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Theatre Lust


I will try separate what I now know of Renee from what I felt back then. For back then, Renee was the world to me, I worshipped her, did what ever she commanded. See, there, I used the word command; back then I didn’t feel like I was commanded as much as asked. Anyway, here’s the story.

We were to the movies, a quiet midweek night. Kevin Costner was strutting his stuff through an awful movie. I wanted to see it and Renee humoured me. The theatre was only half-filled, one of those micro theatres that don’t hold too many people anyway. There was a couple in the same isle, another behind and to the right of us, another a few rows down and almost in front and maybe ten more scattered around the theatre.

The movie was not twenty minutes in when Renee slid her hand along my thigh, pushing the skirt up a little, fingers rolling inside my thigh. Her hand rattled the popcorn bag. “Open your legs.”


“Open your legs, I said.”

I looked at her in the light from the screen and I saw she meant business. I opened my legs, forcing the skirt to rise up a little. Her hand continued its journey, her fingers brushing the crotch of my panties. She wiggled the tips of her fingers, playing with me through the fabric. She pushed harder, pushing the fabric into me.

She leaned close, nibbled my ear and whispered, “Go to the washroom and remove your panties.”

“Renee, please, we’re watching the movie.”

“No, you’re watching the movie and I want to fuck you. Now go remove your panties and when you come back, go past that couple to our right.”

I had to leave Kevin on the screen and make my way to the washroom. I removed my panties and put them in my small bag. I looked myself in the mirror and was surprised that my cheeks were rosy and my nipples were pushing against my blouse.

I made my way back into the theatre and excused myself to get past the couple. The girl was thoroughly annoyed and even more so when she caught her boyfriend checking out my legs. Could he smell me, could he smell my exposed sex?

As I came to my seat, Renee’s hand held the hem of my skirt up as I sat down resulting in the skirt being gather around my waist and my bare ass on the seat. Her hand immediately dived between my legs to inspect whether I had done her bidding or not. She murmured her satisfaction. “Popcorn dear?” she asked loudly, playfully smiling at me while probing my wet sex.

“Do you like Kevin Costner, Shannon? Would you like him to eat this smooth peach? Would you like him to turn you on your knees and fuck you from behind?”

I nodded yes to her.

“Say it out loud.” She whispered.



I could see the couples turn towards us. Renee giggled and blew the couple in front of us a kiss.

“Now Shannon, I want you to finger yourself. I want you to cum to the image of Kevin on the screen there. Do it for me, now.”

I replaced her fingers with my own. Renee sat back and watched the movie, licking her wet fingers. I tried to block out the movie, concentrating on my swollen cunt lips and hard clit. I went slow, checking to see if the others were watching us. The guy to the right kept trying to look our way but his girlfriend would nudge him or ask for pop.

I worked myself slowly, playing with myself till I was getting dizzy.

Renee leaned over and whispered “If you don’t come soon, I’m going to fuck your ass with Goliath when we get home, without lube. Now hurry up and cum, cum for me, cum for Kevin.” She had placed her hand on mine and pushed hard against me. It was nearly enough and I quickly masturbated hard fast obvious rubs.

“And when you cum, I want you to yell out yes again.”

I nodded and continued for just a few seconds more and then….”YES!”

“Sssssh!” was the response from some people.

Renee laughed happily, withdrawing my hand and licking my fingers hungrily.

“Gross.” Was a comment from behind us. I’m sure it wasn’t anything to do with the movie.

“Good girl, go ahead and watch the movie, I won’t bother you anymore.”

I lost all concept of the movie, had no idea what had happened in the last few minutes and the movie was a complete lost to me. We were the last people out of our seats at the close of the movie and as we neared the theatre door, Renee pushed me against the wall, pressed her body against mine, her hand going up my skirt and against my bare sex. Her mouth covered mine and her tongue drove deep in my mouth.

I was breathless when she pulled away, smoothing my skirt down for me. “Come on, I can’t wait to get home. I think I WILL use Goliath but in that sweet cunt of yours instead.”

Hand in hand we left the theatre. I spotted the couple that was to our right in the parking lot. He had deposited his girlfriend in his car and was looking at us over the roof. I blew him a kiss. Renee noticed; she turned me towards home and pulled my skirt up in the front. His eyes popped out and his jaw dropped. I’m sure his girlfriend would have kneed him right there if she had seen.

Instead, we continued walking, giggling in each others arms like schoolgirls.

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