tagMind ControlTherapy Week 01

Therapy Week 01



Week 1

I checked through my notes for the afternoon, the next appointment was for...her! I might need the notes to remember our conversations, but I didn't need them to remember her. She had been seeing me for two years with only minor improvements. She wished to be more forceful and in charge, but she was by nature moderately submissive. This submissiveness seemed to pop up at the most inopportune moments, last week I had spent the entire session listening to her berating herself for deferring, in front of her supervisor, to one of her co-workers and having him get the credit she deserved. It was time for a change, obviously talk therapy wasn't working. A new approach was in order.

Picking up the phone, I spoke to my receptionist "Wait 5 minutes, Please, and then have Veronica come into the office." I sat back and considered my options, during the last two years I had relied primarily on having her talk out her frustrations and problems, with only occasional comments and direction from me. It had become obvious to me, long ago, that Veronica thought she needed to completely crush the submissive side of her personality, in order to compete and be happy. Her subconscious resisted the idea, obviously deriving pleasure from her submissiveness. In addition, I had my personal feelings to contend with, Not only was she a sexy, beautiful women, she was smart and capable too. Over the past years, listening and watching her, I had at first sympathized with her, then respected her, now not only did I admire her, but knew my feelings were crossing over to more than a professional relationship and while I wasn't certain, I think that she also felt more than the normal patient to therapist respect.

While I really did wish to help her feel more adjusted and in control, I found her very appealing when she was submissive. I would occasionally harden my voice and act more dominant just to invoke it, the lowered eyes, the light blush, the hesitant low voice, breathy and a little unsure. If I worded my suggestions as commands, I could see her nipples firm up and become hard and from how she would occasionally rub them with her forearm or brush them against the couch, they were incredibly sensitive. If I continued, she would soon be flexing her thigh muscles when she thought I wasn't looking, once I thought I saw a wet spot when she stood to leave. I know it's not professional, but she had sparked numerous sexual fantasy's, as I imagined her sexy, beautiful body so soft, wet, and submissive, begging me to let her Cum. Yes, It was time for a change.

I had to get her to reconcile the two halves of her personality, convince her that you can sometimes be submissive and sometimes dominant, you just needed defined times or circumstances for them. If she consented, hypnotherapy seemed to be the best option.

A minute later she tapped on the door and I asked her to enter. One of the things I had found over the years, from our weekly sessions was how she dressed was a fair indicator of how she felt. I could tell from looking at her, she was a few days away from her period, she always dressed sexier and was more easily aroused and was always in a submissive mood during this time of the cycle. She wore a below the knees peasant skirt and a low cut orange top, which showed her remarkable breasts to their best advantage, nestled in a lacy half bra that lifted them and thrust them out as if she was offering them to me. It was a struggle not to run my palms over them and gently cup them, as I kissed, sucked and licked the exposed flesh above, conquering that image, I yearned to at least brush against them and feel their delicious softness. Again, I overcome my cardinal desires and walking from my desk, I guided her by her arm while mouthing the greetings and pleasantries I normally use to relax someone and prepare them for our sessions.

I sat her down in the chair first and from my vantage point above her I could see her dark aureola with perhaps just a glimpse of the top of her nipple, she looked up and saw where my eyes are staring, she looks down and blushes, but I can see the nipple get visibly longer and more pronounced. I sit in the chair across from her and as I do she crosses her legs and I get a flashing glimpse of her thigh and what appears to be the top of a lacy thigh hi stocking, the same creamy color as her bra, I wondered if her panties were the same color.

"Roni," I had adopted a more informal attitude with her once I saw she preferred it. "What we have been doing is not making the progress I had hoped for." I saw the look of panic and confusion, so I hurried on, explaining that there was a number of different therapies that could be useful, but that I thought hypnotherapy would be the best bet. As I explained what hypnotherapy was and how it might be useful, I watched her eyes go from a look of fear and panic to a look that was close to excitement. I ask her if she had ever been hypnotized before and as we discussed the differences between stage hypnotism and hypnotherapy, her breathing became a bit more labored and her eyes stared holes into her lap, perhaps seeing if the moisture that was dampening her panties was as apparent as it felt, she struggled with her mounting excitement, as she realized she would have to give me a certain amount of control over her.

While it is true that everyone has a certain genetic makeup that predisposes them to being either more or less dominant. The obvious sexual excitement Roni felt had very little to do with dominance and more to do with the pleasure of anticipation and being controlled by another individual. This type of behavior is usually acquired and it was my job to see where and why she had acquired it.

After an initial show of reluctance she agreed, as she walked over to the couch, I watched as her ass did amazingly complex maneuvers under her skirt, It always surprised me how hard I could get from just watching her walk. I dreamed of running my hands up her legs and under her dress squeezing and rubbing her ass, I could almost feel it, firm but soft at the same time, thoughts of smacking it and watching it quiver under my hand as it slowly flushed red and then of me kissing and licking it. The thoughts had me both hard and flushed as I watched her kick off her pumps and lie back on the couch.

As I began the induction, she at first resisted going under, but as I continued, she relaxed completely, her entire body language changed from resistance to complete surrender as she gave herself to me to do with as I wished. No, not what I wished, only what needed to be done. I took her deeper and deeper till we stood at the base of the waterfall and I led her into the Room of truth.

"This is the room of Truth, Roni, while here neither one of us can lie." I said in the low monotonous voice I used for inductions. "If something is too painful to talk about you may tell me so, but anything you do tell me must always be true if we are in this room."

One of the problems with trying to resolve problems with the subconscious mind is the fact that it doesn't understand logic you can tell it A means something, you can tell it B means something but it will never make the connection that when A+B=C, C=A+B, so you have to convince it in other ways. I have one main way I do it, positive reinforcement.

I began setting up a positive reinforcement trigger, the simplest and most effective of these is a shot of pleasure when the subconscious responds how you've decided it should, normally I use the words "Very Good" to trigger it, since I tend to use those words when I'm satisfied things are going well. To set the trigger I used the following dialog.

T: "Roni, can you hear me?"

R: "Yesss"

T: "It feels so good to be relaxed and only be concerned with listening to my voice, Doesn't it?"

R: "Yesss"

T: "It feels good to tell the truth, doesn't it?"

R: "Yesss"

T: "you really like feeling good, don't you?"

R: "Yesss"

T: "Do you want me to make it feel even better?"

R: "Yesss"

T: "When ever you hear me and only me say the words, Very Good you will feel a tingling Pleasure flow thru your body. Do you understand?"

R: "Yesss"

T: "Very Good"

I raised and lowered the pleasure and time till it was just right, too little pleasure or time and the subconscious wouldn't respond to it, too long or too much and the Subconscious would take too long calming down and the flow of the session would be too slow. When I was satisfied that I could reward the subconscious whenever I wished, I set up the next step, a trance Trigger, a whole induction can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or more, once you have someone in a trance it is easier to set up a trigger for them to return to as deep a trance as they are currently in.

T: "Can you hear me, Roni?"

R: "Yesss"

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmm!"

T: "Do you like being in Trance?"

R: "Yesss"

T "Very Good"

R: "mmmm!"

I know I used the reinforcement trigger more than I really needed to, while you do need it fairly often, especially early on, seeing the look of pleasure on her face and her hips move for those few seconds while the pleasure is pulsing thru her was exquisite.

T: "I think we need a secret word so we can return here anytime we wish, don't you?"

R: "Yesss"

T: "Very good"

R: "mmmm!"

T: "Any time you hear me and only me say the words Sleep for me Roni you will return here to this place sitting in the chair and become more and more relaxed. Each time you return here it will be easier and easier. Do you understand?"

R: "Yessss"

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmm!"

T: "So what will you do when I say Sleep for me Roni?"

R: "Return hererr, sit chairrr, relaxxx"

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmm!"

T: "For things to work the best your conscious mind should not remember all the details of what we do while you are in trance. Is this okay?"

R: "Yesss"

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmm!"

T: "So the subconscious will remember everything so the conscious mind doesn't have too, is that right?"

R: "Yesss"

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmm!"

T: "Now we need to practice to see if you can return here once I say the right words, is that okay?"

R: "Yesss"

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmm!"

T: "I am going to count from one to five and wake you up, you will wake up rested, relaxed and happy."

T: "1, you are beginning to wake up"

T: "2"

T: "3, closer and closer to being awake."

T: "4"

T: "5 and awake"

She awoke fresh and wondering if I was going to hypnotize her, I said "Sleep for me Roni" Her eyes widened then closed and she lay quietly, "Are you back in the room of truth, Roni?"


"Very Good"


I took her out and brought her in 4 or 5 times, rewarding her each time, the last time I knew it was the last, until the next weekly session, and I couldn't help myself, I gave her a post-hypnotic suggestion. Then I woke her up.

I told her I thought we had made a good start and next week we would start the actual therapy. I asked her to speak to the Receptionist for a new schedule, I was moving her to my last patient of the day since hypnotherapy wasn't something you could always just stop at a moments notice.

I said goodbye as she moved to the door, she started to reach for the knob, paused, with her right hand still on the door she flipped her skirt up to her waist with her left hand, then let it fall into place, as she opened the door and left. Yes, her panties did match her Bra.

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