tagLoving WivesThe X-Mas Party

The X-Mas Party


Christine looked fantastic. She recently lost a whole lot of weight and was more confident in her appearance and attitude. We were on out way to a Christmas party at my friend/co-worker Chris's house. He is someone who likes to have a good time so tonight is already planning to be a fun evening. What I didn't know was just how fun and exciting it really would be.

We arrived around 8 pm to a house full of people. Many of who we both knew, some from work and others personally. Everyone was amazed at how great Christine looked. Christine is 5'2" with 36D breasts. She was wearing tight black form fitting pants that accentuated her curves, a tight low cut multi-colored top showing off her beautiful large breasts. Underneath was a red push-up bra and matching thong. To add to this she had on a pair of high-heeled leather boots.

The party was excellent. Chris was in the kitchen making mudslides and passing out shots. My wife was starting to feel the affects of the booze with a good buzz going on. The eyes of all the guys were on Christine at some point throughout the evening. Chris was paying extra attention to her as well as two other friends of mine, Mike and Steve. I could tell by the way they were brushing up against her, grabbing her whenever they could.

I was mingling around while Christine was talking to other friends and I noticed her getting groped here and there. At one point I came up behind her, put my arms around her waist and asked, "Are you having fun????"

She responded by backing her fabulous ass into my crotch and purred, "Yessss..."

"I thought you might. Be careful with these guys, if you keep going I will not be able to stop them from going too far."

Her only response was to grind her ass a little harder into my crotch while giggling.

At this point Chris came over and asked if we were enjoying ourselves. I noticed that he couldn't keep from staring at Christine's tits, and told him that we were having an excellent time.

"Great!!" he said. "Since you've been here before Kev, I think your beautiful wife deserves a tour of my house."

With that he grabbed her hand and whisked her away. I caught her looking at me with this "Don't worry," expression on her face. I could also see how much the alcohol was affecting her.

I proceeded to go outside onto the back porch for another drink and some fresh air. I ran into some friends I haven't seen yet and proceeded to get involved in a conversation. I realized that about 30-45 minutes had passed and hadn't seen Christine. Excusing myself from the group I went to see where my sexy wife might be.

At first I didn't see her anywhere on the first floor, so I asked a few of our friends if they had seen here. They told me that they last saw her heading upstairs with Chris and that was a while ago. On hearing that I started to get a funny felling in my stomach. I looked around the room to see if Chris was around. Not seeing him anywhere I also noticed that Mike and Steve were nowhere around either.

I had many thoughts going through my head as I started climbing the stairs to the second floor and none were good. What surprised me was the tingling sensation in my pants causing a rock hard erection. I remembered warning Christine about them and to be careful. We fantasized numerous times about her being fucked by several guys, but never expected anything to happen.

As I made it to the second floor after passing and exchanging niceties with other people hanging out on the stairwell I proceeded to look for Christine. I didn't find her the bathroom line or coming out of it. The first bedroom I came to I found nothing except the increased excitement that I was feeling. Neither did I find her in the second bedroom.

Making my way down the hall towards the master bedroom I started to hear sounds. What I heard was Mike's unusual laugh and other male voices. I saw a few people looking into the room through the half opened door and they looked away as I approached. When I finally made it to the door my hard-on was almost bursting through my pants and nearly ripped through them at what I witnessed.

There was my beautiful, hot, sexy wife wearing nothing but her high heeled leather boots, on the bed with Mike behind her fucking her hard and fast. I leaned up against the door jam and folded my arms just looking at how hot she looked.

Steve and Chris were naked and sporting some very large erections while fondling and squeezing Christine's tits while telling her how they knew she was a slut and would be theirs all night long. Mike just continued to pound her while laughing and smacking her ass. I could see the red mark his hand left. She obviously didn't mind how hard he was slapping her and was too lost in the pleasure of the moment to care.

At some point Christine saw me standing there and had this, "I'm sorry," look on her face. I found my voice and said, "I told you this might happen, now you have to deal with it. So you may as well enjoy it."

She could tell by the look in my eyes that I was OK with everything.

Before she could answer or say anything, Steve got on the bed in front of her, grabbed a handful of her hair and shoved his dick into her mouth saying, "Suck it slut, I know you've been wanting to suck my cock!!"

With that Christine started sucking Steve's dick while taking Mike's in her wet cunt. At some point I think she came but couldn't tell because of Steve's dick fucking her mouth. Chris continued to grab and slap her huge tits while smacking her ass in between mike's slaps.

For the rest of the evening they used her as their personal fuck toy. She was made to suck each of their dicks until they came and she swallowed all their cum. They then each licked her pussy until she came, this time surprising them because when Christine really gets excited she squirts with a huge female ejaculation soaking everything around her. When the guys saw this they got even more excited calling her by even nastier names.

At one point the party down stairs broke up and the 5 of us were all that was left. Christine continued to be fucked in a multitude of positions, on top, missionary, on the stairs, etc. Things finally winded down when they each fucked her from behind one last time and then came all over her huge tits. I couldn't believe what I had witnessed. My beautiful, hot, sexy wife becoming the slut she always knew she was.

After cleaning up with a shower where all 3 guys helped soap and rinse her off. She dried off, put her clothes back on, leaving her bra and thong there for the guys to have as a memento. As we drove home I told her how much I loved her and asked kind of sarcastically if she had a good time.

She gave me a really sexy satisfied look while reaching over to rub my cock through my pants and said, "I wonder if we'll be able to come back for the New Year's Party?"

You can bet on it!

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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