The Workout


I can't seem to get it at home so here is a fantasy of mine. Please feedback if you agree or think its hot. Would love to hear from the ladies on it. First posted story.

So I workout weekly at a local gym. My wife and I started going a while back so that we could keep up with the kids. You see, she knows about my tight clothes fetish, panty fetish but she rarely does anything about it.

I get to the gym that morning right after getting the kids off to daycare, alone as usual. I always change there so that I can run around after my morning workout. It's the same time, same day every week.

I come out, changed and ready for the treadmill and start my routine. There she is, same time like me every week but instead of the usual black yoga pants, they are light gray cotton stretch pants.

I am running at a usual fast pace, about a mile into it. You see, we have exchanged glances for about 2 months now. Her at her usual abdominal, thigh and buns target workout and me running like there is no tomorrow.

I know she has spotted me looking several times and I have caught her a few as well. The ring on her left hand tells me she is married, just like me and I wonder if she is working out to keep him happy or if it is for her.

She seams to have this glow about her today that I have not seen on her. The 5 foot 5 inch frame of hers, so perfectly matched, curves in all the right places, one would never know that she was a mom. You see, one workout, we both happened to walk out at the same time. Me the gentleman that I am, had opened both doors of the gym to let her pass by, and I know she obliged to let me catch a peak at that firm ass of hers. But that one time, I noticed she had 2 car seats in the back, just like me.

There she is on this machine that she props herself on, listening to her MP3 player, arms on the side bars and doing free leg lifts much higher than I had seen her do before. Then to the side, and the other. Strange about her is that, she rarely has the yoga pants pulled up tight but her firm ass usually still shows a bit. These gray stretch pants however, tight but not too tight, pulled up firmly in place to show all of her gorgeous curves.

2 miles into my sprint, and she gets on the bun machine. It's the one where you lay on your belly, and bring your head up off the floor, and you can use a medicine ball to twist and lift as well. I know she had caught me in the past, since this machine, directly in front of my usual treadmill, places me right in plain straight on view of both of her perfect buns. This day, I was caught like a deer in headlights because those new pants were riding between those buns so I could clearly see each individual cheek. She came up, arms on either side of her head like an inverted sit up and her eyes meet mine with an almost evil look but pleasant surprise to her as she caught me staring at her sexy back and ass.

I finish my sprint and quickly move onto my next machine like clockwork. The same routine every week since it seems to work perfect for me. The abdominal machine, and once I get it all adjusted, I notice this girl moves to the machine directly in front of me. Its some sort of rowing type machine like a leg press.

After bending over, gorgeous ass right in my face, she turns and sits on the seat and the quick eye glance exchange happens again today. I know she knew what I was looking at but she does not seem affected. That row machine and the placement of her to me sends me to some heavenly place I have never ever been before.

You see, those sexy gray stretch pants show her VPL which appear to be panties she has not worn to the gym before. I have seen her only in a typical thong. Me loving the site of panty lines, I notice these things but today, these new pants showing what appears to be some sort of really small thong or g-string type thing.

It is so hard to focus on my workout and what I am doing with her sitting in clear view, and those legs squatting her body up and down on this thing, when her legs slightly parted, giving me a clear view of her VPL and for the first time giving me a view of her gorgeous mound.

I have always loved to see a woman with a nice plump mound, the shape of curves of the hips, thighs, and pussy mound has always been a fascination to me. On this day, that mound was in clear view and was perfect.

I tried not to stare but it was so hard not too and I know she caught me several times by the look on her face. The bulge in my gray loose fitting running shorts made it obvious that I was enjoying my view which I had caught her a few times glancing a look.

At this point, my slightly embarrassed face and blushing expression made it so I was almost a bit uncomfortable. You see, I have never cheated and would never do anything but this sight made me wonder and almost want to.

Now finished on the abdominal machine, I was almost relieved but now I had to stand and my protruding hard on would easily be seen. I did my best to move in a way where it would not be as clear at this point and moved to my arm fly machine and she moved way over to another part not within my clear view. This was a blessing as it gave me time to compose myself and my bulge could relax a bit now.

About 15 minutes later, finished my upper body workout, I got back onto the treadmill, just like clockwork. Back on for a final 2 mile sprint before leaving. My usual treadmill was busy so I take the next available one on that side of the gym. Just as I turn it on, there she is, placed right in front of me again. It was like torture. What a machine she was on. This thing must have clearly been developed by a male, hoping to see a lovely lady on it.

The outer and inner thigh machine. There she is, sitting in front of me, facing me, legs spreading apart and closing again while she is reading her usual Cosmo magazine. It was impossible not to notice the most sexy cameltoe I have ever seen in my life. Her plump mound, and the fabric of her panties and stretch pants slightly pulled up her front to form a cameltoe showing exactly where her female folds are.

Of course an instant bulge now reformed in my pants, and I didn't care. Now later in the morning, the gym is starting to empty out, and there are only 3 people on our side of the gym. God if that older lady would just finish her routine so I could openly stare at this beautiful sight.

Minutes later, finally that lady moves although it felt like an eternity. Now I am free to stare at the crotch of this woman that I have seen here for over 2 months. She is busy reading her Cosmo so I can now get full view of the cameltoe'd pussy in front of me.

My shorts are sort of bunched on one side now so I had to readjust and of course at this point tried to hide a good cock squeeze at the same time cause this view was driving me insane. Oh no, bad timing, she was flipping a page as I am looking straight at her crotch and grabbing my own cock so I know it looked like I was stroking myself.

Now her face gets a little flush and she appears to be blushing. My timer runs out on the 2 mile point but this view is too much to leave now so I continue on.

She finishes adjusting the magazine to the next page, and appears to have some article that she is intent on reading so back to her crotch my eyes go. I can feel the pressure on my cock at this point, her curves, her body, and that view. She scoots down in the seat and it puts even more pressure on her pussy and now the cameltoe is obvious.

My balls so blue, I can feel the most painful set of blue balls I have ever had in my pants. The now biggest, most firm hard on I have had since being a teen in high school.

What she did next, I was not prepared for. Spreading her legs open and shut, I noticed, there was no weight on her machine clipped in. It all starts to make sense. I think she is teasing me. No she couldn't be. She's married, and I know she has looked at my ring so she knows I am, what is she doing. She starts to flip the page but as she flips it, her hand goes down her side and down the crease of her thigh and .... Oh my goodness, right into the sexy cameltoe, pressing that fabric right into her sexy pussy. And an obvious wet spot appears through those gray pants. I look up at the front desk, the only person working is off to the other side so I take the opportunity and give my cock a quick squeeze again as she is glancing over the top of the page right at me.

She just starts furiously rubbing the wet spot and before I even know what has happened, I cum right there, no touching, just the site of her wet cameltoe and fingers on herself facing me. As I feel the warmness of my cum, I look down and the most obvious wet cum spot on the tip of my erection makes my face turn beat red. I jump off the treadmill without even turning it off, walk straight past her and right into the locker room.

Having brought only my change of clothes, no towel, I still shower quickly to get the milky white substance off my entire loins as it is completely covered. Compose myself and pack up to leave.

Just as I walk out, there she is, wet crotch, her backpack around 1 shoulder walking away from me. I quickly walk past her, hold the door for her but cannot even look back as I hold it open past both doors and almost jog to my car at the thought of what just happened.

Wonder if she will be there again next week, same time, same day, same pants?

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