tagNon-EroticThese Wolves Alone Ch. 06

These Wolves Alone Ch. 06


{Chapter 6 Black As Night}

"Fire is being contained." Came the static-y voice from the other side of the radio.

"Any sign of arson?" Someone else on the channel asked. After a static-y 'no' came through the line, Jessie turned off the radio.

"How on earth could the house catch on fire? There was nothing left for that to happen....it has to be arson...maybe those men in the woods." Here we go again, I thought.

"Why would strange men in the woods set a random shack on fire, Jessie?" I knew there was something wrong with those men being in the woods...something more than strange. I could feel it in my gut. They shouldn't have been there at all. So why where they?

"Who knows? Maybe someone wants me dead...or maybe you're just a jinx. Maybe someone wants you dead!" She was suddenly in my face.

"You didn't bring trouble with you when you came here, did you? Why did you come here anyway? What are you running from?!" I heard a low growl rumble in her throat. I was the bad guy now....

"Calm down. You're not mad at me and you know it. And yes, I'm sure several people want me dead. I'm not exactly what someone would desribe as loveable. We both ran away for the same reasons. To run from our past. The past we hate."

She sighed, finally gaining control over her emotions, and nodded.

"You're right....I just want to know why someone wants me....us...possibly dead."

I didn't either but there was no way we could have caused that fire, the house would have gone up in flames way before the daylight came.

**********{Jessie's POV}**********

I can't believe it. What am I going to do now? Where am I going to stay? That was my home. I can't stay here...what if someone comes in to look at the house. That is if someone even wants this old house; but still, I can't take that risk. I wasn't about to let myself get into the hands of some foster home. I can't even imagine myself in the hands of the government.

I sighed and laid back on the bed, thinking how much more comfortable it was than that old futon I had.

Lost in my thoughts, I almost missed the strange sounds coming from the side of the room occupied by Devin. I looked over to see him on all fours, coughing, almost vomiting, and making a sound sounding something like a mix between a groan of pain and a growl, breathing hard as his body heaved.

He's going to hate me for lying to him...I thought. I told him what I was told. It doesn't hurt. Which it doesn't, at least as much as it would if you were expecing the pain, and especially if you were against it coming.

He let out a half scream/half howl and suddenly there was a wolf standing where he had just been. It was black as night.

********Devin's POV********

This hurt like hell. Who knew growing hair all over your body, a snout out of your face and claws out of your fingers could hurt so bad. Not only that, I was burning up, but from the newly grown fur all over my body or from the rage I was feeling, I didn't know.

I trotted to the wall mirror hanging on my old bedroom door and blinked at the wolf I saw there. Black, so black it almost looked evil. Hell, it was evil, it was unnatural. People don't just turn into wolves.

Can you hear me? I heard a voice ring throughout my head.

Loud and clear, cap'n. A loud bark spew from my mouth as I tried to speak the words aloud and Jessie laughed. This whole wolf thing might be harder than I thought.


{Author's Note}

Guys I am SO SORRY it has took almost two months for me to update! I have been so busy writing other stories ( I have 3 going at once) and our internet has been screwing up so much. I know this is so short but apparently people don't understand the difference in the Point Of Views. So next on will again me from the pair of hitmen. Will upload it soon!

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