tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTheater Flashing Ch. 02

Theater Flashing Ch. 02


As we kept going to the porno theater I got a little bolder and sometimes I would wear just a see-through blouse, stockings, and garter belt under my trench coat. Jerry would unbutton my coat, slowly and open it as I would sit there watching the movie.

The men would keep turning around or leaning over the seat to try and look at my cunt. Jerry would reach over and start rubbing and finger fucking my cunt and they would all keep watching. Sometimes I would put my foot up on the back of the chair in front of me so my coat would open up all the way. This would really show of my pussy to the men around us. The men sitting in front of us could see everything, my entire leg, and all of my pussy hair. A few times if I opened my legs a little further so my entie cunt was visible for them to see. I am not sure what the men who would look over from the back of us could see, but I guess still quite a bit of my pussy.

But all of men kept trying to see as much as possible. And when Jerry put his hand between my legs as I put one foot up, and he started playing with my cunt, the men sitting around us could see everything. They would all keep peeking over to look at my pussy and Jerry playing with me. It was impossible for Jerry to keep playing with me that way and not have my coat open a lot. So the men did get quite a few little looks at my pussy being played with.

Jerry would then get a little bolde, move my legs further apart and start putting his fingers up my cunt. I would have to be in a real good mood to let him do this, but many times the movie we were watching got me that way. After a little while of this I would forget about the men looking and let Jerry finger me all he wanted, and the men sitting around us would get a good show.

I used to see a lot of guys playing with their cocks when we were doing this. Every time now, Jerry would unbutton the back of my coat all the way so when I got up my coat would be wide open in the back and all the men that were behind us would get a good look at my ass. We would walk all the way out of the theater that way, with my ass totally exposed. Anyone behind us would be looking right at my ass cheeks. Sometimes Jerry would put his arm around the back and hold on to one of my ass cheeks or just rub my ass as we walked.

One night my coat was so open that when I walked my entire back was exposed. My ass and back were totally exposed and the coat was not swaying and covering my ass at all. It was like I was naked in the back. Jerry saw this and also saw that not many men were behind us, so he did not tell me and I walked all the way out to the car like that. The men following got a real good look at my ass. Many nights the ticket man used to stand there as we left so he could look at my ass, I am sure he enjoyed this night.

The next few times we went to the movies I wore my trench coat over nothing but my stockings and a garter-belt. While we were in the movie Jerry would slowly open my coat so the men sitting around us could see a little of my tits. He would put his arm around my shoulders and play with my nipples. The men sitting behind us used to lean over the seat a bit to look at my tits and watch Jerry play with my nipples. Later Jerry would open my coat all the way so the men around could get a look at everything. Again I would sit there watching the movie with the men looking over at my tits and cunt.

My coat was never fully open, but enough that the men could see everything if they were close to us. Also by now all the men would see that I was totally naked under my coat. This would really get them aroused and we could hear a lot of comments about it.

It was very aroused sitting totally naked except for a coat in a porno theater full of strange men. Jerry would reach over and start rubbing my cunt and in-between my legs, then start to stick his finger up my cunt. I would open my legs even more and all the men around us would keep looking over and watch. A lot of men watched his fingers go in and out of my cunt and never looked at the movie screen. We would stop for a while and sit and watch the movie. This would drive the men crazy because we had them all worked up and now seemed to stop.

Then as everything seemed to calm down I would put my foot up on the seat back in front of me and let men see my entire cunt. Again Jerry would start to rub up and down my leg and slowly begin to play with my cunt. This would get me nervous because I would be so open for all the men to see. A lot of them would be jerking-off as they watched. Many of them would put a handkerchief over their pricks and some would do it right out in the open. This would be fun to watch. Also listening to them was fun. They would be telling someone who just sat down in the area what we were doing and tell them to look at her tits and pussy. Once in awhile someone would lean over and ask if we were into swapping or swinging. We would have to disappoint them and say no. A lot of men also asked if I had worn panties when we came in, and if so could they buy them. We are not sure if they were disappointed when I said I didn’t wear any or excited of the thought that I was walking around that way.

One night I was sitting there with my coat open and I was playing with Jerry’s prick. A man sat down next to Jerry and asked him if I would like him to sit on the other side of me. I guess he was hopping that I would want to jerk-off two guys at once, and he could be that other guy. We had to disappoint him and tell him no. He left that seat and took one right in front of us. What we did then was probably worth his being turned down to sit next to me.

This night I had brought a dildo with me. I was not quite sure what I was going to do with it or even if we would use it. Jerry had asked me one night if I might like to sit with one up me as we watched the movie and I said I might like to try it.

I knew that I could not walk in with one up me so I took it in with me to see if we could possibly do it in the theater. Jerry was going to put it up me and I was just going sit with the dildo up me for a while. This night Jerry started playing with me as usual and getting my pussy all wet and me aroused. I would always start out kind of resisting and very scared, but as the movie got to me I would give in more and more. This would be the same all the time, even though I had done this before. Just showing off my pussy was always hard at first. But as we got into it and Jerry was fingering my cunt I would get aroused and let him do more. But this night the movie was extremely arousing and I surprised Jerry when I asked him to put the dildo up my cunt. I said it very softly, but I guess the men sitting around us heard me. Because all at once they were all looking at me, or that’s the way it felt.

Jerry just took the dildo from me, put his hand between my legs, slowly spread my legs a little and then started pushing the dildo up my cunt. I could not believe how wet I got at this moment, the dildo seemed to slide right up me. As nervous as I was, it was nothing to how aroused I was. I could not even see them men around us for a few minutes so I didn’t care what they saw. After it was up me I put my hands over Jerry’s and started to move them in and out. Jerry picked up right away that I didn’t want to just sit there with the dildo up my pussy, but that I wanted to be fucked with it. So he started to slowly fuck me with the dildo right in the theater. We tried to do this as hidden as possible, but that is impossible. Jerry also felt how wet I was getting and started to fuck me harder and faster with the dildo. After a few minutes of fucking me with the dildo I was gone. I was squirming and wiggling all over the place. Jerry said I even moaned a few times loud enough for half the theater to hear. I didn’t care I wanted to be fucked with something and the dildo was doing its job.

When I finally came back to my senses I could see every man sitting around us just staring at me watching the dildo going in and out of my cunt. I then tried to close my legs and cover up but it was to late. All the men got a show they will never forget, and I had multiple organisms. That night Jerry could have taken off all my clothes held the dildo up my cunt and I would have walked out of the theater that way without even realizing it.

You can’t imagine how I felt. Here I sat in a porno theater, with my husband shoving a dildo in and out of my cunt, and all these strange men were watching it. But from then on we always brought a few dildos with us whenever we went to the theater. Sometime during the evening I would take a dildo out of my pocketbook, hand it to Jerry ask him to stick it up me. I would ask this just loud enough so the men sitting around us could hear me. They would all turn to look, not quiet sure of what they heard. But most would see me hand a dildo to Jerry. After that I'm not sure how much they saw, because only a few other time did I get as carried away as I did the first time. But they could see my cunt, the dildo going in and out of it. They could also hear me talk about how good the dildo felt. Then when I got really aroused and wet I would ask Jerry to stick a bigger dildo up my cunt. This would start the heads turning all over again. Here they were watching me being fucked with a dildo in the middle of a porno theater and now I was asking for a larger one. They would all be staring at me, hoping to see how big it was and watch it go up my cunt. The original dildo was about 6" long and this larger one was about 16" long and a lot fatter. There is no way I could take it all up me so a lot of the dildo was visible at all times. Sometime I would have to really spread my legs and slide down in the seat for Jerry to be able shove the big dildo up my cunt. This would really drive the men around us crazy. I helped a lot of them come those nights. All the men would have their cocks out and jerking-off while they watched.

few times one of them got so worked up that he would climb over the seats to sit in the same row with us. But that would cause us to stop. Most times we would just sit and watch the movie and then leave, but once in awhile we would move to a different location in the theater to continue to fool around. As soon as we did this all the men would move with us. They would usually say something to the person who got carried away because they wanted to watch us and see what and how far we would go.

lot of men were also hoping we would ask them to join in. It was also fun to watch the men try to find a seat near us since we usually moved to a row that had men sitting in the row in front or behind us. Now the men who were already sitting there would be wondering why all these other men were trying to sit around them. If everything settled down, we would start again and they would soon find out. Believe it or not, a few times someone would actually apologize for the guy who got carried away. I guess they wanted to make sure we would continue so they could watch.

We would like to hear some other stories for couples in adult theaters of what men have seen or done there. (Not with other men)

And if anyone from Long Island possibly saw me I would love to hear from you.

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