tagIncest/TabooTheir Sex Toy

Their Sex Toy

byThe Freek©

The sun beat down upon my spotted brow as I watched them swim around in circles in the pool. The air remained stagnant as I quaffed my chilled libations. Everyone had left for work and I was stuck at home alone. My usual source of fun was otherwise preoccupied with her friend in the pool. All I could do was sit and drink.

I could feel the heat beating down upon me as I sat and watched them dance and splash each other before settling on to the raft. As they lay beside each other, naughty thoughts filled my mind. The water sparkled and glistened off their taunt stomachs. The drops of water pooled between their breasts as it ran off the mountain tops from which it landed. The friend rolled over to expose her hot ass and a bathing suit that was probably a little too small for her. It rode up her ass and rested nestled inside her cheeks, leaving me at a loss for words.

I watched as the raft swirled around the pool and hot they never really dried off, due to the sun. My sister in law looked over at her friend and glanced at her ass. She seemed to be checking her out. I wondered. As she rolled herself over she tugged up her bathing suit and readjusted her panty lines to match her friends.

The two of them took turns adjusting their bathing suit bottoms. Each time the coverage was a little less. Several times they had to pull them away from their bodies in order to get them in the proper place. I enjoyed the occasional flash of an entire cheek. I couldn't see anything more.

I started to fantasize about how sexy it would be to have the both of them strip down naked and sunbath nude. I must have drifted off to sleep from the alcohol as my dreams took over. I awoke to the sounds of whispering.

"Look under his glasses, is he asleep?" said the friend.

"I think he is passed out." replied the other as she gave me a tap on my shoulder to test me. I did not move an inch. I wanted them to think I was out cold, just to see what they would do.

"He must be unconscious. He has been drinking most of the day. Look, watch," said the sister in law as she pulled a hair out of my arm. It hurt, but I did not move.

"Ha," laughed the friend, "what else can we do to him?"

They thought for a moment, as if to be hatching a plot to rival a criminal master mind. It felt cold on my face. Ice cold drops of water where landing on my face. They giggled for a few moments as I reached to wipe away the drops.

"Drip it onto his chest," said the friend. I shivered a little as it hit me.

"I have an idea," said my sister in law. "This will be great."

I felt the waist band of my shorts being pulled up slightly and the cold sensation of an ice cube being forced into my pants. I let it set for a moment as it slid slowly towards my dick. I wiggled a bit to their amusement. I wiggled enough that it came to rest near my balls. I could hear the girls whispering the location as they watched it move around. I was enjoying them enjoying me.

They continued putting ice down my pants a few more times. Each time they pulled my shorts a little further from my body. The knowledge that they were seeing my cock started to excite me. The comments dropped to a hushed tone.

"Oh my gawd, do you see that? It keeps getting bigger and bigger," said the friend. "Don't cover it up. He is out cold. Let's take a look."

I knew my sister in law would be game. She held up my shorts and nearly lifted me out of the chair.

"I can not lift them high enough without pulling him off the chair. What do I do," exclaimed my sister in law.

They paused for a moment and then it hit them. "Just take them down, said the friend.

They both worked together to gently pull my shorts down. I planted my feet as to not be pulled off the chair. I twisted a little to facilitate their removal. I could fell the sun start to warm my half frozen prick as they commented and giggled about their discovery.

Entranced by my cock they stood there staring for a few moments and I became concerned they were going to walk away and leave me, hard and horny. To my great delight I heard a whispered response.

"Wanna touch it? I dare you to touch it," challenged my sister in law.

"OK," she said, "but only if you do my dare next, deal?"

"Deal" responded my sister in law. Little did her friend know that she had already viewed my cock and had been dry humped by me before. It had been only a few short weeks since she was solidly fucked in this very pool.

Her friend timidly reached out with one outstretched finger poked my softening cock. She giggled a moment and reached out again. This time she grabbed it with her hand and gently stroked me a couple of times. It felt great to have a new girl touch my cock for the first time. It was like the first time you fuck someone. Exciting and exhilarating.

"Ok, now it is you turn," she said. "Ok, I dare you to rub your bare tit against it."

Without a moments hesitation she pulled back her top and leaned over and rubbed her erect nipple gently against the tip of my cock. Ever so slowly she slid herself down the length of my shaft before pushing her tit against my balls. Her friend erupted with excitement. I was feeling the same way. These two girls were playing dare with my body.

"Your turn," she barked. I have a great idea. "I dare you rub your lips against his cock just like I did."

I was concerned that this would cross the line for her friend, but I was wrong. I felt her soft lips puckered into a kiss start to drag down the length of my hardness. Slowly she approached my testicles seemingly not wanting to stop. Her lips parted slowly as she darted out her tongue against my balls. Attempting to hide her actions, she licked to bottom of my balls as she pressed into me.

"Nice, but it is my turn. Dare me again," said my sister in law. "Make it something good." Her friend paused for a moment and then came up with an idea. "Rub your bare pussy against his leg," soothed her friend. I distinctly got the impression that her friend was into both of us. I started to listen for her reaction as my sister in law went to work.

I could feel her weight upon me as she straddled my leg. She moved gingerly forward before she paused.

"This way will be easier," she said. As I heard her friend let out a little gasp.

Once again I could feel her weight upon my leg as she shifted back and forth. It took only a moment before the wetness of her pussy helped her slide back and forth. She rocked back and forth with increasing vigor. She let out a gasp as she continued. Was she going to get off right here in front of her friend? I peeked through my glasses to see her writhing on my leg as her friend massaged her tits. Suddenly aware of her approaching orgasm, she burst from my leg.

"Whoa, you are next," she panted. Her friend stood staring at her in stunned silence. She looked at my sister in law in total disbelief.

"I can not believe that you just yanked off your bathing suit and ground your pussy against his leg! Right there in front of me," exclaimed her friend. There was silence between them for a moment. It concerned me as to the problems this could cause if her friend was not into this as much as she had portrayed. Was she truly offended or was she just surprised? Who would she tell? How much trouble was I going to be in?

"Sorry, I did not mean to offend you," she squeaked in a hushed and embarrassed tone.

"Sorry? Sorry? Are you kidding me? Sorry! Wow, do not be sorry, that was hot. I loved it," She spurted out.

I heard an audible sign from my sister in law. One that I'm sure I imitated. Relieved, I was eager to get going. Now that I knew the friend was hot for this too, I imagined I was in for a real treat.

"Ok let us see, what can I have you do," pondered my sister in law. "I know, take his cock into your mouth and suck as much in as you can and hold it there," she instructed.

My heart leapt into my throat. The idea of having this girl suck on my cock was wildly exciting. I barely knew her name. I had only met her once or twice. Things were going in the right direction.

I felt her warm sweaty hand touch the tip of my rock hard cock. Her fingers traced the length of my manhood. Circling the now tight pocket of flesh that dangled beneath the shaft, tingling sensations rose up my body. With her free hand she grasped my cock and tilted it away from my body. I believed I could hear her wet mouth as it opened in its approach. I peaked open my one eye just in time to see her tongue reach the summit. She flicked her tongue off the head of my cock, pushing slightly into the hole. She flicked like she was eating ice cream and let out an "mmm" of delight.

I heard a giggle from nearby that I was sure was from my sister in law as she watched. Her friend twisted her tongue around the head of my cock in a dance like a true professional. This was not her first time with a cock in her mouth. She flicked at the lip of the head of my cock with her lips as she gently allowed access to her hot mouth. The temperature change was easy to distinguish. I had been hot sitting out in the sun, but her mouth was like an oven. She worked her mouth up and down my shaft, taking in most of it for brief moments. She darted up and down, dragging her lips along my entire length kneading my balls as she went.

Sloppy sounds of a wet mouth echoed in my pleasure filled ears. This girl knew what she was doing and she liked to do it. Her grunts and groans intermingled with the sloppy sucking sounds. I expected that this would last for a minute or two and be done just like the masturbation on my leg. She chose to continue longer. She pulled off the head of my cock with a popping sound. I was so close to cumming. She must have felt the pulsing in my balls and decided to stop me before it was too late.

"What are you doing," I heard her ask.

"Umm, Umm, I was just enjoying watching you suck his cock, that I, umm umm," stammered my sister in law. There was another pause. I wondered what she was doing that would distract the friend from what appeared to me like she was totally enjoying. The answer came quickly enough.

"Well that is not fair. You get to play with your pussy while I get nothing," said her friend slyly.

"Oh, what do you want me to do? I will suck his cock for a while if you want to switch," she replied.

"No, I like this cock. Maybe you could help me though. Are you up for it," asked the friend.

Now I was ready for what could be some excitement. I almost lost it right there. My imagination raced as I thought about what she could possibly mean. Would there be two mouths fighting over my cock? Would each of them grab a part and go to work, one on my balls the other on my shaft? What happened next was totally unexpected.

Without letting go of my cock I heard the friend confirm the actions of my sister in law.

"Ooooo, that is exactly what I had in mind," she cooed.

I peeked out quickly to see what she was doing. To my surprise I could see she had pulled down her friends bottoms and was concentrating on rubbing her pussy too. My sister in law was quite the freaky chick. She had her friend's pussy in her right hand and her own in her left and was stroking them both with some measure of skill.

Her friend turned back to me and the flagpole in front of her and went back to work. The difference now was that the guttural sounds she was emitting included audible confirmations of my sister in laws actions.

The attack on my cock became more vigorous. She squeezed my balls harder as she roughly darted up and down on my cock, forcing me deep into the tightness of her throat. I rolled my head to the side towards my sister in law and hoped no one panicked. I waited a few moments before I peaked out with one eye.

I could see my sister in law squatting behind her friend. Her legs were apart and her pussy was wet and protruding. Her bikini top was pulled up exposing her large breasts to the sun. She alternated her hand between her pussy and her nipples. She tugged at her nipples with malice and spite. She grabbed at her clit as it poked out from her excitement. Roughly she worked her clit with her entire hand, diving into her wet pussy with three fingers at a time. Her face was hidden behind her appreciative friend as I could see her arm pumping violently into her. She looked around several times to watch her friend suck my cock. Her strokes into her pussy matched the pumping of her mouth on my cock.

It was everything I could do not to cum on the spot. I could feel the pre cum leak from the tip of my cock and knew that my resistance was futile. Unable to control myself any longer and not really aware of what I was doing I reached out for the head of her friend. I quickly slid my hand into her hair and forced her head onto my cock.

The orgasm was uncontrollable. I grunted and groaned as I forced her to continue to suck in all my sperm. She either did not even notice or was too caught up in her own orgasm to care about my hand and the realization I must be awake. Stream after stream of cum shot into her mouth. She captured it all without missing a drop. The sheer pleasure was incredible. My body twitched and jerked as she continued to suck my cock until I started to break. I let my arm fall to my side. She grunted one last time before she let my flaccid cock fall out of her mouth.

I quickly closed my eyes.

"I'm done here. Let's finish this inside," said the friend.

"Sounds like a plan, I have a few toys in my room to help us," replied my sister in law.

With that they picked themselves up and moved away from me. I peeked out again only a moment too late to see them disappear into the house. I felt totally used, but very happy. I would have to get drunk around them sometime again. I would love a repeat or even to have the masturbation completed on my leg. That drives me crazy.

The sun fell upon my body cascading me in light and warmth as I rested from my experience. They must still be really horny I thought. They never even put my shorts back on. Not that I minded. It was kind of nice to be naked outside. I sat for a moment enjoying the sun until the thought hit me. My sister in laws room is on the side of the house next to the fence.

She never needed curtains because of the fence. I hopped up and headed that way, leaving my shorts behind. What the hell do I care, I just got sucked off while sitting on the deck. How much worse could it be to be seen walking around the yard naked.

The view from the window is another story.

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