tagGroup SexThe World of Swing - The Promotion

The World of Swing - The Promotion


*Author's Note: Anyone with any sort of hangups should read no further. This is not for you. I can't be bothered to list all of the possible offensive types of behavior that might exist in this FANTASY. If you read further and are disappointed by the content because of your particular hangups, etc., don't complain. You've been fairly advised.

The World of Swing - The Promotion

"Jill, I'm home," Sean called out as he entered the house from the garage, his briefcase in one hand, his jacket hanging over his arm.

"And about time, too," Jill replied as she sauntered into the foyer, her waist-length blonde hair swaying gently from side to side as she stopped in front of him, her perfect 34-C breasts pointed slightly upwards at him, her light-brown nipples looking like the tip of someone's pinkie finger.

"Jeezus, you are so fucking beautiful," Sean breathed, dropping his briefcase and jacket to the floor as he took in his wife's exquisite nudity.

"Hungry?" she asked, putting her right foot up on the arm of the chair next to her, her bald pussy splitting apart to reveal a glistening pink clit.

"You know it," Sean said, dropping to his knees in front of her and gluing his mouth to her honey pot, slurping her up as he drank her essence, loving her taste, her texture, like it was once again new to him.

Jill smiled as Sean continued to eat her pussy, her fingers running through his hair as she reflected once again on how lucky she was to have met and married him. He seemed to be permanently horny, always ready to please her in whatever way she desired, like now, eating her pussy, one of her very favorite things.

Sean couldn't believe how lucky he was, he reflected as he feasted on Jill's incredibly sweet pussy. He owed his job as the manager of a local sports store outlet to the fact that he had been a combination basketball and football start in both high school and the later at college where he ended up getting a Master's degree in business administration. He was recruited by Sports World even before he finished his studies and within 2 years he was managing a store.

He had been in Normal, Florida for about 2 months when he had literally run into Jill in a supermarket, knocking her down with his cart as he looked in a different direction than that in which he was moving. When he had helped her to her feet, he had stood speechless, his mouth literally hanging open as he stared at the most beautiful woman he had ever in his life seen.

He remembered how she had been wearing a simple sun dress and that as she lay on her back on the floor, he had seen all the way up that sun dress to her bald pussy before helping her to her feet. When he had seen her deep blue eyes, he was enchanted. She had actually reached out and shaken him to wake him. Before he knew it, he had asked her to dinner and to his utter amazement, she had agreed.

"Okay, time to feed me a bit," Jill said, breaking into Sean's reverie as he slurped at her honey pot. "Let's see that beautiful cock of yours," she said as she lowered her foot to the floor and he stood up.

"Yes, that's it," Jill said as she sat in the chair and Sean dropped his pants and boxers to the floor, his thick cock already rising to the occasion. While not the longest at 7", it was certainly one of the thickest cocks Jill had ever seen and she adored it, everything about it.

"Oh, yeah," Sean sighed as Jill stretched her mouth as wide as she could to suck on the head of his cock, one of her hands finding and fondling his balls, shaved smooth like the rest of him.

It had taken almost an hour before Sean had been able to relax at that initial dinner date, he remembered as Jill lustily began to suck his cock, slowly but surely stretching her mouth and taking more and more of him in, but finally he had relaxed and found that she was fun, smart (she had a degree in economics and worked as an analyst at a major stock broker), and seemingly unaware of the effect she had on him and everyone else who came in contact with her. Men and women alike, she seemed to exude an aura, a pheromone that attracted people as bees to honey.

When he had driven her home after dinner, she had invited him in for coffee and drinks, he remembered fondly as he felt her fight not to choke as the last of his cock disappeared into her mouth. He could feel her nose pressing against his stomach. No other woman had ever been able to do that, take all of his cock into their mouth, and that went for Jill in the beginning, too. But that's getting ahead of things.

They had talked for a couple of hours and had had a couple of cognacs each when he realized that it was getting late and that he needed to go, having to work in the morning.

"I hate to say it," Sean had said, "but I have to work in the morning and it's getting pretty late."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Jill had said, jumping to her feet. "I lost total track of the time. I was enjoying myself so much talking with you."

"It was magical for me, too," Sean had said, leaning forward to get to his feet.

"Oh, dear me," Jill had sighed, one hand going to her face which was suffusing with color.

"What is it?" Sean had asked.

"I know this will sound terrible, and very forward," Jill had said, "but would you mind terribly letting me suck your cock before you go?"

Sean remembered sitting there frozen like stone, not daring to believe that he had actually heard what he was sure his mind had told him he was hearing. But for the fact that Jill had dropped her dress to the floor and was standing naked in front of him, dropping to her knees, made him think again. Before he knew it she had opened his pants and extracted his cock.

"Oh, my, what a nice, thick cock," she had said, wrapping her lips around the head of it as it began to rapidly grow, her tongue probing his slit. "You see," she said, looking up at him, a smile on her angelic face, "I've got this thing about cocks; I love them. Everything about them. I especially like to suck them," she had said, proving her point for a bit. "And there's nothing I like better than nice, hot cum, so don't be shy if you need to," she had said, smiling at him. "And you're so sweet, and interesting, I just knew I had to suck your cock. Next time I'll want you to fuck me, of course, but for now I just want to suck your cock and feel you cum in my mouth, okay?"

"Okay, you know I want you to cum, but fuck me first," Jill said, interrupting his reverie.

"God, Jill," Sean groaned, knowing that she was right, he had been that close to cumming. The combination of her actual blowjob against the memories of that first one had almost proven too much.

"Just fuck me for a bit," Jill said, squatting on the arms of the chair, her back to him, "then you can feed me a nice mouthful of cum."

They had bought this chair just for this reason; it was the perfect height and size for fucking. When she sat on it, his cock was right in her face when he stood in front of her. When she squatted on the arms of the chair, either facing him or with her back to him, her pussy and asshole were perfectly positioned for Sean to fuck her.

Sean positioned his cock at the entrance to her spread pussy and pressed forward, feeling himself sliding into her hot, steaming cauldron of joy, her pussy as amazingly tight now as it had been the first time they had fucked almost 4 years ago. Sean loved watching the way Jill's long pussy lips gripped his cock as it slid in and out of her pussy, glistening more and more each time as it picked up her pussy juices.

As he began to get a nice fucking rhythm going, Sean returned to his reminiscing, remembering how he had just sat there speechless as a naked Jill had proceeded to suck his cock. Back then she hadn't been able to get much of it into her mouth, but her enthusiasm and obvious love of cock sucking combined with the incredible sensual beauty of her kneeling naked between his legs was more than adequate to the task.

As Sean remembered Jill's beautiful blue eyes staring into his face as she sucked his cock that evening, he pistoned his cock in and out of her hungry pussy faster and harder, pushing himself right to the brink as he remembered his balls tightening that night 4 years ago, how he had been afraid, even after Jill's extremely specific erotic talk, to cum in her mouth.

"Okay, now you can do it," Jill said, raising herself up off of Sean's glistening cock and turning around and sitting down, smiling as she opened her mouth to suck his dripping cock into her mouth.

Sean remembered how his balls had exploded that night, even as his balls now exploded, cum filling Jill's sucking mouth, her tongue probing his slit as cum continued to pump from his balls. Then as now, Jill finished sucking him dry, licked her lips and sat back, a contented smile on her face.

"I just love it when you cum in my mouth," she said, as she said every single time she sucked him off, from that first time to now.

"And I just love cumming in your mouth, or in you anywhere, or on you anywhere," Sean told her with a laugh, dropping to his knees to take her in his arms, kissing her, their tongues intertwining, the taste of his cum still thick in her mouth and on her tongue.

"Dinner's just about ready," Jill told him when they broke their kiss. "I'll expect you to fuck my ass after dinner while we're watching television. I am just so starved for cock today."

"And that makes today different from any other day how?" Sean asked, laughing at the look on her face. "But no matter, I'm always happy to stick my cock in you, anywhere you like."

"I know," Jill said, getting to her feet and heading to the kitchen, her naked ass swinging. "Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes," she informed him.

"I'll take a quick shower," Sean said.


"That was great," Sean said, leaning back in his seat, his stomach stuffed. "I was starved."

"So I noticed," Jill replied with a smile, her breasts jiggling.

"I'll get it," Sean said when the phone started ringing. "Probably something about the report I sent in today," he told her. "I just know they're not going to believe my numbers."

As he answered the phone, Jill came over and wrapped her arms around him, pressing her naked body to his as he spoke. She had dropped to her knees, softly sucking on the head of his cock when she heard him exclaim.

"You've got to be kidding!" Sean almost screamed into the phone, his cock going from half hard to totally soft in an instant. "Sure, I'll be there. You must be kidding. Great. Until tomorrow, then," he said, hanging up the phone, a stunned look on his face.

"What is it?" Jill asked as she stood up.

"Anderson quit," Sean told her, mentioning one of the senior vice presidents of the company, "and they're going to promote from within and I'm one of the possible choices."

"Sean, that's great," Jill said, pleased for him.

"There are two others being considered," Sean told her. "There's a meeting tomorrow morning with all of us to explain. Shit, there's only 3 senior vice presidents. That would make me one of the top guys in the entire company!"

"I'm so proud of you no matter what," Jill told him. "Do you want me to suck your cock or do you want to eat my pussy?" she asked, wrapping her arms around him again.

"I think I want both," he told her, grinning down into her beautiful face.

"Mmm, 69," Jill breathed. "Dessert. Let's go," she said, grabbing him by the hand and dragging him to the living room where they collapsed onto the carpet and began devouring one another.


"Are you okay?" Jill asked when she saw Sean's face the next day when he arrived home from work. "Did something happen?"

"No, I'm okay," Sean assured her, "but the meeting was a real shock. I had no idea."

"No idea of what?" Jill asked, taking him by the hand and leading him into the living room where they sat on a sofa.

"One, exactly what kind of people or company I was actually working for," Sean replied. "Two, what they're proposing to decide which of the three of us gets the promotion."

"Sean, make sense," Jill implored. "What's going on?"

"Well, first of all, whoever gets the promotion will become instantly rich, very rich," he told her. "The basic salary is $2.4 million and then there are all sorts of stock bonuses and cash bonuses. There's also a vacation home in Hawaii for the 4 top people to use whenever they can."

"Sean, that sounds wonderful," Jill enthused. "What's the problem?"

"Oh, that part sounds great," Sean agreed, "but it goes downhill from there."

"Sean, explain. Please," Jill begged.

"First of all," Sean began, "Harold, the owner of the company and president, is a sick, perverted pig. Secondly, so are Jim and George, the other two senior vice-presidents."

"Sean, you're not making any sense," Jill said, feeling his anger. "Why are they sick, perverted pigs?"

"Wait until you hear how they're going to decide who gets the promotion," Sean told her. "They're going to have a sort of competition, they call it. The three of us and the three of them are going to play a sort of poker game. Whichever one of us lasts the longest gets the promotion."

"Sean, that's great news," Jill exclaimed. "You were practically the poker champ at university."

"You haven't heard all of it," Sean said, his cheeks flushing. "It's a poker game without any money."

"Then how can you bet?" Jill asked, confused.

"Their version of poker uses the wives and/or girlfriends of the players as chips," Sean explained.

"They what?" Jill asked, her eyes widening.

"The way they explained the rules to me is that each wife or girlfriend is to wear exactly 3 pieces of clothing, no more; same with each player," Sean explained. "Each hand has a winner and a loser. The winner is obvious; the loser is the person with the worst hand of all the losers. The losing team has to remove one piece of clothing each."

"Oh, my god, stripped poker?" Jill asked, her hand going to her face in shock. "You're not serious!"

"It gets better," Sean told her. "Once a team has lost their clothes, if they lose another hand, they have to pick a card from a special pile and do whatever it says to the winning team. They made it pretty clear that these cards have sexual tasks on them."

"Oh, Sean, I can't believe it," Jill said. "I can't even imagine Harold and Sarah doing something like that. They seem so, well, classy, if you know what I mean."

"That's exactly what I thought," Sean agreed with her. "My head was spinning as I was listening to the whole thing. I just can't believe it."

"Then what happens?" Jill asked.

"They keep playing until teams refuse to do the task on the card," Sean explained further. "Then that team is out. The last team still in the game wins."

"Sean, what are you going to do?" Jill asked.

"What are we going to do, you mean," Sean said. "If I want the promotion and everything that goes with it, we have to play in the game and win, otherwise I stay a manager of a store and we continue as we are. If we do it and win, then there's still a weekly game between the top 4. That's why they're doing the competition this way, to make sure that whoever wins is suitable for their stripped poker games. They know that we're all capable of doing the job itself."

"But what kind of things would we have to do?" Jill asked. "The tasks, I mean."

"Well, they said the only limits were no S&M," Sean answered, "otherwise, they said anything is possible."

"How badly do you want the promotion?" Jill asked.

"I'd love the promotion," Sean replied. "I think I'm probably the best person there is for it. But I don't know about paying such a price. How do you feel about it all?"

"I can honestly say that there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you to make you happy, short of seriously breaking the law or hurting anyone," Jill replied. "So, I guess if that means having sex with other people, if that's going to ultimately make you happy, it's not like we aren't both totally crazy about sex, is it?"

"So you want me to do this?" Sean asked.

"I didn't say that," Jill replied. "But whatever you decide, I'm with you 100%, no reservations, no regrets. That's what I'm saying. If you want this, if you can deal with all of the different aspects that such a promotion would entail, then I'm with you. But it has to be your choice."

"And you wouldn't have a problem with me having sex with others, then?" Sean asked.

"Of course not," Jill replied with a laugh, getting to her feet and letting her sun dress drop to the floor, then climbing up on the sofa and planting her sopping pussy right on Sean's mouth, "not knowing whose pussy it is you really love," she said, running her fingers through his hair as he enthusiastically began to slurp on her hot, wet pussy.


"Ah, Sean, glad you came," Harold Sandersen greeted Sean and Jill as they arrived at the penthouse boardroom of Sports World. "Hello, Jill, it's a pleasure to finally meet you," he said, taking her hand softly in his own and raising it to his lips. "You're extremely beautiful. Sean's a lucky man."

"I think of it more as me being the lucky girl," Jill replied, smiling at the 50-ish man, his hair just starting to go grey at the temples, though he appeared extremely well fit.

"Please allow me to introduce my wife, Sarah," he said, indicating the raven-haired woman with D-cup breasts straining against the tight material of her sheer top standing next to him. Her large, dark nipples were clearly visible.

"Hello, Jill," Sarah said, offering a hand. "You look positively delicious. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better," she said, a bit of an insouciant smile on her face, "both of you."

"Why don't you both get a glass of champagne and you can introduce Jill to everyone," Harold suggested.

"You okay?" Sean asked as they went over to the tended bar.

"Yes, I think so," Jill said. "I think Sarah is the first human I've ever met that I realize is a total predator."

"I think I get your meaning," Sean laughed.

Glasses of champagne in hand, Sean slowly made his way around the room, introducing Jill to everyone.

There was the most senior of the vice-presidents, Greg, a man in his 40s with brown hair and hazel eyes. Like Sean, like all of the men there, Jill realized, he was extremely well fit. His wife was Phyllis, a petite woman with light-brown hair and brown eyes. With her glasses and B-cup breasts, she reminded Jill more of a Sunday school teacher than anything.

They next met Jim, the other vice president, a man in his 30s with longer blonde hair and green eyes and the most perfect smile Jill had ever seen. His wife, Charlene, had curly red hair down past her shoulders and green eyes. She was only about 5½ feet tall, so her C-cup breasts seemed larger.

They then met the competition, George, a very tall black man in his 30s with the friendliest smile in the world. His wife, Sandrine, was very short, perhaps 5'2", but she had a pair of DD breasts that you just couldn't take your eyes off of, especially encased in a tube top the way they were.

Finally there was Tim, a shorter man in his 30s, balding with blue eyes. He was a bit type-A but with a lot of humor. His girlfriend was Sue, short like Tim with shorter dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes. Her small A-cup breasts were a marked contrast with Sandrine's DDs.

"May I have your attention, please," Harold called out approximately 15 minutes later. "First of all, let me say that it's a true pleasure to be able to consider admitting a new member into what is and has been and will continue to be a very exclusive group."

"We are exclusive because of our common bonds, of fitness, of work ethic, and of a type of fun not necessarily considered proper by the world at large. So be it. Sadly, we have only room for one new vice president at the present time. We anticipate that that situation will change in the future, but for now, that is where we are, so only one of the three of you will succeed in becoming a member of our executive board."

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