tagSci-Fi & FantasyTheFlorist: Inkwell Ch. 02

TheFlorist: Inkwell Ch. 02


Janet's tale continues. Think Flowers and most of this will make sense.

She woke in a puddle of her own sweat. Her dreams still danced in her head. She grabbed the notepad and a pen from her nightstand. She scribbled down everything she could remember. From start to finish before being awake washed away the dream.

She had been a fairy with iridescent wings. She flew from flower to flowers tasting of each one. She was free of the ground and lived in the colors of the exotic blossoms. When she came to the wise bush of many tasty blossoms, one very large one opened to her, inviting her in. It's thick stamen dripping with irresistible nectar. She darted to it wrapping her tiny hand round it.

She quiver as her little tongue licked tentatively from its phallic length. It was sweet and warmed her from the inside. The more she tasted of it the more she wanted. She flittered to the edge of the bloom and rested on her knees. She parted her tender lips and sucked the stamen into her mouth. It nectar was even sweeter and the growing warmth of her body taking on a hunger in her precious neathers.

When body wriggled and begged, her wings buzzing erratically. The hunger of her would hold off no longer. She grabbed the edge of the bloom and dropped her sweet labia over the think stamen. Rubbing it up and down her sweating cunny's entrance. Swirling her hips she impaled herself on the thickness of it. Her sigh twinkled through the bloom, causing several buds to burst into full bloom, bathing her in sparkling pollen.

Nectar seeped into her clutching depths. Her sighs rang as a twinkling symphony. Other fairies hearing the song fluttered to watch her dance on the intimate bloom. Her little head thrashed her hair from her eyes as sweet beads of nectar formed on her skin. Those watching swooped in to taste of her. gentle kisses and licks of their tongues. She came in an explosion of light and her eyes open.

"Wow." She said to her ceiling.

In was all written down. She wanted to call Crystalia and ask him... he had used the phone, but would he know how to answer it? She shook her head and scooted into the bathroom. She started a shower and stripped out of her wet night cloths.

Her head was the first thing under the warm spray. She pushed the water thru her wet hair and noticed the inside of her arms were green. And not some light water color, dark health Hibiscus leafy green. She jumped out of the shower and dried herself. She was still green.

"What the fuck?" She said looking at herself in the mirror. "I look like some sci-fi space alien slut."

Her eyes were sparking jade and hair dark green almost black. Both sets of her lips were a glistening evergreen. She stepped to addressing mirror and spread the lips of her cunny wide. She sighed loudly when the deepest parts of her were still pink and human colored.

She grabbed baggy clothes that would cover most of her and ran for the car. 20 minutes laters she was dashing for the front of the flower shop to ask Crystalia what he could do or if she was going to be green forever. She had been in such a hurry she had run three stop signs.

"Crystalia I'm turning green, what can I do?" She yelled into the shop as she entered.

"You're turning green? That is unusual. I don't think that has ever happened before." He said stepping out of the back.

"Would you look at me I look like an alien space slut." She cried.

"You not that green. Maybe a little dryadish, but not alien." He said.

She looked at her case in the mirror in the flower case. He was right, her color had lightened considerably. Her skin only lightly tinted and her hair was almost back to its normal color but looking like her too much time in the pool hair. She sighed.

"What did you do right before you turned green?" He asked.

"I just stepped into a hot shower. No sooner do I get my hair out of my eyes I am totally green, even my coochie was green. My lips and hair... everything."

"It seems to be only temporary so let's calm down and figure this out." He said trying not to laugh.

He stepped close to her and tasted her hair. It was metallic, copper? He told her to go in the back and drip some of the water in her hair on the white blossom. She darted in to the bloom and rang a few drops into the open flower. It rolled into the canopy of his leaves.

"You are tainted with copper. It turned you green. Why would you be tainted like this?" he asked.

"My pipes are coper, never give them much thought unless it is going to get cold for more than a day or two." She said.

"Estephan and so a couple of the others just pulled into the parking lot."

"Really? Am I still greenish?" She asked.

"You're fine. Silly girl." He said.

She darted out to his human faces side as they came in the front door.

"Greetings Guardian." Crystalia said.

"Janet?" Estephan asked pointing him.

"He's Crystalia!" Janet said bouncing up and down.

"Really? A domain gives you a people form?" Estephan asked.

"Yes it does. Do we have ownership of the whole mall?" He asked.

"We will at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. The sale must be filed for the new deeding to be made. Janet if you would sign a few things for us." Thalia said.

"Ok, what as I signing?" Janet asked.

"A partnership in Mythic Holdings Consolidated and an investment contract." Eirene said.

"What?" She asked.

"You are giving your name to the Holding Company board and taking ownership of your shop. The rest will give you a profit share of about $9,000 a quarter and a shop front in the company office building." Thalia said. "Not too bad for signing your name five times right?"

"Don't ask me how they are planning on doing it. I signed them after breakfast. Your name would be right under mine, partner." He said holding his hand out to her.

"Ok." She said shaking his hand. "You going to have a company tattoo?"

Everyone laughed. He looked at Crystalia. He did not look like he thought he would. He was the sage plant he talked to thou. All of the wisdom and knowledge with the ability to walk down to talk to him. Crystalia didn't much care to stand in the same room as himself but that was understandable. Who wants to hear everything in echo all the time?

"You don't look like I thought you would." He finally said to Crystalia.

"I don't look the way I thought I would." Crystalia said.

"What does that mean?"

"I look the way Janet pictures me. Part of my bond to her. She was a bit unnerved by me when she came in this morning as well. I look like the guy she lost her virginity to." He said.

"Is there any reason for that?" Estephan asked as the ladies went into Janet's office looking for a pen that worked.

"He looks really hot today or is it just me?" Janet asked.

"He gained his mantel as a titan. He is looking really fine to all of us." Eirene said.

"We are just a little scared to do anything with him yet. He hasn't had a chance to get used to it. He might make us cum so had was end up back in the higher realm with no way back." Thalia giggled.

"Really? O' here's that pen." She said grabbing it and signing the papers. "Could he really do that?"

"We don't know, none of us have ever done it with a titan." Thalia said.

"I want to find out." Janet said stepping back out front with a mischievous grin.

"Something like that, you will get a handle on it. We can talk more about it tomorrow." Crystalia said.

"Yeah Mr. Birthday, time to get you back to your party." Eirene said.

"Talk to you more about it in the morning, I'll come down with Ducici ok?" Thalia asked Janet.

"That would be awesome." Janet said.

"So all the paperwork is good?" Estephan asked.

"Yup. We go." Eirene said.

"Happy Bithday! See everyone tomorrow." Janet said giving Estephan a kiss and groping him dirtily.

"Woo-hoo get him going for us." Thalia said.

"Way to go girlie, want us to wait outside while you give him a little more?" Thalia said.

"Not today, maybe you can save a little of him for me tomorrow." Janet said.

"Alright I am standing right here." Estephan said.

"In more ways the one." Janet said groping his half hard cock thru his pants.

"We better get him back the party then." Thalia said.

She watched them leave. "What was he asking you about? And what was that about looking like the guy I lost my virginity to?"

"Don't I?" He asked.

She looked at him closely for the first time. She had been in such a panic about being green she hadn't really stopped to see what he looked like. The hair was different but the face, yeah that was the face of the first guy to every make her orgasm. Too bad he was a loser every other way. She kinda felt bad that Crystalia looked like the guy.

"I'm sorry." She said.

"You don't like this face?" He asked.

"No not really. Just cause the guy got me off didn't make him a good person. Last I heard he was doing 15 to 20 for armed robbery." She said.

"So what face should I have? I can change it." He asked.

"Wow just like that?" She asked.

"I grow flowers in minutes, changing how my projected face is much simpler." He said.

"So can you look like that?" She said point at the face of a hot model on the cover of her flower catalog.

His feature shifted and blurred for a minute then he looked just like the guy on the cover. She looked at him in amazement. She stepped closer to him. He smelled like the flower in her dream. She stepped back from he quickly.

"What's wrong?" He asked. "AM I too tall?"

"No you smell like a flower I dreamed about fucking last night." She blurted.

"You fucked it really good thou right?" he asked giggling at her use of such language.

"Well I... did I just say that to you?" She asked turning bright red.

"Yes you did, would it be easier if you talked to the bush?" He asked.

"Maybe. I need to get over this dream." She said half-heartedly.

"We are going to be getting rain this evening. Why not refresh yourself by running in it naked." He suggested.

"And where am I going to do that and not get arrested?" She asked.

"It is unlawful to go without clothing?" He asked.

"Yes in most places." She said.

"Unfortunate. If you can't then perhaps other ways of cleansing can be found." He said wondering into the back.

She shook her head trying to get the thoughts of lying naked in the rain out. She followed him intot he back only to find that his plant form was in the room. She was going to haveto get used to his coming and going like that. She sat next to him.

"So about this dream. Please tell me about it." He said.

"Well I was a fairy. I was flying around sipping from flowers until I got to this plant that looked kinda looked like you. I put out a big blossom that smelled really good. One thing led to another and I was riding its stamen like crazy until I exploded. Which is when I woke up." She said.

"Sounds like your still felling the after effects of the berry." He said. "Turning green seems to be a side effect as well."

"How is cleansing going to help all of this? Running around in the rain will get me wet but not really clean anything."

"It would depend on what you ate first. I could grow you cleansing berries but you need to rinse it from you with clean water. Your shower wouldn't work but the rain would." He said.

"I'll think about it." She said and started cleaning up the shop.

She worked on the coolers and restocks all the little things she used in arrangements. She looks at all the table s and nods. She can't remember the last time she had the stock room this neat. She even had the oasis in to soak which she usually forgets to do. She grabbed up the trash bags and opened the back door to take it to the dumpster.

"And what are you doing here?" Crystalia asked.

"Cleaning and think about what you said about the rain." She replied.

"I was asking the Hobb." He said to her.

"Hobb? What are you talking about?" She asked walking back inside.

"I'm a Hobb!" it squeeked from the bar stool.

She jumped slightly. "And you are here why?" She asked.

"I was trying to talk to Inkwell, but his pet Banshee and Spartans chased me all over town. I smelled the Wisdom here and stopped to ask for sanctuary. Is that too much?" He asked.

"The Guardian has been rather busy lately. You likely came in at a bad time." Crystalia said.

"So beat to a pulp ask questions never?" It asked.

"No, Lord Inkwell isn't that callus. You have sanctuary in my domain. What is your name Gnome of Shadow?" Crystalia asked.

"Heutrin of the dwellings. I thank you great wisdom. Who is the pet human? She taste good?"

"Rude little man. If you are going to stay around here you are going to use some manners." Janet snapped.

"Nelcree you can hear me? How the hells is that possible?" Heutrin asked.

"Nelcree?" She asked.

"Gnome for holy shit. Yes she can hear you. She is my host in the mortal realm."

"You get saddled with a yewy by Sebastian and say he ain't callus?" Heutrin blurts.

"I asked for her and she agreed. And she is a very tasty yewy." Crystalia said.

"I'm a what?" She asked.

"Baby maker!" Heutrin laughed and fell off the stool.

"Female of mating age." Crystalia said.

"I don't like him. I am going to call Estephan to have them deal with him." She said.

"You can't, he gave me sanctuary." He said standing back up and dusting himself off. "Only the Guardian has rank over the Wisdom."

"That's right." She agreed.

The Gnome froze in fear. She lifted the receiver as a roll of thunder shook the shop. Two flashes of bright light and the shop went dark. She didn't even have a dial tone on the phone. Crystalia called to her, his voice very sleepy in its tones.

"Crystalia?" She asked into the darkness of the shop.

Everything was silent no cooler fans only the pounding of the rain on the roof. And that seemed to drowned out even the sounds of her moving around. Hissing laughter from the corner got her attention. The flash of lightning shown the Hobb half way up the wall eyes glittering at her.

"Crystalia! What are these things known for? What do they do?" She called loudly in the dark.

"You really want to know?" It hissed from somewhere off to her left now.

"Crystalia?" She called again.

"He's sleeping. Gives me time to get acquainted with you." It said much closer this time.

"Leave this place!" She demanded.

"Only the wisdom can order that. Are you a wisdom?" It said from somewhere to her right now.

The front door, she could make it to the door and her car. She turned towards the front of the shop. She hoped Crystalia would be alright with this thing running around. The room rumbled with a roll of thunder. Hissing laughter close to her right gave her pause. A flash of lightning shown the Hobb to be on the card display between her and the door.

"Didn't you want to know what we are known for? Is the Hobbs tale not spoken of anymore?" It hissed with a cackle of laughter.

"I don't care, just leave me alone and go." She said.

"But I can't, even if I wanted to, which as lovely as you are. I don't want to go." It said rasping along the flower case. "Why not just make it easy and give yourself to me?"

"NO!" she yelled.

"Too bad, I will take you none the less." It said evilly from close to her right side.

A flash of lightning lit the room and it hung from a rack level with her face. It grinned as it readied to throw something at her. The room went dark again and she felt something like sand sprinkle her face. She squealed, as she took three steps backward. Her ears rang with the next roll of thunder and her head spun. She felt dizzy. It cackled from the darkness.

"Let's see if you will be more accommodating when you have been taken down off your high horse." It said with a fit of laughter.

She stumbled over her own clothing. She felt like she was tumbling and in moments she was trying to fight her way out of her own shirt. She scurried behind the counter. She was about the same height as a Barbie doll and as naked as the day she was born.

"HAhaha now you are mine. Let's have a taste of you then." It said.

Headlights of a passing car silhouetted the Hobb stalking towards her clothing. It seemed to think she was still in them. The fading light gave her a little time to assess her location in the flower shop. She was behind the warping table not the counter. She thought about climbing through the cooler but she would never be able to reach the handle to get out of the cooler door in the back.

"Where did you go? I can still smell you." It hissed.

She darted down to the far end of the table. She tried to keep her breathing quiet and her footsteps light. The Hobb grabbed something off of the display shelf and threw it against the wrapping table.

"Where did you go?" It yelled.

She slid to a stop, and peeked around the side of the bench. She vision was becoming a little clearer. Even with no light she was starting to make out shapes and distances. It turned towards a sound from the other side of the room. She seized the opening and darted across the aisle to the card rack. She found a small pouch on the floor next to the racks feet.

There was still a little of the sand in the bag. She picked it up carefully and closed it. She tucked it into the bottom of the card holder. The Hobb had wondered further into the shop poking at her bag under the work bench. She hoped that when the lights came back up Crystalia would be able to get this thing under control and with the little bit of sand in the bag make something to return her to her normal size.

She leaned on the rack to hard and it made aloud squeak. She heart stopped but her feet didn't. She bolted for the window display. The Hobb skittered around the corner scant moments after she had climbed behind the heart-shaped angel vase with the roses in it. It hissed in disgust. It got on all fours and started sniffing the floor. She grinned as she thought about how often she worked barefoot.

"I am going to find you woman. Only now I am going to make it hurt and leave lots of scars." It hissed venomously.

"You can try little fucker." She whispered.

It's head snapped in her direction. It looked right at where she was hiding and didn't seem to see her. She waited for it to move further away than scooted to a different hiding spot. She started stalking it. She made it back to the counter with the register on it. She climbed to the counter with little trouble. She saw it digging thru the tubs of oasis soaking in the water trays. It was sling chunks of it around the room in the hopes for hitting her.

She looked at the counter top to see what she could use as a weapon. The pen looked huge but not exactly sharp. She looked at the stapler but wasn't sure she would be able to lift it. It turned to listen for any noises then went back to its digging. She braced herself and tried to pick it up. She almost giggled when she picked it up easily. Stepping close to the edge she hurled it with all her might.

It tumbled end over end making a clicking noise as it flew. The Hodd turned to see what the noise was only to be hit by it in the side of the face. It was knocked off its feet and fell to the floor. The stapler clattered into pieces next to the unmoving creature. She waited before climbing back to the floor.

The lights came back on and the cooler hummed back to life. She watched but the Hobb lay on the floor still unmoving. She didn't know what to do. She hadn't meant to kill it. She jumped to the floor and ran into the stock room where Crystalia sat in his pot under a pair of 18 inch grow lights.

"You will pay for that yewy. I will sew your nintee shut. Then pound your dru till it bleeds." It growled.

She didn't stop moving. Three more steps and she had a hold on the edge of Crystalia's pot. She pulled herself up and scurried into the shadows of his foliage. She shook in fear and the chill of the shop was starting to have an effect on her naked body.

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