tagRomanceThey Just Click Ch. 07

They Just Click Ch. 07


They walked back into the house quietly. Erikah feeling still slightly chilled as they sat down. Jake left her for only a moment to bring a light blanket to her lap. She smiled up to him and patted the seat next to her, wanting him close. She watched as he came around the table with their wine glasses and sat down handing her the one she had been drinking from.

"Tell me Jake how work is going? I remember you having problems," she said.

"Yeah, things still aren't good. I still feel as though I'm doing grunt work for him. I've been there for years and done everything I've been asked. For whatever reason though he just doesn't let me do any designing."

"I'm sorry Jake. I know it's a tough choice but you are talented. You deserve to have it appreciated," she said with a smile.

He smiled back at her and they sat there for a moment in silence. Again it was comfortable, not strange or weird. Erikah was the first to break it as she was looking as some of the photo's they had moved on his wall. They were actually pretty good. She wondered who had taken them.

"So do you mind if I ask you something?"

"What's that Erikah?"

"These photographs over here can you tell me who took them?"

He looked over her shoulder and smiled seeing that they were ones he had done. He hadn't thought they were anything special, just simple photo's of the city. They showed the architecture he had fallen in love with. The buildings that had made him want to go into the career he had chosen.

"I did, why?"

"Really? They are very good. The light, the use of shadow, it all plays so well together. The fact they are black and white just add to the elegance of it."

"You really think they are that good? I was just walking through the city taking shots and that was it. I came home with these."

"Yeah they are great," she said getting off the couch to really look at them. "Hey would you like to go and take some photos with me?"

"Would I? That would be amazing," he said with a smile almost a mile long.

"Wonderful. Maybe tomorrow if you aren't busy."

"No problem," he said walking behind her, resting his hands on her hips. "It seems we are out of wine. Would you like something else?"

"What do you have Jake?"

"Uh let's see," he said walking over to the very small bar he had. "There's Captain, Vodka, JD..."

"I'll take a little jack over some ice," she said moving back to the stereo and finding something else to listen to. It seemed his taste in music matched her own. It was varied and that was something that caused her to smile. She found one she thought would be nice, mellow and something they could still here and talk over.

"Here you are Erikah," he said handing her he drink. "Nice choice," he said with regard to the music choice.

All she did was smile as they stood in his living room. She took a sip of her drink and let the hard liquor slip down her throat. She was having a wonderful time, talking with Jake, learning more about him. Just then his phone rang and he moved to the table to get it. Wanting to give him some privacy she moved outside. The cool air chilled her bare legs but she didn't mind.

Jake answered his phone as he watched the beauty move outside. She was something special that was obvious. His boss was on the line and he let out a sigh. He answered it and proceeded to hear his boss tell him things that needed done in the morning. Easy things that the lower paid, the interns could do. It was enough; he told him that it wasn't going to happen. Jake let his former boss know that he would no longer be working for him and that he'd be in the morning to clean out this desk. There was a lot of hustle and bustle on the other end but all Jake did was wish the man a good night. It made him feel good.

He walked out to join his company on the deck. The moon shown down on her face and made it somehow made her glow even more. The fact she was there in his shirt, her long legs bare and open to his gaze made him want to groan. In his eyes Erikah was perfection.

"Why are you staring?"

"Uh sorry ... No wait I'm not. You are beautiful Erikah," he said as his lips fell upon hers. He kissed her lightly, tasting her. Nothing heavy, nothing forced. He held himself back because he didn't want to frighten her with his desire.

Her hands rested on his shoulders, their lips just moving, parting, tasting, and a gentle back and forth. The kiss ended just as softly as it began. Erikah let her head rest on his shoulder and chest. Her sigh was soft and like sweet music to his ears.

"That was my boss. I told him I was through with working for him. I'm on my own now."

"Jake, you will do just fine. I have this feeling about you. It is only a matter of time before the rest of the world see's your talent. Besides, I think you could also have a chance at a career in photography."

He loved her.

Wait ... love ... did he? Was that the feeling he had for her? Was it the reason he couldn't get her out of his head?

"With you as my teacher I'm sure I'd do great things," he said with a smile. He was rocked with the current emotions moving through him.

The stood there swaying like that, dancing in their own little world for awhile. All of a sudden rain began to fall down on them, around them. Erikah began laughing as did Jake. He pulled her with him back inside and closed the doors. She was damp and the light color of the shirt did nothing to hide what was underneath. His eyes were immediately drawn to the dark, firm nubs standing out from her breasts. He fought off the overwhelming urge to taste them; instead he pulled her to him.

He couldn't help it; he kissed her wet lips again. This kiss was deeper, harder. His passion and desire was evident in it. Erikah didn't mind, she welcomed it. He wanted her and that knowledge was intoxicating.

Then it broke just as suddenly. They were both breathing harsh. He turned and headed to the bathroom and grabbed a towel for her. He took a few deep breaths, getting his body back under control. After a minute or two he made his way back into the living room.

At first he didn't see her. He was just about to call her name when he found Erikah asleep on the couch. She must have just dozed off he thought. She looked like an angel laying there. He didn't want to wake her so he took their glasses and put them in the sink. Then he went to his bed, pulled the blankets down and took one of the pillows with him. Then with great ease he scooped up his sleeping beauty and while she was softly snoring laid her down and then covered her up.

He turned off the lights, closed the door and went to lie on his couch. His mind thinking of her and of what he discovered tonight. The quickness of it scared him but then again sometimes it was like that, it just hits, he thought as he drifted off.

Jake woke earlier then usual. As he stretched out on the couch he remembered Erikah was there. It made him smile. He was becoming used to the idea of her in his life. Last night it had shocked him, this morning he seemed at ease with it. He got up from the couch and decided to start the coffee.

Then as quiet as he could be he decided to shower. The water ran warm and he stepped under it soothing his aching muscles from sleeping on the couch. It obviously wasn't made for overnight sleeping. The water felt so good to him. He leaned his arm on the tile and let it fall over his body. His mind kept picturing the woman that was currently in his bed.

The way his shirt had been laying over her frame. Last night with the rain he remembered how it had molded to her chest. Her nipples hard hardened and his eyes had never seen something so tempting. He had wanted to taste them through the wet fabric and feel them harden even more under his touch. The idea of it now had him hard and aching.

He let out a frustrated sigh. He wasn't going to get the release he wanted, what he craved unless he was touching her. Anything else would just be a waste. He took his shampoo and washed his hair and then his body. He finished and dried off, wrapping a towel around his waist. He needed to go back into his room for clothes.

Opening the door slowly he saw her still sleeping. She looked so beautiful in the morning light. The way the sun shown in on her was perfection. He just stood there and watched her. Then he saw her open her eyes. She looked up at him standing there in a towel and smiled.

"Good morning," she whispered huskily.

"Morning beautiful," he said.

"I'm sorry I fell asleep on you," she said rolling over and stretching.

"Don't worry about it. You looked so tired I just let you sleep."

"Thank you for giving up your bed. I'll leave so you can get dressed," she said getting out of bed.

Jake watched her and when she neared him grabbed her hand and kissed her briefly. She smiled and went to the bathroom while he found something to wear. He ended up picking some jeans and a sweater, nothing fancy. By the time he made back to the kitchen there was a delicious smell coming from it.

Erikah was cooking. She had made some pancakes and bacon. The smell was absolutely divine. He heard his stomach grumble as he walked in and took in more of the aroma. He grabbed a mug and watched the woman move through the kitchen as though she belonged there.

"I hope you didn't mind. I though we would have breakfast together."

"Nope, I don't' mind at all," he said with a sip of coffee.

She was making some toast and putting peanut butter on it. It made him laugh. He had never known anyone else that did that but him. He was picky too, only could eat Jiff. He shook his head as they sat at the table.

"What's funny," she asked.

"The peanut butter never thought I'd meet someone else that ate it this way."

"I'm picky too, good thing you had Jiff," she smiled and took a bite of breakfast.

Jake nearly choked on his bacon when she said that. The woman was just too perfect for him. He shook his head and smiled as she stared at him wondering what was going on in his head.

"I'm picky too. That's why I laughed," he told her.

They ate in almost complete silence. It was nice to share the morning with her. Soon enough though she had finished and decided to go put her dress back on. She changed and while that happened Jake cleaned up the table and did the few dishes. The house looked normal again and she was back at his side.

"So what are our plans? I'm sure you need to clean out your desk and I know I need to change," she said.

"That will work, you go home and change and then meet me at your studio. Should be plenty of time for me to get the few things I have at the office."

He grabbed his keys. She grabbed her purse. Then they were off. They parted ways with a kiss; both of their minds thinking about each other.


Jake's boss tried to get him to stay but he wouldn't listen. He made up his mind and that was it. He was tired of being taken for granted and the way his boss was still coming after him. It meant something, it meant he was good enough and he could do it. It made his decision even better.

He knew with Erikah by his side he could do anything. Even if everything didn't work out the way he hoped it would professionally, he knew it wouldn't matter as long as she was there.


Erikah got home slipped the dress off and the remaining pieces of clothes and sighed. She had a wonderful night with Jake. He kissed her and she had melted every time. She had even dreamed of him. He filled her with such a longing and passion. She smiled as she turned on the shower and stepped into it.

Her hands washed her body, her hair. She caught herself imagining they were his hands moving over her, cleansing her. He had wonderful hands, strong and so sure. She wanted to feel them on her skin. She turned off the water and dried off. She decided on casual, so after putting on her pink bra and panty set she grabbed her jeans and sweater.


They both got to her studio at the same time. She smiled, he beamed.

"Let's set your box here and I'll get my camera and we'll tour the city together," she smiled at him.

Jake was a fool, a smiling fool. He couldn't help it. He was finally getting his life on the right path. He had taken back control and things seemed to be going wonderful. He watched Erikah grab a few things then they left her studio. His hand fell in with hers and she latched onto it. She was thinking she didn't ever want to let go.

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