tagChain StoriesThe Worst Chain Story Ever Ch. 13

The Worst Chain Story Ever Ch. 13


Sam watched the sun rise with the expectant zeal of a clam, waiting for the grain of sand that soon would become a beautiful pearl. Something would happen today, something wonderful and Sam was glad to be alive and part of it all.

The reason Sam was so happy was that he knew, for the first time he would carnally acknowledge a real, live woman. Just the thought of this wondrous opportunity stiffened his cock, causing him to walk along the beach hunched over like an old man slowly strolling the sands of time. The only problem for Sam was that too often, the sands of time accumulated in his crotch, along the elastic of his underwear, chafing him.

But today, a little chafing wasn't going to bother him because he realized he was fuckable and that he was going to be fucked. Her name was Magdalena and she was beautiful. She had long, hair that flowed like the river at the inlet to the bay that soon became the beach, after passing a lot of buildings and things. Her perfect breasts bounced when she ran like wondrous basketballs in the seventh game of an NBA finals.

The first time Sam saw Magdalena he was peeking through the broken obscure glass in a public restroom window while jacking off. She stood at the mirror carefully applying her makeup before going for a swim. Once he saw her, he knew she was the only woman he would jack off to again and standing on the stack of crates while he peered through the window, he shot his wad in her name. His cum fell to the ground like creamy snowflakes in a momentary blizzard.

Following her over the next few weeks he learned that she lived in an amazing house married to some John the Dong. She left the house each day after kicking something hanging upside down. Sam had peeked in the window but couldn't quit see what it was. It really didn't matter, he simply admired the way she dressed each day, amazed at how she could walk on those tall-heeled shoes. She was always friendly, talking to people in bars, sometimes shouting beautiful things to them as they slowly pulled away from the bar parking lot, their windows rolled down.

After months of watching Magdalena, Sam finally got the courage to talk to her, well, not really the courage, more the cowardice to talk to her. He was again watching her though the restroom window, when the crates he stood on fell over, ejaculating him onto the ground, his hands not missing a beat on his hard cock.

Magdalena ran out of the restroom to see what all the commotion was about. Seeing Betty she waved, then she turned the corner to face him just as he was cumming, shooting his sperm into the air like a miniature geyser. Sam jumped up, straightened his tie and reached out his hand to shake her hand. Unfortunately, his pants were still at his ankles so he fell onto the ground, seriously injuring his still partially hard cock.

Always one to help a fellow human being, Magdalena, helped him up and after finding a suitable stick, she bandaged his broken cock, splinting it expertly. Her naked breasts dangled in front of him and she let him take a suck. The pain that followed made him pass out, but when he awoke, she was still there.

Before heading home, she told Sam that, as soon as he healed she would give him one just because she liked him so much. Well today was the day, Sam, after forty years he would no longer be a virgin, well, there was that time when he got married, but that was about the same as virginity for him. Anyway, after many years he finally would poke his pitiful pecker into a prurient pussy proving his pole could produce more that just piss. The marvelous Magdalena made him mumble to himself as he dreamt of her magnificent maidenhead.

Stepping into the restroom, he found her waiting and his cock immediately rose like the morning sun. She looked beautiful; her perfect 38 Ds were barely restrained in a shoestring bikini top. Her 22-1/8" waist curved perfectly to 36" hips that were barely covered with her bikini bottom.

Sam pulled his 9-5/8" cock from his shorts and walked over to her, carefully unbuttoning her blouse and removing her pants and panties. Magdalena kneeled down and took his entire cock in her mouth while she toyed with his balls with one hand and squeezed his ass with another. He quickly came, shooting his hot cum into her mouth. Sam let her suck awhile longer and then pulled away and led her to the bed.

She reclined, opening her legs to him, where he buried his face deep in her cunt, drinking her tasty juices. She came immediately. Sam then climbed up and drove his hard cock deep into her pussy where they both came, splashing their cum all over each other. Sam then rolled over onto his back and she took him into her mouth again, where she sucked him until he came, swallowing every ounce of his hot liquid.

Standing up, Sam took her by the hand and had her put her arms on the sink and he slipped his hard cock into her dripping pussy. He pumped himself into her until they both cummed screaming into the night. As they finished they looked together into the mirror. They were completely soaked in sweat and cum, they turned and kissed, hard and passionate.

Hungry from their exhaustive love, they immediately walked across the street and into the ritzy Chateau restaurant where Sam treated Magdalena to a seven course, five star lunch. Between courses, Magdalena would slip beneath the table and take Sam's cock into her mouth, sucking it until he came in great gobs of gelatinous jism.

The evening ended as they took a walk, strolling along the beach watching the sun first peek above the horizon into the noonday sky. Thinking of their day together, Sam felt his cock harden. He watched Magdalena disappear into the sunset as she walked to her car and drove home to John the Dong. Betty waved goodbye.

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