I got through the maze of logging roads and gates based on the mnemonics the admiral had taught me, and arrived just as Edith was setting out dishes in a serving line for supper. It smelled great, but Edith looked and smelled even better! I grabbed her butt surreptitiously, and she actually left my hand there and pushed back against me for a second. Then she slapped my hand away playfully and said "Down boy! She smiled and pushed me toward the serving line. I loaded up a plate and joined Polly, the Admiral, Dana, the nurse, and several others I did not know at the table. Edith said, "Go ahead you guys! I am going to take desert out of the oven and then join you."

I was certainly willing to dig in. The nurse spoke first. "Connor, after we finish the meal I want you to come with me to the clinic. I want to talk about one of your initial test results and talk about your diet, and I am sure you are experiencing some muscle soreness." I thought that sounded promising!

Polly chimed in, "After that please come directly to my study. We need to talk about what will happen tomorrow." That sounded very promising, too. Edith walked in and placed a big pineapple upside down cake on the table, and she and Polly shared a smirk. Edith said, "I am going to be very busy today and tomorrow. We have several couples arriving for overnight stays tonight and Saturday night, and some special meals to prepare, too." The conversation then revolved around the big doings Saturday night, including some apparently much anticipated plays that were to be performed. I had two pieces of cake, and Edith offered me a third. I declined, but said I thought I might be getting sweet on her. Polly and Dana giggled, Edith actually blushed.

The nurse, Barbara, and I then went upstairs to the clinic. Barbara was really stacked and packed, with a wasp waist and full, expressive lips. Although she gave me a physical exam last week that I found a little stimulating, she had been pretty much all business. She motioned for me to sit down in the chair next to her, and pulled out a folder. She said all my blood work looked fine, except one of my readings was borderline low and it might indicate a slight vitamin deficiency. She gave me three sample pills to take. They were in an unlabeled container and looked like little grey blue trapezoids with a '50' embossed on them. She said take one with lunch tomorrow and another before dinner, then finally the third one at noon Sunday. She then told me to strip down to my underwear and climb up on the massage table in the treatment room and lie face down. It was big and up fairly high, with a cutout for my face so I could lie with my head straight down and still breathe. She put some massage oil on her hands and began working on my legs. She said most guys who went through the climbing class ended with some muscle cramps and she could help me work them out. Her hands were strong and I could tell the knots were melting away. She then did my back and shoulders, and I was very much looking forward to turning over, when she said, "Okay, go see Polly in her study." I was relaxed but a little disappointed.

Polly had me sit on a couch. I was hoping for one of those custom chaise lounges. She looked at me sternly and asked if I had been keeping my promises while at the bunkhouse. I laughed and said yes, I had been so tired each night I just fell asleep. She said be sure to hold on until tomorrow night and then things might change. The she went into therapist mode. "Connor, do you remember how you felt when during the play last week you first watched Eddie shove his penis down his wife's throat?

I looked up with a start. I had not been expecting that! "Yes. Like I shouldn't be watching but I couldn't look away. Like it shouldn't be making me excited and hard but it was."

She paused. "Do you remember, as a child, discovering your parents having sex? Tell me about it"

I reviewed it in my mind's eye. "I think I was six. I was asleep and something woke me up. I went to my parent's bedroom but they weren't there. I went downstairs and saw them in my father's study. They were both naked. My mother was on a chair and my father was behind her. I thought they were wrestling, but then I saw my father's penis. It was a lot bigger than mine and going in and out of my mother. It was that same feeling. I was embarrassed but I could not look away. My mind understood they were doing what I had seen the dogs do to make puppies, but it still made me feel all funny!"

She said softly, "What's another time that you remember feeling that way?"

I thought back. "When I was about twelve, I was spending the week at my older cousin Tommy's house because my parents were traveling. He was sixteen. His parents went to a party in the neighborhood and left us alone in their house. We were supposed to watch TV or play Monopoly, but what we did was set up his dad's telescope on their balcony. But we didn't watch the stars. We looked in windows, starting with the big apartment building a few blocks away on a hill. We saw women changing clothes, we saw a woman lying on her bed naked, then we saw a man come in and get on top of her. We argued over whose turn it was to look through the telescope. Tommy took a long turn and searched each window in the entire building, finding nothing else interesting. He got bored and turned it over to me. I moved down to look at some of the houses closer to Tommy's house. I saw dogs in backyards, I saw a teenage girl smoking a cigarette behind a garage, and I saw a nice looking woman in a bikini swimming in her lighted pool. Then I saw a party in a back yard around a larger pool, with lots of people and little party torches and lanterns. I saw Tommy's mother dancing with a guy who was not Tommy's dad. Then I looked into the window of the house next door. It was a big second story picture window and the only window in the house that showed any lights on. I saw Tommy's dad looking through the window out to the party. Then an older man stood in the window too. They seemed to be arguing. The older man suddenly slapped Tommy's dad in the face! Tommy's dad fell to his knees. I started to tell Tommy but then the older man took out his penis and Tommy's dad took it in his mouth! I froze. I tried to act like I was not seeing anything! I watched as Tommy's dad moved his head all around and the older man grabbed it with his hands. I didn't want to look, but I couldn't look away! I did not want Tommy to see! But I had stayed focused in one place so long that Tommy got curious."

Tommy said it was his turn. I moved the scope 90 degrees hoping he wouldn't find that window again. But Tommy had seen where I pointed it, and he found the window quickly, and looked for a moment. Then he began to cry."

Polly looked troubled. "What happened after that?"

I sighed. Tommy's parents got divorced. Tommy's dad became a drunk."

Polly was silent for a long time. "How do you feel about it now?"

I had thought about it a lot. "It seemed so furtive, and no one wanted to talk about it. I'm still not sure. I don't know what really happened. Was Tommy's dad gay? Polly asked, "Maybe he was bi-sexual?"

I considered that. "Well technically yes, if he really fathered Tommy. Of course I don't know if he really is Tommy's biological father, do I? Now that I think about it, how do gay people fit in with your unified world genetic philosophy?"

Polly paused. "That's complicated. Our first priority is to optimize the contents of the human gene pool. Clearly there is some genetic linkage to sexual behavior. Many gay people have incredible talent and genius and we want them have children and pass on their genes. The best information we can put together is that the genetic linkage to sexual orientation follows the old eighty-twenty rule of thumb, and then you have to take the socialization factor into account. Roughly 80% of males are genetically and physiologically bi-sexual, capable or responding to and performing with both sexes. The other 20% is roughly split into about 10% who are strongly oriented toward their same sex, and 10% strongly oriented toward the opposite sex. Socialization modulates these proportions a lot: during some historical periods and in some societies homosexual behavior was widely accepted, and in others periods and societies greatly discouraged. Actually there is a sexual divergence, too. I believe that 95% of women are capable of having satisfying sex with another woman and that less than 5% of women are highly resistant to having sex with men. Most of the resistance above that 5% group comes from socialization and/or bad early experiences with men. We really have two primary strategies; get everyone to reproduce no matter what their genetic predisposition toward sexual orientation, and let everyone raise their children in a stable family environment with a parent of the opposite sex, regardless of what sexual practices they need to make them happy. So for example we would have wanted Alan Turing to be able to have sex with men to satisfy his desires without guilt, but we also would have wanted him in a stable home and relationship with a woman with whom he would have some children."

I chuckled, having read a biography of Turing. "She would have to been some special kind of woman to manage that!"

"Their needs would have to overlap somewhat, and they would have to be open and committed enough to learn to accommodate each other. Meaning she would be okay with him having sex with men, and maybe join in, and he would agree to her having sex with other men, or other women, and maybe join in. In short both of them would have to be well trained!" She smiled knowingly. She looked at me for a long time. "Okay Connor that's enough for tonight. Go get some sleep."

Saturday I was up early and joined Polly for another ride. We toured another portion of the estate that we did not see last weekend. Then we doubled back to the grotto and swam for a while. Polly actually seemed to be teasing me, getting me excited but then shutting me down. The she said "just save all that energy for tonight! You are making your stage debut!" I tried to get her to tell me more but she said I would just have to wait and see what happened.

We went back to the estate for lunch. I took my vitamin pill. Then I did my five miles and an hour of P90X, set an alarm, and took a nap. I had major wood and dreams about chasing and then actually caching Polly in the grotto, and then on stage!

When the alarm went off, I showered, put on my tux, and went down to the reception hall. I mingled with the guests, made small talk with the few I knew, and met a few new ones.

The waiter began to ring the bell. Connor was seated next to Polly, and several other folks he had not met before. He tried to learn their names and faces. Once again Connor was famished and the meal was excellent. He tried to eat slowly and not wolf it down. He took his second vitamin pill. He listened to the conversations around him in sort of a detached state, while his mind tried to imagine what he would be asked to do on stage.

When diner was completed, he followed the group down the staircase and found his name on a different room than the one he had been in on his first Saturday night. Alongside his were Polly, the admiral, and two others he did not recognize.

But before he could enter the viewing room, Polly took his hand and showed Connor a passageway he had never seen before. "You are in the first act" she said. The passageway led to a door marked stage entrance. He knocked, and Edith opened the door dressed in the standard woman in red outfit. She looked so beautiful she took Connor's breath away. She smiled at Polly and took Connor by the hand and led him through the door. "Break a leg" Polly said as the door closed behind him. Backstage was a beehive of activity. People were scrambling in every direction, moving props and lights and carts of stuff. Edith led him to a door marked makeup and costume and gave him a little kiss on the check, and handed him a slip of paper. "Memorize your script kiddo!" she said. "I am looking forward to seeing your act!" Then she pushed him though the door.

My script was one sentence, and I had no lines. I froze for the 2 seconds it took to read it, then read it again to be sure it really said what I thought it did. I did not know how many people would be watching or who some of them were. It did not even tell me who else would be in the scene with me. But I was about to make my acting debut in of Polly's 'emotionally loaded' plays.

Two women in red, who I had never met before, pulled me into one of the dressing rooms. I learned that all the behind the scenes arrangements, sets, lighting, and so forth were handled by women in red. They told me to strip. They gave me pair of white tights and a white face mask like the Mexican wrestlers wear on TV. The tights looked a little like wrestling tights, too, except they had an elastic band around an opening in the front. I stepped into them. One of the women kneeled and adjusted the opening, pulling my cock and balls out so they were isolated and projecting out of the opening obscenely. She tightened the Velcro elastic strap around the base of my cock balls very tightly, while the second women rubbed me all over with oil that smelled faintly of coconut. I wondered what that tight elastic would do when I got erect. Apparently she wanted to check that too, as she smiled up at me seductively and used one hand to stroke my shaft. I immediately got very hard much more so than even last week. Maybe those vitamins were working! I also realized that as my swelling member strained against the elastic it worked like a one way valve, holding the blood in and sustaining my erection. The rubbing with oil excited me even more, and the coconut smell brought back strong memories of hot buttered teenage girls baking at the swimming pool. My erection grew and looked very red against the white fabric. The second women finished rubbing me with oil and knelt down next to the first woman a few inches from my crotch. She said "looks like it will work fine" and they both smiled.

They led me to a stage wing. While we waited there, each put a hand on my buttocks and spread my cheeks a little bit. One lightly probed my asshole with her finger. I got even harder and redder. We waited just offstage while one of the women looked at a small video monitor and held a pair of earphones up to her ear, and then whispered "Three, two, and one, go!" Onstage, the music that was my cue began to play. They both pinched my butt. I jumped out onto the stage and tried to get my bearings and find my mark.

Inside her viewing room, Polly was nervous. She thought Connor would do fine, but you never knew how someone would perform on stage until they actually did it. If he froze up or bolted, she would have to wash him out of novice program, and that would break her heart. The lights in her viewing room dimmed. The Admiral squeezed her hand. As the glass become transparent and the stage lights went up. She knew Connor's entrance would come just a few moments into the scene. She forced herself to breath until then.

On stage, she saw three couples sitting around a table obviously finishing a meal. They were talking and laughing. All three of the woman had on the standard green dress of the women in their forties, and all three of the men had on their black tuxedos. One of the women was a tall blonde with large breasts; next to her, her husband was a distinguished looking tall black man. Another woman was Asian, shapely and very pretty. Her husband was a short man; red headed with lots of freckles. At the end of the table was Sherry, the woman Polly knew that the scene had been designed for. She was a compact and very shapely woman only about five feet tall, with a glamorous face, short black hair, and skin so black it was almost blue. Her husband was large, tall, powerful looking man with blonde hair, very fair skin and light blue eyes. The meal was winding down. The couples pushed their plates away and looked like they were almost ready to get up and leave. But from offstage, what sounded like a small brass ensemble began to play the strains of 'happy birthday'. Most of the audience probably expected a waiter to come out with a cake, but Polly knew that something very different was about to happen.

A bright spotlight came on from above and focused on the petite black woman. She looked around like she was embarrassed at the attention, but she also smiled shyly as if she liked it. Her husband and the other couples applauded her, and moved their chairs over closer to her. Then she suddenly stood and slid her green dress up over her head and dropped it to the floor. She was totally naked underneath, no bra, no garter belt, and no stockings. She turned her chair toward the audience and then sat back down, putting her feet up on either side of the chair and completely exposing herself to the spotlight and to the audience. The actinic blue light made her the absolute center of attention, and brought out the fine blue undertones in her dark skin. Her nipples were hard, mostly black, but with little pink highlights. Her vaginal lips were mostly pink, but with varigated dark edges like petals of a red and black rose. Her chest heaved up and down. She was both completely excited and completely exposed. Her husband looked at her adoringly, amazed at how beautiful and sexy she was, and smiled.

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