tagInterracial LoveThe Yellow Masters

The Yellow Masters


This is a fantasy trilogy about the owner of a very prominent Chinese restaurant in Chinatown of a major US city. The restaurant was well known for its excellent cuisine but it also had a dark side to it. Many of its clients were familiar with the erotic offerings and sex shows available for an expensive fee. Salesmen often brought their biggest clients to this restaurant and paid well for their entertainment after dinner. Others succumbed to the erotic powers of their inner-self.

Story One – Barbara and Steve

Chapter One – An Invitation to Tea

Barbara was a stunning blonde hair beauty at the age of 25. She was 5'6" tall and weighed 120 pounds with a gorgeous figure. She had absolutely no body fat, smallish firm breasts, shapely legs and a marvelous ass. She always showed off her legs and ass by wearing tight mini skirts. Barbara was dating and living with Steve a very successful salesman who often brought his clients to the restaurant and arranged for their entertainment as well.

One particular evening Steve took Barbara to dinner there because she had kept asking him. She had heard so much about the food and knew that Steve had often dined there. They had a wonderful meal and Barbara was overwhelmed with all the attention that they received from the staff. Barbara got to meet the owner who everybody referred to as Master. She was flattered with his attention to her.

Chinese men tended to be fascinated with blonde women and the Master in particular was drawn to them. Barbara was in the Master's sight all night either in person or from his special viewing room. He could not take his eyes off of her all evening. As he tried to sleep that night he could not get her beauty out of his mind. He decided that he had to have her.

The next day Barbara received a hand delivered personal invitation to join the Master for tea at the restaurant. The invitation was for the upcoming Thursday afternoon. Barbara was extremely honored and since Steve was out of town until Friday on business, she graciously accepted. Barbara asked the messenger if any special attire was required. He told her that what she wore to dinner last night would be perfect.

Thursday arrived and Barbara took a taxi to the restaurant. She wore the same black mini skirt that displayed her shapely body with thigh high nylons and black panties. She had decided against wearing the thong panty that she wore last time.

When she arrived she was greeted by a very beautiful Chinese girl wearing a skin tight jade colored dress with slits up to her mid thighs. The girl led her into a sitting room and asked her to wait that the Master would be with her shortly. The girl than poured Barbara some tea and politely excused herself. Barbara sipped the tea and it tasted good but a little different. The tea had a wonderful aroma and she let it fill her nostrils. By the time the girl came back for her she had finished the tea and she felt a little light headed.

The girl told her that the Master was ready to see her now. As Barbara stood she felt a little odd and warm. She had a strange tingling in her body and a warm glow in her loins. The girl led her into a room were the Master was seated at a small table with two chairs. The room was magnificently decorated with oriental furniture including an ornate day bed.

The Master welcomed her and asked her to bring the tea over to the table. Barbara picked up the tea tray and walked gingerly over to the Master. He told her to place it down on the table and as she did he placed his hand on her shoulder keeping her in a bent over position. Barbara remained still even though she knew he could see down the front off her dress to her braless tits. She raised her eyes toward the Master and he smiled at her and stroked her beautiful blonde hair with his other hand.

Barbara was nervous but she smiled back not knowing what to expect next. The Master moved his hand down her hair and across her cheek causing Barbara to shiver with goose bumps. She felt the stirring in her loins and her pussy getting moist. The Master reached into the top of her blouse and cupped one of her firm breasts emitting a gasp from her. He then rolled her nipple in his fingertips until it was rock hard. He moved his hand to the other breast and repeated the actions.

Barbara was convinced that she had been drugged and she struggled to maintain her composure. Although she did not wish to offend the Master she would not allow him to go any further than copping a feel of her tits. His continued ministrations of her breasts had her panting and he took the next step. He guided Barbara closer to him and had her stand in front of him. He then ran his hand from her knee over her hose until he touched the bare skin of her thigh.

Barbara trembled with his touch and she knew that she should stop him. Whether it was the drugs or not she could not bring herself to stop him. The Master moved his other hand under her skirt and started stroking both bare thighs above the elastic tops of her hose. She gasped out loud and steadied herself by holding on to his shoulders. He cupped her panty covered vulva and felt the warmth and wetness of her womb. He then moved the elastic of her panties to one side and began to finger her pussy. Barbara was dripping wet and the aroma of her sex was prominent in the room.

Unbeknown to Barbara was the audience that she had in a room adjacent to the tea room. A number of the staff, Chinese men and women, observed the actions through a two-way mirror. The mirror in the tea room was impressively ornate and one would never suspect that it was a two-way mirror. The Master's fingering of Barbara's pussy caused her to spread her legs open causing her tight mini skirt to ride up her hips a little and form tightly around her curvy buttocks. The men were getting excited and had their cocks in their hands jerking off. The women were panty less, had their slit skirts pulled up to their waist and were rubbing their pussies.

Back in the tea room Barbara was moaning aloud as the Master continued his seduction. He reached behind her hips and fondled her shapely ass cheeks then he hooked his fingers in her panties and slowly peeled them down her legs and let them gather at her ankles. Barbara felt a mild orgasm pass through her body and she knew then there was no turning back. The Master stood and walked her toward the day bed and she stepped out of her panties along the way. He stood behind her and unzipped her mini dress and then pulled it down over her hips to the floor. She stood there in only her thigh high hose with her back to him as he admired her shapely ass. He played with her bottom a little more before turning her to face him. Her nipples were rock hard and sticking out like little cocks from her firm tits. Her pussy was sopping wet.

Barbara was unaware of the activities behind the mirror but the orgy had started. Each of the men had a woman kneeling in front of them sucking on their cocks. The women continued to finger fuck themselves as they sucked the men.

The Master pushed her back on the day bed and she fell splaying her legs wide open. He then flipped open his robe and let it slide off his shoulders to the floor. The Master was well endowed for a Chinese man and Barbara took notice that he was indeed larger than Steve. The Master inserted his cock into her wet pussy and it slid in easily due to her excited state. The cock felt good in her and she welcomed its presence. He fucked her slowly at first and then picked up the pace. Barbara humped her cunt up at him trying to keep his cock in contact with her clit. She had numerous orgasms before he stiffened and filled her womb with cum.

The drugs had a lasting effect and Barbara tried to get him to keep fucking her. He withdrew his deflated penis and she plunged her fingers into her cunt trying to put out the flame in her pussy.

The Master spoke to her, "Do you want more? I can see by the way your hips move that you need more cock, do you?"

Barbara screamed at him, "Yes I need more give me more cock. I need to cum again."

The Master smiled and then turned toward the mirror and nodded. Soon three more Chinese men entered the room. They all dropped their robes and one by one they fucked Barbara until they came in her pussy. She didn't care now who fucked her as long as she was being fucked. As they recuperated they fucked her a second time as she urged them on and begged them to make her cum.

Barbara's pussy was dripping with cum from the seven man loads and her own juices. The Master rolled her over so that her knees were on the floor and her upper body was bent over the day bed. He pulled her hands behind her and tied them with a thin strong filament. Then he produced a ball gag which he inserted in her mouth and tied behind her head. She tried to protest but the sounds were muffled by the gag. Now she was scared.

The Master caressed her ass cheeks and tickled her asshole. He then squirted some cool liquid right into her asshole and then pushed one finger into her rectum.

"White missy ever had it back here?" he asked in a sinister tone.

Barbara looked over her shoulder and saw his impressive cock in an erect state. His cock looked ominous with its glaring purplish mushroom head. The Master spotted the fear in her eyes as he relished in his feeling of dominance and power. Barbara tried to scream and protest but her efforts were lost on the gag. Barbara's eyes filled with tears of fright. Nobody had ever put anything in her ass not a tongue, not a finger and certainly not a cock. Steve had tried to coax her into anal sex but she would have nothing to do with it. Now she had no choice in her captive state but to endure.

The Master fingered her with one finger for quite a while before adding a second finger. Barbara groaned at the invasion and felt her anus being stretched wider. He slid two fingers from the same hand into her pussy again and finger fucked her pussy and asshole simultaneously. The presence in her pussy helped ease the discomfort in her bung hole but she could not be prepared for the ultimate degradation.

The Master removed his fingers from her ass and lined up the head of his cock with her anus. He pushed steadily forward into her rectum as Barbara screamed silently into the gag. The pain was excruciating for Barbara but the pleasure was incredible for the Master. She was clearly an anal virgin and he had not been in any hole this tight in a very long time. The mushroom head of his cock cleared her sphincter and he eased his dick further and further into the depths of her writhing body.

As he withdrew his cock a little he added more lubricant and than plunged it back in completely filling her rectum. He picked up the pace as his cock began to slide easier in and out of her ass. Soon he began to pound her ass hard, his hips slapping her buttocks and his bloated balls hitting her pussy lips. The feeling in Barbara's rectum had turned from pain to bloating and cramping and she grunted into the gag as he pounded her tender ass. She felt him stop, stiffen and then unload an enormous amount of cum into her bowels. She felt ashamed and humiliated.

The Master fucked her slowly releasing every drop of cum in her ass as her anal muscles involuntarily milked him dry. As his cock softened he let it plop from her ass with an audible sound and a trail of cum. He smiled as he looked down at his beautiful blond conquest with her magnificent ass glistening with sweat and man seed. He knew he would have her ass many more times before he tired of her and used her for entertaining his customers.

Barbara felt him untie her arms and then release the gag. Her mouth was dry from the gag and she breathed heavily. She looked around the room and was shocked to see the three Chinese men and three women in the room. The men had been fucking the women dog style while they watched the deflowering of her ass. Now two of the men approached her and positioned her on the floor so that one could fuck her ass and the other shoved his cock in her mouth. She hardly noticed the smaller pecker in her ass since it felt like a finger but the cock in her mouth repulsed her. The woman that had greeted her earlier slid underneath her and began to lick Barbara' pussy. Barbara came almost immediately but the beautiful woman continued to eat her.

The two men came, one in her mouth and the other in her ass. It was the first time anyone had cum in her mouth and although it was degrading she welcomed the liquid into her dry mouth. Then other Chinese men entered the room and they took up positions in her ass and mouth also filling her holes with more cum. Another woman ate her pussy and she lost count of the number of people abusing her body. The Master moved in front of her and fed his big dick into her mouth.

"Pay homage to the cock that took your anal virginity," he demanded.

Barbara as if in a trance followed his orders and sucked his cock into her mouth. It took a long time for him to cum before he finally filled her mouth with his seed.

"Now you belong to the Yellow Master," he bragged.

The men left the room and Barbara was left with the woman in the jade dress. The woman picked up all of Barbara's clothes and instructed Barbara to follow her. She led her from the tea room to another room with a wading pool and mats scattered around the floor. Barbara noticed that it was called "The Tranquility Room." It was a pleasant smelling room with a running waterfall like fountain.

The woman peeled off Barbara's hose so that she was totally naked, took off her jade dress and then led her into the wading pool. She started to sponge bathe Barbara when three other women entered the room. They all disrobed and joined them in the pool. They too took up sponges and began to bathe her. Barbara was turned on by all the attention her body was getting from these women. After they bathed her they led Barbara out of the pool toward the fountain.

Two of the women retrieved douche bottles and inserted them into Barbara's ass and pussy. It felt strangely erotic to have both her holes cleaned at the same time. Barbara shivered from the sensitivity of the ebb and flow. The women satisfied that Barbara was clean of all cum had her lay down on one of the mats.

The four women then began to massage her body with very fragrant oil. They massaged her tits, her pussy, her ass, her legs and the rest of her body. Barbara was excited from all of the touching and rubbing and she could feel a stirring in her loins. Her excited state did mot escape the women as they administered to her body. Barbara's hips undulated again in response to the sensual treatment. Two of the women crouched over her and took a breast in their mouth. Another woman knelt between her legs and began to suck on her pussy. Within minutes Barbara's hips thrashed uncontrollably and she screamed out loud as she came in the mouth of the beautiful woman eating her pussy.

The three women continued sucking her tits and pussy until she stopped thrashing and calmed down. Barbara was breathing hard as the women soothed her body. They sponged her off, dried her body with soft towels and helped her get dressed. She was escorted out of the restaurant and placed in a limousine. The car took her home to Steve's apartment. During the ride home she contemplated what had happened. She knew she had been given a powerful drug otherwise she would have never succumbed to the seduction. Until tonight she had never let anyone cum in her mouth; she had never let anything in her ass and she had never been with a woman. Now all that had changed.

When the driver arrived at her address he opened the car door for her and handed her a package. He told her that it was a gift from the Master and then he politely wished her goodnight. Barbara opened the gift inside of Steve's apartment after she had shred her clothes and put on her robe. The gift was a video tape and there was a letter with it. Barbara popped the tape into the VCR and her worst fears were realized. The tape was of her at the restaurant. It was carefully edited and omitted any part of her bondage. Anyone watching it would assume that Barbara was just a wanton slut fucking and sucking countless cocks.

Barbara read the note and dropped it in shock. The letter instructed her to return to the restaurant whenever the Master desired her presence. She would be expected to entertain him as she had today. He held the original tape and if she did not want Steve to see it or worse have it published on the internet, then she must comply with the Master.

Barbara could not sleep that night as she contemplated what to do. She knew she should tell Steve and hope that he would understand. But if he didn't understand she knew it was over with him. She decided to watch the tape again and look for any flaws or clues that would help her case. As she watched the tape she was amazed at what she had been forced to do and how she adapted to the situation. She found herself getting aroused and let her hands cascade over her breasts and body finding their way to her vulva. She stroked her pussy and tweaked her clit and surprisingly put one finger in her ass. She made herself cum while probing her own bung hole and then fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter Two – Steve Entertains His Biggest Client

Barbara had decided not to tell Steve about the Master's seduction and hoped that the Master would tire of her and his infatuation would pass. However she was summoned many more times to the restaurant when Steve was away on business. She was repeatedly fucked in every hole with numerous loads of cum being deposited in her pussy, ass and mouth. The group fuck sessions were always followed by a sensual bath and massage from the beautiful Chinese women. She had also been taught to eat pussy and pleasure each of the women. Barbara had accepted her fate as the Master's sex slave but had managed to keep it from Steve acting as she always had with him. She would accept some of his advances but still resisted others. He should only know of what she was capable.

Barbara had been summoned to the restaurant this particular night when Steve was in town and entertaining his biggest client. She was reluctant to go to the restaurant in fear of being detected but she had no choice at this point. Barbara was escorted into one of the orgy rooms and awaited her fate for the evening.

Steve had arrived at the restaurant with his biggest client. He was entertaining three executives that evening and wanted everything to go well. He spoke with the Master and the Master assured him that his clients would not be disappointed. Steve knew that if things went well that he would land the biggest deal in his young career.

The meal was exquisite and the service impeccable. The waiter told Steve and his guests that the after diner drinks could be served in another room that also provided entertainment. Steve explained that if they wanted they could watch a sex show while they had their drinks. The three men were all for it and the waiter escorted them into another room.

The room was very comfortable and it contained a viewing area through a two way mirror into the orgy room. A beautiful Chinese woman would wait on them and bring them their drinks. The men settled in to their seats and a velvet curtain was drawn back revealing the orgy room. A beautiful blonde girl was being fucked in the ass and sucking on another cock.

The men went crazy when they saw this raw display of sex.

One of them exclaimed aloud, "My God she's beautiful, look at that ass and those tits!"

Another one said, "She's taking it in the ass and loving it!"

Steve was lost for words and could only think to himself, "Oh my God, that's Barbara. How? Why?"

He wanted to throw a chair through the window and rush in to break up the trio. He wanted to shout, scream or disappear. He was humiliated and ashamed. Here was his girlfriend on display before him and his clients, doing things that she never would do with him. Steve knew the risk upsetting his clients and tried to remain calm.

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