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The Women in My Life Ch. 03 Pt. 07


Here is Part 7 of 'Kate'. Swinging! Well at least the first 'swap' so those of you who think Mike is a 'wimp' should stop now! Although, in truth, most of this is about Mike and Gina – so perhaps he's not quite such a wimp after all? Kate's feelings are explained as well so perhaps you will understand her. To Anons UK and US thanks for your support and, no, Joy and Mike will not get together again. It's not how I see things developing because I think it would threaten their marriages but I am working on a 'one last fling' for Joyce. You may be able to guess who with but, as always, I'm trying to make it believable and then to figure out how to 'voice' it.

Just a note about relationships. Several contacts have suggested some form of father/daughter or mother/son liaisons. Well not possible for Mike and Kate for reasons explained but . . . Toni and Gina do fill a hole in their lives in more ways than one! So be understanding of the feelings that are developing.

The Warning:

If you have read this series before you will know what to expect; if not please take the time to read the introduction to TWIML, Ch.3-Pt.1. It does explain the story and how it is posted and I prefer it if my readers know what is coming! If you don't read that introduction then please don't complain about the content.

Chapter 34 Toni and Gina arrive

The next couple of weeks shot by. Kate was on the phone to Gina regularly and I could sense that there was something important building between them. I spoke to Toni a couple of times just to make sure really that he felt OK about coming over. He seemed happy and he said that Gina was looking forward to the visit. I did finally get him to admit that he was looking forward to it as well, especially seeing Kate again! I must admit that I was looking forward to seeing them again – and not just at the prospect of Gina!

Well, the weekend finally arrived and I must admit to some excitement. It was probably catching because Kate was so bubbly it was wonderful to see. Of course the other thing to remember was that Kate was coming off her period and was always, and I mean ALWAYS, very hot just then. This, together with the excitement of having Toni to herself, which I assume was the plan – she hadn't mentioned to me what the arrangements were, I assumed she and Gina had sorted it all out on the phone.

We met them at the airport around mid-afternoon. They both looked fantastic as they came through the arrivals lounge. Gina, dressed in tight jeans that clung to her hips and thighs and really accentuated her figure, drew admiring glances from most of the men hovering about. Add to that a loose blouse in vibrant dark red and she was a knockout. Toni, also wearing tight jeans, looked pretty good as well – at least Kate said he did. I wasn't jealous but, as I looked at him, I regretted my youth because I could see that he had an arse that would attract most women (and men I suppose if they were that way inclined). Tall, slim, wearing just a shirt open to mid chest, he looked like a fashion model on holiday. As a couple they attracted attention because they looked so casual yet so fantastically sexy it wasn't true. The funny thing was that they didn't realise it!

Off course it was great when they saw us and rushed over. Gina threw her arms round my neck and gave me a big kiss that made me wish we weren't in the arrivals lounge and, as Toni approached Kate, she threw her arms round his neck and did the same to him. Then we were talking, chattering. It was amazing really, how good it felt to see them and, it seemed, they felt that way too. Not to mention that most of the people there, impressed I'm sure by these two 'beautiful people', were staring at us all now wondering, I'm sure, what was going on.

Toni pulled away from Kate and turned to me, "It is good to see you again Mike," then smiling confidently at Kate, "and to see you, the most," he looked at Gina who, with a big smile one her face shook her head, "OK, the second most, beautiful woman here."

"You are becoming cheeky," said Kate with a big smile then kissed his cheek somewhat less passionately, remembering where she was probably. "Oh it is good to see you both. Isn't it Mike?"

"Yes," I said laughing and turning to Gina, "especially to see the most beautiful woman here!"

Kate pouted outrageously. God knows what everyone thought was going on then she laughed. "I'll get you for that," she said playfully as she pecked my cheek.

"Come on," I said, "it's a long walk to the car. We can chat on the way." We did, talking about something and nothing, enjoying being in their company. Toni had changed over these few weeks. He was much more confident, sure of himself; particularly with Kate. I suspect that his continued sexual activity and his lovely wife was making him aware of his charm and his attractiveness. He didn't go over the top however, and that was nice. He was still very respectful, almost in awe of Kate. Again, I suspect that he was so aware of her femininity, and of her effect on him. I caught him looking at her once or twice when he didn't notice and the desire in his eyes was plain – mind you Kate had dressed in a lovely summer dress that showed off her figure and she was making it plain that she wanted him.

As for Gina? Well, pretty much the same really. Knowing she had an attractive man and that she was attractive herself, seemed to build her confidence and, although she was unpractised at playing the coquette, she was bloody sexy! And those jeans? WOW!!! Kate kept on digging me in the ribs every time I fell behind (not on purpose – honestly!) because I found it difficult to take my eyes off her absolutely delightful swaying arse.

Being with them, knowing I suppose that things were settled (well I assumed that Gina and Kate had settled everything), meant we could be at ease with each other. No tension about the future. We all knew that, at some time in the next few days, we would swap partners. What would happen after that was in the hands of fate. I hoped we could continue and go on but that was impossible to know just now.

We got back to the house about 4 pm. I must admit that they were impressed. Well it is a nice house but I suppose I'm bound to think that because I've lived most of my adult life here. We plonked their cases in the hall and showed them around downstairs first with a quick look at the garden, extended since we'd bought the small copse at the end. Then upstairs to the bedrooms.

Kate grabbed Toni's arm and dragged him into 'ours', the master bedroom. If you've read about my MILF hunt and 'capture' by Miranda you'll know that it is big. "This is 'our' bedroom," she said making the word 'our' completely ambiguous because she was staring in his eyes when she said it. "Look, a great big bed and ever so comfy," she continued making it quite clear that she couldn't wait to try him out on it! Despite his new found confidence Toni was beginning to crack by now. Kate could always do that to him, I don't think he ever lost his awe of her.

"Kate," I said with a laugh, "leave him alone."

She pouted, "Don't be a spoilsport. Anyway, why don't you show Gina 'her' bedroom." Again she made it quite clear exactly what she meant. It seemed that the bedrooms would belong to the woman and Toni and I would be shunted between. Well I couldn't think of a better way to spend my nights so I turned to Gina.

"Come on Gina, I'll show you the other big bedroom," Then, turning to Toni I added with a great big smile, "are you OK on your own with her?"

He picked up the tone and responded with a hearty, "Yes, I think I can manage."

"Don't you believe it!!" said Kate as she took his arm to show him the en-suite.

Gina and I crossed the hallway to the other main bedroom. Not quite as big as the master but it still had an en-suite. Not on the same scale as the other either but still the shower was big enough for two. I turned to Gina and began to speak but before I could say anything her hands had pulled my head down and her lips found mine.


She was kissing me, less like the inexperienced ingénue of a few weeks ago, but with much more passion. I suspected that their last few weeks had been something like mine and Kate's in our early weeks: continuous fucking any time, any place. Pulling away from her very pleasant embrace I said, "You've been practicing?"

"Mmm, yes. We have a lot of practice," she responded with a coquettish look. "Now you must show me 'our' bedroom." I think she must have been practising double entendre with Kate as well because it was obvious from her look who, just at that moment, the other half of 'our' was!

"You, young madam, are becoming a minx."

"Mmm," she said with a satisfied smile, "but Kate tells me that you like minxes."

Well, look, I was only about to take so much of this. Time to take control. I took her in my arms and I kissed her, kissed her passionately, and allowed my hands to roam across her back and over those glorious globes confined in her jeans. She must have felt my erection pressing into her tummy because I pulled her to me. I felt her shiver in either pleasure or apprehension, apprehension I think because she pulled away breathlessly and reddened in embarrassment.

"Errmm, errrr . . . ."

"Come miss," I said with a smile, "try the bed. It's very comfortable . . ."

Now she had lost control of the situation she became much more demure, more the ingénue, but still her natural beauty and sensuous nature displayed itself. She didn't have to try, she was desirable without any effort.

"Perhaps later," she responded, coy now but with a big smile.

I laughed and took her hand. Time to stop play now so I just showed her the room and the en-suite then said, "I suppose we'd better go and rescue Toni?"

She laughed, a free happy laugh that showed how at ease she was with all this. "I'm not all that sure he'll want to be rescued but I suppose we'd better." As it happened we met them in the hallway. Toni looked flustered and Kate looked hot! I suspect that, given the choice, she'd have taken him then and there but anticipation is good isn't it, it adds spice to the final dish!

"Come on Toni, let's get the cases then you can shower and get changed for dinner." We were taking them out for a meal. A rather nice restaurant in a local hotel. Kate liked it there because she could 'dress' for dinner. It wasn't formal but most couples dressed up a little, the men in lounge suits and the women in the less splendid evening gowns.

We brought their cases upstairs and put them both into the second bedroom. We weren't told otherwise so I assumed that this would be the 'base of operations' for Toni and Gina. Kate must have told Gina about the restaurant because they both came down later in the most attractive dresses. Both cut fairly low and with tiny straps, they hugged both figures. Kate's displayed the rise of her tummy, only slight and, well for me anyway, incredibly exciting at it seemed to emphasize her wonderful derriere. Mind you, when it came to derriere's, you would have to go a long way to find one quite so enticing as Gina's in her dress that evening. I've said she had quite big hips, well for her size anyway, and, it must be said, a fairly large bum as well but the shape, the curve, the dip. How the hell was I going to make love to her and not take her there?

"Bloody hell," I said as they came into the lounge, "there are men in this restaurant you two!"

"Mmm," said Kate with a wicked smile, "we know and they'll all be so jealous of you two won't they?"

Poor Toni was gob smacked, speechless, before these two visions of loveliness. He couldn't seem to decide who to look at first or the most. Kate sorted that out as she grabbed his arm and guided him out of the front door. "You can sit in the back with me Toni, Gina can keep Mike company in the front." Her tone brooked no disagreement so we all trooped out to the car. By the time we got to the restaurant I was intoxicated by the perfume they were wearing, what it was I don't know but it was bloody good!

Early on in the meal I was torn between paying attention to Gina and watching Kate working her magic on Toni. Look, as I've written before, it is difficult to explain this but she worked her magic on me all the time, without thinking I suppose, and I didn't really notice it as that because I loved her and she didn't really need to do anything to attract me anyway. Now I could again watch her being herself with another man and it was fascinating. All the things she did with me, eyes, head, touches, smiles, all seemed to be tantalising from this position. Quite honestly it fascinated me. Toni was captured, totally and completely captured by the wiles of this lovely woman who made it quite plain that she was his if he wanted her, and it was also plain that he did. So I was torn but Gina, well Gina was lovely. Young, inexperienced at 'trapping' men but so natural, so un-affected in her enthusiasm that she soon had me eating out of her hand. Oh, I knew what was happening – I wasn't that naïve, but it was good just to let her be herself. I wanted her, I knew that and I knew from the signs that she wanted me so I turned my attention totally to her, affording her the interest she deserved.

It was a very enjoyable meal, not only for the food, but for the coming together of the four or us as a 'group'. It became clear to me that evening that these two people were going to become very important to us and that turned out to be so.

Strangely, and I'm sure they must have planned it, when the meal finished and we left for home, they re-attached themselves, Kate to me and Gina to Toni, as if what went before hadn't happened. Kate was coming on to me and Gina was doing the same to Toni. I suspect that they did it just to keep us guessing but it was nice to feel Kate next to me in the front of the car. I know you may find this difficult to believe but, given the choice, I would still have taken her to bed rather than Gina!

Chapter 35 *The 'swap' – Gina and Me

Oral (both)/Straight.

When we got back I volunteered to make some coffee and left the three of them in the lounge. When I came in with the tray Toni had one each side and they were certainly working on him. I put the tray down and sat then Kate got up and started on me. Now I was beginning to wonder what their plan was. I went along for a while, enjoying her kisses and strokes but then, "Come on you two minxes, I haven't made this coffee for nothing." I laughed across at Toni, "Perhaps I'd better get some ice cubes and make iced coffee. It might just cool these two down." He smiled a bit limply. I suspect he was finding it a trifle overpowering.

"All right," said Kate with a smile, "we'll drink our coffee like good little girls then we're going to bed to be naughty big girls!" As she looked at both Toni and me as she said this I still wasn't sure!

Coffee was downed quickly, the conversation, driven mainly by Kate, existing almost totally of double entendre. Then, cup down, she turned to Toni, took his hand, and said, "Bed time. Are you ready?" He looked helpless as he glanced at Gina, who smiled and nodded, then at me.

"I think you are Toni," I said with a smile, "take her to bed and don't take no for an answer!" He smiled back, his confidence boosted by my approval I think, allowed himself to be pulled up, and followed Kate. She waltzed across the room, her arse swaying giving me a lovely view – on purpose I'm sure!

Turning at the door she said with a smile, "Don't you take no for an answer either Gina!" and flashed her eyes at me. She was so happy but I could still detect the slightest note of doubt so I smiled and waved.

"Take him Kate but remember he is younger than me!"

She smiled back and I noted relief in her eyes. She was sure now, sure I really didn't mind. She left with a final smile, dragging Toni along behind. He left the room with an apologetic smile at Gina and me. I crossed to Gina sitting on the sofa.

"Is it OK Gina love? Are you sure?"

She turned her head to me and kissed my cheek, "Oh yes Mike, I am sure." Then she kissed my lips, pulling me to her. She had learned and her kiss said 'I want you' and mine responded.

"To bed," I whispered huskily, "to bed," and I took her hand, letting her lead the way upstairs. Who captured who I don't know! As I followed her I couldn't help but focus up her absolutely delightful bottom encased in the tightish dress. At the top she confidently led the way into 'their' bedroom and turned to face me. She looked shy, demure but determined as her arms made their way around my neck and pulled my lips down to hers. This kiss grew more passionate and soon I was holding her tightly, running my hands down over the soft skin of her back then across the material and over her hips. Her shape was marvellous, enticing, exciting, intoxicating almost: especially for a man of my preference! Through the kiss she pushed herself into me and I helped by holding her bottom cheeks tightly, feeling the firm roundness.

'I can't ignore this', I thought to myself, it's too much to ask but I knew I wouldn't take her there. Kate hadn't said whether she'd discussed variations with Gina and I wasn't about to breach what was obviously a virginity – even though I wanted to very much. But I was going to explore, see if she liked attention there. She didn't seem to mind my hands pulling her into me and she must have felt what was, by now, a very stiff erection.

I wanted her now, wanted her badly. I suppose that, at the back of my mind, I was aware of Kate in the other room and what might be happening there but now I was focussed on the woman in my arms. A new woman, young, inexperienced, lovely, and willing – the first for a long time. She deserved my full attention and I turned it to her. I pulled away and began to undo my shirt. She reached behind to release her dress but I stayed her hand.

"In a moment," I said with a smile, "help me." So her hands went straight to my slacks and undid the belt and buttons so they fell to the floor. I stepped out and took off my shirt at the same time. She was looking at me in that possessive way women have when they know they have you. I've always found it exciting to be looked at like this and it was now, evidenced by the large tent in my boxer shorts. I quickly bent and slipped off my socks then stood with my hands on her shoulders, feeling the warmth of her skin and the slight tremble of either excitement or nerves.

Then she started to stroke my body, to explore I suppose. I was taller than Toni and more heavily built so that would be different and I was reasonably hairy in those days, something Kate liked and, apparently from her running her hands across my chest, so did Gina. Time now to concentrate on her.

The skin on her shoulders and back was so soft and so smooth. Darker than Kate's, it was beginning to 'goose-bump' in her nervousness. Confident up to now, she had reached the point of no return and she couldn't help but be aware of my cock tenting my boxers. I found the zip on her dress and slid it gently down her back right to the base of her spine then slipped the dress off her body and let it fall to the floor.

Bloody hell!!!

Kate knew my weakness for underwear (like most men I suppose) and she had given Gina one of my favourite sets. I don't know how they sorted out sizes because Gina wasn't as big as Kate upstairs but was bigger on the hips and bottom – anyhow they managed because she looked fabulous.

Let me describe it. It was a soft blue in colour and consisted of a bodice piece, not really a basque but of a much lighter material (I could see the colour of her nipples through it) and design, which moulded into an inverted 'V' at her tummy button and the base of her spine. The material then tapered down either side to four thin suspenders that supported light fawn mid-thigh length stockings. Although the knickers weren't small, the same size as normal but in the same colour, they were sensuous in the extreme. She'd lost her high heeled shoes when she came back from the restaurant but I hadn't noticed until now that she was wearing high heeled slippers that accentuated her bottom and hips. All I could do was gasp and look at her standing there. She was regaining confidence now, seeing how she was affecting me.

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