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The Workplace


Sam couldn't stop watching Amy as she worked; the way she bent over the tables to talk to customers, the way she sashayed away, the way she smiled at her as she walked past. It was all Sam could do not to touch her.

Ever since that night of ruthless passion, things have been weird. Sam tried to play it off like it was nothing; from her experience, if she cornered the girl, she'd run the other way so she just acted casual whenever Amy came around at work. But damn, it was hard.

Sam was walking around work aimlessly that day, trying to keep her mind off what had happened a few days ago. She noticed that Amy was keeping unusually busy so she tried to do the same. After a few hours of non-stop work though, Sam decided she had to say something to break the tension. She saw Amy was walking out the back door to smoke a cigarette so she followed her.

"Hey babe," Sam said, closing the door behind her. "How are you doing?"

"Oh, hey. Um, things are okay..." Amy replied, not looking Sam in the eye. She was fidgeting with her lighter, acting nervous and shy.

"Hey, are you okay? I mean, we haven't really talked for a few days ever since..." Sam started and then trailed off. Amy finally looked up at her and took a long drag.

"Yeah, I know. I've just been sort of dealing with this whole thing, it's so confusing, you know? I loved what we did, Sam. But... I cheated on my boyfriend, and I've never done anything like that before. The guilt is tearing me up." Sam reached up and brushed a stray hair from Amy's face; Amy blushed at the tender action.

"I understand, dear. I honestly never expected us to go that far... But I certainly don't regret it... Do you?" Amy put out her cigarette slowly on the wall, watching the sparks drop down into the gravel.

"No, of course I don't. I don't know, Sam. I feel like I need a sign or something, to help make sense of all of this mess in my head," Amy told her. Sam nodded her head like she understood, even though she really didn't. It make sense in my head, I wonder if there is something I can do to convince her that she should be with me, Sam thought.

"Well, I better get back to work. Maybe we can talk later about this?" Amy asked. Sam once again nodded, and followed her back into work.

For the next couple hours, Sam was lost in her thoughts, trying to think of what she could do to give Amy the 'sign' she was looking for. Suddenly, it came to her. It was a huge risk... but Sam really didn't have much to lose. She grinned to herself and started planning this maneuver.

It was near closing time and it was only Sam, Amy, and their manager, Josh, closing up the store. Amy was cleaning off the rest of the tables so Sam went into the office to talk to Josh. He was doing some last minute paper work when she walked in and closed the door.

"Hey Josh, I kind of need a favor... and there's $20 in it for you if you help out and keep your mouth shut," Sam told him, leaning over the desk in front of him. They had been friends since they both got hired together a few years ago; he was a laid back guy and also a perverted one. Sam loved telling him about her sexual encounters... it was a twisted relationship but a fun one when the opportunity called for it. He smiled at her tone of voice and turned in his chair, ready to listen. "For sure babe, I love your dirty ideas... what did you have in mind?"

"Well, so I have this thing for Amy... And I want to surprise her with some, uh, dirty workplace relations, if you get my drift," Sam said, winking, and slipped him a folded $20. "Can you leave me to lock up tonight? Make some excuse to Amy on your way out and tell her I'm in charge." "Woah! I like this! Okay, I'll do it, but only if you tell me all the gritty details tomorrow... I need some fuel for my long, lonely night at home," he responded, indiscreetly rubbing himself. Sam rolled her eyes, said, 'Deal', and walked out like nothing major had just happened. She couldn't help but laugh a little to herself as she walked to the back to finish up some dishes.

About 10 minutes later, Josh walked out of the office with his jacket on and headed out to talk to Amy. Sam couldn't hear what he said but Amy just nodded in response and went back to cleaning up the dining room. Josh looked back at Sam peeking around the corner, gave a thumbs up, and strutted out the door. Sam took a deep breath and strolled over to Amy.

"Hey girl, can you help me with some boxes in the storage room?" Sam asked casually. Amy put down her broom and followed Sam to the back. The storage room was behind a beaten, wooden door and it was filled with all sorts of canned foods, boxes of cups, containers, and packets. Amy let out a sigh.

"So, what do you need help with?" Amy said, glancing around the room. Sam smiled, then grabbed Amy's arm and pushed her lightly against the door. Amy had no idea what was coming so she found herself easily pinned against the door, with Sam's arms on each side of her.

"Sam! What the fuck?" Amy started to say but she was silenced by a deep kiss from Sam. Amy was so caught off guard that for a second, she just gave into the kiss, moaning a bit from Sam's insistent tongue in her mouth. After a few moments, she gathered herself and pushed Sam away.

"Sam, we can't... not at work, not like this..." Amy whined but Sam responded by pushing against her body so she had nowhere to go.

"See, it's like this, Amy. With Josh gone and no one here, I am the boss. And you have to do what the boss says, right? Well, I demand that you let me fuck you right here, right now... or I'll tell everyone at work that we fucked and you liked it," Sam said in a teasing tone of voice. Amy stared back at her, with a straight face.

"You wouldn't dare..." Amy said, her voice trying to be cold but Sam could see she was starting to shake, from nerves or anticipation, she didn't know. Sam laughed darkly.

"Do you want to test me, woman?" Amy shrank back a bit, hesitant, but then slowly shook her head no. "That's what I thought... Now, I order you to kiss me like you want me, but you're not allowed to use your hands to touch me," Sam told her. Amy nodded and Sam could see her eyes soften, realizing that this was just a game. Amy leaned forward and kissed Sam, softly at first but then with more fervor. Amy tried to use her hands to touch Sam's face but Sam quickly grabbed them and pushed them against the door. Amy's knees went weak at the thought of being controlled and she couldn't help but make little noises of pleasure as they continued kissing.

Sam then unexpectedly stepped back and Amy went to follow but Sam shook her head.

"Stay there," she scolded, causing Amy to pout her lips. "Now, take off your shirt." Amy did as she was told, doing it slow to make a show for Sam. Sam licked her lips and smiled in approval. "Now the jeans, take them off." Amy obliged instantly, kicking them into a pile with her shirt and shoes. She was wearing a cute pair of pink panties with a matching pink bra.

"Good. I'm glad you know how to listen," Sam said, walking towards her. "Place your hands behind your back, you still don't get to use them, no matter how badly you want to touch me." Amy did as she was told and Sam ran her hands up and down Amy's body, stopping only in certain places to tease. Sam kissed her neck, her chest, her stomach, and then found herself on her knees in front of Amy. She could smell already how wet this was making her and it aroused Sam to know she was going to make this girl cum.

She pulled down the pink underwear and gently licked Amy's clit, causing Amy to yell out, "Oh fuck!" Sam smiled and continued eating her pussy, enjoying the fact that Amy's juices were dripping down her chin. Sam glanced up every now and then, reveling in the fact that Amy's arms were shaking, wanting to touch Sam but wanting to obey her orders.

"Oh Sam, fuck baby that feels so good! Please let me touch you..." Amy moaned. Sam stood up quickly, grabbed her by the back of her head, and kissed her hard and quick.

"Sorry dear, I'm not done touching YOU yet," Sam sneered and then shoved two fingers deep inside Amy's pussy. Amy buckled against the door and let out a long moan. Sam fucked her hard and unrelenting, causing Amy to periodically stop breathing from so much pleasure. She couldn't even speak, just moan louder and louder until Sam finally had to use her other hand to cover Amy's mouth.

Even though Amy was wildly bucking against Sam's hand, she knew she had to take advantage of Sam's hands being occupied; she released her hands from behind her back, grabbed Sam's head, and shoved it into her pussy. Sam was so impressed and still hungry for her pussy that she didn't even bother reprimanding Amy for breaking the rules.

"Oh yes, Sam, fuck me and eat my pussy good! Yes, yes! I want to cum all over you! Oh god, yes please don't stop! Oh shit! Uhhhhh yes!" Amy screamed, squirting all over Sam's face. When Amy stopped moaning, Sam pulled out her fingers and licked them, moaning still at how sweet she tasted. Amy grabbed Sam's hair to pull her in for another long kiss, this one so filled with ache and desire that it turned them both on all over again. Sam stopped this time, stepping away but holding onto to Amy's hand gently.

"Now, get dressed, we have to clock out and get out of here before anyone gets suspicious," Sam told her. Amy just stood there, looking confused. "But... don't you want me to touch you?" Amy asked looking slightly hurt by Sam's eagerness to leave. Sam grinned widely, loving that she wanted to touch her.

"No babe, I mean, of course I do want you to touch me, but I wanted this to be all about you... I was hoping maybe it was the sign you needed to make a decision." Amy cocked her head to the side and smiled.

"Wow... I mean... Just, wow. Well, this certainly put things into perspective, Sam. I know for sure now that I want you and I want to pursue something with you. Just how to go about it, though... Still confusing." Sam leaned in to kiss Amy again, biting her lip a few times as she pulled away. "Well, I'm glad I could help," Sam replied, watching Amy get dressed. When she was fully clothed, they walked back to the kitchen and clocked out. They walked outside together, closely but not touching. Half way across the parking lot, Amy suddenly stopped. Sam, who was looking at the ground the whole time, looked up to see why. Amy's boyfriend was sitting outside on his truck parked next to her car, dangling his feet and smoking a cigarette.

Sam looked at Amy and saw this intense fear in her eyes: fear that he would know, fear that Sam would say something, fear of everything that had just occured. Sam sighed deeply and turned to Amy, whispering quietly so he couldn't hear.

"Don't worry, I'll never tell. Do what you need to do... but do me a favor, and don't fuck him tonight. I want you to think of me as you sleep." Amy pulled up a tiny smile, nodded, and then walked away.

Sam got into her car and lit up a cigarette, inhaling deeply as she thought about what had just happened. As she drove away, she made it a point to not look at Amy and her boyfriend sitting on his truck... though she was sure she felt Amy's longing glance follow her car as she pulled out of the parking lot.

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