tagChain StoriesThe Worst Chain Story Ever Ch. 10

The Worst Chain Story Ever Ch. 10

byJoseki Ko©

The Worst Chain Story Ever Ch.10: Doctors Advice

Note to Readers: Please read the title. This is meant to be bad, repetitive and boring in places. If it were not a Chain Story it would be categorized as Humor and Satire. You have been warned. Continue at your own risk.

It was Friday night when John (the Dong) Shaw finally left work. He was really looking forward to getting home that night. His wife Magdalena Shaw would have something ready for him. It was always an effort to find what would trip his trigger on any given night. He looked down at his one eyed wonder worm and thought about their past exploits. The whip cream, the cherries, the whips, the chains, the paddle, the ropes, the motor car, not a single luxury.

“Ohhhhhh, Ginger!” he screamed

And promptly filled his pants with cum.

Now how had that happened. He finished the drive home in silence and when he entered his house found his beautiful wife dressed to the nines. She had on Custom Black Nine Inch Stiletto Heels $500 Black Fishnet Nylons $100 Black Leather Mini $200 Custom Black Leather Top $200 Custom Black leather Flogger $100

Seeing the look on your wife’s face when she notices your cum laden pants Priceless.

But our Maggie was not to be put off oh no she’d been talking to Doctor Richard Cranium, a noted specialist in Dickheads. Doctor Cranium what advice did you give to our Maggie, inquiring minds want to know.

“Well Mr. Announcer voice the advice I gave Maggie was that she merely stimulate his prostrate gland.”

“And how do you do that Doctor?”

“Well Mr. Announcer it’s easy, anal insertion of a Bigus objecticus far enough up a homosapians glutius maximus, that it stimulates his prostrate gland. You don’t want to hit this too hard but a gentle stimulation should yield the desired results.”


“I said stick a dildo up his ass till it hits his balls.”

“Oh thank you Doctor. And there you have it good reader, now back to the action.”

Maggie looks up as your attention returns to the scene.

“Oh know you don’t John. I’m not taking no for an answer tonight. You will damn well point it up when I say point it up. Now point it up!” Maggie demanded.

John looked down at his soggy drawers in defeat. But Maggie would have none of that she slid down the banister railing.


And moved out to where her reticent husband stood. Grabbing him by a convenient ear she dragged him up into the bedroom. Not waiting for him to think about it she ripped of all of his clothes leaving him naked with no clothes on and took that flogger to his ass.

“This ‘smack’ is what ‘smack’ you ‘smack’ get ‘smack’ for cumming without me. ‘Smack,smack,smack’

Despite himself John felt himself growing hard. He looked down at his magnificent manmeat and howled.


John grabbed Maggie and through her back on the bed, he jumped in behind her and buried his tongue in her shapely pussy. Maggie never new that John “the Dong” was so good with his tongue. Why this could become a regular thing. And then with his tongue still inserted in her John manuvered his dick into position to spear our heroine Maggie. But wait he can’t quite manage that he’s not limber enough. John straightens up and inserts his dong into his wife Maggie.

“Houston we have liftoff!” Shouted John and he began to ride Maggie like the concrete cowboy that he wanted to be.

For you see good reader in his heart of hearts John ‘the dong’ Shaw has always wanted to be a cowboy. To know the feeling of sleeping under the stars, to eat nothing but brown food, and to have a special relationship with the herd that he brings home…No not that kind of relationship you sicko, the kind where man and cow respect each other in the greater scheme of life.

Now back to the action.

“Take it baby, take it.” John ‘the dong’ grunted.

Inch by glorious inch John stuck it to his wife. Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth John slid his dick into Maggie.

Finally maggie could take no more and pulled a 10 inch dildo from under her pillow…I SAID MAGGIE PULLED A 10 INCH DIDLO and rammed it up John’s ass.

Maggie looked a little flustered as she complied with the commentary.

“Actually Mr. Announcer I can’t quite reach” Maggie stated

And threw me the Dildo.

“Would you be a dear and ram this 10 inches up my husbands ass? Thanks.”

So I walked around behind John and positioned it above his asshole.

“Wait!” John screamed, “Wait use some lube.”

I checked my watch. “Sorry John we’re out of time.”

“No,” John yelled “there’s always time for lube.”

I pulled my ever present tube of KY out of my pocket and squirted some on the dildo and some on John’s asshole. Then I rammed the dildo up John’s ass and hit his prostrate gland.

“I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMING!” John yelled and did just that.

He kept cumming and cumming as I kept tapping his prostrate.

“No please stop, oh make it stop my dick is going to fall off.” John begged.

I finally pulled it out and John collapsed across his wife completely spent. In no time they were both fast asleep.

Another day of happiness.

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