tagGay MaleThe Wonder of Being Owned

The Wonder of Being Owned


The best Masters and Sir's are strict "disciplinarians" who have numerous techniques and methods to teach their "slave / boy" every aspect of his "place and mission". These dominant men know the stricter and more consistent they are with the discipline of their slave / boy is - the better the result will be! My "Sir" is a truly talented man and has tremendous self-control and command. I am so much better in my ability to serve him as a result.

In the beginning of a Master-Sir Slave-Boy relationship everything centers and revolves around the development of trust. A true slave-boy must eventually learn to demonstrate complete and full surrender to his Sir and he can't do so without clarity of each person's personal limits. "Surrender" can eventually become complete in both the literal and figurative senses. If a boy is a "good" boy and a good learner, the limits may also continue to expand even beyond what the slave-boy once may have believed. This is a natural effect of accepting those things that a "Master / Sir so desires or requires of his boy to meet the dominant's needs.

The concept and practice of surrender begins in "training" when a slave-boy allows himself to be bound or restrained helplessly. This is the first demonstration of a slave-boy's willingness to please his Master-Sir and "Trust" his "owner" and was how my training began. The slave boy is inevitably taught pain, pleasure, personal discipline, and most importantly "the state of conditioning" that makes a slave-boy ready and more than willing to submit in complete to his Sir. I find that after an intense discipline session I feel so incredibly submissive and so "ready" to demonstrate my willingness to please my Sir. It is a true "state of mind, body and soul" that has been created by my conditioning which is so artfully orchestrated upon me by my Sir.

I am grateful to have a Sir who is very consistent and clear about my discipline and his expectations of me. When I have not seen my Sir for any period of time it is immediately time to be "softened and reminded" of my place. My arrival at his home includes a consistent routine in which I begin on my knees on the landing inside his home. I kiss his boots liberally and recite a "script" stating my true appreciation for him. Even though it is a "script" I believe and mean every word - in honoring and displaying my appreciation for my Sir. If I recite that well and correctly and kiss his boots with enthusiasm, I gain the honor of wearing his collar, which is my utmost desire. I have practiced those words hundreds of times because in my heart I so need the honor of being "his". When Sir places me into his collar, I AM HIS.

Once collared while on my knees, I strip completely for him and surrender all of my clothing to him. Sir takes it and every item of mine is locked into a metal chest somewhere in his home. This too is a powerful symbol of my surrender and trust of him. Being "owned" is more than symbolic. It is both literal and real while in his collar. My uniform of thick wool socks and only black leather lace boots is minimal but required of me, making my whole body easily available to my Sir's use or want. I am almost always inevitably led to his basement for what will be up to two to three hours of restraint and discipline, in which I am "molded" and instructed by my Sir. It is a combination of "therapies" including restraint, pain, moderate "tortures", insertions, being blindfolded and even having my body worked over in specific and carefully designed and crafted ways.

Each pain based lesson is so purposeful It is based on my Sir's desire to improve my weaknesses and make me a better and hopefully some day - an ideal slave-boy. My Sir's kindness is also appreciated and he is very "fond" of me as he feels the energy and teaching he gives could very well lead to my status as an "ideal boy" who could become a permanently owned submissive. He knows clearly how much I care for him and he loves my zeal and the level of my energies in his service. He is so VERY PERFECT to me. I cannot imagine any one else on this earth - being better and no one I could more want to serve than he!

There are many examples of the specifics in my training that characterize the detail by which my Sir trains me in my growth. His so very personal "touch" so moves me as is his willingness to individualize my training to those areas in which I most need to improve. My Sir binds me for the majority of my training time. I often wear thick leather wrist and ankle restraints as a part of my uniform which I often am allowed to or am expected to keep on after a discipline session. My session usually begins by being chained by my wrists to a ceiling arm spreader. Sometimes my legs are bound to a wooden spreader - but my Sir usually wants me to remain balanced during what is usually the beginning of my discipline which is often - a very, very intense, spanking session.

My Sir's "personal touch" shows quite markedly! His first spanks of my bottom are firm, stinging and warm. I am expected to stand facing the full length mirror and seeing my state and reflection is strangely exciting. Sometimes facing the mirror becomes very difficult as the intensity of the spanking increases. My Sir increases the intensity gradually as he begins to spank each cheek with incredible vigor, shaking me and making me cry out. He then will sometimes use both hands on my bottom and when he knows I am in distress he relents briefly to give his boy a warm, wonderful, tongue searching kiss that ends with a sharp, somewhat painful bite to my lip. Even so early in this session - I often find my cock getting so hard that it hurts. I never imagined that a spanking and "feeling pain" could be so erotic and so emotionally and sexually stimulating.

My Sir will then proceed to make the spanks successively harder. The strength and intensity with which he strikes and slaps my bottom is immense. The loud echoes in the room and the quaking of my entire body is truly overwhelming. I know it would hurt my hand (a lot) to give forth such spanks yet Sir is so naturally powerful and so commanding. I endure the painful spanks because I am his and I want to be trained to be better and better is in my ability to please him.

I have actually come to accept the pain and even enjoy the pain as my body responds in very sexualized ways. I don't know why but getting an erection from being bound and getting a hard, relentless, frenzied and terribly intense spanking is a new phenomenon to me!

Once Sir decides I am near to having enough, I know I must then accept either ten, twenty, or thirty more! I must also count each one and not lose count. I must shout out each number and say thank Sir for each and every one I have been amazed at how loud and how desperately I have shrieked "Twenty, Thank YOU Sir!" in the past! Sir's spanks are so powerful and sting so badly that I dare not lose count, or Sir will start over from the number one! In spite of the stimulation, I do truly fear more!

After the initial "spanking session" I must turn and see my bright red hand print covered ass in the mirror. It is incredible how it glows iridescent red like my skin was scorched by nuclear radiation! My ass is so burning hot to the touch and it is such a reminder of my place. Sir always asks me how it feels and compliments how good his boy's ass looks in crimson red! Incredibly I am already glowing "inside" seeing and "feeling" my state.

Sir like to keep me "guessing" when I am bound and sometimes he will get quite specific in his instruction. He sometimes puts moderate to heavy duty nipple clamps and a chain on my nipples as I helplessly whine and struggle in my wrist restraints high above my head as I stand in my completely vulnerable state. One of the things Sir has trained me in is the art of sucking his cock while holding and pinching his nipples. It was very tricky for me at first, especially in trying to focus on my doing both things well.

The nipple clamps so indelibly remind me of his need and love for me to pinch his nipples when I'm on my knees. The discomfort and burning pain I experience "wearing" this uniform accessory are a difficult feeling to forget! When I am sucking his cock when my hands are not cuffed behind my back, my Sir loves it and expects that I also work his "nips" with my fingers. I know how much he likes it and love to hear his groans and so love the feel of his hard pulsing his cock being thrust so deeply into my throat. I honestly never imagined enjoying such service, but I love it so much because I can literally feel and hear from his moans how much I am pleasing Sir when I do this.

Sir is also constantly training my ass for the delight of his cock. Sir initially trained me with his gloved fingers, then with small vibrators, eventually working them up in size. Sir is a truly gifted "man" in many ways and his huge, thick cock is spectacular. Sir knew that my taking him completely would be difficult in spite of my willingness to do so as a subservient "pleaser" to him. My first sessions were so teasing. I so wanted for him to take the plunge into me, but he also wanted me to be so ready for him.

Sir's teasing of my ass over my first few sessions had me in a truly desperate state of want and need. I never wanted anyone so badly and never wanted more to please a man. After my first session with Sir I just knew that he was the one. He was so firm, strong and dominating yet he would at times display and admit his genuine like for me without losing sight of what he demanded from me.

I knew then that he was the man who I wanted to take "first" into my ass. He is still the only one and may hopefully will always be! The progression of my anal training included larger vibrators, dildos and then butt plugs which I had to keep inside my for hours while doing some of my domestic chores and cleaning. It strengthened my sphincter and also loosened my bottom for what would lead to be the most memorable 24 hours of my life.

After three intense training sessions at Sir's home I arranged on a weekend to serve my Sir for a full 24 hour period. I would serve as an common house boy, as a slave-boy and as a true live in collared slave. I was incredibly excited and wanted to be so perfect. I think the fact that I try so hard to please Sir makes him accept any mistakes or small errors I make. My love and zeal for giving him his pleasures is something I know he appreciates in the same way that I so respect and appreciate him.

The first hours of our 24 days together began with more training. I was disciplined in several ways and after about a couple of intense hours I was tied face down to a bench with my ass spread and told to relax. As I tried my best to "relax" as I had been told, Sir told me to prepare myself to feel his cock in my ass! I was so stunned, happy and so excited! I was going to be consummated! This meant so much to me!

Sir then came over to me and un-hooked both my leg and wrist restraints and told me to be still. I didn't realize it at the time but I was now demonstrating that I was a truly un-bound and willing "slave boy" who was so willing to experience the act of consummation with my Sir. I believed that this was more than an initiation. I felt that if my Sir fucked his boy, I had truly given myself in complete to him. Sir apparently felt the same way as he said "Now you will be my true slave-boy" as he gently lubricated my ass with his finger.

Feeing his cold, wet, liberally lubricated finger slide into my ass drove me insane. Though but inside me only to his first knuckle on his finger, I was beside myself desperately raising my ass for more. I think Sir was more than delighted. He thought it comical that I was such a needy "boy slut". He knew I was ready and soon he was behind me rolling a condom over the biggest, thickest cock that I had ever "tasted" in my life.

When I felt him behind me I cooed and begged my Sir. "Oh yes Sir Oh yes" I pleaded. Soon I felt him press at my opening. I raised my ass and as he pressed forward I pressed back. I felt him enter and gasped! He was so big and so overwhelming. I so wanted him yet the first thrust spread me so wide that my sphincter spasmed. Oh did it hurt yet I didn't care. My whole existence had been predicated on my personal belief in my consummation as "his slave-boy". I n spite of the searing pain and initial discomfort I wanted more of him.

I didn't expect him to be gentle yet he was. He asked me if I was OK after each gentle but forceful thrust. I probably would have lied because I wanted him so badly but I was truly thrilled and so stimulated by the pain and the pleasure. Inch by inch his cock thrust deeper into my insides. I was becoming "HIS" and I was so happy and never so moved. I was consciously meeting his thrusts raising my ass to meet him. My joy was too clear for a slave-boy. A hard spank to my ass reminded me that it wasn't about me. Sir soon withdrew, stood me up and put my wrists back into the ceiling spreader.

It was time for one of the true "lessons" of my life as a slave-boy. I was reminded of my place. I was given several more spanks. My Sir was hungry and wanted me to clean the table and kitchen so he could ready lunch.

After completing my cleaning duties, Sir gave me my plate and drink. I sat next to him on a small bench beneath and next to him. I ate with my plate on my lap in the acknowledgement of his true superiority as his slave-boy properly seated close but well below him. We talked and I told him how wonderful he was. After finishing our lunch he grabbed me by the ring of my collar. "Follow me slave boy!" He sounded angry and so forceful. I was of course dutiful and found myself being told to kneel on the base of his bed.

Suddenly I felt a wide, thick belt like leather and nylon device being fastened to my waist. I looked back to see handles attached to it. "What is this Sir?" I asked humbly and it true ignorance. "This is a fuck belt "boy". I want to make sure it is good and tight so it doesn't chafe you!" I now understood but wondered why the "need" for such a device if I was again going to be fucked by the man I so respected and adored.

It did not take long for me to realize the why and the belts effectiveness. Sir shoved his hard sheathed cock deep into my ass so hard and so immediately that my insides burned and my prostate ached. My shriek was loud and disbelieving and my moans and desperation were ignored. Suddenly I was being pounded balls to the wall (my ass!) as Sir began a rapid fire assault aided by the complete control of the belt. Though I was not restrained I was completely unable to do anything but hold on. The pain was so immense as he pounded me. The intensity was incredulous. My insides and my essence were his and I was soon going crazy in pleasure!

"How does it feel Boy? How does Sir's cock feel?" Sir said with command and demand! While absorbing his overwhelming thrusts and in the middle of my uncontrolled groans I tried to reply. "Wonderful Sir! Wonderful! So Good I blurted!" I meant it too! Sir continued to pound my insides. The room was filled with spanking sounds almost as loud as those of my Sir's hands when he spanks me. His huge thick cock skewered me in machine gun like speed as his balls met my ass with the sound of wet spanks. I was so overwhelmed yet I felt my own cock bouncing beneath me like a coiled spring.

My subservient state and helpless use was becoming too much. I was soon begging Sir for the privilege of orgasm! I think Sir was as surprised as I and when he said yes I took hold of my wildly bouncing cock as he drove me down onto the bed. I came and came like I never came in my life. My Sir soon withdrew and in moments felt the hot heat of his cum spilling onto my ass, lower and upper back. He collapsed atop me and I lay beneath him never more stunned, never more satiated, never more convinced about my place in life.

Later we took a walk and went grocery shopping. It was winter and Sir had me wear a heavy turtle neck pure wool sweater, obscuring my collar. I pleased my Sir by pushing the cart and assisting him in every way. Strangely it was as enjoyable and as erotic as being alone with him together in his home. The night I warmed his bed as he required and "volunteered to suck his cock while I dutifully practiced pinching his nipples. The long morning kisses and embrace was as wondrous as the ten hard parting spank marks I would cherish for the next few nights! I am ""hooked", I am his, and I am so lucky to be so owned!

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