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The World


I feel the corset tighten as you help me dress
Kissing my shoulder, you reach in front of me
to wrap the collar around my neck
the soft click of the lock brings a faint smile to my lips
i close my eyes as you pull down the blindfold
it’s no longer needed as you only need tell me not to look
sometimes it is a pleasure to go back to where we started
you drape my cloak over my shoulders, surprising me
since i thought we were staying in tonight
tying it in the front and pulling it around me…
i feel the soft leather of cuffs being affixed to my wrists
a small tug on my neck marks the lead being attached
i feel the tension build and listen
for the direction of your footsteps
following with my head held high
knowing you will not lead me astray
we walk, thus, out of the house
it’s cold but my state of undress excites me too much to notice
i hear the car door open and instinctively climb inside
after a time, the car stops
i wait patiently to be led out
you open the door and take my hand so i do not slip
once out, you again tug on my lead and bring me to the door
i believe we are at the dungeon, but i cannot be certain
nor do i know who is around, i listen for voices
but don’t recognize any
you remove my cloak, proceeding to lead me across the floor
you raise my arms above me,
hooking them onto the cross in front of me
i feel cold metal on the inside of my thigh
then a scratch as you drag the tip of the blade upwards
you whisper not to move
i never had an intention to
you continue to tease me with the knife
knowing that i trust you implicitly with it
so distracted by the feeling of the blade,
i don’t hear you rustling around in the bag
removing the knife from my body, you take a step back
and without warning start flogging my ass harshly
the leather feels as if it will cut through my skin
even faster than the blade would have
i try to stay silent for a moment
but betray myself with a small gasp
my back arches slightly, still constricted by the corset
you proceed to flog me harder as moans start to escape
the leather strikes my leg and the moans become louder
you change the angle from which to strike
bringing the flogger up hard and fast
hitting my pussy from behind
a small shriek escapes at the first blow
progressively louder moans turn into screams as you continue
you stop… and i’m left wondering why
i feel you move past me, this time hearing the rustling
you run cold glass across my thigh
sliding the dildo into my, now dripping, wet pussy
you shove it hard into me
leaving me to wonder if you’re bruising me from the inside
still penetrating me, you lean in
telling me that i know what i must do
i beg you to fuck me with the clear cock
i beg you to let me cum for you
i beg you to let me scream your name as you slam into me
you reach your other hand around
pinching my clit hard
telling me “not yet, love”
tears come to my eyes
i don’t think i can hold back another instant
and then i hear it
your permission to scream your name as i cum for you
and i do
i scream as though it is my first orgasm
i scream as though it is my last
i scream that i am your slut, to use me
to fuck me, i am your dirty little whore
i scream your name as if it is Gods
i scream your name because at that moment you are my god
as my orgasms susbside, you withdraw the glass,
unhook my arms, remove my blindfold
we are in the dungeon, but the only ones
on either side of me is a tripod
one with a video camera, the other with a digital camera
you whisper to me,
“I’m going to show the world you are my slut”
as you bend down to kiss me
i kneel down before you, before you even speak another word
i remove your clothing from the waist down
proceeding to suck on your already hard cock
i massage your balls in one hand with the shaft in the other
i bend my head down to lick the underside of the shaft
before proceeding to suck on each of your balls
i feel your body shiver slightly
as you were so close already
i shove my mouth over your cock,
the head penetrates my throat as i suck eagerly
massaging your balls, putting pressure behind them
before each thrust of my mouth,
i run my tongue around the crown,
then pull your thighs in as i move my mouth forwards
in and out of my throat you slide
until i feel your cock start to quiver
i pull your cock out slightly and suck hungrily at the tip
as i feel the hot stream of cum,
i open my mouth, face tilted up
so you may see your sweet nectar flow into my mouth
afterwards, i continue to lick and suck gently
until you gently lift my arm to pull me up
i run my tongue around one of your nipples
you then lift my head,
staring at me adoringly with those piercing eyes
kissing me passionately
i help you dissassemble the equipment
still wondering how you got it set up
i carry it to the car
when we arrive home
you remove the corset
motioning me to the shower
where i will have the honor of cleaning you.

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