tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Women's Club

The Women's Club


Walter rubbed his eyes as his shift came to a close. He closed up the shop and walked out into the misty street. At 11:00 at night there was no one around. He didn't know why he stayed open so long, but business was business. Catching the after-movie crowd at 9:30 was worth a little loss of sleep. He locked the door and pulled down the security grate, locking it at the bottom and standing with a sigh.

He turned around, a little surprised to see the slender blonde standing against his car. Her skirt was way to short for the evening and her shoes to high. She watched him as he scanned her legs. They were perfect. She walked over to him, his bulge rising steadily before him.

"Walter, right?" He was startled that she knew his name, and now a little alarmed at how easily her trim legs and husky voice were exciting him. He desired her, but he knew it was better to go home to his wife: Much better.

"Uh, yeah, can I help you?" Her eyes lit up and her lips parted, pleased with him

"You certainly can. I've been in your shop before, but I have a favor to ask you. My car broke down, down the road,” She turned to indicate its direction and gave him a good view of her profile. Her little breasts pushed her sweater forward and she pulled a loose strand of hair over her ear. He saw her tender neck and wanted to kiss her just so, the way that made his wife coo with pleasure. "Maybe you can take me back there so I can pick up the gas can, I forgot it like a dummy, and I really have to get to a station. Can you help me?" She leaned into him, her sweet perfume curling under his nose and causing his bulge to rise.

"Uh, sure, I can do that."

"Thank you so much." She clasped her arms together over her chest and her breasts squeezed together delectably. Walter licked his lips and escorted her to the car. He unlocked the passenger side and she slipped in like water into a glass. She didn't cross her legs, but pushed her knees together, her hands set primly on her knees. He closed the door for her, resisting the urge to look around, thinking he was getting away with something, or maybe not. He circled around to the driver's side and found that she had already raised the latch. She was leaning towards his seat, her knees still together but close to him as he got in, her hands now set on the dash, as if testing its material. He tried to slide away from her slightly, damn it, she was just so close! Her perfume and an underlying scent, the light musk of exertion, wafted over to him and he resisted the urge to touch himself or her, which was worse he wasn't sure. As if noticing his distress, she spoke.

"Aw, you're all bound up in there, aren't you? Let me help you." He tried to object but like a viper, one of her hands went to his lips, muffling him. Her other hand went to his pants, her fingers curling around the bent up bulge under his zipper. She straightened him out through his pants and then, when she was sure he would not object any further, brought down her other hand and massaged his groin and his straight rod with both hands. She leaned in to him and in her husky whisper: "Drive." As if under a spell, his earlier objections dissolved, he put the key in the ignition and the car rumbled to life. Walter pulled away from the curb and tried to concentrate on the slick, misty road before him while his unknown assailant kneaded his crotch and brought his manhood to grudging hardness.

"Um, that's nice and all but..."

"Shhh, just enjoy it, you won't get much chance once we get to my car."

"I could stop," he said numbly. What was he saying? As much as he wanted the affection of this hot little thing, he wasn't about to throw away his marriage over a quick fling, even if she was just going to give him a few moments of digital pleasure.

"No, no, we'll have just enough time." Her fingers slipped up the shape of his penis and lighted on his zipper. He trembled and the car slipped minutely in the lane as she parted the lips of his trousers and exposed his manhood, clad now only in the thin layer of his boxers. Her head dipped down and her lips traced the form beneath his shorts. Walter sucked in a quick breath as she slid back and forth, rising up to his head and then working her way down, her lips working to get access to his balls through the flimsy material.

Walter struggled to concentrate on the road, the mist seemed to get murkier and his muscles didn't want to respond, so attentive they were to her actions, as her head raced hither and yon in his lap. She clutched one of his thighs in his hand, startling him such that he almost hit the curb. With her other hand, she reached up to peel back the waistband of his boxers, looking up at him with a wicked grin on her moistened lips. She saw him half trying to watch the winding road as it led out of town proper and half trying to watch her as she got deeper into his pants. She pulled slowly until his penis bobbed into view, the head already slick from his excitement. Still holding his thigh, digging her nails in for purchase, her other hand caressed his shaft, causing it to bob with every pass. She made a quiet but gleeful cry and turned her face back to his throbbing meat.

"Just relax, lover. It won't be long before I have to stop." She lowered her head on hip, her lips grazing his head. He gasped, the car lurching sideways as her lips circled his head, not quite taking him in and yet ringing him with light and delicious pressure. Her tongue flicked out and traced the length of the hole at the top, barely managing the tip inside. Walter closed his eyes briefly, then snapped them open, realizing where they were. He squinted into the misty darkness, begging not to crash, and yearning to have her take him between her soft, warm lips.

Her free hand, delicate like a spider web, tickled his lower shaft as her tongue flicked out, jabbing him here and there, wetting the vein underneath and in various spots around the shaft. He sucked in air greedily, resisting the urge to touch her golden curls, to pull her head down and impale her on his twitching rod. She sensed his desire as he bobbed and throbbed.

"What do you want, lover?"

"I...I want you so badly."

"I know lover, but what do you want?" Her lips left him but her hand slithered up and down his shaft in light and maddening strokes.

"I...I want you to suck me," he croaked.

"Mmm, that would be nice, wouldn't it? Slipping your cock between my lips, licking your shaft from deep inside, sucking you down my throat, and mmmmm, gobbling down your hot load when I get to be too much for you, maybe pulling up at the last second and blowing your wad all over my face, and my hair and my sweater." Every 'my' she said he could see in perfect detail, his twitching manhood spraying her in every lace she described as his eyes rolled back. "Wouldn't that be just heaven? Maybe I should take my sweater off so you can shoot right between my breasts, then lick your sweet flood from my body. I'm not even wearing a bra. Wouldn't that be just wild? She grabbed his hand from the wheel, almost throwing the car into a tree as the car weaved down the country road. She placed his trembling hand on one pert breast, indeed unsheathed and firm, all of its own accord. He squeezed it unconsciously and enjoyed his first grope of someone other than his wife in eight years. "Nice, aren't they” He nodded, trying to eye the road and almost no longer caring. "It would be great to feel your hot load splash on them, sucking your cum off my nipples; what do you think. He nodded; it was the only thing he could think to do. Walter was paralyzed by the load churning in his testes. She looked perturbed. "Is that it, just a nod?"

"No," he heard himself say, as if from far away. "I want to grab your head, and fuck your lips, and then pull you back by your hair and spray my load all over your body, and fuck your tight pussy while I suck my jism off of you." A startled look crossed his face, but was met by one of pure pleasure as she acknowledged his improvisation.

"That's the spirit!" Her eyes were twinkling, her white teeth gleaming in the gloom. She lowered her head, this time enveloping his shaft in her mouth, sliding most of the way down, saving room for her hand to stroke him near his balls. Her hair bounced as her head drove up and down, her lips a blur on his throbbing member. Walter resisted the urge to close his eyes as her lips and tongue flew over him. He did take his hand off the wheel and bury his fingers in her golden tresses, trying to force her deeper, to suck him down her throat. She mmmed and gulped noisily, driving him crazy. The hand that had been on his thigh reached in and cupped his swollen testes, squeezing him for pleasure and constricting his flow simultaneously. Whatever she had in store for him would not be brief.

She pulled her head up and away, revealing his shining penis, purple with blood and exertion. Her lips glistened in the darkness and she kissed him, obscuring his view, having him taste his wetness on her lips.

"Isn't that wonderful, sucking you down like that, while you hold my head down, face-fucking me."

"Yes, it feels so good," he whispered.

"Do you want me to finish? Do you want me to stroke you and blow your load down my throat?" Her hand was setting him up for the final act, sliding gracefully up and down his throbbing meat.

"Yes, please suck me. Gobble me down." He reached up with his free hand to grab her hair again as she lowered her head, but then she stopped, looking at him with playful eyes.

"But what about your wife?" A look of bewilderment entered his eyes. He was a deer in his own headlights.

"Muh, wah?" He struggled to put the words she had spoken to the memory of the woman who was his wife.

"Your wife. Won't she care that your going to blow your wad on me, or that you want to fuck me?"

"I...I don't care anymore. Just...please." She smiled, a Cheshire grin in the darkness surrounded by blonde curls. Her head dropped like a bolt of lightning and her lips found the Walter. Her head bobbed furiously up and down his member, it twitching inside her mouth. She squeezed his shaft with her left hand and his balls with her right, the sensation driving him closer and closer to orgasm. He switched his hands in her hair, driving her down with his left and driving with his right. He struggled to keep his eyes open as her maniacal blowjob pushed him to the edge. Her hair was flying and she was shrieking as if he were pounding her undoubtedly slippery pussy. With his right hand, he reached down and grabbed her skirt-covered ass and felt the naked firmness underneath. He tore her skirt upward, revealing nothing in the way of her perfectly formed cheeks, flexing with exertion as she gasped and screamed and sucked him. He grabbed a handful of her ass, fingering his way down to her slippery mons. For a moment time stood still, and then he realized his hands were off the wheel. He heard the car start to skid before it did and he looked up, his hands flying to the wheel, the writhing nymph in his lap forgotten.

Standing in the road were two women, one in each lane, one eastbound and one westbound, blocking his path. They stood there as if expecting him, one with her hands on her hips, the other with her arms crossed, impatient, demanding. The wheel whipped in his hands like an angry snake and he jerked to one side in a desperate attempt not to crush one of the women before him. The car hurtled to the right, starting to spin as Walter wrestled for control. Sensing a wreck, the woman stopped gobbling him, and sat upright, whipping her arm around to grab the seat belt and latching it home just in time to avoid being ejected through the windshield. The woman let out a cry of roller coaster-joy as the car flew off the road and the left fender struck a tree, twirling them madly. The airbags blew and Walter was lost in a suffocating pillow of whiteness. He was barely aware of her laughing hysterically next to him and the crunching of leaves as footsteps approached. His door was yanked open and hands wrenched him from the car as the airbags began to deflate. The woman jumped out of the passenger side and joined the other two women who were looking down at him. Walter felt vaguely embarrassed, his car a steaming wreck, his cock dangling through his open fly, now flaccid from the shock, and being watched by his apparent saviors.

"Wha, what happened, are you okay? You were in the road," he babbled as his shaking hands pushed his manhood back in and he fumbled with his zipper. "What happened?"

"Nothing," one of the strange women said, coldly.

"Nothing? I could have killed you. My car's wrecked. How could it be nothing?" The women looked at the crumpled heap of the car and then back to him.

"Well, nothing compared to what might happen to you." With that, the second of the strange women pulled something from beneath her coat and there was a pop. Walter felt the barbs jab into his chest, followed by the excruciating paralysis of high voltage running through the wires attached to them. His arms flailed out and after a few moments, he passed out. The two strange women nodded to each other and the one who had spoken gestured to the other two to pick him up.

"Woohoo, we got him," cheered the curly blonde as she bent down to grab his feet. The other woman grabbed him by the arms and led by the woman who spoke, they carried him to another car resting by the side of the road. The two women dumped his body in the trunk and closed it while the leader slammed the hood shut. The three women got in the car and sped away.


Walter awoke bathed in bright sunlight and with a pounding headache. He moaned weakly as his vision cleared and he saw the three figures before him. His first reaction was that he had been attacked, set up, and he jumped to get away, but came up short. His wrists barely moved, tightly shackled to the bedposts as they were, as were his ankles. The brief rush of adrenaline drained out as he struggled to see his captors. Slowly his vision returned.

One of them spoke. It was the voice of the first mystery woman the night before. At least, he thought it was the night before. Walter had no idea how long he had been out.

"Now that we have your attention, its time that you understood why you are here."

To Be Continued...

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