tagIncest/TabooThe Young Sisters Ch. 01

The Young Sisters Ch. 01


Becky Young was not a good girl. Not by any stretch of the imagination. She liked drugs. She liked alcohol. She liked sex. She liked anything she shouldn’t have.

She was quite beautiful, slim, naturally tan and athletic. Long, straight black hair and deep blue eyes. At 5’1”, she wasn’t the tallest, but she got by.

Her older sister Jenny wasn’t much different. She liked getting high. Getting a little drunk was no new experience for her, nor was getting laid. In fact, she was quite fond of all three. The only difference between the two was that Becky didn’t happen to care whether it was dick or pussy, boy or girl. Becky liked both just the same.

While still in High School she had had her first experience with an older boy at a party. It was nothing special, but she had enjoyed it just the same. Only a week later at another party she had her first encounter with the female sex, and again she had found herself quite pleased when it was over. From that point on she was hooked.

Jenny, on the other hand, had stuck to the boys. Not that she hadn’t been offered the chance to explore. It was just the girls had always been either a little too close to her or a little weird. She would always remember the time in the girls locker room after cheerleading tryouts when the head cheerleader, a very lovely Amber Redding, had made it very clear that if Jenny wished to be on the squad she would be required to join Amber for a little fun in the shower.

Not that Jenny was a slouch . Like her younger sister, she was slim and athletic. Her red hair was of a most glorious shade, almost blonde really. And like Becky she had the perfect ass and nice, small breasts. The kind no one talks about, but which are just perfect in size and shape. Jenny Young had nothing to be ashamed of in her body.

She had refused, though not because she lacked the interest. Amber Redding was one of the most beautiful girls in the town of Juniper. With her soft features, olive toned skin, her full, round and perky breasts and an ass that just begged to be gently bitten and firmly smacked she was the ideal woman (or girl, depending on your political stance). She even managed to have a wonderful personality and a kind demeanor. It just hadn’t seemed right. After all, Jenny was dating Glen at the time. Cheating was wrong , right?

Obviously there is no need to point out the fact that Jenny failed to make the team.

Not that that bothered her. High School was a long time ago. She was now ending her junior year at college. Even Glen was ancient history. That cheating bastard never could keep his dick in his pants. Jenny had no idea why she had let it go on so long. Well, she did have one idea: she simply couldn’t stand the idea of being alone.

That was why she was coming home for the summer. That and the fact that her most recent relationship (with a dumb jock named Greg) had ended on a bitter note after she had made the mistake of making his friends her friends. In the end, after the big, blowout fight at Greg’s apartment, in front of all their (his) friends, she was left with nothing, but half a bottle of vodka and a handful of vicodins to end the night quickly before she cried herself to sleep.

All that had been only a week and a half ago. She still had come nowhere close to getting over it. Luckily her doctor was a loveable old quack and he’d given her script for more vicodins and some adderall just because she wore a tight, black miniskirt and a two sizes too small matching tank top to his office and she hadn’t complained whenever he absentmindedly touched her knee. He was nice, old pervert in his way. Jenny so hated to take advantage of him, but it was better than getting it off the street. At least she knew Dr. Atwood would stop at the touching. Some dealers didn’t have quite as much self control.

Becky had been the only one at home when she arrived back home. As usual, their parents were off on a cruise or at the casino or what ever the fuck they were into now, and weren’t scheduled to be returning home for another week or more. Jenny was quite happy with this. The parental ‘s could be such freaks sometimes. She knew they wouldn’t be able to leave her alone. For some reason they had felt that Greg was going to be the “one.” Even Jenny hadn’t been under that delusion.

Becky, on the other hand, would just be glad big sis was finally around to party like old times. Last summer had been such a blast. With any luck this summer could be more of the same. Imagine Becky’s surprise when she found her sister to be a drugged up ball of emotional instability. This was just not right. Jenny was partier, not doper. Jenny knew how to handle herself . Jenny knew how to have a good time without going too far. Jenny did not speed through the day and crash on a painkillers at night. But that’s just what Jenny did from the very day she was home.

On Jenny’s first day back Becky had noticed that something wasn’t right in the world of her beautiful older sister. Jenny smiled, Jenny laughed, but it just wasn’t right. It just wasn’t Jenny. It was a hollowed version of her usual kind, perky self. Her eyes looked tired and scared. Her smile was forced and behind it Becky could tell Jenny was hiding a lot of pain.

But Becky had let it slide. She knew Jenny would tell her if anything was wrong. Jenny always had before, so why wouldn’t she now? After a week, however, Jenny had said nothing to Becky ask her if there were any parties around. There always were in Juniper in the summer, so every night that’s they did. Jenny Young quickly became the life of every party in town for any boy lucky enough to run into her and show her even the slightest interest. Fat ones, skinny ones, dumb ones, assholes, scumbags, potheads whoever. Jenny fucked them all as her younger sister shook her in dismay in the background not wanting to intrude on her sisters life, but finding that harder and harder as each night passed and her sister failed to explain this sudden change into vacant slut of the moment.

Finally, Becky couldn’t hold in her doubts anymore. She had to confront Jenny on her odd behavior. As much as she hated to but in, she had to. This was sister, after all, and she loved her.

It was a little after four in the morning on a Thursday when Jenny finally stumbled in from a party Becky had deserted hours before due to it’s dullness of people and activity. Jenny, however had obviously had a good time judging from her awkward steps and the way her gypsy skirt was tucked into the ass of her panties.

Becky had been waiting up for her in the living room dressed in her usual night time attire (a pair panties and loose t-shirt), but Jenny almost didn’t notice her as she blindly stumbled into her room to collapse on the bed. Becky followed her into her room and sat down the edge of Jenny’s bed, sitting quietly until Jenny rolled over groggily .

“What do you want?” Jenny asked lazily through her pilled out haze. When Becky just stared forlornly at her she groaned and rolled back over to pass out, but Becky put a gentle, but firm hand on her shoulder to roll back onto her back.

“Jenny”, said Becky in quiet, concerned voice, ”what’s been going on with you lately?”

Again Jenny groaned and tried to roll over, and again Becky’s gentle hand stopped her with a question.

“Jenny, please tell me what’s wrong. I love you. I can’t stand to see you like this.” a tiny tear formed in the corner of Becky’s eye. It truly did hurt her to see Jenny like this. Jenny saw this and with no explanation began sobbing uncontrollably, trying vainly to cover her face with her hand. Becky picked up off the bed gently and hugged her sister to her, feeling the warmth of her body, the wetness from the tears that flowed from Jenny’s eyes, the heaving of her chest from her sobs.

Becky, too, began to sob as she hugged sister tightly. She whispered to Jenny that it was alright, “Just let it out Jenny” she said. “I love you, sweetie. Just let it go” and Jenny did as she returned Becky’s hug.

The two sisters sat on the edge of Jenny’s bed crying together, though neither really knew why for several minutes. Becky’s hands instinctively began to caress her sisters back, feeling the soft skin underneath the tight, red halter top and the naked flesh at Jenny’s shoulders and lower back. Unconsciously, she began to become turned on by the feel of Jenny’s skin under her fingers and Jenny, equally unconsciously, began to return the caresses. No words were spoken as the sweet sobs continued for awhile, but soon the sobs came to a stop, though the soft caresses and the embrace continued.

Slowly, but certainly, both of the sisters realized they were becoming aroused. Oddly, neither one found this idea disturbing. Jenny pulled her tear stained face from her younger sisters now wet shoulder and looked Becky in the eyes and saw love and acceptance there. Becky saw the same thing in Jenny’s eyes, as well as a longing that she understood quite well.

Slowly, again, both sisters closed their eyes,, but did not lower their heads. Softly and slowly the two sisters came together in a new way. Becky and Jenny kissed.

It was a beautiful kiss. Soft, tender. Slow and easy. So natural and so glorious. It held a closeness, a sacred bond so sweet and so disturbing. As hands began to explore bodies, lips and tongues began exploring each other. Neither sister could hold back the delicate moans that escaped their bodies. This was love.

Jenny and Becky fell back onto Jenny’s bed never once break the kiss. Becky’s hands began to find their way under Jenny’s shirt to feel the soft skin of her sisters tummy and the small mounds of Jenny’s beautiful breasts. Jenny’s nipple’s were already hard like flint when Becky’s fingers found them and pinched forcefully, but gently, forcing a loud groan to escape from Jenny’s throat.

Jenny’s hand ‘s were not idle as her younger sister fondled her breasts and back. She had found her way past the waistband of Becky’s panties enjoying the soft flesh of Becky’s ass. Her fingers traced the crack that split the two half moons into separate hemispheres, teasingly caressing the semi -sensitive flesh.

Becky somewhat reluctantly broke away from her sisters kiss only to begin placing kisses all over Jenny’s face and neck slowly, tortuously as she slowly made to move down Jenny’s body to replace her hands on Jenny’s breast with her mouth.

Clothes began to disappear from their bodies. Jenny’s halter. Becky’s panties. Jenny’s skirt, until both sisters were laying naked, flesh on flesh, young, loving body sliding against younger, loving body. Becky’s lips finally found their way to Jenny’s breasts as Jenny’s hands found their way to Becky’s soft, shaved folds.

The room was filled with the beautiful sound of two women making love without words, without thought or intent. Love made only of pure passion and caring. The sweetest thing on earth.

Becky’s loving attention on Jenny’s breasts caused Jenny to squeal and squirm in pure delight. Her sisters lips and tongue were doing things to her she had imagined possible. Hitting every nerve ending. Bringing forth pleasure’s Jenny had dreamt about. When Becky brought her fingers to Jenny’s pussy and began to explore gently, but enthusiastically Jenny knew she would be having the most wonderful orgasm of her young life. She gave in to the feeling and soon she was rewarded. She screamed in pure ecstasy as her body shivered and quaked as all the while Becky never stopped her loving attention.

Becky kissed and licked her way down Jenny’s still quaking body until she found her mouth on her older sisters sex. Becky showed no mercy as she began eating out her sisters sweet pussy even as Jenny was still recovering from her previous orgasm. Jenny could only moan her approval as her hips came alive to grind her cunt against Becky’s loving mouth.

“Oh my god!” she screamed “Oh Becky! Oh baby, I love you!!” as orgasm after orgasm raced through her quivering, gyrating flesh as her younger sister struggled to stay in contact she so desperately wanted to devour. Becky quickly reduced her big sis into moaning, shivering beautiful mass of girl flesh. Jenny had never appeared so beautiful before.

Becky crawled back on top of Jenny as Jenny recovered from her glorious comes. Their mouths met for another long, loving kiss. Jenny tasted herself on her sisters face for the first time in her life. It was so wonderful. So sweet. She wondered what Becky’s nectar tasted like. She simply had to find out.

Jenny rolled Becky over onto her back, not breaking their kiss. Not wanting to relinquish the feel of her nipples rubbing against her sisters, their pussies touching, their clits rubbing together. Instinctively Jenny began grinding against her younger sister. The sensation was unreal. Like electricity, their sexual energy flowed together from the contact. Their kiss finally broke as they fucked each other with wanton lust. Their screams filling each others heads with the sweet sound of their combined lust until they both exploded in a joyful union.

As she came down Jenny remembered that she still hadn’t tasted Becky, so she began to kiss her way down Becky’s now sweaty body. Impatiently she bit and licked first her sisters left breast, then her right, then bit and licked her way down that tight, flat tummy until she arrived at the treasure she now so desperately wanted to taste. And she did, and it was delicious.

Becky was wonderfully surprised at how skilled her sister was. Jenny missed nothing. Her mouth and fingers found ever spot , every nerve ending. Like magic, sweet, sexual magic. Jenny made Becky feel like god himself had blessed them both with immaculate pleasure. She was quickly coming like she’d never imagined possible. With a scream she soaked her sisters face with her sweet nectar, and watched through bleary eyes as her sister drank it all up.

Jenny was unrelenting. She continued her attentions until Becky reached down and pulled her into a kiss.

The two sisters embraced and kissed and fondled each other until they fell asleep in each others arms, having for the moment forgotten all about the worries of life.

When they awoke in the morning, their bodies still entwined it was one in the afternoon. They made love in sixty-nine position until they had both come twice and they shared a bath where they again made love. Their lives had changed forever, but there was so much more for them to share.

Jenny never had told Becky what was wrong. She still needed to find that out.

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