tagMind ControlTherapist Ch. 01

Therapist Ch. 01


Leroy Haggis was a happy, comfortable man. He was a board certified ophthalmologist who learned a bit of hypnosis from some friends. He quickly went to school and between the courses he had completed and a few online courses he got some type of official looking degree while gaining some proficiency in hypnosis. Closing down his original practice he went into business as a Hypno-therapist.

The ad in the yellow pages did indicate he was board certified, and surprisingly, it never came up in his conversations with any of his clients. With a fancy looking office, a fake gold disc and a bit of his own mumbo jumbo he began to draw clients and make good money. Some of them, to his own astonishment, he did actually help.

His most recent success was especially gratifying, after going down on the woman, having her suck him off, then outright fucking her and then going down her again, he actually figured out what her problem was and she now is living a normal life. Quite a change from the woman who would simply black out from about nine pm until about eight or nine am.

Hell, he even got her to agree to a follow up, his balls began to tingle just thinking about the prospect there. Pulling his mind away from his successful treatment of his last patient, Leroy focused in on the next woman. Peeking though the one way glass in the reception area he saw she wasn't as attractive as his last client, but she did have some very large breasts.

Hmmm... she had not even entered his office and he already had today's treatment worked out. He quickly read over her history and then took a peek back into the reception area to make sure she was alone. Buzzing his receptionist he had the woman come back into his office.

Withdrawing back into the shadows, he watched as the receptionist directed the woman into a chair by the light. Then he came out of the darkness and sat down at the small stool in front of the woman. "I must say Mrs. Danby, I've read over your history and while the case is a very touchy one, I do believe I can help you. I usually recommend we try two or three hypnotic sessions as I investigate the problems you have and then after that time we can sit down and see if we can't help you with your problem."

"What do I need to do doctor?"

"Well, I'm not a doctor, I'm a therapist, just about the same thing. The only thing you will need to do is watch this disc as it twists in the light. I will hypnotize you and then give you come instructions so I can try to resolve your problems. But first I need you to sign this form. Okay?"

"Okay doct..., okay therapist," she replied, grabbing the form and signing it without reading.

Smiling, he began spinning the disc as the woman focused her attention on the flashing display. In just a few moments she was completely under and didn't hesitate at all when Leroy asked her to remove her blouse and bra.

"Now, I am going to do this and you lick the head of my cock as it slips up between your breasts," he told her, after leaning her back in the chair and straddling her. He lightly greased up his cock and slid them between her very large breasts. After the first few pushes he grabbed her hands and had her push her breasts together for him.

Sliding his cock in and out of her tits he watched how she darted her head forward to lick his cock as it appeared. He'd then withdraw and then thrust in again. Continuing to thrust his cock he could hear his balls slapping against her stomach. He let his mind wander back to his previous patient, how she shoved his tongue deep into her pussy, tasting her tangy juices before sucking on her clit till she came. What a turn on.

He began to feel the pleasure course down the length of his shaft and build in his balls. Shoving himself into her fleshy breasts he moaned loudly, arched his back and came, spurting his cum all over her face. He then paused, moving his cock into her mouth as he took his hand and milked out the last droplets of fluid into her mouth.

Before he climbed off of the woman, he told her, "Now remember, when you hear that door click closed," he said pointing at a door behind him, "you will forget everything after I showed you the golden disc until I closed the door. Do you understand?"

She nodded.

He handed her a towel and told her to clean up and get dressed. He waited by the door and when she was completely buttoned up and had tossed the towel to the side, he pulled the door closed with a loud click.

The woman looked at him and he said, "Well, we are finished for today, make sure you make an appointment for tomorrow."

"Thank you," she said, walking out of his office.

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