tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTheatre in the Round

Theatre in the Round


After following the directions here from the e-mail message he had received, John didn't think the inconspicuous facade of the industrial building in front of him looked much like a theatre. The personals ad he responded to promised a rewarding dramatic experience in an intimate live theatre setting. It instructed him to arrive at 1:00 pm sharp.

"Well, I guess I'll just have to ring the bell and find out," John whispered to himself as he stood before the door in silence, a slight cool autumn breeze chilling his cheek. He reached for the plain button next to the heavy steel door to what looked like a long-abandoned warehouse next to the neglected railroad spur. A distant bell echoed deep inside the red brick structure.

In a moment, the door unlatched and slowly opened. A tall, strikingly beautiful woman in her early 30s stood in the doorway. The sight of her startled John. She must have been just under six feet tall, not much shorter than his 6-2. She wore a black floor-length hooded robe made of light, thin silk. The hood covered her jet-black hair and teased her prominent cheek bones. She could've just stepped out of a music video or fashion magazine. He could only stare.



"Come in," the statuesque, green-eyed woman murmured as she receded into the dimly lit entry hall, her robe lightly brushing the tops of her lightly-tanned bare feet as she stepped back.. She closed the door and locked them in. "Follow me," she said, her eyelids slightly lowered as she looked for a moment at John's belt buckle, turned and slowly walked down a short side hallway to another plain door. She opened it with a key and led John into a long, narrow theatre cast member dressing room with stools, counters and mirrors bordered with vanity lights. The woman closed the door behind them and locked it from the inside with the key. At the opposite end of the dressing room was another closed door.

"John, I'm Amanda. I'm the one who sent you the e-mail. Please sit down," the handsome woman said as she gently shook out her chin-length shiny jet-black hair from the black hood she had worn at the door. John obliged by sitting on one of the stools, feeling a puzzling, exciting chill from the base of his skull to well below the small of his back even though the inside of this old building was comfortably warm and cozy. As Amanda stood above him, John couldn't keep from sensing something extraordinary was about to take place.

He searched his mind trying to understand why he had received that mysterious e-mail the day before. Where had Amanda gotten his address? Why did this spectacularly beautiful woman send him a message that anyone else might have erased as the normal spam it could have been? What fateful thing was about to take place? John perched quietly as Amanda slowly slid her gaze from the tips of his shoes to the enlarged pupils of his brown eyes.

"John...you are here because we believe you are the one person who can deliver the performance we must have in our theatre's current one-time-only exhibit today. I know you don't understand right now, but you weren't chosen for any special acting skill. You were chosen because of where you like to browse and the messages you've sent out from your computer. We could see from viewing the attractive photos of yourself on your website that you are an extremely good looking, sensitive man. Places on the net you've visited and messages you've monitored in posted personal ads have led us to decide you are the one best suited for our 'drama' which will be performed a short time from now."

John's mind was swimming through images and thoughts as he wondered how this woman was able to track the places he had browsed. Could she possibly know about that single time he had answered a personal ad placed by a man who wanted to explore his bi-sexual urges? The one stranger who said he longed for an erotic, feather touch which would slowly build him to orgasm? John had shied away from meeting him at the last moment but wondered a few times since if he would have gone through with it after more encouragement. John often fantasized about lightly caressing and tickling a man's entire body until it was brought to a convulsive, gushing orgasm.

But this was a gorgeous, exotic woman standing in front of him. He cast the fantasy aside.

"John, I lead a very private group of open-minded woman who seek an extraordinary theatrical experience. We need an attractive man who is extremely sensitive and willing to explore a bisexual male encounter with us.

John sat quite still and looked into Amanda's eyes as she carefully searched his face for a reaction. "She knows," he thought to himself, "Incredible. What's going on here?"

"We scanned personals and discussion groups looking for just what we needed for our current production and we found you, John." Amanda slowly smiled, took two steps toward John and stood within a foot of his face. John could sense the sweet warmth coming from Amanda's abdomen and thighs as he suddenly realized that she was wearing absolutely nothing under the thin black silk robe. It had pressed against her body as she stepped toward him, molding to her pelvis, abdomen and the flesh that covered her pubic bone.. He could sense Amanda's hips and thighs totally free underneath and could see the nipples of her ample breasts growing against the ultra thin material of her robe above him. She softly cupped his face in her hands, lifted his eyes to hers and breathed, "Today, John, you are going to enjoy an experience few only dream about."

Amanda turned and walked to the closet across from where John sat and took a hanger from the rod. The hanger held a long-sleeved, loose-fitting, black jump suit made of material identical to the robe she wore.

"John, you need to wear this. It's made of a very light, soft silk that allows you to move freely but doesn't call attention to your body – at least in the beginning. I'll leave you for a moment while you change into this. Do not wear any of your clothing underneath! Just this jump suit. Amanda strode quickly to the second door, unlocked it and disappeared into the quiet darkness beyond.

John couldn't imagine what to think. This breath-taking woman covered only in thin black silk knew his secrets. She had chosen him for some unimaginable task. A task he began to realize deep in his body would propel him into uncharted waters.

He stood up, thoughtfully removed his jacket and hung it up in the closet. He unbuttoned his shirt and hung it next to the jacket. He slipped off his shoes and socks. He stood for a moment. "What the hell am I doing?" he thought. John unzipped his trousers, hooked his thumbs inside his boxers and stripped the rest of his clothes away from his body as he stood nude looking at himself in the mirror. He took stock of his body. Not bad for just under 40. Hair's still full and dark. Pecks are toned. Six pack's still there. Quads flow nicely from the narrow hips. The long, thick, uncut penis still looks impressive as it hangs out and over the large, full, smooth, hairless scrotum. John stepped into the silk costume and slipped it up over his legs and onto his arms, closing the thin, long diagonal zipper that traveled from his right thigh to his left collar bone. It felt like he was wearing nothing.

A quiet knock sounded at the second door. Amanda entered. Her eyes were more aware than before, her pupils expanded, her nostrils flaring ever so slightly. She was obviously anticipating something very pleasing. If John wasn't mistaken, Amanda was turned on.

"John, you look very nice in your new clothes." She gazed at the form of John's penis as it hung down the inside of his left thigh against the nearly sheer silk of his jump suit. The ridge of the large penis head pressed against the silk. "Our 'play' is going to be incomparable. Let me explain to you what is about to happen. She half turned back toward the second door and looked over her shoulder at John, "Beyond this door is a small, intimate theater-in-the-round. There are 100 seats in four levels that encircle the stage. The stage is very small. Each seat is no more than ten or fifteen feet from the stage."

Amanda, turning her head and gazing at the door, continued almost dreamily, "Actually, the stage is a futon approximately two feet high, seven feet long and five feet wide. It is tightly upholstered with black velvet. The rest of the theatre is pitch black, including the seats. At this moment, each of 98 seats in the audience is occupied by a woman. There are two empty seats next to the futon. One is mine. Each woman in the audience is dressed in a black hooded robe identical to mine. The futon is lighted by several well-placed spot lights that are aimed perfectly in a way that no extra light strays from the top of the pad and everything that occurs on the black pad will be completely exposed to the audience. The only thing one will be able to see in the theatre is what occurs on the futon."

It began to dawn on John that he was about to experience something unimaginable. He fantasized over whether or not the 98 other women in the audience were as gorgeous as Amanda and were they nude under their robes, too? And what would they watch transpire on that tight, black padded stage under those probing lights?

Amanda turned and watched John for a moment in silence. She could see the wheels turning in John's mind and felt a slight rush and a little amusement at what was ahead for him. For what was ahead for them all.

"John, I've described the stage and the members of the audience. Now I want to tell you what is on the 'stage'.

Lying on the futon at the center of the audience's intimate attention is...



"That's right, John: Trevor." Amanda gazed at John for a long moment. "Trevor is a young man who just celebrated his 18th birthday last month. He's a high school senior and captain of his swim team. Trevor is a sweet, gorgeous boy with all the physical attributes of a young athlete: Wide shoulders, toned pecks, hard stomach, beautiful soft, tight buns and long, smooth legs...not a hair on his body except for the unruly shock of blond on his head. Much to the chagrin of all the girls in school, Trevor is painfully shy and is still a virgin. He has yet to experience his very first orgasm, John. He does possess all the equipment necessary, though. We know this because he volunteered to participate in what he believes was a psychological study of high school seniors. During his session we had him sit back in a leather recliner chair, nude, while we showed him an erotic movie.

John, Trevor responded admirably to the visual stimulus. His genitals reacted in a spectacular fashion and we measured his penis. John, it was 12 inches long, 2 inches in diameter and ended in a mushroom tip with a 2 ½ inch rim. The hole at the tip of the mushroom gaped open to a little more that one-third of an inch. Amazingly, Trevor's testicles each measured an incredible 1-½ inches in diameter. There's one other special trait Trevor possesses: After a minor sports injury last year, Trevor had an MRI Scan ordered by one of our members who was his pediatrician. Trevor was born with quite an unusual prostate gland. The capacity of Trevor's prostate is incredible! It can hold over one quart of semen!"

John's eyes glazed as he envisioned this young god lying on the low black velvet pad in the next room.

Amanda noticed John's reaction and continued, "There's one other thing about Trevor's reaction to the visual stimulus: He seemed just as turned on by the male actor in the movie. John, today Trevor is going to experience his first orgasm. It's an orgasm that could be more powerful than anyone has witnessed and, based on the size of his prostate, could last over two minutes. That calculates to one 6-foot ejaculation every 1-and-a-half seconds. Trevor could experience about eighty powerful, gushing spasms."

"And John, you're the one who's going to bring him to that first explosive orgasm while we all watch."

John's mind was jumping from one image to another as his heart began pumping a little harder. This was insane!

"John, we've given Trevor a substance that has caused the nerve endings over his entire body to be much more sensitive than normal. When you give him that feather touch you've fantasized about giving a man, no matter where you touch him, Trevor will receive a stimulation that is ten times more overwhelming and erotic. On the other hand, Trevor has also been given something to subtly delay his orgasm until he has experienced perhaps three hours or more of constant, intense, erotic stimulation."

Amanda paused while John soaked it all in, then continued, "When you go through that door and step to the stage, you'll see Trevor lying there on his stomach, covered with a black silk cloth. He and the audience have been relaxing with the lights down and their eyes closed the past hour, anticipating what is about to unfold. You'll step up to the edge of the futon at Trevor's feet and slowly pull the silk cloth covering his body away to the floor. The lights will slowly brighten and you will begin. All we ask is that you do what your heart, fingertips, lips and tongue tell you and we will all see and hear Trevor climb to his first incredible orgasm." Amanda stood silent for a long moment then turned suddenly and went into the dark theatre, leaving John standing alone staring at the dark doorway.

John stood facing the door to the darkened, quiet theatre. Slowly he roused himself to move. As John stepped through the doorway into the dark theatre Amanda closed and locked the door behind him, then brushed past him to take her seat next to the futon. John stood there for a moment until his eyes became accustomed to the darkened place. He could hear several people breathing but couldn't see anything around him. No one spoke.

Then, John's eyes focused on a dimly lit object about fifteen feet ahead of him and three feet above the floor. It was the bare back, shoulders, arms and blond head of a young male lying under totally black silk on a raised, unseen surface. The futon. It was Trevor. Trevor appeared to be sleeping, his elbows out to his sides. John quietly, slowly, deliberately closed the distance between himself and the foot of the pad where Trevor lay. He looked down on wide, smoothly-muscled shoulders, swimmer's arms and a sensitive neck below soft, medium length, blond hair. John could see the left side of Trevor's face as he lay his head to the side, his cheek looked flushed, his lips slightly parted, his eyes closed as he breathed evenly and deeply.

John could smell the ever-so-light aroma of women's bodies as the ninety nine pairs of unseen eyes followed his slightest move. John could sense his own aroma as his body reacted to the totally-consuming erotic feelings he was beginning to experience. He felt his penis coming erect under his jump suit but no one could see in the dark.

And John could smell Trevor. It was a clean, warm, fresh smell rising from Trevor's just-showered and powdered body.

John suddenly realized that the lights were slowly coming up and Trevor's smooth shoulders and soft blond curls were glowing brighter. It was time to begin.

John reached down and touched the nearly sheer ink black silk cloth that covered Trevor from his lower back to his toes, then slowly pulled the cloth down over and away from Trevor's feet to the floor as Amanda had directed. There was a soft intake of breath that rippled through the audience and also from John's lips as Trevor's buttocks and legs were uncovered, exposing his whole body to the audience for the first time. The perfectly aimed lights would leave nothing on the futon during the coming hours to the imagination. Goose bumps suddenly appeared across the two breath-takingly soft, hairless globes of Trevor's buttocks, the wave of goose bumps continued along the boy's silky thighs and smooth calves as the cloth tickled its way to the floor below his feet. As the cloth slid down across his skin, Trevor emitted a soft, low moan.

"This is incredible," thought John. They've really made him sensitive. John could only imagine how Trevor would react to the other stimulations that would inevitably follow. John looked down at Trevor's beautiful body, watching him roll his hips back and forth ever-so slightly and nuzzling his face gently into the black velvet of the futon. It was awesome how, because of the black velvet and the perfect lighting, Trevor appeared to be a porcelain Greek sculpture floating in mid-air.

John quietly moved up the side of the pad and took up a position just off Trevor's left shoulder. Trevor opened his brown eyes, looked up at John and whispered, "Hi."

"Hi, Trevor." John had no idea what to say next and just stood there for a moment. Trevor swallowed hard, closed his eyes and began to prepare himself for what would be done to his body over the next hours.

John, suddenly overtaken with soft, erotic emotion, knelt down beside the futon and positioned his fingertips over Trevor's shoulders. Slowly, achingly gently, the feather tips of John's fingers descended until they whispered down Trevor's spine and went their separate ways across the boy's sides, teasing his ribs as they slowly moved back up toward his outstretched armpits. A deep shudder shook Trevor's body as he moaned not so softly. The nerves in his skin were definitely tuned up and strung tightly for this long performance. How could he even last a minute, much less several hours?!?

John's gentle fingertips lightly spread up and under Trevor's hairless armpits eliciting an even longer moan from Trevor's pouting lips. John continued this torturous cycle two more times over the next moments as Trevor continued to tremble and shiver as he quietly breathed, "Oh! God. Uhhhnnnghooohh!" Then John allowed his fingers to search downward, whispering against the boy's pecks, continuing under Trevor's chest until they found the nipples of his breasts and slowly fondled the small, swollen buds of sensitized nerve endings. As if reacting to an electric shock, Trevor quickly arched his spine up, raising his chest off the black velvet in response to the sensations shooting through his nipples and down to his navel. 'Ohhhhhhhh, nnnggggggod!"

John's eyes traveled luxuriously down the smooth muscles of Trevor's back to the base of his spine, just above the soft, dark crevasse between those smooth, sensitive globes. His fingertips softly pinched Trevor's swollen nipples one more time before slowly backtracking along Trevor's sides, across his ribs and down to his waist where they stopped. John marveled again at the goose bumps he caused just with this light touch and slowly, sensuously tickled Trevor's sides just above his pelvic bones. Trevor's buttocks suddenly squeezed together in a spasm of shudders as John tickled his waist and slowly moved down to the sides of his naked hips.

Spurred on by Trevor's gasps, John allowed his slow, soft, flexing, tickly fingertips to find their way to the top of those awesome globes where the nails barely brushed across the boy-god's fully-awakened flesh. John's fingers discovered the subtle dimples at either side of Trevor's tail bone, then again softly slipped below to those sensitive spots over his hip bones at the top of his thighs. Trevor raised his buttocks into the air in reaction to John's relentless touchings and drove his pelvis back into the tight black velvet again as John's hands returned to the small of his back and up his spine to tickle the back of his neck and head. Trevor was beside himself, shivering and moaning, his cheeks twice as red and flushed as before, goose flesh covering his entire body.

John suddenly lifted his hands from Trevor's shaking body and allowed him to 'cool down' for a moment as he quietly moved on his knees to where he was next to Trevor's left thigh. John could hear more breathing from the women in the audience and muted whispers among them but he still could not see anyone. Their hoods were down over their heads in the blackness beyond the lights.

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