tagSci-Fi & FantasyThey Breed; A Space Ranger Tale

They Breed; A Space Ranger Tale


Misty walked down the hall towards her room. Her high heel boots clanked on the floor as she walked. She was the famous red headed Star Ranger Captain. She was the best at killing bad aliens. She was on the biggest ship in the area and had a crew of sexy female Ranger women. She stopped and opened her door. She walked in and locked her door.

She stood beside her bed and took off her tight suit and stood in her silver bra and thong. She stretched and tossed the suit into the dirty pile. She lay down and closed her eyes. Misty fell asleep and her crew continued working as they unloaded a shipment into the cargo hull.

A crate was taken to the lab and left alone. It contained a dead alien and needed to be examined by the scientists there. The last scientist locked up as she went home for the night. The crate was unattended and not locked in the cage as a just in case measure. It moved as the thing inside came back to life and was wanting out.

The cleaning woman came in and began to clean the lab. She got to the area with the crate and found it broken and all over the floor. She realized it was in the room, loose and she had no clue what it was. She heard a noise and spun as it jumped and wrapped its long legs around her thin waist. She fought as it tore the tight pants and her pink thong was revealed. She cried for help as her top was torn off exposing her twenty year old tits.

The alien tightened its grip around her waist and a long tentacle went around her body right under her tits. It tightened and she cried as a rib cracked. She fell to her knees in pain. Then her thong was ripped off showing her shaved pussy.

"NO!" She cried as it rammed up into her tight body.

She sat on her knees fighting it as it fucked her hard and very deep. The alien had only been stunned by the person who caught it. It was sent to the ship as a trap for the captain. The alien was having its first breeding with the cleaning woman and was enjoying it as she took it.

Her eyes widened as it began filling her up with its cum. She wiggled as it bloated her flat belly. He was a breeder and used females as much as he could. She felt her belly getting to full and cried as it hurt. She felt the cum backing up into her stomach. She began to choke as it came up her throat and then she opened her mouth as it flowed like a faucet. It covered her body and the alien. It stopped and released the now pregnant woman. She dropped to the floor unconscious and covered in cum. He left towards the door and waited to get another.

Within six hours, the cleaning woman was giving birth as she lay on the floor. She had three aliens and they came out looking to score. She was the first to breed, they needed more. After they are planted and the seeds are growing they eat the female's eggs and make them useless for child bearing. She was now sterile and well used. The young ones were smaller, faster and a lot harder to detect. Especially in a space ship like this one.

The next day rolled around and the scientist walked down to the lab and went inside. She walked to the crate and found it in pieces. She looked around and spotted the young woman lying on the floor nude. She ran over to her and checked her vitals. The woman was still alive but in dire need of medical attention. She looked at the floor and saw the trails of feet. She turned as they all crept up to her. Her eyes widened as she saw them.

Three small aliens and the large one all closed in on the blonde. She backed up till she was against the wall. She stood still as they stopped and scanned her clothes. Her tight white mini skirt was now her down fall. Her cleavage revealing blouse enticed them as did her big tits. She looked around and reached into her pocket. One of them shot out a green slime and it hit her hand. Her hand was slammed against the wall and stuck to it. She tried to free herself as they shot the slime at her lags and anchored them to the wall also. She had one free hand and looked around desperately.

She had a radio in her pocket but couldn't get to it. She looked as a small one began closing in on her. She struggled as they watched her tits bounce. She cried for help as the one shot out small tendrils. They attached to her blouse and bra. He retracted and tore them off. She looked as her d cups fell out exposed. Her eyes widened when she realized they were breeders.

"Shit! Breeder aliens! Those bastards set us up!" She said as her skirt was torn from her nice ass. "Misty!!!" she screamed as the small one pulled her thong away.

It jumped and wrapped around her skinny waist. She fought as it plunged deep into her blonde haired pussy. She cried as it violated her and over took her nice body. She looked down as another small one stood between her open legs and rammed up her nice ass. She cried as it tore her ass. The next small one leapt and wrapped around her head and sank its member into her throat forcing her to suck it. She fought as her body betrayed her and the orgasm hit. They all exploded at the same time and began filling her full of there cum.

When they were done they left the sexy scientist stuck to the wall with a nice belly full of cum, along with an ass full. They left the lab and went parted ways; they had a lot to scope out. One found the next ranger and followed her into her room.

Mellissa stood in her tight uniform and high heel boots. She was known as the bitch around the ship. She sat on her bed and ordered her something to eat. The alien was under the bed awaiting its attack. She stood up and stretched as her top tightened nicely around her big tits. She looked around and began unbuttoning the top.

She stood in her black bra and mini skirt. He looked up and under the little skirt at her black thong. She didn't realize he was there and he was not about to lose his element of surprise. Mellissa sat back down and took off her boots. She kicked them off and laid back onto the bed. She closed her eyes as he peered over the edge and looked at her open legs and nice body. He slowly moved from under the mattress. Mellissa was going to be his.

The alien crawled onto the bed and beside her head. She opened her eyes and it attacked! It shoved its member into her mouth and held her to the bed. She kicked and struggled as she tried to scream. It sent a tentacle down between her tits and removed her bra showing the big ones nicely. It encircled them and squeezed as more tentacles emerged from its body. She was in trouble and knew it.

Her skirt was ripped to shreds and her black thong was torn off showing her nicely shaven pussy. They prodded and teased her as she fought the feelings. Then the large tentacle finally slid inside her and began fucking her as she drank the cum shots that was filling her mouth up. The alien was fucking her tight body as she got off. He sent another one up her tight little ass and anal fucked her.

Mellissa was almost out cold when the alien filled her full of its cum. Her belly bloated fast as she began spawning its children. She fainted as it left her on the bed nude. She was giving birth six hours later. Four came out and left her pussy wide open. She never moved as the alien offspring drained her dry of life. Mellissa was done in for good.

Misty woke to the alarm in the lab. She jumped up and got her uniform on. She ran down the hall and into the lab. She looked as they loaded the cleaning woman and the scientist onto stretchers and rushed them to the emergency deck. Misty walked up to the other scientist and looked at the jar of goo she collected.

"What the hell has happened?" Misty asked.

"We don't know. We came in and found them both naked and the cleaning woman had birth. We just do not know." She said looking down.

"Well find out and get this cleaned up! If she gave birth find out what it was and we will decide what to do with it!" Misty said as the scientist ran off to do her work. "Okay people, we need to lock this lab down and make sure nothing has escaped! Let's go!" Misty said as they listened.

She went to the bridge and sat in her chair. She looked at the other rangers and then down. She was on a ship with something that they had no clue what it was. She knew she was in charge of the famous ranger ship and knew her crew looked up to her as a fighter. This time she was afraid of what was out there, running, loose and fucking her crew girls.

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