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The Women in My Life Ch. 03



Many thanks again to all those of you who have voted, commented, e-mailed: keep them coming! Sorry for the delay! This is the first part of the third Chapter of the middle part of the 'Miranda' trilogy! Yes, it might confuse but I think you know where we are. Mike's story picks up from the end of 'Joyce'. This is Kate – Mike's wife. However, before you start three WARNINGS:

1.This is a LONG story. It's novel length that's why I put it in the novel/novella category. Because of the length I'm going to post it in Parts. Part 1 is about Mike and Kate's 'courtship'. Sex doesn't appear until the end but there is a lot of detail about the two of them and some loose ends are tied up. I've put in chapter headings to help those of you who don't download or have much time to read - just search for 'Chapter' plus number. Please, you have been warned so don't feedback telling me it's too long – it isn't too long for me. It is, after all, about 20 years in a person's life!

2.This is FANTASY, my fantasy. I try to give the characters appropriate motivation for what they do but they don't live in the real world (oh that they did). Kate, rather obviously, is my ideal woman just as Mike is an idealised me. Sadly I don't meet the standards set in the story!

3.There is considerable CHARACTERISATION before and between the raunchy bits, particularly, as I said, at the start where I write about Mike meeting Kate. This is important in understanding how he feels about her. If you've read me before then you probably know what to expect. Later in the story there is more sex, some perhaps a little more hardcore (twosomes, threesomes, foursomes) and plenty of anal sex. Sorry, but that's my bag so, if that sort of thing is not for you, don't read this or, at least, avoid those bits; you will see them coming! Each chapter that contains sex has an asterisk * in the title so if you search for that it will take you to those chapters. The chapter head also gives an indication of the type of sex so, if you don't like that in particular you can avoid it – although it is difficult to be precise as, generally, there is an anal thread. There is no violence. For me violence is the true pornography

I hope you will persevere because, if you liked Miranda, Angela, and Joyce, you might like Kate! Had I met her, I most certainly would have married her!


Chapter 1:Interlude 1 – Work and House

So that was my first threesome with mum and Angela. It wasn't something we did often, they preferred my singular attention but it was exciting now and again. I'll take this opportunity to tell my story between this momentous weekend until I met my wife.

As I wrote in an earlier chapter, poor old Ted Graham (the bookie) kicked the bucket about two months after mum and me happened. His wife managed to keep the licence and she asked me to manage the place. Not yet 19, I was pretty young but I got on well. Bookmaking suited my skills. I was sharp, good at noticing things, in life and on paper, so I was keen with the odds and gained a reputation for fairness, often bettering the nationals and so pulling trade. I didn't mind taking a chance on a hunch, mind you, I wasn't silly. I never went too big, better to win half a dozen small ones than risk one big one! I was good at laying off bets as well. That's really the main mark of a good bookie, knowing when to hold on and when to lay off. So I did well for dear old Mrs G. and she was pretty generous as well. What with that, and my private betting, I was making a considerable amount of money.

I did this for just over a year before she decided to sell up. Her youngest daughter was following the others to New Zealand and she was going too. The shop was bought out by one of the national chains and, although they offered me the job of managing it, I decided that I'd had enough of bookmaking. I wanted something just a little bit challenging.

As manager of the local bookies I'd got to know many of the prominent people in the area, one of whom was the bank manager, Tom. When he heard that I was looking for another job he suggested that I try one of the City stockbrokers. He'd laughed and said that there wasn't much difference really between playing stocks and shares and playing the horses. You needed the same sort of skills. I liked the idea. It was a bit all 'nods and winks' but I got an interview and, when they heard I'd managed a bookies for nearly over a year, they were impressed enough to offer me a job on the floor.

Tom was right: there isn't much difference! Certainly not in the job I had, judging when to sell and buy. You had to have the same skills. Being able to notice small things and reach a conclusion without all the information, act on hunches but hunches based on some information, maybe not all. And you had to take chances. By nature, although you may be surprised, I'm not a gambler. Coming from someone who made a good living and a lot of money out of horses and stocks, I suppose that sounds strange but that's not really gambling. Gambling, in my opinion, is about taking a chance, usually a chance over which you have no control like a lottery, or Roulette, or Bingo, something like that. With horses and the stock market you have information. The skill is in making use of that information appropriately. I was lucky, I was good at it but it takes a lot of work.

I did well, before my 21st birthday I was one of the main men on the floor and dabbled in currency markets too. I was on good money and five figure bonuses. Things were going well.

Just before then I decided to ask mum, and Angela, if we could move. Camberwell was changing and I didn't like what it was changing into. I worried about them both. I often stayed in town overnight, particularly if I was entertaining a young lady. I'd got myself a little flat in the Barbican and I'd stay there if I had the prospect of getting my leg over. So, now and again, mum and Angela would be at home on their own. John was married now, had two kids would you believe, with another on the way, and he didn't see his mum that much.

I'd spotted a nice development in Dulwich, a suburb of South London, that was within walking distance of the local golf club – golf had become a major interest for me along with my cricket which I still played. There were only three houses, all very large with a lot of ground, totally different from where we lived then. So, one Sunday morning as I lay in bed with mum, I raised the issue.

"Mum, how do you feel about moving house?"

She didn't seem overly surprised but, "I don't know, we've lived here a long time.!

"Mmm," I said with a laugh, "over 20 years but mum," I went on more seriously, "it's changing. Look, I'm not happy with you, and Angela come to that, being on your own in the house quite so much and, well, you're not as safe on the streets as you used to be. Sorry mum, I just worry about you!"

She smiled and caressed my cheek, "Yes, you're a good son, in more ways than one. I suppose you're right really. It would be nice to have a garden Mike, I can't do much with this." All we had was a yard really, only a tiny patch of soil, but she did enjoy trying to make something of it. "But what about Angela? I wouldn't like leaving her on her own."

"No, neither would I. Mum, I thought she could come with us, you know, live in. You two would be together then."

She laughed, "Crafty bugger, you'd have us both in the same house!"

"Mmm," I said, "hadn't thought of that." Although Angela was almost 50 now I still found her attractive and I still made love to her. "How about it mum, can we talk it over?"

"Yes," she said, "have you anywhere in mind?"

So I told her about the development in Dulwich and the houses. "Why don't I ask Angela round this morning and we can discuss it?"

"Good idea. Now, how about holding me tight and kissing me!" Well, I always wanted to do that! So I did and we ended up making love again.

To cut a long story short, Angela was quite keen to move. She felt the changes more I think because she worked in the local Woolworth's. When I showed them the plans they were astonished at the size. There were five bedrooms, two with en-suite bathrooms, an enormous family bathroom, a lounge, dining room, study, downstairs shower room, kitchen, breakfast room, and utility room.

"Oh Mike," mum said, "this is fabulous but surely we can't afford something like this?"

"I'll buy it mum and give it to you. You and Angela can sell these houses and keep the money. You won't have to work unless you want to." I don't think either of them realised just how much money I was making and they were a bit surprised.

"Mike," said mum, "we'll have to get new furniture, curtains, you know, everything. It'll be expensive."

"Mum, I can afford it. You two enjoy yourselves." So it was done and we moved six months later. It was a wonderful period for mum and Angela. For the first time in their lives they didn't have to worry about money, although old habits die hard and they were still careful. By the time they'd finished the house looked fabulous. I had a bedroom of my own and they each had a bedroom with an en-suite. As I didn't often sleep alone at home it wasn't a problem! They gave a fantastic house warming party that coincided with my 21st birthday so it was a marvellous occasion and, although I didn't know it at the time, an important one as well.

So life went on. Now, happy that mum and Angela were safe, I would stay in town from Monday night until Thursday, coming home Friday after work. I led two lives really, the 'bachelor gay' (and I mean that in the old sense!) in the week and a stable 'family' man at the weekends. I worked very hard then building up my own business that I started just after we moved. Often I'd be at work until very late. I continued to date women and had numerous liaisons, some longer than others, but I still couldn't find that special feeling. I had money, and flash car, and a flat of my own so I had no difficulty in finding partners and I was something of a rake I suppose but I was careful. Aids wasn't really an issue then but VD was. That's mainly why I never stopped using condoms. I also had a check-up every six months. The last thing I wanted to do was to take something unwanted home to mum and Angela.

Yes, I was still sleeping (or rather not) with both of them. Mum was in her prime just then, her early forties were very happy years for her. She began to take an interest in the local community. She chided me about not finding a wife and I chided her about not getting another man.

"I don't want another man," she'd say, "I've got you. You're all the man I want."

Then we'd have our usual 'argument', well we didn't argue really, but she'd berate me for 'playing the field' saying I ought to settle down and I'd respond by saying that, if I did, she'd have to find someone else.

"I don't need that," she'd say, "I've had you all these years, that's enough."

I would make love to Angela as well. Not quite so often now, her desires were diminishing, but I still enjoyed them both. I know, I was in my early twenties and I was regularly fucking women well into middle age. It didn't matter to me, I loved them both, one far more than the other of course, but love them I did and I wanted them despite the fact that I was getting plenty elsewhere. I suppose that I have always had a large appetite for sex and I've been exceptionally lucky in being able to satisfy it.

Chapter 2:Interlude 2 – Business and Mum:

I was 22 when the next major event occurred. It was over Easter. John and his family, now four children, were staying with us as they often did. I was happy with that because their presence did satisfy some of mum's desire for grandchildren. Her and Angela sort of 'shared' the kids. John was happy with that and, as Mandy's parents had both passed away, she liked it as well. It also gave me the opportunity to play at being an 'uncle' and they always called me that. I'd taken John to the golf club for a round and we were sitting in the bar downing a bottle of good wine (we could walk home – one of the reasons I'd chosen the house in the first place) and chatting.

"Mike," he said pensively, "I know you don't like to talk business with golf but can I ask you something?"

"Sure, you know that John." I should say that I'd been quite generous to John. He was an electronics engineer and, although he was very good, clever and bright, he didn't get paid much so I'd helped him out with his house and things. Luckily he didn't resent it, we were very much like brothers you see, and by now I'd forgiven him for the letter to mum all those years ago.

He wanted to tell me about the ideas that he and the guy he was working with, a French-Canadian, had about computers. I won't go into detail but after several meetings it resulted in us forming a company with a third each based on their ideas and my money. I had to put £250,000 into the business because they had nothing but I didn't mind. I trusted John you see and my instincts, and my investigations, told me that this was a good idea. It also cemented our friendship again which helped us over some serious emotional problems in the future.

I kept my own investment company and, after expanding my office, ran the new company from there. Initially we had a research site in Southwark, just south of the river which John and Claude (our other partner) ran. It was dicey for 18 months and I had to find another £150,000 but, finally, we took off and after four years were really steaming. Claude pulled out then, he was homesick, so drifted off back to Canada, considerably richer I might add. We split his shares so I had 60% and John 40%. He was happy with that especially as I gave him the extra 7%!

By now my office had expanded and I had a PA, Heather by name. A very, very efficient woman in her twenties, married and expecting in about six months. I had two secretaries, a financial director, company secretary, and two assistants, so our office was 7 strong. Southwark had expanded to about 20 people dealing with R & D and marketing. Our third site, manufacturing mainly, was in the suburbs on an industrial estate employing nearly 60 staff. It was a fairly big organisation and we were making lots of money. Computers were beginning to take off and we were on board!

I was still spending weeknights in town, screwing around, still looking for Miss Right but unable to find her despite several quite long term relationships. I managed to bed quite a few of the girls who worked for us and got something of a reputation (as far as I understood) for being generous with money and good in bed. I didn't mess around with either of the two secretaries in my office. We have a saying where I come from, 'never crap on your own doorstep, it treads in', so although I was happy to dip into the talent at the research and factory sites, I never did at the office.

Weekends were pretty much the same. I still regularly made love with mum and, only occasionally now, with Angela. Mum's desire had not in any was diminished and she was still as sexy and desirable as ever and, as she had been through the menopause, sex was even better because I didn't have to wear anything. My own need for sex hadn't diminished, nor had my ability. I could still manage several times a night, sometimes even four with mum but she was special.

Mum, however, was becoming more concerned about my failure to find a partner. I was well over 26 now and I think she began to feel that it was my having sex with her that was the problem.

We were lying in bed one Sunday morning after another intense Saturday night of lovemaking. I'd noticed just a slight hesitation in her that night and I broached it with her.

"Mum, what's wrong? You didn't seem, oh I don't know, your usual self I suppose."

She was very serious as she sat up and looked down at me. She was naked and she was still bloody lovely! My eyes devoured her and she knew. "Mike," she said seriously, "Mike I'm worried about you."

"Worried? Why?"

"Oh Mike, you're 26 and still no wife. It's me, I know it's me. If we weren't doing this, sleeping together, you'd have a wife by now. It's my fault!" She seemed close to tears and I was surprised that it was affecting her this way. I wondered if it might be something else as well.

"Mum, I've told you before. What we do doesn't affect that. I see lots of girls. You know I've had two very close relationships." I had, one of nearly two years, the other just over a year, but neither, in the end, felt the same. I could never capture the same emotional feeling that I did with mum. Sex was fine, great, but that extra something was missing. "Mum," I said, "I could say the same. You haven't got another man have you. I know you've had 'suitors', especially since you started at Southwark." She worked for three days a week at the Southwark site in the marketing office. She had a bit of a knack in picking good ideas. I suppose that's where I got it from. I knew that one married guy had been very persistent. He was a bit of a slob and I was glad she'd seen him off. Recently she'd got to know our finance director. He was a very nice man about the same age as her, who'd lost his wife a couple of years before to cancer. I knew he was keen on her because he'd asked me if he could approach her. Why he asked me I don't know but I wasn't about to stand in her way so I encouraged him and tried to get them together in an offhand way.

"I have you," she said softly.

"Mum, if anything it's me that's holding you back. I know Joe Croft is interested in you, can't say I blame him really, and I know you've turned him down several times. Why mum?"

She looked scared now, "I don't know, oh Mike, it's been so long with another man, being with one other than you. How will they be, like those men I went out with when you were little? I couldn't stand that now, not after you. And you, you still haven't found anyone. Mike, it's difficult, so many emotions."

"Mum, we don't have to stop, not until we want to. Go out with Joe, see if you like him." I laughed, "A woman of your experience will be able to deal with him. He was married at 19 and faithful all his life. I should think you could eat him up in one go!"

She laughed back, "Mmm, but that was a long time ago."

"I don't think you've forgotten anything," I laughed, "certainly not with me!"

"You're awful." She smiled, "You're right. I have been thinking about him. He's a nice man, so polite, a real gentleman. I would like to go out with him. Do you mind?" Now I knew why she was upset. It was the possibility of us finishing. We both knew we would when I found a wife but I think she thought I may not and where would that leave me.

"Mind, mind, bloody hell, mum. Of course not. Nothing would make me happier than for you to find a husband. Oh mum," I said holding her tight, "go for it. What's to lose," then I laughed, "I don't think you'll have to fight Joe off. He might just need kick-starting."

She laughed, "Not like you then?"

"No," I said running my hands across her bottom, "certainly not like me," then I kissed her and we made love as always, softly and tenderly. Happily, she regained her usual poise and she did go out with Joe, but more of that later.

Chapter 3:Kate – the first meeting.

This discussion took place a couple of months before the 8th anniversary of Angela catching me with my little book, which I still had incidentally. Not that I used it any more, it was more of a keepsake. I always remembered that date, it was the start of so much for me. Oh, I didn't celebrate it or anything like that, just marked it with a cross in my diary so I could remember it.

We were expanding, taking on a couple of new research staff for Southwark, and John and I were conducting interviews. We were fairly modern about this, they were laid back affairs with soft office chairs and a coffee table. We had six candidates to see, 5 guys and one woman. We usually worked out the order by chance, pulling the names out of a hat then writing to them with times. By chance the woman was last. Her name was Katherine Rodgers. She was almost 21 at the time and had two years at university studying engineering but had given it up. Her application said she wanted to 'get her hands dirty' and was rather fed up with studying.

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