tagNovels and NovellasThe Women in My Life Ch. 03 Pt. 06

The Women in My Life Ch. 03 Pt. 06


WOW!! Seems I've upset some readers! So a short response as several are the ubiquitous 'anonymous'. Three points. The first reiterating the intro to Pt.1 – this is F A N T A S Y. Secondly, it is written because I enjoy writing it – I share it in the hope it will please (obviously wrong!). The stories are on an erotic story website – what do you readers expect - there aren't many 'functional' families found here! I can also assure all readers that my stories will be submitted for neither the Pulitzer nor Whitbread prizes!

Lastly and, for me the most important, concerns the way the story developed. This seems to have hit a nerve. So – a rant! The swinging was developed for two reasons. First: to examine how it might affect Mike and Kate (I've never done it so I was making it up as I went along – fantasy remember!). Second: as this is an EROTIC story I wanted to develop more sexual avenues to explore, threes and fours, etc.

Now the crux of the complaints which, frankly, surprise me. Mike as a 'wimp' because he 'allows' (a man doesn't own a woman) her to explore her sexuality with another man? I don't think so! And don't forget that, whilst Kate is with Toni, Mike is with Gina. It's OK for him is it to screw other women but his wife other men? Do I detect a whiff of hypocrisy here and a fairly good helping of double standards? Oh, by the way, a whore is a prostitute (look up the definition) or a promiscuous woman. Kate has had three men in her life and has never sold her body so she is neither. Frankly, the use of such a term says more about the users attitude to women than about Kate!

Rant over! Here is Part 6 of 'Kate'. Quite short – just that next night at the villa (which is quite interesting) and then back home. Mark it how you will. I used to worry about low marks but now I just hope that those of you who do appreciate the story will continue to do so and see it in the context in which it is written. I will finish this and I will post it but it's slowing down at present because of other pressures. Not to mention the fact that, although I welcome all feedback, that of a negative nature does tend to make one less inclined to post stories – but that is a risk we take when we allow them.

Chapter 32 *That Night

Oral/Straight/Oral/Anal/Shower play

Finally she smiled seductively at me then turned to Gina and Toni, "I think I'm going to have to take him to bed. Come on darling, time for some fun." I think the situation affected us both really. The potential for some very exciting combinations, the villa, the summer, and the weather all came together on those first days to heighten our sexual drive. She stood, took my hand and dragged me upstairs, kissing me on the way and, I noticed, swaying her arse back and forth especially for Toni.

I showed her into the bedroom and smacked her arse gently, "Showing your arse off to Toni were you," I said with a laugh.

"Mmm, do you mind?"

"No, not really as long as I can watch as well."

"What," she said laughing but noting my reply as well, "watch my arse or watch him taking it?"

"Come here minx," I said gruffly because I wanted her, "both" and I held her close, running my hands across her wonderful bottom cheeks. She responded by grabbing my head and planting a forthright kiss on my lips.

"Fuck I want you. You don't need to shower. I've got something special for you tonight. Wait on the balcony," she added, "it's a lovely night." Off she went to shower in the tiny cubicle while I undressed and slipped on one of our silk dressing gowns then went out onto the balcony. It was a lovely night. The lake was dead calm like a giant mirror reflecting the light from an almost full moon and the stars twinkled on the water. This high up there was a slight breeze that just, only just, rustled the leaves and I could hear the night chorus of various insects, cicadas and the like. With delight I noticed the odd firefly trying desperately to attract a mate and I realised how exceptionally lucky I was to be alive. I was standing there sinking into this lovely reverie for quite some time while Kate got ready and I was almost surprised by her tap on my shoulder. I turned and looked at her, moonlight on her face and the light from our room behind. Her face was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Then I looked down!

She had found something special!

I'll start at the top. She was wearing her hair somewhat 'wild' tonight. Not untidy, not un-brushed, but wild. She told me it took longer to get it like this than to wear it as usual. I liked it. It gave her a sort of unbridled look, as if anything were possible. She was wearing just a touch more make-up than usual as well, heavier eye shadow and dark red lipstick. This was a sort of sign, I knew, that she felt more wanton, uninhibited; tonight would be a wild ride!

Now, what she was wearing? WOW! A full bodice, a basque I think it's called, covering her breasts right down to her tummy button where the material tapered to a point just above her pussy. The material itself was a brilliant white shiny fabric, satin I think, that was cool to the touch and incredibly sexy next to my skin.

Attached to this bodice were thin white suspenders holding up white lace stockings that finished mid-thigh. The 'V' of her sex was covered by the tiny triangle of the material of her knickers, worn over the suspenders of course, the rest of which consisted of little more than thin string.

Wearing three inch platform shoes made her almost as tall as me and the whole thing was finished off by silk gloves that reached mid way between elbow and shoulder.

She looked . . . bloody fantastic. I was unable to speak for a few moments. The whole effect was increased tenfold by the subtle light of the moon shining on the white material. It gave her an ethereal, ghostly, quality that was almost overwhelming.

"Oh Kate, Kate my darling. You look, oh god, you look like an angel."

She stroked my cheek, "It's for you love, only for you." I held her tight to me. No sexual feelings here despite her dress and the situation, just a feeling of love, of happiness, and of belonging. Belonging to her, being for her. Then she ran her fingers through my hair, pulling my lips to hers. It was a wonderful kiss, full of love, of desire tempered by that love. Her kisses moved then, to my cheek, my eyes, then my neck. Her hands reached down and loosed my gown and slipped it off my shoulders.

"You're beautiful too. I love you." Then she kissed me and boy did she kiss. She seemed to want to feel me, touch me, as if to ensure I was 'real'. After my lips her mouth moved to my cheek then my neck and then shoulder. All the while her hands were running over my body, down my back to my hips then across my bottom. Not squeezing, almost not sexual, but possessive. Every now and then she would stop kissing or licking and just whisper in my ear. "I love you. Your body is mine. It's wonderful." Words like that. She didn't touch my cock at all but, of course, this gentle caressing was having the obvious effect on JT who was beginning to get very interested indeed.

She wouldn't let me touch her either. Every time I reached for her she said, "No, in a minute. I want to feel you, touch you. You're mine you know," she said with a smile, "all mine!" The way she said it, well it made me feel, how can I say without seeming stupid, important. But then that's not really the word, valued, wanted, needed. I don't know how long she did this for but, finally, she pulled back and smiled.

"Your turn now. Let's stay out here, please."

I nodded and now I kissed her, following the same route across her neck and shoulders down to her breasts where the nipples, erect now, were only just showing. I like this sort of underwear but it does have one major disadvantage, it covers things up, but I made do! I kissed the top of her breasts right round and under her arms before sinking to my knees before her. She normally felt the same way as I did about kneeling in front but I looked up and put my finger to my lips telling her I wanted to do this.

I ran my hands down across waist and hips catching the knickers as I did so and pulling them over her thighs. I noticed she was pretty wet already and I cold smell the heat of her arousal. She was still as I eased the knickers completely off, lifting her foot to do so, but there were tiny movements of her hips towards my face, level with her pussy, and I knew what she wanted. I was going to make her wait a while, however, so, easing her feet apart, I started kissing the inside of her legs from knee to crotch then down again. Her hips began a slow, sultry movement then and her knees bent slightly.

"Don't tease darling, please."

Well, I didn't want to tease any more so I just looked up at her, smiled, then dived into her lovely pussy. Always more difficult to get at like this, Kate's sex was right between her legs unlike some women who have their vaginas more front facing. It is amazing, isn't it, how different such a simple thing can be. I nibbled away for a while, using my tongue to tease her clit then bending right between her legs to suck her juices which were now flowing freely. She didn't take much of this!

"Oh shit Mike, I want you inside me. Sit on the bloody chair, I'll sit on you."

I stood, smiled, and said with an exaggerated bow and a smile "Your wish is my command oh princess," then turned and sat on one of the small chairs on the veranda. Luckily it wasn't too difficult to just slide forward a bit so she could straddle my hips. She reached down and held my cock tightly upright then found the head with her pussy before settling slowly down. My cockhead was engulfed in a warm, wet paradise as the silky smooth walls of her vagina gently caressed me.

"Oh fuck Kate, that is marvellous."

"Mmm, it is good isn't it," she said smiling down at me seductively. "Want some more?"

"Silly question!"

"Mmm, suppose it is," and she settled further down. "Oh bugger, that is fucking good. All the way now," and she did, she took me all inside. I had to thrust upwards into her then which resulted in a loud yelp and, "Oh you bugger!! Yes, yes, yes, do that."

Now she was bouncing and, but for the uncomfortable position I found myself in, I would have cum. Of that I am sure because she was squirming about like jellyfish, grinding her hips down on me, rocking back and forth and side to side. She kept up a constant barrage of noise, moans, incoherent words, little yelps as her movements triggered a squeeze of her clit. I think she was in almost constant orgasm. A women like this is quite an impressive sight, a bit frightening as well to be honest.

Suddenly she raised her head, "Move love! I want you to fuck me while I look at the lake." She got up and positioned herself leaning forward over the balcony wall with her bottom sticking out. I stood then suddenly felt as if we weren't alone. Looking to the other balcony I saw Gina and Toni quietly watching us. Kate knew because she was looking at them as well as back at me. How long they'd been there I don't know.

"Fuck me Mike, I want you to fuck me. Put your cock inside me, deep, hard. Now, please!" This was a bit more verbal than Kate usually was so I assumed it was for them and, I must admit, I did feel excited at the thought of them watching me fuck Kate. JT was rabid, as hard as iron so I moved behind her and found her pussy with my cock.

"Oh bloody hell yes, fuck me! Fuck me now!" So I did, driving forward deep inside her in one go. She looked sideways, as did I, to see how Gina and Toni would take this. They seemed fascinated as I banged away at Kate's pussy. I could hear my hips hitting her thighs with a soft slap and I drove in even harder.

"Oh yes, yes, yes. I going to cum you beast. You're making me cuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm!"

"Oh god Kate. Aaaaggggghhhh," was my response as her gripping vagina caused my first ejaculation of the evening. I held her hips tightly and pushed hard inside her, jetting spunk on each deep thrust. I like being watched, I thought to myself, and I turned to the two youngsters and smiled. Kate wasn't finished however, she had more to show them.

She straightened up causing my cock to slip from her pussy then she turned and knelt. Putting a finger to her lips, a smile, and a slight shake of the head told me this was for them so I said nothing as she looked up at me.

"Ooohhh this is a lovely cock. I want to suck it. Do you want me to?" Well she didn't wait for an answer, just grabbed my softening cock and covered the head with her mouth.

"Fuck Kate, oh Kate!" She knew, of course, that my cock would be very sensitive after my cum so she was thoughtful – she didn't suck too hard!. She must have spent five minutes working my cock, ensuring it didn't go too soft, playing with my balls all the while casting glances at Gina and Toni who had remained quiet throughout this exhibition. I'd glanced at them a couple of times and saw they were fascinated by what was going on. I was pretty excited as well!

I suppose Kate must have figured they'd seen enough because she stood and whispered, loud enough for them to hear I might add, "Come on, I want you to fuck me some more!", and, with a lovely smile at the other balcony, took my hand and dragged me inside.

"Oh god Mike, that was so bloody exciting," she said then she must have realised that she'd forgotten about me. "Oh love, I'm sorry, I got carried away."

I smiled and held her tight, "No sweetheart, you got fucked then you carried me away!"

"You didn't mind?"

"No. It was quite exciting wasn't it?" I said caressing her bottom cheeks.

"Bloody hell Mike, I never realised that being watched could be like that."

I laughed, "I think we both enjoyed it. I wonder what they thought?"

She laughed back, "Well, they didn't say anything and they kept watching so I suppose they enjoyed it as well. I'll find out tomorrow from Gina. Now," she said firmly as she took hold of my cock, "that feels nice and hard again. How about you fuck me properly then you take my arse?"

I growled and pulled her close, "Minx!" I said laughing as I gently lowered her to the bed. She fell backwards with a laugh and lay there with her legs open looking up at me.

"Come on beast, stick that big tool in my tool-box!"

I couldn't stop laughing then, "'Tool in your tool-box'? Where did that come from?"

"I just thought it up," she said with a pout which was followed by and extreme poking out of her tongue. "Why, don't you want to put your tool away?"

"Down devil woman," I said with a laugh and knelt between her legs. Taking my cock in hand I wiped the head up and down over her very wet pussy then down across her perineum to her anus.

"Naughty boy," she said with a laugh, "that box is for later."

"And a very tempting box it is as well," I laughed, "that this tool will fit in exactly."

"Beast! Come here and kiss me." So I did and, at the same time, pushed my 'tool' into her delightful 'box', very wet now with her juices and my previous cum.

"Oh fuck that is bloody goooooooood," she said as her mouth found mine. Then, "Don't you dare cum yet. I want to feel you for a while. Now fuck me nice and slow. Oh yes, that's it, oh! Slow!"

I was! Gently moving inside her enjoying the silky clasp of her vaginal walls as my cock slid back and forth. Her legs came up to hold me tightly to her but I still managed to continue small, fucking, movements. Then side to side and up and down easing my cock inside her at a different angle.

"Oh love, that's nice. Don't stop, please." She was shuddering now and I could feel her pussy gripping me even tighter as her orgasm took hold. Her legs gripped me tight and I enjoyed feeling the lace stockings on my buttocks. Her hand pulled my lips to hers and they met in a powerful kiss. Fingers ran through my hair as she held me tight and moaned into my mouth.

"If you cum now, and fill me at the front with another dose of that lovely white medicine, can you do some more," she said as our lips parted and she smiled up at me. I nodded hopefully. "I love your cum inside me, filling me. Then I want some up my arse," she smiled and stroked my cheek, "will that be OK beast. My beast, my stud, my stallion. Mine, all mine." It was strange, this possessiveness. She'd not shown this before in previous years and I wondered if it was a result of sharing, swinging. She seemed to be treating me as her possession to dispose of. Oh don't get me wrong, I didn't mind. As far as I was concerned, I was hers; hers totally and completely.

"Good," I said smiling down at her, "I like being yours. Soon," I continued breathlessly, "soon darling." I managed to break the tight hold of her legs and began to move again, pushing deep inside and letting myself experience the pleasure of her body. It didn't take long for me to reach that height and feel the cum pulsing along my cock and spurting into her.

"Oh my god Kate," was all I could manage as I tried to push each pulse even deeper inside her. She knew, of course, feeling the pulses along my cock, and that brought her to another high. The muscles of her vagina milked my cock, draining even more spunk, and it began to soften under this assault from her body. I slipped sideways off her and lay on my back. This was to be a long night however, because she was nowhere near finished yet!

"That was lovely," she said breathlessly as she leant her head on one elbow and looked down at me. "You look tired," she said with a sexy smile, "I do so hope you're not tooooo tired," and her hand crept across my chest, my tummy, and then to my, by now, fairly limp, dick. "Oh dear," she said petulantly and with and enormous pout, "it looks like he's gone to sleep. I suppose I'll have to rouse him again?"

"Kate love, I can't wait for you to begin but . . ."

She smile that sexy smile of hers, "I suppose you need a rest . . .?" I nodded. "Oh bloody hell! You men!! All right, cuddle me. I want to feel you next to me – but don't you take too long!"

I laughed, "I'm sorry love but you are the sexiest woman alive," she raised her eyebrows, "well to me anyway. I can't help it."

"I know," she said, "and I still love you. Cuddle me." So I did. I don't know how long we lay there but I was in that wonderful land of reverie, thinking of her, of Gina, and of the warmth of her body as it pressed to mine. I knew she would want to 'wake' me. What would she do, I thought. Her mouth possibly but . . .?

How long it was I don't know but she finally began to bite my ear lobes, something always likely to excite me, and she whispered, "Wake up because I do so want you to fuck me," she said kneeling up then gently sucking her finger and using her 'naïve innocent' voice. "You promised," enormous pout, "and I shall be so, so disappointed if you can't." Now she reached for my cock, "Ooohhh, it's little now, not much good in my arse yet. I want it in my arse you know. It feels sooooo nice stretching me there. I can feel it you know, as it goes in. It is big but it does go. It's so nice when it goes past my tight little rosebud. Is it nice for you?"

Well! This is sort of like being masturbated by words. All the while her eyes were devouring me and her hand was gently stroking my cock. The fact that the whole thing was delivered in that 'innocent' style made it even more exciting.

"Yes Kate, it is nice." Keep it simple, she wasn't finished yet!

"Good! Do you like it when it gets deeeep inside. It's lovely then. You're cock is sooooo big and it fills me right up, stretches my bottom. Then you start to fuck my arse with that lovely cock, sliding in and out, back and forth, up and down. Is that nice?"

Yes, that is nice so was her hand on my hardening cock! Throat dry, breathing shallow, I could only nod.

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