tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Young Don's Whores Ch. 01

The Young Don's Whores Ch. 01



The thunder rolled across the sky as the large funeral procession snaked its way to the vacant grave to receive the cemetery's latest resident. Frank Tierney was an Irish immigrant's son. He was born in Leeds, Yorkshire in England. As a young man became involved in organised crime. Eventually he rose in the ranks of the crime syndicate's hierarchy and eventually after some twenty-five years became head of the organisation. His organisation controlled much of the gambling, prostitution and general racketeering in the North Midlands. Frank had been so careful and calculating that no crime could ever be traced back to him. All his legitimate enterprises were just fronts for his criminal organisation. He likened himself to a Godfather and had done many favours for ordinary people. This kept a strong sense of loyalty to him. He became known as the Godfather or the Don of the North East. The authorities, though, could prove nothing. Now he was dead at fifty-seven. Cancer had done what rival gangs had failed to do.

As the coffin was lowered into the grave and the Priest, Father Joe Millea gave the final prayers, his son, Paul stood at the grave. Beside him was his Father's common law wife, Anne Carter. She was only thirty-eight. She had worked in one of Frank's casinos. Frank was smitten by her and he installed her as the new mistress of his house. Frank's wife, Mary, had left him many years ago for another man and when he threatened to have them killed, they both fled to America.

Paul never accepted Anne as his stepmother. Indeed, he was only ten years her junior. Although in public, Paul treated her with compassion and understanding at the funeral, Anne knew she was in trouble. When she moved in with Frank five years ago, her family disowned her. Frank's death was so sudden that he had not time to rewrite his will and everything he had passed on to Paul. It was even rumoured that Paul had poisoned his father in order to control the organisation. He was known to be ruthless, even more than his father. She was literally penniless and possibly homeless too.

Paul had a prominent part in his father's crime empire. He had built his own network within it. So much so that as soon as his father died, he moved to have himself installed as the new Don. This was done most effectively, usually by coercion or blackmail and sometimes, violence. Like his father, none of it could be traced to him. He had exercised his power in the organisation, now he would do the same in his

home too.

Part 1 Subjection of Anne Carter

On the night of the funeral, Paul and Anne sat silently in the huge living room. Anne nervously broke the silence.

"Can I do anything for you?"

Paul's response shocked her.

"Yeah. Get naked."

She rose in anger. "You can't speak to me like..."

She didn't get to finish the sentence because Paul sprang at her and drove a fist into her slim stomach and before she could counter, he back handed her, making her crash onto the sofa. Paul grabbed Anne's hair and she yelled in pain.

"Please Paul, don't do this. Please."

"Are you going to obey me?"

The frightened woman nodded.

"I didn't hear you."

"Yes," screamed Anne.

Paul released her hair.

"Now get up and get your clothes off."

Anne slowly rose and for a second stopped, hoping in vain for a reprieve. It never came. She hesitantly undressed. Removing her woollen polo neck and jeans revealed her plain white bra and matching knickers. She stopped.

"Keep going," yelled Paul.

Anne knew she had no choice. The staff would have heard her cries but they knew better than to interfere with Paul.

When she stood naked before him, Anne instinctively covered her breasts and pussy.

"Put your hands down by your sides. You're mine now and you'll hide nothing from me."

His anger chilled Anne to the bone. She obeyed and Paul walked around his stepmother is if inspecting a piece of property. Suddenly he grabbed her by the hair and forced her to her knees. Unzipping his pants and extracting his huge hardened cock, he forced Anne to receive it in her mouth. She was astonished at its size.

"Start sucking, you bitch."

He pushed her head back and forth and eventually Anne developed the rhythm.

"That's it bitch. Keep it up."

"Mmmm," was all Anne could utter as the speed of her rhythm increased.

"Aaaargh, You are a good cock sucker."

Paul's cum exploded in Anne's mouth and she tried to spit it out, Paul however, held her head back, making her swallow or suffocate.

"You'll swallow everything, you bitch, and never try to spit it out again or I'll beat you to pulp."

Anne knew Paul well enough to know that he meant what he said.

"Now it's time to get a few things straight. You'll wear only skirts or dresses. I've ordered sexy underwear for you. I ditched your plain stuff."

Anne lost control.

"You invaded my privacy?"

It was a mistake. Paul leapt at her and backhanded her and she crashed to the ground. Grabbing her long black hair he yelled at her.

"Never, ever, answer me back, bitch. Do you hear me?"

"Yes," screamed a terrified Anne.

"Good. Now first of all, get to the bathroom and shave that pussy bare. Then get dressed in the new clothes I've ordered. From now on I'll fuck you whenever I please. Now get out of my sight. I've got work to do."

A naked Anne ran from the room up to her bedroom. She searched her wardrobe and found her jeans and slacks were gone and replaced by dresses and short skirts. She searched her underwear drawer and found only skimpy thongs and low cut revealing bras, as well as some garter belts and stockings.

Anne looked out from the window of her bedroom. The house was a fortress, with a nine foot wall and one gate, guarded day and night by Paul's minders. There was no escape from here. Her home had just become her prison. She wept bitterly as her parents' warning came back to haunt her."There would be no escape from the clutches of these people."

Anne reluctantly chose one of the sexy low cut black bras and a matching thong before settling on a blue dress. She went downstairs to join Paul in the living room.

"Now, that's more like it. I've got work to do in the study. I'll see you later."

Anne sat in silence in the living room for over an hour. Paul opened the door and without a word signalled Anne to follow him. She did as ordered and Paul led her to her own bedroom.

"What are we doing in my bedroom?"

"Correction. Our bedroom." From now on we have sex and sleep together."

"Please Paul. This isn't right."

Anne got nothing else said because a backhand slap made her crash onto the bed. Paul's large hands surrounded her throat and neck.

"Now, I won't tell you again. Never argue with me. Clear?"

The terrified woman nodded.

"Now get up and strip naked for bed."

Anne began to cry as she unzipped her dress and allow it to fall to the ground, revealing her sexy black underwear.

"Wow. You look good. I can see why the old man kept you."

Anne suddenly became shy and tried to cover herself.

"Ah, ah. Get the rest off, or else."

Paul's last words were enough for Anne. She unsnapped her bra and dropped it to the floor and eased her thong down revealing her freshly shaved pussy. A humiliated and naked Anne stood before her stepson. For the first time Paul seemed to be in awe of his stepmother's naked beauty. Her luscious breasts, her slim waist, her long slender legs and shaven pussy made him hard like never before. Paul undressed rapidly and forced his stepmother on to the bed.

Paul mounted Anne and began to kiss her luscious lips. She attempted to resist but he tugged her long black hair viciously making her submit. He continued down to her neck and onto her enormous firm breasts. His licking of her nipples made Anne groan reluctantly. She knew this was wrong but she was powerless. She had struggled with her stepson and the servants did not intervene. They all knew better than to do that. That was why Anne finally submitted.

Paul sucked her right and left nipple periodically and began to tongue down her firm, trim waist, making Anne moan in response.

"Ohhh my God," she exhaled.

Paul continued until he worked his way to his stepmother's shaven pussy. He began to lick and then suck her pussy with great relish. Anne reacted with lustful enthusiasm and screaming cries of "Yes, oh yes," several times. He halted and inserted his hardened cock, rhythmically pounding her. Far from being angered, Anne, on the contrary, was developing her own rhythm and welcomed her initially unwanted "lover" by screaming "Keep going, Paul. Keep going." She repeated this several times.

As Paul drove his cock in and out, Anne moved her body in a matching rhythm. She also placed her hands on Paul's hips as if to guide his actions. They both became consumed in their lust. They both moaned and screamed in orgasm together Anne's love juices flowed and she climaxed. At the same time Paul's cum erupted inside her body, leaving both of them breathless.

"That was good, bitch. But you will be even better from now on. Your sole purpose is to please me. Do that and we'll get on fine."

With that, Paul turned on his side and gradually fell asleep. Anne wept silently and quite simply cried herself to sleep. She didn't know it yet, but Anne Carter was simply the beginning for Paul. Soon whether or not they liked it, the owners of the businesses "protected" by Paul's "Company" would have to surrender their wives, daughters or employees as part payment for their "Protection", for the Don's pleasure, of course. This was the beginning of the young Don's sexual reign of terror.

Part 2 The young Don begins "Recruiting"

After a weekend of fucking his new sex slave stepmother, Paul remarked jokingly to one of his minders, Dave Slater, how refreshed he felt, as he entered his study to look over the reports his head of rackets, Frank Talbot, had brought him, that Monday morning. It was a list of the fifty stores in the main shopping complex of the city, all of which were "protected" by Paul's firm. Suddenly, something caught his eye.

"What's this?" he asked Frank Talbot, pointing to an entry marked "BW, -two thousand pounds."

"Oh, that's Barbara Weston. She owns the Weston & Weston boutique in the centre. She said she could only pay the three thousand pounds this week."

"Bring her in here now."

"But," Frank's voice tailed off as Paul stared at him, narrowing his eyes.

"Ok, Boss," he responded meekly.

Barbara Weston was talking to one of her staff as the two tall men, neatly dressed in grey suits walked in. Barbara knew this was trouble.

"May I help you gentlemen?"

"Mrs. Weston, you had better come with us. Mr. Tierney wishes to have a little chat."

The name sent a shiver down her spine, but she tried to be brave.

"Look, if it's the money, I'll make it up at the end of the month.

"I'm afraid that's not the way the boss operates. Please don't make us force you to come with us."

"Give me a moment to speak with my assistant."

There was a silent nod.

"Debbie, you'll have to lock up for me. Something's come up and I have to go out."

"Sure Mrs. Weston. What is it? Who are those guys?"

"Domestic problems dear. Don't worry about it."

With that Barbara was ushered into the back seat of a black Mercedes and taken to the home of Paul Tierney, which was only a twenty minute drive.

Barbara was led into the hallway of the magnificent mansion that was Paul Tierney's home. Anne looked on helplessly from the landing as she observed the terrified woman, here for what she guessed, would be a terrible punishment.

The double doors to Paul's study opened and she was silently beckoned in by Frank Talbot, who at that same moment, withdrew, leaving her with Paul and her two companions who had brought her.

Paul looked busy looking through some papers as Barbara began to speak.

"Look, Mr. Tierney..."

Something in his stare prevented her from going any further as he raised his hand in silence. A chilled feeling gripped her.

"You owe me two thousand pounds."

"I know that, Mr. Tierney. The business is a little slack at the moment but I promise I will pay you. Please, I just need more time."

"There is a penalty for late payers. Let me see," Paul pretended to calculate. "Two thousand pounds plus interest and the original sum come to nine thousand pounds."

"What?" yelled Barbra in an astonished tone. "You can't do this. I'd never make the payments no matter how good business is."

Paul got up from his desk and walked in front of her, admiring her beautiful form.

Although she was forty-two, Barbara Weston was still an attractive woman. Her blonde hair was cut back. Her white blouse failed to hide outline of her medium breasts. Her blue skirt and knee high, black leather boots complemented her figure. Even her black, square rimmed glasses seemed to do something for her.

"I'm afraid you'll have to work it off."

"How?" she asked in an uneasy tone.

"Strip," he responded.

For a second, Barbara was stunned. Then in a furious tone she yelled, "Go and fuck yourself," and headed for the door.

A nod from Paul signalled to the two men to stop her and then they began to undress her violently.

"Stop it. Get off me," she screamed as the men struggled at their task.

Suddenly, what felt like a jolt of electricity stabbed her back and she was subdued.

She was held up, totally naked, by the two men.

Paul studied with satisfaction, the hardening of her nipples and the full bush of her pussy.

"You maniac. I'll go to the police."

Another nod from Paul and the two men dragged her to a large basin of water. They forcefully submerged her head.

"Gulp," was the last thing was heard from her for several seconds. When they allowed her up, Barbara desperately gasped for air before she was submerged again. Once again she was released and this time Paul spoke. "You'll learn that it is unwise to try and defy me."

He nodded again and she was submerged for a third time. This time it was a little longer and when she was released, coughing and spluttering, she begged him.

"I'll do whatever you want. Please," she screamed.

"Oh, I know you will," came Paul's sarcastic reply.

"Please, Mr. Tierney, I'll get the money from my husband."

"Georgie boy?" (Referring to George Weston, Barbara's husband). "He owes me more than you do."

"What do you mean?" asked the startled woman.

"His gambling debt in my casino. I already have several markers for his car, boat and house."

"The house?"

"Ah, he didn't tell you then?"

Barbara shook her head silently, in total disbelief.

Again, Paul signalled and one of the men dragged her up by her hair, making her stand. Paul seemed to survey her nude body.

"Well, Eddie. What do you think? Do you think you can use her?" as he turned to the second man.

Eddie came forward gave a brief look.

"Sure boss. She's not bad looking. Some of the punters like them older."

"Punters? What are you talking about?" asked Barbara nervously.

"One of my businesses is an escort agency with a certain clientele. They pay well and expect the full works. You can turn two or three tricks a day. You'll have you and your husband's debt paid in no time," he sniggered.

"You want me to whore?"

"I don't think you have any choice in the matter."

Barbara knew she was beaten.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked, subdued.

"Well, first off, I want to see that you're up to the mark. Take her to the room," came the firm order, and she was marched, naked, to an upstairs bedroom and thrown on the bed.

"Wait here. The boss will be with you in a few moments," said Eddie, leaving the room and closing the door.

Tears rolled down Barbara's eyes as she tried to contemplate how it came to this. A few hours ago she was a happily married woman with her own business, a loving husband, fine house and good future. Now she was the whore of some hoodlum.

"How could this be happening?"

Her train of thought was broken by the opening of the room door and the appearance of Paul Tierney in a silk robe. Barbara suddenly became afraid and moved further up the bed, in a vain hope of somehow avoiding the inevitable physical encounter between them. With no escape in sight, Barbara Weston submitted to her fate as Paul discarded his robe and mounted his prey.

She was greatly surprised by the sheer gentleness of his actions. His kissing was passionate, something she had missed in her marriage. He began to work down her body with his lips, halting at her breasts and his mouth gently engulfed her right breast, sucking and licking in equal measure, and despite herself, the tingling sensation on her nipples made her moan with satisfaction. He worked down her slim body to her pussy and began to eat it with enormous relish, making Barbara scream "Oh my God," several times, as if she was encouraging a lover.

Finally, he pushed his hardened cock deep inside and began, slowly at first, to pound her, building up speed with each stroke. Barbara became consumed with lust and her own bodily movements corresponded with Paul's rhythm. Both of them began to breath deeper and deeper. They moaned as they neared climax.

"Come on, you bastard. Come on," yelled Barbara, totally forgetting herself, as she felt her orgasm beginning to build.

"Oh, fuck. Oh fuck," screamed Paul as his climax grew and grew. Finally, they both climaxed in volcanic proportions as Paul's enormous hot cum entered her, and her own juices flowed wildly, gave a cry of exhilaration and joy. Paul too yelled out with pleasure. "Aaargh," and for a moment, forgot himself. Having regained his composure, he spoke."You'll do. Get cleaned up. The shower is in there," pointing to the door at the end of the room.

"You've got work to do tonight," and with that he unceremoniously got out of bed, put on his robe and left the room.

Barbara sat up on the bed, stunned. Once again, she contemplated how this could have happened and finally forced herself towards the shower.

As the jets of hot water struck her, Barbara washed herself with extra intensity, hoping somehow the violation of her body would be washed away. As she came out of the shower, wrapped in a large bath towel, the door of the room opened and Eddie entered and placed some clothes on the bed.

"Put these on and come down when you're dressed," he ordered, and left the room.

Barbara was shocked as she examined the clothes. The bra was a red, see through and low cut. The thong was worse. It barely covered her pussy and left her arse cheeks exposed. The one piece glitter dress was very short. Her upper thighs were exposed, and the low cut in front, revealed her cleavage, something she never did in her life. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. "My God. I look like a tart," she thought, guiltily, try to hold the tears back.

When she arrived downstairs, Paul and Eddie were waiting.

"Eddie will take you to the casino. He'll introduce you to your client. Remember, do this right; both your and your precious husband's lives depend on it."

His words sent a shiver down her spine.

Part 3 Barbara Goes to Work.

Barbara was once again ushered into the Mercedes and after a half an hour arrived at the casino. During the drive Eddie explained what was expected.

"Now listen up. Mr. Clarkson is a very important friend of the boss. As a reward for 'Services rendered', he promised him a female companion for the night. You're just the sort he's looking for, mature and we both saw, beautiful. You'll do everything he wants, and I mean everything."

Inside the casino Barbara was led to one of the roulette tables and Eddie called out.

"Mr. Clarkson?"

A small, overweight, balding man swung round.

"Oh, hallo Eddie," shaking the man's hand.

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