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Their First Time


This story is a little different than my others. This was written as a favor for a friend, who the Dee character is modeled after. This is in 3rd person, and is much longer than my other stories. I hope the length doesn't put too many people off.

This story has been bouncing around my head for a while and I had to get it out before I could get back to my other stuff.

As always, I love getting feedback and hearing from people who enjoy my stories.

Thanks for the ratings!


Dee wasn't sure exactly when she started looking at her husband Paul's coworker Mike a little different. Mike would come over to their apartment once in awhile, usually to pick up a dime bag of weed, although sometimes, just to play a couple games of Madden.

Sometimes, if Paul was working late and Mike needed to make a pick up, he would just leave the bag at the apt and Mike would pick it up directly from Dee. It was around then that things started changing for Dee.

Mike stopped by one day, and said he had to take a wicked piss, he had a beer after work and it was running through him quickly. He hurried down the hall to the bathroom, closed the door and sat down to relieve himself. When he got up and left the bathroom, she was walking by and glanced in, "Oh, how considerate," she joked, "you left the seat down." "What?" He replied, genuinely confused.

She pointed to the toilet, with the lid down. It took him a moment to realize what she was talking about, and then it hit him. "Oh! Oh....I always leave it down at home. I generally pee sitting down." He could see Dee eyeing him skeptically, "Well, you know I'm pierced, right?"


"You heard me, pierced, as in I have a Prince Albert piercing in my cock. It's great for sex, but it tends to make it difficult to aim. Kind of like putting your thumb over the end of a hose; tends to cause it to spray a little. So, I sit. No muss, no fuss."

"Okaaay" she said, still sounding a little confused.

"Look, I can show you if you'd like." As soon as he said it, he realized how that sounded, "I mean, if you're curious, I'm not trying to sound like a creep, 'Hey, let me show you my dick', and all that. You know what, never mind, I shouldn't have said anything, I'm sorry, let's just forget it."

"No, well....look, now you got me curious...can I?"

"Okay, but look, let's keep this a secret, shall we? I don't need your husband thinking I'm going around flashing his wife."

"Ooooo, a secret....." she giggled, "No worries, that's the LAST thing I want to do, 'Oh by the way dear, when your friend stopped by to pick up his weed, he whipped out his dick for me!'" she said mockingly.

"Good point. Okay, here goes." and with that, Mike unbuckled his belt and opened his pants his exposed his prick.

Dee's eyes involuntary shot open, "whoa...," she quickly tried to regain her composure. Sure enough, through the head of his cock was a thick, silver ring. It went in through the urethra, and came out through a hole on the underside of the shaft about an inch or so below the urethra itself. Now, while the ring was indeed fascinating, as she had never seen one in person, and she could see that having an obstruction passing through his pee hole could cause the usual stream of urine to sprayed like a 'thumb over a hose', but that was not why she gasped. It was his cock itself. A "hose" was indeed a good reference. He was big. Maybe not by porn standards, but was he was long and thick. Probably bigger in this flaccid state than her husband's was fully erect. She noticed along the underside there were several rows of small indentations, 4 sets of two each, running down the length of his shaft.

"What are those?" She inquired, mesmerized.

"Those are other piercings; I normally don't wear the barbell studs in those, unless, well, I'm planning on using them for sex.

"Whoa..." She muttered again. "That's, uh, that's impressive. And you wear all them when you have sex?"

"Sure, that's pretty much why I got them, the Prince Albert, the ring I'm wearing, tickles the inside of my urethra quite nicely. Plus it rubs the inside of the woman's pussy, giving her a thrill too. And when I wear all the barbells, well, it drives them crazy in Doggy Style! It's called a 'Jacob's Ladder,' all the studs hit the clit and the ring at the end can stimulate the G-spot. But, there are times when I've got to take them out though."

"Yea? Like when? Why?" she was trying to carry on a normal conversation, but was having a hard time not staring at his cock.

"Well, there are times when they just get in the way..."

"Like.......?" she pressed.

"Well, oral, for one. They get in the way and the ring can gag."

"And.....?" She did not want to drop it obviously.

"Well.....anal. It's just too much."

This caused her to pull her attention away from his penis and look him in the eyes, "You like to fuck girls in the ass?"

"Any chance I get," he said slyly, momentarily forgetting he was talking to a woman married to someone he considered a friend. The talk of blowjobs and anal sex, not to mention just standing there with his dick out while she stared at it was starting to arouse him a little, and his prick had began to thicken. Dee's eyes opened wider at the sight of it starting to grow. Mike noticed what was happening, "Oh shit, I'm sorry. I've got to put this away." And quickly tried to stuff in back in his pants, although it was a little stiff and took some effort to get it tucked back away.

"I'm sorry about that," he apologized, red-faced. "I didn't mean for that to happen, just the talk of anal, and blow jobs....you know. Sorry though"

"That's alright," she said, "I understand." But in her head she was thinking that is she wasn't married, she would love to get that thing inside of her. "Anyway," she said, trying to change the subject and clear her mind of what she had just seen and heard, "I suppose you're here for......"

"Oh yes, did Paul leave something for me?" With all the blood rushing to other areas, he had momentarily forgotten why he was here.

"Yeah, let me just go grab it." And with that she turned away and disappeared into the bed room before reappearing a few minutes later with a small baggie. "Here you go."

He gave her some cash, and mumbling an unnecessary apology, he turned to the door. "I should go."

"Okay, well, see you around?"

"Sure." And with that he left the apartment and headed to the street where his bike waited.

He probably wasn't even to the street before Dee had hurried back into the bedroom, had her hand down her pants and was fingering herself to a quick climax.

As she laid there recovering from her self induced orgasm, she thought to herself, "What the hell is wrong with me? I'm a happily married woman. I shouldn't be looking at other men's pricks and frigging myself off thinking about them!" But the truth was, she wasn't that happily married, hadn't been for quite some time. Paul barely touched her, and when he did, it was on his terms, over quickly and usually leaving her unsatisfied. Hell, he hadn't even gone down on her in close to a year!

Try as she might, she could not get the thought of Mike's prick out of her head. She wanted it, wanted him so bad. If her husband wasn't going to take care of her needs, maybe Mike would. What did he say there at the end? "Any chance I get?" Well, maybe she would put that boast to the test.

Next time Mike came over, she had a hard time not staring at his crotch. How had she not noticed the way his pants bulged like that before?

Curious if he was doing the same thing, she had stopped and bent over to pick up a cat toy on the floor and when she stood up and looked back, he caught him turning away from her direction, he had been checking out her ass! The thought of him checking her out, became such a turn on that when Mike left that day, she practically attacked Paul and fucked his brains out, all the while thinking of Mike, and that beautiful, steel laden prick of his. It was the first time in a long while she orgasmed with her husband's dick inside her.

Time went on and they became aware the other was watching and flirting. Paul remained oblivious to what was going on, spending his time getting high and being glued to his game. If he noticed Mike wasn't buying anything, just stopping by to hang out, he never said anything about it, just kept on smoking and playing.

Dee began to text Mike when Paul was at work, first it was pretty benign stuff, then they became laced with little innuendos and flirtatious comments, progressively becoming more graphic. When one day she asked if she could see his penis with all his jewelry, he boldly sent her a picture of his cock, not only with all the studs in, but fully erect to boot. He added the message; "Your turn."

His heart raced as he awaited her reply. Would she reply? What would she send? His cock started to swell with anticipation. Finally his phone beeped.

She had sent a reply.

He quickly opened it, and was blown away at what he saw. She sent him a picture of her pussy, but it was special. She apparently had not followed the current trend of so many women these days, she left herself naturally hairy. He was in heaven! Hairy pussies were so rare these days, so many women shaving their lips, and many even just kept the whole area void of any hair, but he loved the hairy ones. The hair helped to keep their natural scent. There was nothing like the smell of a hot, wet, furry box.

The line was crossed, from that point on, their texts were now almost exclusively about sex. Occasionally, she would even call him and they would have some pretty hot conversations, they talked about things they liked, things they had done, fantasies they had, and what, but not who, they thought about when they masturbated.

It turned out, she loved talking dirty, and her main fantasies seemed centered around rough sex. She so desperately wanted to be just man-handled in bed. "Treated like a little fuck toy" were her words.

She lamented that her husband wasn't willing to indulge her in those things, and to be honest, he came up a little "short" in other areas too.

"You mean he's got a small prick?" Mike asked when she told him that.

"Well, maybe not 'small', I mean he's around six inches, that's average, right? But it is, well, kind of, skinny; I guess that's the best way to describe it. Which is okay, because every once in a while he'll want to put it up my butt, and it doesn't take me long to get used to it when he does. I just wish he'd lick me sometimes before he just rams it in there. I asked him once to do that, and he got grossed out. 'I ain't putting my mouth where you shit!' Whatever, I told him, as long as it's clean, hell, I even offered to do it to him if he wanted. It turned him off so much, he lost his hard. Said only fags like their asshole played with."

"Well it's just common courtesy," he replied, "I mean, I will do whatever the woman asks if she's willing to let me fuck her ass. If she asks me to lick it, I'm going to lick it! Besides, you've got to get her to relax, and a nice long, rim job is just the thing. And the other thing, having your asshole played with does not make you gay, trust me, I love it when my backdoor is licked and fingered, hell, I've even had girls who liked to work it with a dildo, big deal, it feels great and trust me, it hasn't made me stop loving pussy! If that were me? If I had a hot wife like you at home, and you asked me to lick your asshole, my face would be between those beautiful butt cheeks of yours before you could blink." There, he said it. He said "you." They were no longer talking about other people; they were talking about each other.

"Are you serious?" she asked softly. "I mean, you said, 'if YOU asked...,' do you mean it? Do you mean me?" he could feel the trepidation in her words. She wanted to know, but was afraid if she was wrong, and if he was serious, was she?

"Look," he began carefully, "like I said, I think you're hot. You have an amazing ass, your tits are huge, and honestly, you're beautiful. I mean, you have amazing eyes, a wicked smile, and I think your freckles are sexy. And yes, if you were single, I would jump at the chance to get in your pants."

He heart leapt into her throat at the bluntness of his confession, "But since I'm married, to your friend, no less, you wouldn't fuck me if I asked?" She asked.

"Well," he paused, not quite knowing how to respond, "I guess I would be wondering what your end game was. I mean, I do not want to be the cause of someone to be splitting up, and honestly, I enjoy being a bachelor too much to be looking to take on the role of husband...."

She cut him off, "I'm not asking for that, and besides, things aren't that great between us now, if I wanted to leave him, I would, and it would have nothing to do with you. Besides, there are things that make me think he's probably getting some on the side anyways. So yes. I am asking you, you wanna fuck me, or not?"

"Of course I do," he stammered, still a little unsure if she was being serious or if this was some kind of set up, "if you're sure you're okay with this."

"Look," she said forcefully, "I've rubbed myself raw masturbating about your cock, my husband barely ever touches me anymore and when he does, the only way I can cum is to think it's your dick inside me. I've had him fuck my ass more in the last couple of weeks than I've let him in the last year, just to get myself ready to take that monstrous cock of yours up there. So yes, I want you to fuck this neglected pussy and give my tiny little asshole a good stretching too while you're at it, okay?!!" She was surprising herself with own bluntness, and was getting wet just listening to herself. "Are you in, or not?"

She slid her hand down the front of her pants, and began frantically rubbing her wet pussy in anticipation of his answer. "I'm touching myself right now," she panted, "tell me you'll fuck me.....I'll make it good for you. You'll never have someone worship your cock like I will. I'll be your little cock whore, if that's what you want. I'll take that prick of yours like a champ, up my ass, in my mouth, every way you want." She was breathing heavy, he wanted to answer, but didn't dare interrupt her as she played. Her panting and gasping those filthy words was getting him hard, his dick staring his pants, begging to be released. He pulled it out began tugging hard on it, listening to her get herself off for him.

"Please......I want you so fucking bad....I know I can make it good for you." Her breath was shallow and quick, he knew she was about to cum. "I'll suck you good, I promise, I'll lick your balls, I'll even lick your ass if you want, oh pleeease let me show you how dirty I can be...please...please?" He knew she was close, and he knew just what she wanted, what she needed to hear.

With a grunt, he gave it to her, "Yes! Yes! Oh fuck, I'm cumming! I'm cumming for you!" He exploded all over his hand and stomach, his hand flying up and down, milking out his thick, creamy load. He heard her squeal on the other end of the phone, his orgasm and his agreeing to give her what she begged for being what she needed to get off. "Oh fuck baby...damn...that was hot." He panted, trying to catch his breath, "Yes. I will fuck you." He said with conviction. He knew if she could be that enticing and dirty on the phone, she would definitely be one hell of fuck. He had to give her what she wanted.

"And yes, before you ask, I am going to want you to wear ALL those glorious rings and studs in that dick. I want you to make me feel things I have never felt before." She was still panting, recovering from her quick, self induced orgasm.

Neither of them said anything, just listening to the other's breathing, not wanting to be the first to break the silence and ask the obvious question.

Mike spoke first, "So, um, when do want to do this?"

"Fuck honey, I would love for you to come over now and clean me up," she giggled a little, "but there's just not enough time. Tomorrow? Paul's working 10s this week, so we'll have all fuckin' day to, well, Fuck. He leaves at about 4am, won't be back until late in the afternoon. He sometimes goes over to one his boy's house and gets a couple games in before coming home."

"Probably John's." Mike guessed. John was another gamer coworker who lately had been boasting about his 50-whatever inch TV w/3D and new 7.0 surround sound he would not shut up about.

"Yeah, that sounds about right." She could care less whose house it was as long as it meant another hour or two to explore her debaucherous side with Mike. "How about I text you when he's gone. Sooner you show up, more time we have to play."

"Okay. Look, I will totally understand if you have a change of heart and..."

She cut him off again, "Oh hell no. You are coming over in the morning and you are going to fuck me. I'm going to ride that magnificent fuck stick of yours until I soak your balls with my cum, then I am going to roll over and let you plow that thick beast right up my butt! You got that?"

If he harbored any doubt about her willingness to go through with this, it was gone now. He agreed and hung up.

The prospect of what the next day would bring was so much he worried he would be able to perform to her expectations. Fortunately, he kept a small bottle with a couple of internet ordered Cialis. Just in case. He put them in his jacket pocket as insurance. "Better safe than sorry," he thought. He turned in early to get as much rest as he could get, he was going to need it. He tossed and turned for awhile, ending up masturbating before finally falling asleep.

The next morning, he woke up, and got himself ready, shaving and putting in those studs and ring that he knew would give her something to remember, then he made sure to give himself an extra thorough scrubbing downstairs, if she was planning on playing at his backdoor, he had better be good and clean.

He fixed himself a big breakfast for the energy, and then got on his motorcycle and rode into town. There was a coffee shop not far from their apartment he would sit and wait.

His dick jumped when his phone chimed that he had a message, and after confirming it was her, he leapt from the table, threw some cash down, and hurried to his bike.

It wasn't long before he was pulling onto their block. He quickly parked and rang the buzzer. The elevator ride up to the 8th floor had never felt this long. A few more minutes and he was in front of their door. He had knocked on it dozens of times before this, but his heart had never raced like it did right then. He knocked, and the door opened. They stared at each other for what seemed an eternity before she motioned him inside.

As soon as the door closed, they were on each other. It was impossible to tell who was the aggressor, who started it, who was to blame. They were both on fire and raging with pure Lust. Lips were mashed together as they explored each other's mouth with their tongues. Hands slid up and down each other. His hands running through her short, almost spiky hair as her hands slid over his smoothly shaved head.

Dee leaned into him and pushed him against the wall, momentarily gaining the upper hand. He kept a hand on the back of her head and neck, just to enjoy and explore the feeling of such short hair, and let his other hand slide down her back. Down to the small of her back, where it curved out and her ass began. That wonderful ass. He could not help himself and he grabbed a handful of her magnificent cheek and pulled her hips tight to himself, grinding his hips to hers.

She pulled her mouth away and looked into his eyes, "I was wondering how long it would take for you get your hands on my ass." She said with a smile. As their jean covered crotches made contact and pushed together, her eyes slowly closed and she let out a low moan, "Damn baby, I can feel you through your pants."

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