tagChain StoriesThe Worst Chain Story Ever Ch. 11

The Worst Chain Story Ever Ch. 11

byJoseki Ko©

Note to Readers: Please read the title. This is meant to be bad, repetitive and boring in places. If it were not a Chain Story it would be categorized as Humor and Satire. You have been warned. Continue at your own risk.

It was the best of times it was the worst of times. John (the Dong) Shaw had been off of work for a week. The episode with the dildo had been to much for him. He'd been sore for several days even with the lube and finding the announcer and beating him up had taken some time as well. But John had never been happier. His wife had finally found a trick to get him off whenever she really needed to.

"No more than once a month Maggie, I mean that now."

He was also going to have to find her a smaller dildo. That big thing was just to much for him. But he was busy plotting his revenge. He'd gone into work and told his boss, Ima Goodanuv that he needed to take a few days off. She was furious of course and under her probing questioning he admitted what had happened between him and his wife. He was actually forced to drop his drawers and bend over in front of her to prove that he wasn't lying.

That had proved to be too funny to her and eventually John had been forced to show his sore, red, stretched, butt hole to everyone on the staff, including the Mexican cleaning crew that spoke no English. As he was bending over to show the guy's he started plotting his revenge. When he was showing the girls he began to actually plan it. When he was showing the cleaning crew the desire to even the score with his wife Magdalena Shaw was overpowering.

Friday rolled around, and as Maggie came home from work she found her husband waiting for her. He was quite a bit different than usual. He was dressed in his biker gear, steel tipped high black boots, black jeans worn to velvet smoothness, a black t-shirt and of course the required black leather jacket. He was sitting in the La-z-boy with a black riding crop.

"What's up John?" Maggie inquired.

"Hey Maggie, your always doing so much for me I thought I might return the favor tonight."

"Ahh John, you don't have to." Maggie stated but what she really meant was 'OH god yes take me now you big stud!'

John just grinned and standing up to his full height he removed a length of black silk from one of his jacket pockets. He assumed his manly persona and made his way across the room in his best imitation of John Wayne. Reaching Maggie he walked around behind her and used the length of silk to blindfold her.

As Maggie felt the silk settle around her eyes she felt deliciously excited to have John take control. She felt the silk snug up against the back of her head as John expertly tied the silk. She heard a rattle as John expertly took a pair of handcuffs and expertly secured her hands behind her back. She felt herself helpless in John's expert hands. She both felt and heard him expertly whuff in her ear, and his expert hands began to expertly caress her body. He expertly removed her shirt and bra. As she stood there shivering John expertly used both his hands to play with her breasts kneading them back and forth like dough. While both his hands were doing this she felt them remove her skirt and panties as well. She felt both his hands still on her breasts as both his hands stroked her pussy, and both his hands caressed her bottom and her feet...

"Wait a minute that's 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. 8 hands! JOHN!" Maggie screamed.

She felt a ball gag slide between her lips and felt it tighten as John expertly tied it behind her head.

"Butt fuck me with a dildo will you. Tonight honey I get even. Ok boys take her to the rumpus room."

Maggie had never known why John had to have a rumpus room. They didn't even own a rumpus. But John had insisted on having one so Maggie had given in and now she was on her was to the rumpus room. Maybe John was going to rumpus her. I mean what the hell is a rumpus anyway.

As the boys carried Maggie up the stairs she listened to their voices and realized that John had invited all the guys over from work. This was going to be interesting. As they reached the rumpus room she felt herself laid down gently on an ottoman. He stomach pressed against it her bottom high in the air. She felt one set of hands grab each of her legs and pull them apart. She was spread wide open for their inspection. Another hand tangled itself in the back of her hair and forced her head down elevating her bottom even more.

"I'd have you count the strokes Maggie but I know the cat's got your tongue currently." John spoke conversationally.

She heard the swish as the crop struck and it felt like someone had applied a branding iron to her bottom. She leaped and writhed in pain screaming into the ball gag as blow after blow was applied to her soft bottom. She felt the sting really begin to mount as John got into the swing of things. The crop lashed her bottom again and again as John worked out his frustration on her. She longed to ask John to stop being so anal.

100 strokes later the crop stopped it's assault upon her. Her bottom felt very sore and puffy as someone kneaded it, making it hurt even more. She was crying through her blindfold when she heard the sound she's been expecting.

A zipper slowly unzipping itself. She heard a set of pants hit the floor and then there was an insertion in her bottom. Wait she tried to cry that's not my pussy that's my asshole. But she couldn't get any words by the ball gag. Besides they probably new where they were inserting their manhood.

The insertion came and she realized that John had just applied lube to her the same way it had been applied to him, the entire tube squeezed in. She felt someone enter her, and after two or three strokes new the dick to be attached to Nick the prick. He stroked in and out of her for awhile finally cumming in her. He moved making way for the next guest cock. Again it was inserted into her and after just two strokes she new this one belonged to Doc the cock. He took his time and made her enjoy it as well. Doc always was a good craftsman. He came in her and made way for another. This guest penis belonged to Fast Eddie, she new because two strokes into her he was done. The next penis belonged to Pete the meat Johnson, he stretched her little asshole as he fitted his huge member into her. He stroked back and forth 18 inches or so. Every time he entered her fully she could feel him slip all the way into her lower intestines. He made way for Big bad John, the worst fucker at the parlor. He was such a bad lay that only people who got enjoyment from hating sex asked for him.

They all came in her and she felt completely full when her husband took her again. This time he let the others run their hands over her so that she was allowed some release as well. When they had both finally cum, John directed the boys to hang her upside down on the wall. This way she wouldn't spill any of their precious cum. The hung her with her bottom to the wall so that every time she shifted a new lance of pain would shoot thru her.

She had awhile to contemplate this as John left her there until all the cum had dried. She was looking forward to getting even with him.

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