tagLoving WivesTheir First Swap Ch. 01

Their First Swap Ch. 01


As empty-nesters, Charles and Doris Graham, known to one and all as Charlie and Dorie, were looking forward to expanding their sexual horizons. Both are in their early 50's and in reasonably good shape. He is pushing 6 feet tall, broad-shouldered and well-proportioned, except for the extra weight he has put on above the belt. For exercise, he plays tennis once or twice a week, jogs and works out at a gym.

Dorie is one of those people who never seem to gain weight no matter how much she eats. For her age, she is a very attractive brunette. She is slightly under 130 pounds, packing heavy, solid breasts into a 36 C bra on a curvy frame of 5' 3" inches.

They have always had a good sex life, which is helped by Charlie's thick eight inches of manhood. Charlie took early retirement from his company in order to free-lance as an investment counselor. Consequently, he can more or less dictate his own working hours. Dorie was always a stay-at-home mom.

Almost as soon as their offspring were out the door, the couple picked up the pace of their sexual activities. With the family at home, they had had a lot of constraints, as Dorie is very vocal, a real howler. Now she could scream and howl as loud as she liked.

Over the years, they both had taken an interest in swapping partners, but only to the point of reading about it and watching adult films with that theme. They found it stimulating and role-played various scenarios in their love-making sessions. A favorite scenario was making arrangements to meet separately in a bar and to pretend that Charlie was a visiting businessman. They would enact a pick-up scene and they would then rent a motel room. The sex was hot and as Dorie pointed out in jest she did not have to wash the sheets afterwards.

A nature progression of their role-playing was to engage in the real thing, but they were not quite sure how to go about finding suitable couples or even a single man or woman to play with. Adult internet dating was their solution as it has been for many couples. They joined a site with a large listing of couples and started responding to profiles. In turn they received a number of queries about their own profile. They stuck with people in their age group, but there were enough of those to offer a wide selection.

They found one couple in their area who looked ideal: Sue and Paul. This is the profile that attracted them:

We are an older couple looking for companionship as well as sexual encounters. Will not engage in sex without the other. Open to meeting couples and singles, men or women. Some limitations. You will have to ask. Just embarking on this life style so we do not have much experience under our belts. We have only been with a few couples. Wife has not been with a woman but willing to consider it. Prefer people in our age group with whom we have something in common. Husband is ex-military and an information technology specialist. We like to travel and go out to concerts and plays. Will not meet in a hotel unless it is part of traveling together. Prefer to meet in a public venue for initial contact. Would be prepared to carry relationship further first day. Carpe Diem is our motto.

Charlie and Dorie wrote to this couple and developed an on-line correspondence over the next ten days. Both couples seemed to have a lot in common. They exchanged photos and both couples liked what they saw. From a photo taken of Sue and Paul in their bathing suits at a beach they learned she is a tall, willowy blonde with narrow hips and small breasts. She gave her statistics as 5' 9", 34 B and 135 pounds. Paul is somewhat shorter, stocky, and very fit from his military service. He is a good-looking man with a wicked smile.

They finally agreed to meet for drinks on a Saturday evening and to play it by ear. Both couples were prepared to go all the way if the chemistry was right. They exchanged phone cell numbers in the case of an emergency but neither couple though there would be any problem in meeting that night.

On Friday morning, there was a hitch to their plans. Playing tennis early in the morning, Charlie fell down hard trying to shag a ball. He banged up his knee and twisted his ankle to boot. He was taken to a nearby clinic where a doctor told him he had not sustained any serious damage but would have to take it easy for a week or so. The doctor taped up his ankle and put a temporary brace on his knee. With a walking stick, Charlie was mobile but he was in pain.

Dorie's immediate reaction was to postpone indefinitely the meeting with Sue and Paul, but Charlie was of another mind. "Dorie, there is no need to spoil your fun, just because I made a fool of myself. Call the couple, explain the situation and tell them we would still like to meet. Make it for Sunday brunch. Maybe I will be better by then, despite what the doctor says."

Sue and Paul were curious to ascertain whether or not they were compatible with Dorie and Charlie so they readily agreed to meet on Sunday at a downtown restaurant that specialized in extensive brunch buffets. At least the couples would eat well and get to size one another up.

On Sunday morning, Charlie was not feeling much better. He knew he would be out of action for several more days but elected to forge ahead anyway. Using a cane, he hobbled into the restaurant with Dorie. Introductions went smoothly and the couples quickly began to feel at ease. Sue and Paul expressed their gratitude that Charlie was thoughtful enough to meet them despite his injury.

Getting down to the reason for their meeting, Sue and Paul explained that they got involved in swinging by accident. About six months previously, they had gone on a cruise and been invited late one night to visit another couple's state room. These people were accomplished swingers and had numerous stories to tell abut their trysts, which Sue and Paul found arousing. With the sex talk and drinks, Sue and Paul found themselves seduced. They swapped partners and gave into their lust on the spot, both couples making love on a super king-size bed. The following night they swapped partners again but retired to separate cabins. That continued for three nights running.

Sue and Paul were still in touch with this couple but they could only meet a couple times a year as they lived a thousand miles away. That experience whetted their appetite and they took the usual course of joining an adult internet site, the one through which they had met Dorie and Charlie. They had been able to meet two other couples, but did not feel comfortable enough with them to swap. One single man joined them for a threesome and they might see him again.

Sue and Paul were quite open about their new life style. They said they believed in total honesty as the basis of friendship and whatever would follow. Sue takes the lead in their affairs and she proposed that she and Dorie go the little girl's room so the men could talk privately.

"Well, what do you think of Sue, Charlie?"

"I think she is a terrific woman. I like her sense of humor. She is lady-like and very feminine."

"She will be glad to hear that, Charlie. Many men do not like tall, thin women with small breasts, but I can assure you she is a vixen in the bedroom."

"I like her figure; women with shapely, long legs always appeal to me. And how do you feel about Dorie?"

"You have a winner, Charlie. As the saying goes, I would not mind having her put her shoes under my bed. She looks like she would be a lot of fun."

With this exchange it was taken for granted that each man would be delighted to bed the other man's wife. It was now up to the women, so the two men chatted idly about sports and local politics until they spotted the women returning to their table.

Both women were chatting and seemed pleased with themselves.. Dorie explained, "It turns out we are both quilters. I'd like to show Sue my collection. We both have time this afternoon. Is that all right with you men?" (Dorie did not mention her interest in quilts in their profile, never thinking that would appeal to anyone; she inherited quilts from her grandmother and mother, and had added her own designs.)

This development seemed natural, so Charlie and Dorie arranged for Sue and Paul to follow them to their home, which is a bit hard to find. On the way, Charlie and Dorie chatted about the next steps. "Do you think this woman is really interested in your collection, or is this a ploy?" he asked.

"Oh, she knows quilts all right, Honey. I think we were both looking for a way to extend the time together and luckily hit upon the right topic."

"What do you think about her and Paul?" Charlie asked.

"She is actually quite nice and interesting. I am not sure I am ready for girlie activities but if I had to begin with anyone she would not be a bad choice. She seems like a big sister to me, Someone I can cuddle up with and confide in. He is nice, too. He is decent-looking enough so it could be a good match."

"Then how should we go ahead? I'm the odd man out. My leg is killing me. I do not feel comfortable observing you and the two of them together nor watching you and Paul, if that is your preference."

"Let's just ask them, Honey" They are honest, straight forward people. After I show her the quilts and you guys talk, we'll lay our cards on the table."

With Charlie practically unable to move about much, Dorie did the usual tour of their home, which is contemporary with high ceilings and many floor-length glass walls. There are pleasant views of a nearby stream and forest preserve, and a lot of privacy. Drinks were served, along with some finger food, and the women took their leave to look at Dorie's quilt collection.

Charlie thought it best to break the ice while they were gone. "Paul, have you and your wife any idea about what you would like to do for the rest of the afternoon? Dorie and I like you both and she is open to any suggestions."

"Glad to hear that, Charlie . Sue likes Dorie a lot and so do I. In the car over here, we thought we might go for a threesome, if Dorie can accept being alone with another couple. Sue has never actually interacted with a woman but she is ready to experiment. Of course, even with your leg problem, if you want to watch or participate in some way, that would be fine with us as well."

"We'll have to ask Dorie. I don't know if she is ready for a threesome with a woman. Don't worry about me. I already told Dorie I would bow out. My leg is giving me hell. "

Joining them,the woman were nervous. That was easy to spot. Charlie decided to broach the next step. "Have you two decided what to do, because Paul and I agreed that if you three want to be alone for the rest of the afternoon that is fine with me or I can keep Sue company. It's up to you women."

"We have, Honey. We'd like to go to our guest room with Paul and see how things develop." Charlie left them alone, saying he hoped they would have a good time. He decided to lie down and rest his leg. From his bedroom, Charlie could not listen to what took place., so Dorie later told him in detail what had happened. The story continues with Dorie as the narrator.

I was very, very nervous, and so was Sue. She had been involved with couples in foursomes but there was no question of female-to-female contact. We both didn't know how far we would let ourselves go. That was part of the excitement.

We went to the guest bedroom and there were several awkward moments as all three of us were shy about taking any concrete steps. Being the most uninhibited of us all, Sue suggested that the women do a strip tease for Paul. We put on some music and before we knew both I and Sue were doing some comical bump and grinds. We three laughed and clapped our hands. Sitting on the bed, Paul cheered and spurred us on. Within a few minutes, Sue and I had stripped down to our panties and bras and we were strutting around the room wriggling our hips and shaking our breasts. Sue looked very sleek with her long arms and legs.

This could not go on much longer without one of us making a move to become more intimate. Sue picked up the tempo by saying, "Sweetie, why don't we get things started."

She sat next to her husband on the bed and they began to neck. She unhooked her bra, which had a clasp on the front, and let her small, elegant 34 B breasts dangle. Despite her age, her breasts were well-formed with long, pointed nipples. She unbuttoned Paul's shirt and pressed her breasts against his chest, rubbing herself slowly back and forth. He took one breast in his mouth and sucked in the entire tip, which made Sue moan. She massaged his chest and said, "Let's get naked, Lover."

Standing up, they both unclothed entirely. Sue looked even more elegant wiithout any clothes on. She had narrow hips, long, tapered legs, and a very hairy bush covering her cunt. Paul was now at half mast. I was delighted to see he was almost as large as Charlie, about 8 inches of solid cock. He had a a hairy chest and very hairy balls, which look heavy. They looked like they could produce pints of delicious sperm.

Sue sat before him on the bed and leaning over began to stroke him before taking him in her mouth. I had never seen a couple making love before in person and it was definitely a turn on. My panties began to get wet and I clutched one of my tits and began to fondle it. I was just standing there and not really sure what to do.

Sue was concentrating on getting her man hard and giving him pleasure. I could hear a slurping sound as she move his cock in and out of her mouth and covered his cock head with her saliva. She made small grunting noises. Paul had closed his eyes and was speaking softly to her: "That's my Baby. You know how to suck me sooo good. Make me hard! I love it, Baby." All this punctuated by his sounds of inarticulate pleasure.

Pausing and looking at me, Sue asked in a husky voice, "Dorie, do you want to taste my man? His precum is delectable."

She waved me over, and practically mesmerized by what I had been watching I walked over to the bed and somehow we switched places. I was sitting on the bed and sucking Paul's cock with my own technique. I like to hold a large cock in both hands and twist my hands counterclockwise while flicking my tongue over the tip. As Sue said, Paul's precum was wondrful to sample; it was thick and teased my taste buds.

Paul reacted to my ministrations as I had hoped. He gasped and holding my head he began to mouth fuck me. "Damn, you're good, " he moaned.

I was now aware that Sue was behind me. She whispered in my ear, "Do you want some help with your bra?"

I was still bobbing up and down on Paul's cock, but managed to mumble my consent, not quite thinking of what I was letting myself in for. I felt her unhook my bra and release my heavy 36 c's. The straps fell forward as I bent over to take more of Paul's length in my mouth. Letting go one hand and then the other, I was able to sling my bra across the room.

Sue then sat behind me and hugged me loosely, her long legs forked around my rear as if we were riding a motorcycle. Her skin was silky and I gave a shudder as she then reached around and cupped both my tits and began to massage them. "I have always wanted to do this to a woman," she said her voice quivering.

All three of us were obviously getting worked up and I still was wearing my panties which felt soaked with pussy juice. Paul broke off first. "We got to stop," he moaned. "I can't last much longer. Baby, you know what to do."

I got up to remove my panties, but Sue said she wanted to do it, so she hooked her slender fingers in my waistband and slid my panties off. Knealing sligthly to do this, she caught sight of my own ample bush and kissed my tummy, which caused shock waves to travel down my spine.

They had obviously carried out their next step before. Paul lay on his back full length. Sue went to her handbag and came back with a cock ring. She tied one loop over his shaft at the base and made another loop around his balls, tightening up the loops with a small tab. I was fascinated by all this and just stood there with my mouth wide open.

"Paul can now service us both, Dorie. He is very good at lasting a long time trussed up this way."

"Sweetie, let's show Dorie how well you can give me oral."

Lithely, she straddled his face and moved forward to hold onto the head board. She lowered her gaping pussy to his face, and watching from the foot of the bed I saw a sensational, erotic pussy-eating scene. They had obviusly had a lot of practice and knew each other's bodies. Paul was making long, flat tongue strokes up the length of her slit from her asshole to the top of her pussy. He dipped his fingers off and on into her dripping pussy and used it as a lubricant to finger alternately her pussy and asshole. She was moaning, groaning and shouting obscenities constantly: " Yes, Lover, Yes, Yes. Eat me! Eat me! Tongue fuck me! Do me! Do Me!" Her breath was getting heavier and she was well on her way to building up to a climax.

Paul's stiff cock was staring at me and I could not let it go to waste as I was getting hornier by the second. With my back to them both I straddled his thighs and mounted him slowly in reverse cowgirl style. They were both shocked, and paused long enough for Sue to shout over her soulder, "Go for it, Girl!"

Bending my knees and holding onto Paul's legs, I began to use Paul like a Sylvan fucking machine. Up and down and up and down I went. My pussy nerves were tingling and I began to sigh and moan: "What a beautful, hard cock! Soooo goooood!"

Sue was beside herself with lust. Behind me I heard her give a short series of yelps and then she screamed out her climax: " I'm cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuming, I'm cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuming! OOOOOOOOOOH, Oh,Oh Oh," and then a long whoosh of air escaped.

I loooked back and saw her hop off Paul and I automatically dismounted, too, but I was still on a high. I was primed to the hilt and dying for my own release. "Sue, Paul. Pleeese. I need to cum," I begged.

"Give it to her, Paul," Sue yelled. Give it to her good."

I took the quickest course to getting laid. I scooted up the bed, straddled Paul, and with one hand I guided his cock inside me to ride him. He grabbed the cheeks of my ass and I moved my hips sidewards to adjust to his thickness and length. I leaned back and began to grind my pussy and clit against his pelvic bone. I was frantic for release. "Fuck me, Paul! Fuck the liiiiving shit out of me! I neeed your cock. I need it."

Every two thrusts or so, Paul slapped my ass hard with both hands, which made me grunt with joy. In my peripheral vison I saw Sue approach. She looked glassy-eyed, drawn towards us. She climbed next to me and as I was being fucked vigorusly by Paul she took one of my tits and starting sucking my nipple. It was a fabulous sensation. It made me soar to an orgasm: "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK," I screamed over and over. I wailed out a final "UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH" and collapsed on Paul's chest. "What a great fuck," I gasped. My pussy had poured juice all over Paul and it was swollen open for Sue and Paul to see as I rolled off Paul.

To my amazement , Paul was still hard. Sue was trembling and stuttering. "Dorie, Dorie, I want, I want . I want to .....go down on you," her words stumbled out. I was lying flat on the bed, tits up and on cloud nine. Before I knew what was happening I felt my legs being spread and soft, silken hands reaching up to fondle my tits, with their rock hard nipples. I looked down and saw Sue hesitate before plunging her mouth and then tongue into my pussy. It was so soft my clit began to tingle again.

Oh, what in the hell am I doing, I asked myself. I was being eaten by a woman for the first time and enjoying myself immensely. To hell with it, this is incredibly good sex.

And now I saw that Sue's husband had removed his cock ring and was mounting her. "Baby, Baby, I need to get off," Paul shouted. He grabbed her hips and began to pound her hard. All three of us were shouting the most obsence expressions and panting while reaching for our respective climaxes.

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