tagLoving WivesThe Wrath of the Wicked Webcam Ch. 05

The Wrath of the Wicked Webcam Ch. 05


It was around 11:30AM, within minutes of sending my mass email, when there was a knock at my front door. The kids were in school and I'd been in the den responding to individual emails and phone calls. I was exhausted and now wondered if my marriage, and now seventeen other marriages, would come to an end.

Opening the door I was greeted by Jocelyn. She was dressed in the sleek black running suit I'd seen her wearing on her fourth DVD. Seeing her before me almost took my breath away. She had lost close to 25 pounds and she wore a pair of eyeglasses that gave her a distinguished look. She'd always worn contacts. And she smelled wonderful, a combination of eucalyptus and orange blossom, I think. All part of changing the image of her hairy fat ass displayed to the world.

"Jocelyn, hello." Yes, I was surprised to see her.

"I'm here to do my best to address your second condition for coming home." I must have had a blank look on my face. After all I was emotionally and physically exhausted.

"You remember, don't you? The condition about erasing the ugly image you have of me?" I did remember but I did not know what she would do to erase that image.

Walking past me she began pulling down the top zipper of her black running suit top revealing her tan and taught upper torso. She was wearing what looked like a very expensive black lace bra that barely covered her beautiful breasts. Was she seducing me?

"Jocelyn, what are you doing here?" It was an innocent question even if the image unfolding (literally) before me was one of wicked beauty.

"As I said, I'm doing my best to replace the image. You need to sit down and give me the opportunity. I have waited six weeks to do this for you. There is no expectation. Now sit and try and enjoy." There was no webcam, the kids were in school and what Jocelyn was doing was just for me (at least I was beginning to think it was only for me).

I sat and watched as the running pants soon found their place on the carpet and her firm legs and thighs revealed a semi-muscular body that had obviously spent a lot of time in a gym lifting weights and running. There did not appear to be an ounce of fat on her body. Her stomach muscles seemed to be rippled from hours of sit ups and the black matching thong barely covered her pubic area.

"Jocelyn?" I was dumbfounded and as much as I tried to find the fat hairy ass and exposed sloppy cunt, I could not deny she had changed significantly. I could tell it was still Jocelyn but it was not, at least visually, the woman I'd seen on the webcam.


Soon she was dancing to soundless music and her bra and thong were in the corner of the living room. I wasn't sure where, when she took them off, the underwear disappeared to. I also could not remember her even taking them off! I found myself hypnotized by her dance and sensual striptease. I realized it was an act she had never done for me.

Then she lay on the floor and touched herself, first by dragging her finger nails down the front of her torso through her naked breasts resting on the mound where once rested a think black- haired pussy. Now there was nothing but a single painted fingernail pointing downward, as if to say, look at me now, and her perfectly and completely shaved pubic area. It was not the same fat-ass-and-hairy-cunt I'd last seen on display for the world. If I did not have the option of raising my head and looking at Jocelyn's face, I would not have recognized her.

Jocelyn then turned over onto her stomach and slowly raised her ass fort me to see, to gaze on. She was slow and deliberate in her movement. "Only for you Bobby." She whispered as she pushed back towards me spreading her legs to let me see she had shaved completely, ass-to-pussy! "I had the hair permanently removed." Her ass even seemed to be ripped from hours of working out. It still had that full-bodied shape minus several pounds of cellulite that would wiggle-and-giggle when she walked. Nothing seemed to wiggle-and-giggle.

As she tossed her head back to look at me, her short black strands of coiffured hair seemed to rise like hummingbird wings to reveal the tasteful and rich-looking black herringbone eyeglasses. The glasses looked to be made of a light weight metal and were a slender rectangular shape. It was the image of a very beautiful middle aged woman who had defied age and was now prostrating herself before me. But she was not stopping with just showing me her newly toned and tanned body.

Soon Jocelyn swiveled around and was crawling towards me, touching my legs and using her hands to crawl up my body. "Jocelyn, this isn't really necessary . . ." I knew that if she continued to seduce me I would not resist her. That isn't right either, I could not resist her!

"You need to let me do everything possible to change the image. No more talking until I am finished, please." The finger of her right hand had quickly come to rest on my lips. Just as quickly she had removed my pants and pulled off my t-shirt. At that moment, as her eucalyptus-orange blossom smell reached my nostrils I wished I had taken a shower, wanting to have just-as-clean a body as hers. But I was hopelessly and helplessly lost and knew I was not going to risk losing this moment to my insecurity regarding body odor. Besides I had not had any sex in, shit it had now been almost 8 weeks!

Her lips found mine before moving her lovely mouth down my body, stopping to lovingly lick and suck on my nipples. She'd never done this! I now was beginning to understand how a woman wanted to be loved, to be held, and the power of using lips and tongue with loving bites and caresses. Jocelyn ended up with my engorged cock in her mouth, in the recesses of her throat, moaning as she sucked and licked me to one of the most incredible orgasms of my life. She did not withdraw as I began to cum; instead she moaned and seemed to pull me even deeper into her. This was another first for us! Had our lovemaking over the years been bland and unimaginative? Had I failed to satisfy her, to make love to her at every opportunity? I was beginning to think I had let her down. Then I realized we are two adults and each of us is responsible for letting the other know what makes us happy or sad.

As I lay sated, exhausted, thinking she was finished I was surprised when she continued to suckle, lick and kiss me until I was once again hard! It had been years since we'd had sex this intense! I was beyond being blown away as I felt her lips on mine and tasted myself, inhaled the eucalyptus and felt her insistent tongue slide into my mouth! Then, she whispered in my ear, again. "I want you there, now!" I could feel her tongue on my neck, her lips kissing me, as she lowered herself onto me, her breasts brushing my chest as if caressing me. I knew what she meant by "there" and I think the anticipation caused me to get even harder.

As she lowered herself onto me, I marveled at how tight she felt as her muscles seemed to grab hold and massage me! God it was an incredible sensation as I disappeared into her, into what I now knew was her beautiful ass. It was one of the most incredible sensations I'd ever experienced and instinctively knew it was the only gift Jocelyn could give me that, at that moment that would push me into an alternate frame of mind.

As she picked up her rhythm, taking me deep into her bowels, she once again whispered into my ear. "I want you to eat me . . . to kiss YOUR naked pussy . . . please Bobby, please eat me." With me still deep in her ass I picked her up and gently laid her on her back. With her leaning back on the couch I eased myself out of her as I slowly and deliberately lowered my mouth to her baldness.

I had not had a second orgasm while buried deep within her bowels but I was now shifting my focus from one of receiving pleasure to doing everything I could to please Jocelyn. It was, at that moment, important for me to make sure she knew I did love her, that she had succeeded in changing the ugly webcam image I'd harbored for weeks!

In the light of late morning I noticed the fine white lines wear the sun had not dared go, lines that only accentuated the beauty of her now hairless neither lips. I proceed to use my lips and tongue to make love to her, to bite, pinch, lick, and suck and kiss her to at least to two orgasms. I was beginning to feel good about being able to please Jocelyn, to make her feel loved and cared for.

By the time she was about to come a third time she grabbed me by the hair whispering, "Enough, I need you in me sweetie!" Sweetie?

Everything had been absolutely perfect until she called me sweetie. Why? I instantly saw her on the webcam referring to some stranger as "sweetie". My body was no longer relaxed and became a bundle of rock-hard nails, taught and unreceptive to the feather softness of our lovemaking. My mind felt like it was caught in the grips of a vice that began to squeeze and crush my soul. I had no control over the transference reaction that killed my feelings of love and lust. My reaction was involuntary and was conveyed to Jocelyn in the space of a heartbeat.

"Oh, God no! Bobby, please, please, please . . . I don't know what else to do!" How could a single word trigger such a response?!

As I sat next to Jocelyn she took me in her arms, holding me like a child who had fallen off of his bicycle scrapping both knees, both hands and had a bloody nose. Rather than give in to anger I let myself sink into a state of depression.

"I now know how deeply I hurt you Bobby. I now understand and am at a loss what else to do. I just love you so much and know I've messed up our lives! I don't know what else to do! I just don't know what else to do." Jocelyn's sadness came across her as quickly as my body had reacted to her single word of endearment. It was a conditioned response, a transference response that told me there was a lot of work necessary to allow us to heal, if healing was even possible.

So there we sat, naked, smelling of eucalyptus, orange blossoms, sweat, and our sex holding each other, crying. I realized that the fat-ass-hairy-cut image was, in fact, gone. It had been replaced by an image of beauty and delight. It had to mean something, yes?

"Jocelyn, you didn't completely fail." She raised her head, tears dripping down her face (but no runny makeup or mascara).

"So, there is hope?" There is always hope I just didn't know if it would be enough.

"I think so but there is one more question that needs to be addressed, yes?" I did not have to spell out the question.

Jocelyn got up and went to her running suit jacket and pulled out a DVD then handed it to me. "You won't like what you see on this but it is the entire truth." I suspected what I'd find.

"Tell me what I will find." I pulled the naked Jocelyn back onto the couch beside me.

"I don't know if I can Bobby? It was revolting when I watched it."

"Try me Jocelyn. If I look at the DVD I will have, most likely, one more nasty and degrading image to overcome and I don't think I could do that. So tell me what I will find."

"OK. OK. Just give me a moment." After a few breaths to calm her breathing she sat up straight letting me appreciate her healthy athletic physique.

"When I first went to work doing the webcam stuff Harold suggested I start working the couple's side. No, Harold was not my partner; it was a man I did not know. I was so naive that I had no idea actual sex was involved! After all I'd never even seen or used a webcam let alone on an adult site. But the enticement of making pretty good money made me at least give it a try. The DVD is a copy of the first time going into private chat with a paying viewer." For a moment I wondered who made a copy of the DVD. Was it Harold? Would he have used it as a way to convince Jocelyn to continue?

"The first hour, or so, of that first webcam experience was spent responding to chat-room messages. This time included some intimate touching and caressing by my partner, a man younger than me whose name was Josh. Most of the time was spent with my partner rubbing himself through a pair of tight shorts and me doing the same thing. Then a viewer wanted us to go into a private session. By the time we were in the private session my partner said the viewer wanted to see us naked and me being fucked doggy style. I remember asking Josh if it was for real and he simply replied "of course, now strip baby so we can get this over with." By the time I had my bra and panties off my partner flipped me onto my hands and knees." This was getting to be a very difficult story for Jocelyn to tell but I said nothing to stop her.

"At that point I realized what was about to happen, that this man was about to fuck me and was not using a condom! Yes, I began to worry about whether or not he was going to use a condom. Then the thought hit me that I was about to commit an adulterous act, that I was about to cheat on you, and I panicked. Within a few moments I was sitting up refusing to have sex with Josh. Talk about having pissed off customers! Actually I didn't really care about the customers I just wanted the night mare to end. Then Josh said we might salvage the situation if I gave him a blow job. At the time it sounded reasonable, even if the situation was anything but reasonable. After a few minutes of inner debate I proceeded to take Josh in my mouth and suck him off. After less than a minute I realized I couldn't continue! So I pushed him back on the bed, and ran out of the chat room."

"Will I find anything else on the DVD?"

"No, and I never returned to the couples webcam site."

"There is one more very important question for you to answer Jocelyn, were you even going to tell me about the other webcam site?" I had no patience to dance any longer, to play this game. Jocelyn knew this as sure as she knew me.

"I kept the DVD in case you did ask this question. But to be honest with you, no, I was not going to tell you about the first website unless you somehow found out. I now know I have risked everything by not immediately sharing everything with you but was so ashamed by my actions that I decided to not say anything to anyone."

For the first time since this all began I felt like she was telling me the truth but I wasn't sure I could live with the truth. My male ego had me in a twisted state of raw emotion.

As I sat trying to figure out whether or not to get angry, feel relieved or throw her out the door, Jocelyn retrieved a single sheet of paper with another seven names, phone numbers and email addresses. I knew it was the other list of wives who were working on the couple's site, at least the list of women she knew.

After touching my face and kissing my cheek Jocelyn dressed and left. She just left! Jocelyn walked out the door before I could say anything. There was no opportunity for me to vent my insecurities, or let my fears monopolize my thinking. I think we both were beyond talking. The one thing I did know was that, aside from the first wicked webcam experience of giving an aborted blowjob to a partner named Josh, Jocelyn had met all three of my conditions for keeping our marriage together.

There was one thing left to do. I created another email distribution list, as I sat naked, needing a shower and smelling of body odor, eucalyptus, orange blossoms and sex. Then I sent a similar email to all of the names on the list Jocelyn had just handed me. No, I didn't bother to look up the names of the husbands I just threatened to notify significant others if they continued to do things behind their husbands back. Who knows, there may be spouses who value the fiscal remuneration (from their wives webcam adventures) more than they valued honesty and fidelity? It was no longer my call to make decisions for anyone other than my immediate family.


Hell is more than a concept or place evil people go when they die. It is living life without love, friendship, and respect. Hell is living life in constant emotional pain due to guilt and remorse (because someone has wronged someone else). If we could easily forget how people have hurt us, wars would end tomorrow. We are, however human. Our memories can dull over time but we never really forget how we've been wronged or hurt others.

For Jocelyn and me it was important to not spend any more time trying to figure out how to atone for the hurt we have caused each other. We had already been apart far too long. My email to her was simply:

Jocelyn, dinner will be ready by 7:00PM, please be home by 4:30PM . . . tomorrow we will go shopping for clothes that fit you better, OK? Love, Bobby.

Yes, she was home by 4:30PM. That night I slept soundly for the first time in close to seven months and we did have a meeting with our children. Jimmy was just glad to have his mother home. Karen was initially suspicious but was instantly impressed by the new hairdo, eye glasses and cool running suit. John, my oldest, surprised all of us with his quip, "You know I love you Mom, but I am surprised Dad let you come home." We all sat stunned into silence by his comment.

"John, why do you say that?" I asked the question before I'd thought about what John, at 15, might actually know.

"Let's just say there is a certain website my friends and I used to visit. We often would end up in live chat rooms where, you know, adults go. My friends found this woman, who looked like you Mom, on one of those live webcam sites, and began to tease me. I punched one of my friends in the nose and told him that, even if it had been my mother on the webcam it did not give him the right to ever say nasty things about you, especially if I was there. I am personally glad you are home to address this rumor, that's all." John had said more in the two minute speech than he had for the last year! He had been tactful but also conveyed the message we were a family and he would fight anyone to protect us, even if his mother had done something that tested our sense of dignity and respect.

I was, at that moment, a father and husband who was very proud of his children. If Jocelyn was ashamed of the fact that her son, most likely knew of her adult webcam "employment", she did not shrink in shame. In stead she touched her son's hand and whispered, "thank you."

What happened to Harold Carpenter and his wicked adult webcam sites? I don't really know. Jocelyn has given me no reason to seek cyber-sex for love and passion, and I am certain she has not returned to the wicked webcam business. I only know that each of us must find his/her own path and do the best we can to live with one another. Harold did provide employment for Jocelyn but facilitated, unknowingly, the near destruction of my family.

NOTE: This story is fiction but was inspired largely by LadyKristal. LadyKristal works as a model on a webcam site and provided the personality and physical foundation for the character, Jocelyn. For LadyKristal, a professed mother I only pray she is happy and continues to hold her head high.

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