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The Women in My Life Ch. 03 Pt. 04


Here is Part 4 of 'Kate'. It introduces another couple so there are a few chapters with no sex but I hope you find them interesting for setting up what comes later..

The Warning:

If you have read this series before you will know what to expect; if not please take the time to read the introduction to TWIML, Ch.3-Pt.1. It does explain the story and how it is posted. I prefer it if my readers know what is coming! If you don't read that introduction then please don't complain about the content.

The same comments apply as to voting. Please do but if you don't like my story take the time to tell me why.

Please read and (I hope) enjoy in the knowledge that there is still more to come!

Chapter 23 Interlude:

I'll skip briefly over a few years now just writing about things that are important to the story of Kate.

We sorted out work almost straight away. Joe had already highlighted a couple of likely people and, after a few months, Kate and I withdrew 'upstairs'. Most of our work from then on consisted of marketing the company and it's products as well as dealing with other companies, setting up franchises, that sort of thing. We went to conferences all over the world as the company expanded. This allowed us a lot of freedom to do as we liked and we could travel a lot, something we both enjoyed.

As to children? Well we had a long discussion about that and, in the end, decided that, perhaps, we weren't cut out to have kids. We salved our consciences, I suppose, by 'adopting' kids in the third world, even visiting some, and by supporting projects there as well. Projects like building schools and orphanages. We also 'borrowed' John and Mandy's kids as well, having them for the weekend, taking them on holidays with us, that sort of thing. We became almost pseudo-parents but, of course, we had the advantage of being able to give them back.

It took lots of work but we finally managed to get John off the bottle as well. We formed a tiny development subsidiary and put John in charge. He worked with a couple of people coming up with new ideas. There was no pressure and he enjoyed it. He and Mandy were all right. He never found out about the two of us. Everyone felt it would be better if he didn't. I don't like keeping secrets but in this case I think that the feelings of the three women were correct.

Our marriage worked well. We were lucky, I suppose, in that we only had each other to think about and money was never an issue for us. We did, however, still work at our marriage. Our experience of nearly losing each other had made us realise how important that was. I've always thought that two things are important in a marriage. Sex and truth – in that order. From my experience of friends and colleagues (and that of Miranda of course) many marriages founder in the bedroom. All sorts of things can cause this, kids, money, stress, boredom, among many.

As I wrote, we were lucky, kids and money were never a problem (well you know what I mean!). Stress had exacerbated our difficulties but we overcame that as well. Because we were both sexually active, enjoyed sex with each other, boredom however, could have become a problem. Look, I loved Kate more than anything and she loved me, but you can still find having sex with the same person all the time unexciting, uninteresting, or unsatisfying. Perhaps it's the way we are made but, if you think about it, eating your favourite meal every day of the week would soon make you tired of it, or at least fuel the desire to spice it up.

I think we became aware of this unconsciously and it's only now, as I look back and as I discuss things with Miranda, that I realise how fortunate we were to have dealt with this. Early on we seemed to need this 'spice' in our love life. Of course we had all the sorts of sex that mum had taught me and Kate over the years – we were both practised in the bedroom certainly but that wasn't enough.

Kate always felt that she had to be provocative in the bedroom (and outside on occasion!) and that seems to be common in our culture. For some reason the responsibility for perking things up in bed seems to have fallen on women – I'm not sure I agree with that. Well, for Kate, it didn't pose a problem. She didn't have two or three kids to look after, didn't have to worry about how she was going to put food on the table or about what her husband was up to at work. She was always (well almost always) ready for sex although, unlike mum and Angela, she didn't like sex during her period. Mind you the night after it ended was always a busy one for me!!

I remember that someone said, I think it was Jerry Hall and I might have got it wrong, that most men wanted their wives to be a chef in the kitchen, a mother in the lounge, and a whore in the bedroom. I suspect that's pretty near the mark really and Kate certainly attempted to live up to mum's performances. She was always surprising me with clothes and lingerie, the latter sometimes of the most provocative variety.

I don't suppose I'm much different from most men but, in this case, I always felt that it was always important for me to let her know how much I appreciated her. To tell her how much I loved her, how important she was to me, how beautiful she looked. I think women need this, it makes them feel sexy and sure of their man. This helps them feel good about themselves and, in the end, more receptive to male advances. It's true, I suppose, what a friend of mine said just before his marriage failed: 'A married man only gets sex when his wife wants it'. That wasn't my experience but it was certainly his and, I suspect, that of many other married men but then, perhaps it's our fault as well. If Kate was feeling down, tired, bored even, I would do my best to jog her out of it. You have to be a pretty good judge to notice some of these things and you have to work at it. A small present, a compliment, some help around the house, an unexpected kiss. All these things would send a subtle message to her which she usually received.

We worked at our marriage in the bedroom in other ways as well. Fortunately we could talk about sex to each other, that's where truth came in. What we liked, what we didn't like (not much there!), how to please each other, this sort of thing. We also used toys – well most of the time I used toys on Kate; something I enjoyed doing for her. We read each other stories of the more adult kind and we watched videos together. Yes adult videos, just men and women having sex, nothing extreme. It gave us ideas, the women were pretty, and the men handsome. The major way of spicing up our sex life however, was by role playing, pretending to be other people, to be in other situations. After time these got quite sophisticated and I may write about them later.

So our life was good and we realised how lucky we were and they were very happy years travelling, meeting people, and working, not too hard, for the company.

Chapter 24 Swinging:

The next major change in our life occurred when Kate was 32.

I should describe her then. As I've written above, Kate wasn't classically beautiful. Her mouth was a touch too wide and her chin showed her stubborn character but she had a marvellous smile and her eyes could set men on fire. She was what I would call 'fetching'. A fairly uncommon word which means very attractive, captivating, charming. Kate had that poise that comes to a confident, secure, and powerful, woman, for powerful she was. As she grew into her thirties she carried just a little more weight that gave her more of a 'forties' look which, frankly, I found absolutely fantastic growing up as I had with the film goddesses of the time - and she knew it! She always wore her hair in a rather old-fashioned way and the overall impression was something akin to Rita Hayworth in those musicals she made with Fred Astaire. In short, and not to put to finer point on it, she was bloody gorgeous and she knew that as well! So did most of the men she met. She seemed to exude that something that made men notice her although there may have been younger and more beautiful women around. She was almost always the centre of attention at conferences, meetings, dinners, etc. There weren't quite so many women in powerful positions then in Europe and men were often surprised at her business acumen and her ability to speak to them on their own terms. Propositions she got aplenty but, thankfully, she always turned them down. Mind you I didn't do too badly. At 37 I was still fit, hadn't lost my wits, and was reasonably attractive. It was well known, in our circle anyway, that we were very happily married and Kate was only seriously propositioned on the Continent.

So what happened?

It began at the end of a very busy but enjoyable couple of weeks. We'd been at computer fairs in both Milan and Madrid, to a conference in Paris, and to a couple of meetings in Germany. Well, as you can imagine, both of us had enjoyed the travel and the meeting people, Kate being the centre of attention in most of the groups within which we found ourselves. She was in her element here and, I suspect, she broke several hearts and disappointed quite a few powerful men. Young men, and I mean those in their early twenties, were particularly subject to her feminine witchcraft – not that she tried however, it just came naturally. One particular example, involving an older man, will show how she dealt with this. It was in Milan at the computer fair there. We were introduced to a couple of executives from a major Italian computer company and it was obvious that they were both taken with Kate. The older one, a very handsome Rossano Brazzi type about fifty I should think, buttonholed her early on and gave a fair impression of a limpet for the next hour or so. Kate was enjoying herself. Her Italian wasn't too bad and his English was good so they chatted amicably.

I was drawn off by his colleague and I couldn't help wondering whether this wasn't intentional as I thought about it afterwards. They had pestered our Italian colleagues for the introduction and had obviously found out all about Kate and me. He didn't get me far enough away that I couldn't watch what was going on however. His colleague inched closer and closer to Kate sometimes bending to whisper in her ear, sometimes touching her in that familiar Italian way. This sort of thing didn't bother Kate, she was used to it, but she would only put up with so much. That point was reached when his hand slid down her back and onto her arse. I could understand his desire to touch her there; she was wearing a very attractive trouser suit that showed her figure off to perfection. At the same time her leant forward and whispered in her ear.

'Mmm,' I thought, 'this will be interesting' because I knew he had gone too far. Ah, you may think, but she might fancy him. Well, I was confident that even if she did, she wouldn't do anything about it, so I wasn't surprised at what happened next. Her hand reached down and, firmly taking hold of his wrist, removed his hand from her arse. Then she leant forward and whispered in his ear before turning away and coming over to me. He looked rather put out as his eyes followed her gorgeous rear across the room. As she arrived back with me the guy I was chatting to returned to his pal and they left rather quickly.

"What did you say to him?" I asked with a smile.

She laughed, "Cheeky bastard. Do you know what he said?"

"I can guess."

"He said I had a lovely bottom and he'd like to get to know it better."

"Then what?"

"Well I took his hand off my arse then I told him that only one man got to know my arse well and that was my husband. Perhaps he'd like to dwell on that fact as he lay next to his wife tonight."

I laughed again, "You know you look bloody fantastic. I'm not surprised that they proposition you."

"Mmm," she murmured quietly, "but I like to look nice for you!"

So I kissed her, "And you always do!"

What I didn't realise at the time was that this sort of attention had been and was affecting her. I found that out when we got home that weekend.

We arrived home on Friday and just slept leaving Saturday night for our usual long lovemaking session. We almost always used Saturday night because it gave us the opportunity to start early, finish late, and carry on in the morning – something Kate enjoyed. It never bothered me, by the way, that this was a routine because it was a bloody enjoyable one and we did make love at other times.

I did notice, however, that Kate seemed to be, I don't know how to describe it really, different I suppose. She seemed to be trying harder than usual to please me. Not that she didn't normally, it was just a bit different. Look, I loved her so much, needed her so much, that I was always conscious of how she behaved, particularly in the bedroom, so I noticed this. I didn't say anything but she was the same in the morning when sex was mainly for her.

After she'd achieved her second orgasm we lay together, her in my arms. I kissed her forehead and said, "Kate love, what is it?"

I felt her tense as she said, "Nothing, why?"

I took a deep breath; this was dangerous for me. I might hear something that I didn't want to – not that I had any idea, any suspicion other that that sense that she was trying harder than usual.

"Kate love, something is wrong. I can tell. You're tense now and, well, you've been different since we got home."

Now she felt like a coiled spring, her body rigid in tension. "Oh Mike, Mike, I'm sorry!" and she started to cry.

Well, by now I was beginning to panic. That black pit of emptiness from all those years ago suddenly opened inside me and I felt sick.

I held her tight but she pulled away and looked at me, eyes full of tears, "I'm sorry, so sorry," still crying she pulled me back to her and hugged tight.

"Kate, Kate, you're frightening me. Kate, tell me, please!"

"Oh darling, I don't know how to say it. Oh I'm so sorry. I don't want to hurt you!" More tears.

Now panic set firmly in, "Kate don't go on like this, tell me please!"

"I want another man!" she whispered softly in my ear

Another MAN. My world began to collapse. She wanted another man!! Despair began to overwhelm me, the black pit grew, and the sickness in my stomach worsened.

"Who is he?" I managed to say through clenched teeth. Even then I knew that I had to be careful. Not to be confrontational because I knew, knew deep in my soul that, if there was another man, as long as I could go on loving her and she loving me, I could cope with it. What I couldn't live with was the idea of losing her completely.

"Oh no, no. You don't understand. Oh Mike, Mike I'm so sorry. I've hurt you haven't I. Forgive me?"

Relief flowed across my body – not another man – well not a specific one anyway but . . .?? "Kate love, I don't understand," and I kissed her. Forgive her, of course I'd forgive her, "Kate you know I'd forgive you anything. I love you."

This started her crying again, "I didn't know how to tell you, how to say it love." She seemed to calm somewhat. "It's something I've been feeling for a while. I just got on top of me after the last two weeks."

"I still don't understand love."

"It's just, oh Mike I still love you, I still want you, but . . . Oh I know this will hurt you." More tears.

I held her close, "Shush angel mine (pet name!), tell me what you mean. It won't hurt me because I know you love me."

She stopped crying and moved away, fixing me with her lovely eyes, "Mike I keep thinking about another man, having another man, a different man from you – no one in particular. Two men, you and someone else, together. There, I've said it." She looked determined and that slightly stubborn look came over her face. "It's just, just . . . All those men. They want me, I know they do and I just . . . Oh Mike what would it be like – another man." Now more tears as she came back into my arms sobbing.

"Shush now, shush. No more tears." I looked into her eyes, "I understand love. Don't worry, I understand." And I did.

For all her sophistication and experience in the bedroom Kate was naïve in many ways. Before me she'd not had any boyfriends, never been taken out, kissed, courted, anything like that. Even our courtship, if you can call it that, was strange. Then her affair with Geoff, tied as it was to so much emotional upheaval in our lives, didn't provide very much worldly experience. Now she was a mature, attractive, elegant, and powerful woman with a high sex drive. She was seeing possibilities in life as well as on the videos we watched. That's another thing isn't it. If you open the Pandora's Box of adult movies you may open desire as well.

My feeling at the time, however, was one of relief. This I could deal with, we could deal with. Something we could control together.

She held me tightly for a while then, "It's all right you know," she said, "I don't have to. I love you and I'm happy with you."

She knew how to make me feel good, that's for sure, but we had always been truthful to each other. "Kate love, I'm not going to lie to you, it frightens me," she went to interrupt, "no, wait, let me finish. Kate if it's something you want, something you need, then I want it as well." I stroked her cheek, "I know you love me, perhaps you just need to experience something different."

"Oh Mike, I've tried, tried to shut it out but it keeps on coming back. What would it be like now that I'm older. How would it feel with another man. Oh love, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't feel like this."

"Come on, hold me. Now," I said firmly, "how do we get you another man?"

"You would, you would really?" She seemed surprised.

"Kate, I love you, I don't own you, you know that. What I want is for you to be happy and, if that means you have another partner in bed, then so be it. If it helps you grow and it helps us together then it's important we try. So, this feeling has been around for a while?"

"Mmm," she said calmer now as I showed her I understood, "it has love but the last two weeks. Oh dear, it was overwhelming. That guy in Italy – he was so intense and, oh I'm sorry, I just found myself wondering what it would be like with him. Not that I really fancied him," she added quickly, "it's just . . . Oh you do understand don't you?"

"Yes love, I do. I've had much more experience with women than you have with men so I understand the feeling. So, how do we get you another man?" I asked again sure that she must have thought about it.

She looked pensive, as if she were weighing up what to say next. "Well, errm, I've been reading the letters in Penthouse about swapping, swinging, you know, changing partners," she looked at me archly, "that way you'd have someone new as well." I think it was her way of trying to make it easier for me. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I had all the woman I needed in bed beside me so, "Mmm," I said thoughtfully, "that might be interesting!"

"Now," she said with a laugh and regaining something of her old self, "don't you think you can ignore me."

"Oh, I don't think I could ever do that," I said with a smile.

We spent the rest of the morning talking about this and, finally, both agreed that we would try it out and see if we could find a couple that we hit it off with. We were both aware that this might be difficult. We agreed that we each had to OK both of the others and that we all had to get on well. We decided we would meet potential couples at a neutral place, a restaurant probably, have a meal, and get to know them. No rushing into things because we were aware, from several letters in various magazines, that some couples had had severe difficulties after 'swapping' and had broken up. We didn't think that would happen to us but we were going to be careful.

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