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Alli wasn't sure if it was her nerves getting the best of her or actually something strange going on. Ever since her parents told her that they were going on that cruise, she'd been paranoid about being left home alone in that big empty house out in the middle of nowhere. They kept telling her not to worry. Only a few people knew that they were leaving and they were only a phone call away.

But Alli felt like someone was watching her those last few days before they left. For instance, at the shopping mall, there was a man sitting in the food court that she swore was staring at her. For an older man he was attractive with his long dark hair and stylish clothes but it was really strange the way he sat there a few tables away with his shades on. He didn't even have any food; just a magazine and a cocky smirk. It was really weird. The man even seemed familiar but she couldn't place the face. Later that day, she thought she saw him again in an SUV a few rows back.

As soon as her parents left that Saturday afternoon, Alli decided to sunbathe nude in the back yard but cut it short when she felt the eerie sensation that someone was watching her again. There seemed to be noises coming from behind the fence that she couldn't explain. Sure, it may have been an animal but she wasn't keen on the idea of finding out one way or another. She scurried inside clinging the over-sized towel to her body and locked the door from the inside.

That night Alli ordered pizza and tried to convince herself that it was only her imagination. No one was stalking her. No one was coming to kill her. No one wanted to harm her. The man in the mall was probably just some old pervert scouting out young girls. No one even knew her in this new little town her parents had dragged her to.

Alli sat alone in the dark watching television and eating pizza when the phone rang. She jumped and nearly dumped her plate on the floor. Shaming herself for reacting so silly, she reached for the phone.


"Hey, honey. It's Dad. How's it goin'?"

A sigh of relief escaped her. "Oh, fine. I was just watching some TV. I ordered some pizza but I'm about to go to bed."

"You doing okay without us there?" he teased.

"Dad, I'm 19, I think I'll be alright."

"Alright. I just know you were concerned. That's why I called."

"I was over reacting. I'm fine. It's just this new town and being in this new house. I wish we didn't have to move."

"You know why we had to move, Al. This move has done wonders for me and your mom."

"I know, Dad. It's all worth it," she admitted.

"That's my girl. You sleep tight tonight. And remember: we're only..."

"...a phone call away, I know, Dad. Thanks."

"Alright. Good night, angel."

"Night, Daddy."

Alli sat the phone down and her mind wandered. They moved to this rinky dink town to get away from all the stress that was tearing her parents' marriage apart. Before the move, they'd found a marriage counselor here and began seeing him regularly. After only a few visits, they fell in love with that little town and packed their bags. They put a whole lot of trust in this guy in these short months that they'd seen him but they swear he's changed their lives. Well, he'd changed hers for sure. She wanted to stay behind but didn't want her only family to be 3 hours away. Her father found a job where he worked less but still got paid well. And her mother got a job that she actually enjoyed. They put some of their savings into opening a flower shop. It's the only one in town so it was doing very well. Needless to say, they were one big happy family again.

Alli sighed and took the pizza box and dishes to the kitchen. She headed upstairs to shower before bed. She started to close the bathroom door and lock it but then felt silly. I'm the only one here. No need to close the door. Besides, it will let some of the steam out of the room so it's not so foggy when I get out, she thought.

Alli was rinsing out her hair when she thought she heard the door creak. Her eyes darted to the door. She couldn't see clearly so she rubbed her hand across the translucent glass of the shower door.

"Chester?" she called out on the verge of a panic attack and slid the shower door open enough to poke her head out. "Chester?!"

A shadow crossed the door. "Chester!" she screamed. The door creaked open a little more and she saw her mother's cat stroll into the bathroom. "Fuck! Chester, you fucking asshole cat! You scared the shit out of me!" The cat scratched at the shower door. She calmed herself down and turned off the shower water. "I forgot to feed you. Okay, okay. I'm coming."

After feeding Chester downstairs in the kitchen, Alli checked every door and window before heading to bed. She usually slept with her bedroom door closed, but since her parents were gone she felt the need to leave a light on down the hall and leave the door open to let in just a little light. Perhaps she was letting her nerves get the best of her. She didn't care. She knew that was the only way she was going to get any sleep.


Alli lay sleeping on her left side when the intruder entered her room. A middle-aged man crept toward her sleeping body. He held a 4 inch piece of duct tape in one hand and held tightly so as not to make any noise, a pair of open hand cuffs in the other. Standing beside the bed, he looked upon her. Her long brown hair was almost completely dry now. She was beautiful laying there with her covers dragged down around her hip. Her little cotton nightdress was rumpled and twisted from tossing and turning. Her eyes, which he knew to be the most beautiful shade of green were closed tightly as she breathed deeply and slowly. She was in a deep sleep, he realized, and he knew he'd come at the perfect time.

The strange man positioned his cuffs around her wrists and in one fluid motion, he locked the cuffs, slapped the tape over her mouth and pushed her onto her stomach. Alli woke with a start and tried to scream but couldn't. She could tell that someone was straddling her back but she couldn't tell what was going on because she couldn't see behind her. All she could do was thrash around and cry. She was only able to breath through her nose so her breaths became very labored and soon made her head dizzy from lack of oxygen.

"Sssshhhh..." the man coaxed. "Alli, you're alright, my dear. You're alright."

Alli stopped thrashing suddenly. Her eyes wide with terror and her body stiff, she listened to the invader. She didn't recognize the voice. How did he know her name?

"Alli, don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you." Her breath was still quite labored and he could tell she was having trouble breathing. "If you agree to be quiet, I will take off the tape. But if you disappoint me, it will go back on. There is actually no sense in screaming anyway. There isn't anyone around to hear you. But you know that." Alli began to sob again. "Do you promise?"

Alli nodded her head as she cried. "Do not cry, little Alli. I won't hurt you as long as you do as you're told." His voice was sounded eerily calm and soothing. But soothe Alli he did not. The man reached down and gently pulled the tape from her mouth. Allie wailed with the removal of the tape and gasped for air, coughing and crying.

"What do you want?!" she cried out.

"Now, now, little Alli. You must lower your voice. You need to play by the rules or you won't be very happy by the time I leave."

Alli sobbed loudly into her pillow, unable to believe this was all happening.

"I will only tell you what I want when you calm yourself down," he added.

Alli sucked it up and tried her best not to cry anymore. He was still straddling her and it was beginning to hurt so she knew she'd better cooperate.

"Now then. That's a good girl." The man began to brush her hair away from her face and comb it with his fingers down her back. "Just relax. Keep being a good girl like you are right now."

"I'm going to ask you some questions, Alli, and I want you to be honest. I can tell when you're lying. You don't want to lie to me."

Again Alli nodded her head.

"Are you a virgin?"

Alli let out a little sob as the reality of the situation set in. He was going to rape her. But first, he was going to humiliate her.

"I will get what I want one way or another, it is up to you how convincing I have to be," he warned. "Are you a virgin?"

"No," she whimpered.

"How many partners have you had?"

"Two," she said.

"This isn't so hard, is it?" He pushed her hair over her shoulder and began to lightly rub her back through the thin cotton fabric of her nightie. "Do you shave your pussy?"

She blushed from embarrassment. "Sometimes."

"How about right now? Are you shaven?"


"Very nice. Did you give your partners head?"

"Yes," she choked out softly.

"And did they eat you out in return?"

She took a moment to answer. "Sometimes."

"Only sometimes? So you sucked dick more times that they ate your pussy?" His voice was only above a whisper now. "You believe that it should be reciprocated fairly, don't you?"


"Your boyfriends didn't think so. Why do you think that is?"

"I don't know," she said, barely audible.

"It's because they were selfish lovers, Alli. And you are not a selfish lover. You also deserve an unselfish lover. She felt him squirm above her and then saw a black shirt land on the floor beside her.

"You're going to be caught," Alli said sternly.

"I won't. By the end of the night, you won't want to turn me in."

His cocky behavior disgusted her. "Who the hell are you?!" she screamed.

"Ah ah ah... voices, Alli. I still have the tape. I'll tell you what, if you behave, I'll tell you who I am. Lie still." He shifted above her and was now sitting beside her on the bed taking off his sweat pants. It was the first time she could see his face in the dimly lit room. It was the man from the mall, she was almost certain.

"You've been following me!" she exclaimed.

"Not as much as you might think. Only a few times." The thought of making a run for it crossed her mind but she knew he'd catch her and her punishment wouldn't be worth the risk.

He stood up and climbed back on the bed behind her, this time straddling her legs. "Pull your knees beneath you. Push your ass up into the air."

"Please!" she cried. "You don't have to do this, mister. Please, just leave me alone and I won't call the police, I swear!"

"Ssshhh, little one. Do as you're told. Do you want me to be a selfish lover or an unselfish lover?"

Alli cried softly into her pillow praying that he would stop tormenting her.

"Answer me, Alli. I will get what I came for and I will take it being rough or being gentle. You decide how. I'd rather be gentle so I can teach you what it's like to be with a kind and caring mate."

Alli couldn't answer. Her mind was swimming and all she could think of was how much she wanted this to be a dream.

"If you don't answer me," he started. He pushed her legs underneath her and positioned her the way he willed. "...then I will assume..." He pushed her nightgown down to her shoulders and ran his nails sharply down her back, "...that you want it rough!"

"No! Please!" Allie wailed. "Please, don't hurt me, I'll do what you say!"

The intruder ran his hands over the scratches to soothe them. He hadn't intended on causing her pain but he could see red marks on her back. "Good girl," he said. "For that, you get a treat. He ran his fingers beneath the hem of her pink cotton panties. He slowly pulled them down her hips to her knees. "Lift up," he whispered and urged her knees off the mattress one at a time and threw her panties to the ground with his clothes.

Her limbs trembled beneath his touch. The man urged her knees apart. "Relax," he whispered. "Keep your head down."

"These cuffs are hurting me!"

"I'll take them off when I know I can trust you." He ran his hands across her ass and she shivered. His index finger traveled down her crack and over her little pucker before finally arriving at her pussy. To his discouragement, she wasn't as wet as he'd thought she'd be by now. He wanted her to enjoy what he was doing to her. He knew he needed to get her aroused, at least a little.

"Did you like it when those boys went down on you, Alli?"

"Yes," she said under her breath, defeated. There was no use in lying about it. He'd know.

"I want you to think about how it made you feel when they slid their tongues up and down your pussy. Remember how it felt when they made you cum and clench your thighs around their heads as you orgasmed." He cupped her mound in his hand and she jerked. "Could they make you cum multiple times?"

"I never came," she admitted ashamedly.

"You never came? Were they stupid or just didn't give you enough time?"

"They both stopped too soon."

"I won't stop too soon, Alli." He heard her sobbing softly again. "Don't you want to cum for me?"

"No," she cried softly.

"Sweet Alli, don't you want to know what it feels like to have a real man give you pleasure?"

"Please, don't."

"Yes or no, Alli."

"I can't," she blurted.

"You want to. You're just scared. Is that it?"

Through her crying he heard a faint reply, "I'm scared."

A smile curled at the corner of his mouth. "But you can't tell me 'no'." His middle finger on the hand that was cupping her crotch slipped between her folds and slid down the length of her slit. Again he could feel her tremble beneath her.

She bit her lip to keep her silence.

He checked her again for wetness and he concluded that what he did worked. She was getting turned on whether she liked it or not and whether she wanted to admit it or not.

"I can't!"

The man slowly slid his finger into her tight hole and a moan escaped her. Ashamed and embarrassed, she pushed her face into the pillow and cried again. He began to finger her skillfully moving in and out of her, pulling out to lubricate her folds and tease her clit.

Her body defied her. She was sopping wet and whimpering into her pillow as his fingers worked. He pulled his fingers out and the next thing she felt was his hot mouth on her behind. He kissed and licked a trail that let to her little shaved pussy and he wasted no time getting down to business. He licked her gently at first, trying to get her to enjoy it. And finally she seemed to, despite herself. He could tell that she was slowly, and perhaps unconsciously, pushing her hips out and her ass up so he could better access her.

Once he could hear her muzzled moans more frequently he sped up his pace and began to concentrate on her little nub. Eventually, her head came up and was panting and moaning freely without reservation.

He pulled away briefly. "Now do you want me to stop?"

"Please don't stop," she said with alarm. She was too close to cumming for him to stop now.

"Ask me to make you cum."

"Make me cum." She was barely audible and her face was burning with humiliation.

"I said to ask. And ask nicely."

"Please. Will you please make me cum?" she exclaimed with frustration in her tone.

The strange man quickly resumed his minstrations and soon after, Alli was grinding herself into his face as she rode through her orgasm.

"You taste so good. I was glad to see you just got out of the shower. It was like you were getting ready for me."

"Stop it!" she screamed.

"I was paying you a compliment, Alli. Don't be shy. I knew you'd taste sweet when I first saw you."

"Why are you doing this to me? Who are you?" Alli cried.

"Now a moment ago you were loving what I was doing to you. And I'll tell you who I am soon enough. We're not finished yet. We've really only just begun.

"Allison Ashcroft," he said as he moved off the bed and removed his boxers. His semi-hard cock bounced into view. It was bigger than the other two she'd seen, Alli realized. "Do you remember agreeing that oral gratification should me reciprocated?"

"Please don't make me do that," she begged. Fear coursed through her.

"Oh, Alli. You're not being a selfish lover are you?"

A tear fell from her eye and down her cheek. "No," she sighed.

"Sit up," he said. She pushed herself up and sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her nightie back down to her hips. "If you do well I'll have another treat for you. But you have to make me cum."

"I can't," she whimpered.

"What do you mean you can't? You said you've given head before."

"I never made them..." Alli swallowed. "...finish."

"I see. But that's not your fault, Alli. Listen, I'll help you. And I won't hold out on you and make it longer than it has to be. Just do what feels natural and I'll do what I need to do, too."

As strange as it sounded, she agreed with the man's bargaining. It had been months since she'd given head and was already very nervous considering the circumstances. Even though she wasn't sure why, Alli wanted to do a good job for him. She tried to convince herself that the only reason she would give it her all is to get it over with as soon as possible. She couldn't bare the thought of enjoying herself.

The man stepped directly in front of her and put his legs on either side of hers. Alli reached out with her cuffed hands and wrapped her shaking fingers his cock. She began by timidly stroking him while he played with her hair. When she slipped the head past her lips and touched it with her hot tongue the man let out a deep groan and held onto her head to help guide her. He urged her into shallow strokes before speeding up into deeper, longer thrusts. "You're doing very well, Alli," said the stranger. His eyes closed as he mildly fucked her face.

Alli became more enthusiastic with her task once she realized how much he was enjoying it. She flicked her tongue against his cock as it pumped in and out and he began to moan.

"Keep doing that, baby. That's really good," he encouraged.

He began thrusting deeper into her mouth and hit the back of her throat a few times. Her gag reflex kicked in and she started to choke a little and panicked.

"You're fine. Just relax. I won't be long. Just keep doing what you're doing, baby girl," he panted.

Alli's eyes were watering and she kept gagging now and again but she did her best to keep up. Then, she got an idea. She wasn't sure how he'd react but she thought it was worth a shot. Her hands gently grabbed his balls and began massaging them.

"Fuck, baby. Yeah, that's a good little girl," he cried out. Suddenly he was pumping into her face almost mercilessly, holding her head in place as he entered the home stretch. She gasped for breath and struggled to maintain her concentration.

Without warning, he pulled back on her head and pulled out of her mouth. As he came, ropes of semen hit her cotton nightgown. Still holding her head back by her hair, he pumped himself dry, groaning and panting.

Finally, he let go of her head leaving her scalp was a little sore from his aggressive actions. "You get extra points. And extra pleasure for the good job you just did."

Alli blushed.

He pulled the handcuff key from his pant pocket on the floor and removed the cuffs. "You're a mess, let's get this off of you. Stand up."

Alli stood before him and he rolled the night dress up to her chest. "You're going to have to lift your arms so I can take it off," he teased.

But she wasn't smiling. "I'll be naked," she said.

"No different than laying naked out by the pool, right?"

"You were watching me?!" she yelled and slapped him across the face.

His expression became stern and Alli was now very frightened of what he might do to her. Without a second thought she darted for the door. But she didn't get but a few steps away. The man grabbed the nightdress that was still tucked under her arms around her chest and pulled her back causing her to fall to the ground. He sat on her legs to keep her from kicking and pinned her arms to the ground.

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