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Theater Bet


For those of you who have read some of my other stories, you'll know that I am not one to back down from a wager. Hubby and I had scheduled a seven-day Mexican Riviera cruise for the Fall, and I wanted to bring my sister along too. Unfortunately my sis was still suffering the economic woes of a recent divorce, and could not afford to buy her own ticket. That's when I approached hubby and suggested we gift her the tickets. He was not at all receptive, given the cost, but I kept up a steady nag trying to see if he would relent.

About a month before the cruise, hubby came home from work only to be subjected to my whining about a tic for my sis. Instead of turning me down, he suggested a wager. One hand of draw poker, and winner takes all. "Here's the deal," he said, "If I lose, we'll buy a ticket for your sister tomorrow. If you lose, I get to take you to our favorite theater tomorrow night."

Our "favorite" theater was actually a skuzzy adult theater, backing up to an adult book and video store. Hubby had taken me there a few times for a little "stimulation" therapy, as he called it. Although I thought the place was pretty trashed and disgusting, the movies were usually pretty good, and it always lead to a night of passionate love-making afterwards.

"If that's all I have to do to get my sis her ticket, we don't even need a bet, let's just go." I said, thinking that I wish I had known earlier what it would take.

"I'm not finished explaining the payoff." Hubby remarked. "If you lose, I get the pleasure of escorting you to the theater, with you wearing nothing but your London Fog trench coat and your CFM pumps. But wait, it gets better! Once we get into the theater, we're going to grab a front-row seat, and I'm going to zip tie your wrists to the chair. After that, we'll see what happens."

I told hubby I'd have to think this one through, as what he was proposing seemed pretty risky. As the evening wore on, and after a glass or two of wine, the idea of subjecting myself to his "theater scenario", seemed more and more erotic – I mean, the idea of being restrained in my theater seat, and probably exposed to a group of strangers (remember, hubby never said exactly what was in store for me after zip-tying my wrists) was rather titillating. I finally resolved to accept hubby's wager, but I thought I'd bump the bet a little.

"I'll take your bet." I told him, "But if you win, and I go through with your scheme, we're still buying my sis a ticket for that cruise."

He turned around with quite the impish grin, and agreed to my conditions. "Just remember." He said, "I'll be the one to decide just how extreme my little theater scenario will be....assuming that you lose the poker hand, right?"

I nodded in agreement as hubby went off to grab a deck of cards. We both sat at the kitchen table as he shuffled the deck a few times. He pushed the deck my way to cut, but I grabbed up the deck and shuffled it a few more times. After emptying the bottle of wine into my glass, he dealt us each five cards. I was pleased to find a pair of queens in my hand, and slid the other three cards down for the draw. Hubby only laid a single card down, holding back four. With a lovely red glow to my cheeks, courtesy of the bottle of merlot I had consumed, I laid down three queens, confident that I had just won my sister a free ticket to a Mexican cruise. Unfortunately – and I looked it up to confirm the ranking – a flush beats three-of-a-kind. Hubby's hand contained all hearts, and I realized that I would soon be visiting our "favorite" theater!

Hubby came home from work the next evening just as though it were any other Friday night. Conversation at dinner was the usual review of the day's events and news, and not a word was mentioned about our wager from the previous evening. I was beginning to think that maybe he didn't really intend to go through with the pay-off, and since he wasn't talking about it, I wasn't going to start.

At about 9pm, as I began sipping my second glass of brandy for the evening, hubby walked out into the living room carrying my trench coat. The butterflies in my stomach instantly started fluttering, and I could feel my face flush. "It's showtime!" he said, the impish grin returning to his mouth.

We live about 40 minutes drive from the city, and the infamous theater. With a flask of brandy in my pocket for comfort, we headed out of the house – me wearing nothing but my trench coat and a pair of three-inch heals. Traffic was fairly light as we wheeled our way closer to the city, the butterflies in my stomach intermittently giving way to a feeling of erotic excitement. My mind raced through a myriad of scenarios for how the evening was going to turn out.

The store clerk barely lifted his eyes from his book, as we made our way into the theatre. The place hadn't changed a bit since our last visit. My eyes quickly adjusted to the darkened theater as hubby lead me towards the front row seating. The seats themselves must have been obtained from an older movie theater that had closed, as I recognized the plush style from my childhood days. I guessed there to be seating for about two-dozen people.

As we moved down the aisle, my eyes scanned the room. I counted eight others in the theater, all men, and all sitting alone isolated from each other. It looked like the usual assortment of guys that one commonly finds hanging out in such an establishment. All eyes in the room seemed to divert from the screen to me, as hubby guided me to a seat in the front row. I am a mid 40s redhead, with as tight a bod as one might expect for a woman who has had a few kids. Hubby took to calling me his own personal MILF about five years ago, demonstrating that he still thinks I'm pretty hot. I think I'm doing ok with my perky little 36c tits, and slightly sloppy ass. I still manage to turn heads, especially when I dress for that purpose. Hubby loves to show me off, and I enjoy the attention, so walking down the aisle of this particular theater was certainly stroking both our egos.

As he sat back in seat next to me, he suggested that I take a last shot of my brandy while I still had access to my hands. Without hesitation, I pulled out my little flask and downed the remaining shot. Once I had put the flask back in my pocket, hubby leaned over to me and asked if I was "ready to pay-off the bet". Anxiety, fear, excitement, all seemed to overwhelm me at that moment. My stomach seemed to be a buzz, I could feel my heart surge, and I could tell my face was flushing. I nodded I was ready to proceed...whatever that meant.

Hubby reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a couple of large black zipties, the kind I've seen cops use when they didn't have enough handcuffs to go around. As he wrapped the tie around my wrist, and then to the arm of my seat, he jokingly whispered that he hoped he had remembered the snips for removing the ties. As though worried that I might change my mind, he moved quickly to secure both my wrists to the chair. That done, he took a moment to glance around the room, then gently untied the belt holding my coat together. First one side, then the other, he opened my coat up, pulling each side over my arms concealing the fact that my wrists were bound to the chair.

There I was, completely naked and exposed, sitting in this grungy porno theater, awaiting whatever might come. Although I was so scared I could feel my body trembling, I was also experiencing an incredibly heightened sense of sexual stimulation. My nipples were stiffer than I could ever recall, and I could feel the juices in my pussy starting to flow. From where I was sitting, I realized that none of the other theater patrons could see what was going on, and for the first time since entering the theater, I began paying attention to the movie. I had no idea what the "theme" of the movie was, but there was a buxomy brunette getting pounded by a couple of well-endowed black guys. As I watched the girl struggling to gobble down what looked like eight inches of fat cock, her muffled cries only heightened my own erotic condition.

I was suddenly once again gripped with panic, as hubby leaned over to me to tell me he had to go to the john. "Don't leave me here you asshole." I shouted in a whisper, as he stood to leave. "Don't worry, I'll be right back." He said, as he moved toward the aisle. I sat there completely motionless, not even turning my head to watch hubby's departure.

Once again, I tried to focus on the movie. The girl had mounted one of the guys, and the second fellow was looking to do the double-penetration thing. Her moans of ecstasy were getting louder and louder, overpowering the sleazy music that accompanied the movie. I was thinking to myself that, this girl is not going to be able to handle that enormous cock in her back door, especially given that she already had an equally enormous cock stuffed in her pussy.

My attention to the movie must have diverted my mind away from my current circumstances because, all of a sudden, I had someone sitting in the seat next to me, and it wasn't hubby. I hadn't even seen him coming - all of a sudden, he was just there. I glanced over to see that he was staring at my exposed titties. He was an older guy, maybe in his early 60's, but he had the look of a 20-year-old in his eyes. I looked around to see if hubby was anywhere nearby, only to see that there was more movement in the theater, and all of it coming towards me. Not wanting to panic, I turned back to focus on the movie.

"Is it ok?" the old guy sitting next to me asked, as he simultaneously began caressing my titties. I didn't respond, choosing instead to stay focused on the movie. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the old dude was pulling at his dick, and fumbling with his zipper. I thought that I should be repulsed by his behavior, but instead, I was getting totally turned on.

A moment later, I felt as though I was surrounded – probably because I was! There were at least two guys behind me, and another who had sat down on my right. I continued to look straight ahead, daring not to look at the guy on my right, even when he began rubbing his hand on my thigh. The old guy on my left had managed to get his cock out, and he was pumping away with one hand, as he moved the other to my leg. Numerous hands reached over from behind me to begin fondling my titties, and it was then that I began to really get into the moment. I slid down a little farther in my seat, which seemed to act as a signal to the guy on my right to move his hand towards my pussy. As the palm of his hand slid across my neatly trimmed, but thick mat of red pussy hair, I could feel my juices begin to flow.

My reaction to these strangers groping my body surprised me completely. As the guy on my right began gently sliding his finger over my pussy lips, I spontaneously slid further down in my seat, and allowed my legs to spread – an open invitation for this guy to progress, which he promptly did, easing a finger into my increasingly lubed pussy. Still whacking off, the old guy on my left leaned over and started sucking on my nipples, all the while the guys behind me just kept rubbing my breasts.

The guy finger-fucking me seemed to know what he was doing, because I was quickly reaching climax. By now, I had my eyes closed and my head back, clearly enjoying the pleasure I was experiencing. I was even letting out an occasional moan, much to my embarrassment. Thankfully the girl on the screen was really letting go, so I doubt my own moans of pleasure were heard by anyone not right next to me. That first climax came quick, causing my body to shudder and push forward on to the guy's fingers.

I think the old guy must have cum at the same time as I did because when next I opened my eyes, he was stuffing his cock back into his trousers, and standing up to leave. As he did, a guy in the row behind me stepped over and into the seat formerly occupied by the old guy. This fellow was an older black guy, maybe in his 40s or 50s. By his clothing, he looked like a warehouse worker, or maybe a truck driver. He wasted no time in pulling out his three-quarters erect penis, which while not what I would consider enormous, was certainly substantial.

Having brought me to one orgasm, the fellow on my right must have decided he needed try something different. He slipped out of his seat down to his knees, and quickly moved in between my legs. The next thing I felt was his spirited tongue working out on my pussy. He was fairly gentle, running tip of his tongue along my pussy lips, then tickling my clitoris. This new feeling started me back on the road to a second climax. Another fellow filled the now vacant seat almost as fast as the guy had slipped to his knees. He and the black guy were now both holding my legs up and apart in support of the first guy's tonguing. There were at least six other hands on my chest, stomach, and titties, rubbing, pinching, and otherwise keeping me completely ravished.

As my second climax drew closer, the black guy uncovered my hand, discovering that I was bound to the chair. He didn't seem to care or be concerned, positioning himself instead to place his cock in my palm of my hand. With my wrist bound, there wasn't much I could do, other than stroke the upper head of his shaft with my thumb. He reacted by becoming fully erect, oozing more than enough pre-cum to keep my thumb and his cock well lubed.

As the ravishing continued, the tongue master in front of me was burying his face in my pussy, plunging his tongue deeper and deeper each time, and maintaining a rhythm that was quickly bring out a new orgasm. Once again, my body shuddered and I let out a passionate moan, letting my ravishers know that they had brought me to another climax.

Returning to the conscious world, I realized that there were now at least a dozen guys all around me, and most of them either had their hands on me, or were somehow sucking and licking me in what was becoming quite the frenzy. As hot as I was, I was also starting to worry that things were starting to get a little out of hand. I knew it would only be moments before one or all of them would want to get a little more aggressive, and I didn't want to have unprotected sex with total strangers.

As I started to look around again for hubby, the black guy shot his load all over my stomach, which must have caused a reaction from the guy on my right, as he almost simultaneously shot his load across my belly from the opposite direction. The guy between my legs was now standing between my legs, rubbing his exposed cock, and looking as though he wanted some "payback". That's when I saw hubby standing off to my right, taking in the entire sight. The guy standing between my legs was now rubbing the head of his cock under my chin. Looking over at hubby, he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head yes, implying that I should go ahead and give this stranger a blowjob.

"Screw it," I thought to myself, "If he wants a show, I'll give it to him!" With that, I leaned forward and did the deep throat thing, taking his entire cock in my mouth, then slowly sliding my mouth back up the shaft. This guy was anything but big, but a stainless steel rod couldn't have been harder than his dick. Not having my hands available, I was a little clumsy, as I continued to bob up and down on the guy's cock. This guy was definitely ready to explode, as he grabbed my head with both hands and started literally fucking my mouth. I doubt he pumped me on his cock a dozen times before he pulled out and jerked off on my chest.

That done, I gave hubby that "Ok, I'm done with this shit" look. He promptly stepped up and told everyone the show was over. Amazingly, everyone backed off, allowing hubby to snip the zipties off. There I was, sitting there exposed to a hoard of strangers, covered in cum. Once released from my bonds, I gracefully stood, purposely leaving my jacket open, and turned to smile at all the fellows. I counted a dozen or so at that point.

Our ride home that night was quick and quiet. We barely got in the house before hubby had is clothes off, and me on the couch. We hadn't had a round of sex like that in months, and it made me look forward to another such adventure in the near future.

Epilogue: The three of us had a wonderful cruise, and my sis actually met a guy on the trip who she has been corresponding with ever since. I can't wait for hubby's next wild wager!


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by Anonymous

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by WoodsLord_354001/22/18


Even years later this tale is just as hot. I love the concept of tying my wife and leaving her to be found. In fact, it's the basis for my first Lori tale.

You've got a nice imagination.

BTW, Anonymous?more...

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by Anonymous07/15/17

What kind of special asshole was the husband?

Who would expose his wife to every disease known to man on a stupid bet? I hope she only has curable STD's and not aids or herpes. God awful story of stupidity.

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